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About Talking May 30, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in development, language, my two girls, parenting.

We talk to Zara a lot since she was born, pointing out things to her and naming them, speaking out an action, even though she was still a baby.

“Mummy is changing your clothes now.. Put your right hand in, put your left hand in.”
“We are in our room now. See, that’s the light switch. Now press on it. See, the light is turned on.” etc etc.

And then for the first 18months, she went to King’s Wife’s place at least 3 days a week, she has her cousins talking to her. 

Now that she’s older, we still talk to her a lot and we encourage her to describe things to us.
If she says, “Mummy, Mr Blue (is) very happy.”
(Don’t let it end) “Tell mummy why is Mr Blue happy.”
“Because me just feed Mr Blue.”
(Corrected her) “I just fed Mr Blue.”
*repeated “I just fed Mr Blue.”
(Don’t let it end yet) “What did you feed Mr Blue?”
“Me give Mr Blue some macaroni and cheese.”
(Corrected her and make sure she repeated after me. Then continueed to get her to talk) “Who cooked the Macaroni and Cheese for Mr Blue.
Zara replied.
Probed further “What did you put in the macaroni and cheese”
Zara replied.
…… depending on how much time I have and what I’m doing, the conversation can go on, but normally we don’t let her conversation end at the very 1st line.

Nowadays, she talks a lot, and she describes things she’s doing aloud.
“Mummy, you wearing stripey baju (Malay : clothes) today huh?”
“Kakak, you put the cup here? After the sofa wet, Daddy come home scold you then you know.”
*sniffing the air* “Somebody frying fish. Maybe it’s spicy, I don’t know.”
etc etc.

Now with Zaria, I don’t have the luxury. Her chatter box jiejie is always nearby. When I’m feeding Zaria and want to talk to her, Zara will come and ask me questions, or just talk to me, especting a response.
When I sing or talk to Zaria, Zara will be near by adding in her comments, or in turn asking me questions, also expecting a response.

Our new maid who is looking after Zaria while I’m working is very quiet (another gold in the mouth type). She walks around with Zaria in her arms queitly, and when she plays with Zaria, it’s just rattling a toy in front of her, without uttering a word.

Zaria doesn’t get as much “talk time” as Zara did and still does. It’s too early to tell, but I wonder if she’ll be talking later than Zara because of this.


Random Shots May 28, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in language, my two girls, notable.

Went to our neighbour’s son, Zackary’s birthday party in Kidszone, Plaza Damas on Saturday. I realised when Zara is eating with friends, she’ll just scoop up whatever that’s placed in front of her. When she’s with us, it’s a different story all together.
Zaria didn’t miss out the fun too, quietly observing what’s happening around.
My mum’s death anniversary, and the family met in the cemetary. This is Zara’s first visit to the cemetary (spot her Phua Chu Kang’s boots).
Zara was saying a prayer, but I really don’t know what about.
Later when we asked her why we went to the cemetary, she said, “Mummy’s mummy die already.” When I asked, “Where is mummy’s mummy now?” She replied, “Under the grass now.”
Random Shots 2

Zaria trying out Bebe Pod (a “Help Me Sit Seat”). Of course we didn’t buy that for her.
Zaria swimming in a pool for the first time 2 weeks back. She was such a natural, paddling here and there on her own, no need to have mummy near by.
Zaria absolutely love to lick the lollipop liked teether. We keep it in the freezer, and on a hot day, we give it to her as a treat, she’ll be happily licking it away.
Random Shots 1

The Meaning of My Kids’ Name May 24, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in my two girls, Zara, Zaria.

4 people tagged me, eastcoastlife, Samm, Dancing Queen, Chooi Peng, interested to know the meaning of my girls’ name. 

So why Zara and why Zaria?

It’s quite difficult for Daddy and I to agree on things 100%. When we were looking for a name for Zara, he wanted names like Catherine, and I wanted something more exotic which ends with an A (Eliana, Alina, Carissa etc) . We agreed Sarah is a nice sounding name, but since it’s pretty common; I picked Zara instead, a twist from Sarah and it means “princess”.

Daddy wasn’t quite convinced, until he met Zara for the first time in the delivery room; the spunky kid, who was partially delivered, head out, shoulders still stuck in the pelvic, screaming her lungs out. When Zara was placed on my tummy with umblical cord still intact, Daddy whispred in my ears, “I think the name Zara will suit her.” So Zara it is.

For Zara’s Chinese name, Daddy didn’t mind me making the shot, since he’s not Chinese Educated. I had a dream which repeatedly mentioned Jun Jan (It might have been due to Lin Jun Jie’s song getting lots of air time on radio during that time). When I woke up, I told Daddy about it, and he said Jun Jan sounded nice. So I started looking for Chinese words that sounded like that. It was 君倩 (pronounced as Jun Qian but spelled as Jun Jan in her birth cert) finally, which means gentlemen, noble for the first character, and winsome for the 2nd character (a winsome girl who’s noble?).

As for Zaria, we wanted to look for a name which start with Z and end with A and only 2  sylabels. After a long hunt, we narrowed down to Zaria and Zonya (Simple American reminded me they are actually 3 sylabels). Since Zaria also means “Princess”, and both Zaria and Zara are names of young royalties in Europe (Zara Phillips and Countess Zaria), it makes more sense to choose Zaria.

Again, I was given the honour to choose a Chinese name for her,  I chose  君洁 (pronounced and spelled as Jun Jie), which is noble, pure and chaste; with pronuciation not deviating too much from Zara’s Jun Jan.

Both girls have the same initials : ZLJJ. I hope the similarity in their names will bring them closer together as sisters.

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A lot of people have been tagged, so I’m not passing this to any one.

Two and The Half May 21, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in development, language, Zara.

Things she likes to do

“Me is half!”

Today, Zara turns 2 and the half. If you asked her how old she is, sometimes she’ll say, “Twenty” when she wants to be a big girl.  And sometimes she’ll say, “Half”, when she wants to be her age, but not knowing how to say “two and the half”.

11Kg and 89cm. With full set of teeth grown (2nd molar started sprouting early this year).
She gives us much happiness, and sometimes some hair pulling moments when she throws tantrums or ‘bullies’ her meimei. She gives us the tickles at times, and most time we’re just at awe with her.

At this age, she knows how to :
1) put on her shoes, her trousers, and take them off. Knows which shoe should go into which foot.
2) put a disc into the DVD player, turn on the TV, and play a movie/program of her choice.
3) eat on her own with fork and spoon as well as chopsticks (although most of the time she perfers to be fed).
4) stack up building blocks or lego, claiming it to be a house, a room, a rail way track.
5) do simple drawing like puting eyes and a smile or a sad mouth to turn it into face
6) recognise some numbers (8, 7, 1) and alphabet A.
7) finish a 16 piece puzzle effortlessly
8 ) play imaginary games like having a royal tea party,  being a butterfly,  caring for babies or driving a bus on her own.
9) sing almost all nursery rhymes. She’s actually quite good with memorising sounds, so even though she doesn’t know Chinese, she can sing some Chinese kids’ songs too.

Zara @ 2 and the half

Eating with chopsticks; Her creation; Her drawing of happy and sad faces;
Completing her puzzle; Having a royal tea party; Her royal guest, the lamb;
Favourite past time in a restaurant; Being a butterfly; Decorating herselves with stickers.

She’s more independant now, able to be on her own, playing, watching a TV program, doing ‘drawing’ and ‘colouring’.
She allows Daddy or Tuyam to tuck her to sleep occasionally, but mostly it has to be me.
She sometimes go over to neighbour’s house to play on her own, without us accompanying her.
She’s the English teacher at home, correcting the maids’ English. “It’s maam, not mum”. “It’s meh-dee-sen (medicine), not meh-lee-sen.”
She’s assertive and expressive. “No, no, no, you don’t touch the remote control, I want to watch my DVD.” “I want Vitagen 1st not later” “You don’t push me ok, and you don’t scold me!” (e.g. when she tries to give Zaria too tight a hug, and I had to seperate the 2 of them, and raise my voice at her). “No, this baju (Malay : clothes) is not nice. I want to wear my jeans.” “I want to go home, this restaurant is too noisy.”
She loves books, TV, being pretty, being outdoor, playing, animals, home made macaroni and cheese, ice cold non-fizzy drinks, ice creams, cheese, singing, dancing.
She’s afraid of me getting angry with her, loud thunder, cars zooming passed her too quickly, creepy crawlies.
She’s Mummy’s and Daddy’s beloved. Although sometimes she thinks I love Zaria more because I spend a lot time with Zaria (she told Tuyam once, “Mummy sayang (Malay: love) me little bit. Mummy always sayang mei-mei only.”)

Zaria ~ 4.5 months May 17, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in development, Zaria.

Zaria is growing really fast, and such a joy to have around.

This little girl knows how to :
~ turn from back to stomach swiftly (started @ close to 4 months), and turn from stomach to back with some struggle
~ slowly reach out her hand to grab an item placed in front of her, and then immediately put into her mouth to have a taste
~ do the phhhhhhhhhbbbbbbbt sound by blowing air through pursed lips
~ scream aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa or eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaa probably influenced by Zara’s frequent shouting while talking at home
~ turn her body towards my breast when she wants to be fed (this is especially useful when I have to feed her in my half asleep state at the break of dawn)
~ laugh a real nice babyish laugh

And she likes to :
~ suck on her hand (I’m not sure if she’s going to be a thumb sucker later)
~ turn from back to stomach; then cry for help after a while because she doesn’t quite like being on her stomach and still struggling to turn herself back
~ put everything into her mouth, and turning it dripping wet (I always wonder where all the saliva comes from)
~ play with her tongue by sticking it out, or moving it about in her mouth
~ play with her feet; angkat kaki (Malay : lying leg raise) is so effortlessly done
~ be sung to, talked to, and praised; she responds with big wide smiles
~ sleep on her side
~ go to the park and watch children play

She cries (with big drops of tears) when
~ I lay next to her preparing to feed her, making her all excited; and then I got up abrubtly to get something I’d forgotten (like a book to read or to put on the breast pads)
~ I removed my breast from her mouth when she’s half way feeding
~ there’s big loud thunderstorms
~ she has a bad dream (I wonder if it’s about big loud thunderstorm, or abruptly ending a breastfeeding session)

She gives us the biggest smile when we greet her in the morning. Cries the loudest (with no tears) when she’s sleepy but can’t fall asleep in a hot day (lucky for me, this only happens in the day. She’s like an angel in the night). 

She is slowly adjusting to taking 2 long naps a day, and goes to bed at 8:30-9pm, allowing me some private time with Zara (if I wan’t working).

Feet playing and Turning

Examining (and sometimes tasting) her toes. About to turn.

Zaria at 4.5mths

Love the taste of her hand. Looking around on all fours. Sleep like an angel. BLECH!

Learn Biology from Zara May 14, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in development, language, Zara.

Zara is starting to be curious about her body, and the differences she found in mine. She asked about the differences sometimes, and at times just make passing comments.

She’ll say things like,
“When I big girl, I will have hair in my petpet (female private part).”
“When I big girl, my petpet will have blood. Then I have to wear mummy’s diaper (sanitory pad).”
“When I big girl, I will have milk in my breast. Then I can breast feed Mr Blue (she recently claims Mr Blue is her baby).”

She has been touching her private part recently, and I took it as a passing phase and did not make a big deal out of it. Today, over dinner Tuyam told me she said the below to Tuyam during the day,
“Kakak, my petpet got peanut. You help me take out the peanut.”

……… “o.O

So that’s why she’s been touching herself, she was just curious why there was a peanut in her private part.

I laughed so much over dinner I had tears in my eyes, the way she relate to things ….. And my little girl, she’s really growing up.

A for Ah May and yummy food May 12, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in misc.


V E R Y  

H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y 


A H   M A Y


Ah May

I wanted to get you some Asam Laksa, I wanted to get you some Apam Balik,
And those lovely coloured Ang Ku Kue, and an Ais Kacang to cool you down
……Too bad they all can’t get into the post….

So instead,
together with Zara and Zaria,
we wish you a
And hope, your guardian Angel will give you more Apple stuff you desire (and at the same time tossing in A My Breast Friend for your multitasking need).

This greeting is brought to you together with Alphabet Albie.

Hands Free Breast Feeding May 9, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in breastfeeding, notable, Zaria.

I hosted a 3hours morning workshop for 7 days recently. I had to make sure speakers arrive on time, participants have no problem joining, Q&A are jotted down etc. Thank goodness for technology, they were all done through audio conference and virtual meeting room, making it possible for me to attend at home.

However, being the host and with all the coordinations to do (and all the problems related to logistic to solve), I have to be at my desk more than 3hours in the morning. What happened when Zaria needed her milk after her morning bath?

Thank goodness I invested in My Brest Friend, a nursing pillow which can be strepped around your waist.

My Brest Friend

This is my best friend.

I know I shouldn’t do this hands free, but when worn while seated close to the table, it prevented her from rolling down from the other end of the pillow. Now with this, I could feed Zaria hands free, still able to do my typing, notes taking, talking.
My Brest Friend

(oh boy, doesn’t this sound like a PPP/sponsored post? Unfortunately it’s not.)

Protected: 10 ways He Pisses me off May 7, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in bitching, myself.
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More of Zara’s speech May 3, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in development, language, Zara.

Zara speaks like an old lady at times. Giving me speechless moments, or a good laugh, or just at awe with how much she’s grown. More of such moments :

She likes to call people Yoo Hoo these days. E.g. “Yooo Hooo… turn on the TV for me” “Yooo Hooo! I want Vitagen”
I did the same, and called her, “Yooo Hooo.. You want to take bath now?”
She looked at me and said, Mum, dont’ call me yoohoo, call me ZA-RA.”

She wanted some Pringles chips.
I told her, “Only one piece, you cannot eat so much ok.”
She continued, “Because got MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) right?”
(We always tell her she can’t have instant noodle, or outside food too much because they contain lots of MSG)

Overheard her talking to her toy lamb.
*pretending to apply something to the lamb’s face*
No worries, it’s just paint (make up) ok.”
“Are you comfortable?”
“Finished already. All done!

*started holding the lamb and ran around the sofa*
“Run, run, run, Isn’t it fun?”

Over heard her saying :
“Don’t worry. I love you very much.”
“I sayang you ok?”
“When I big girl, I get married with you.”
“Rusty boy, you is (are) my husband.”

And who is Rusty Boy?……… Our cat at home. “O.o

I told her I need to change before going out to buy lunch.
Zara : “Me is wearing new (clean) baju (Malay : clothes) already. You is going to change.”
Me : *correcting her Grammar*”I AM wearinng new baju. You ARE going to change.”
Zara : “Me is changed.”
Me : “I changed. Not Me is changed.”
Zara : “I have CHANGE-DED.”

While we were at Morib.
Zara was curious with every thing she saw on the ground, and I was shouting,
“Zara, don’t touch that, that’s rubbish” when she was aiming for the piece of ice cream wrapper
“Zara, don’t touch that, that’s rubbish” when she was trying to pick up a bottle cap
“Zara, don’t touch that, that’s rubbish”.. it just came out automatically when she reached for something on the ground.
She raised her hand and showed me a casuarina seed, “This is pineapple lar. You silly girl, everything also you say it’s rubbish rubbish. Tsk.” (And shook her head. She is using the ‘tsk’ sound a lot to indicate her displeasure)

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