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More of Zara’s speech May 3, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in development, language, Zara.

Zara speaks like an old lady at times. Giving me speechless moments, or a good laugh, or just at awe with how much she’s grown. More of such moments :

She likes to call people Yoo Hoo these days. E.g. “Yooo Hooo… turn on the TV for me” “Yooo Hooo! I want Vitagen”
I did the same, and called her, “Yooo Hooo.. You want to take bath now?”
She looked at me and said, Mum, dont’ call me yoohoo, call me ZA-RA.”

She wanted some Pringles chips.
I told her, “Only one piece, you cannot eat so much ok.”
She continued, “Because got MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) right?”
(We always tell her she can’t have instant noodle, or outside food too much because they contain lots of MSG)

Overheard her talking to her toy lamb.
*pretending to apply something to the lamb’s face*
No worries, it’s just paint (make up) ok.”
“Are you comfortable?”
“Finished already. All done!

*started holding the lamb and ran around the sofa*
“Run, run, run, Isn’t it fun?”

Over heard her saying :
“Don’t worry. I love you very much.”
“I sayang you ok?”
“When I big girl, I get married with you.”
“Rusty boy, you is (are) my husband.”

And who is Rusty Boy?……… Our cat at home. “O.o

I told her I need to change before going out to buy lunch.
Zara : “Me is wearing new (clean) baju (Malay : clothes) already. You is going to change.”
Me : *correcting her Grammar*”I AM wearinng new baju. You ARE going to change.”
Zara : “Me is changed.”
Me : “I changed. Not Me is changed.”
Zara : “I have CHANGE-DED.”

While we were at Morib.
Zara was curious with every thing she saw on the ground, and I was shouting,
“Zara, don’t touch that, that’s rubbish” when she was aiming for the piece of ice cream wrapper
“Zara, don’t touch that, that’s rubbish” when she was trying to pick up a bottle cap
“Zara, don’t touch that, that’s rubbish”.. it just came out automatically when she reached for something on the ground.
She raised her hand and showed me a casuarina seed, “This is pineapple lar. You silly girl, everything also you say it’s rubbish rubbish. Tsk.” (And shook her head. She is using the ‘tsk’ sound a lot to indicate her displeasure)



1. may - May 3, 2007

your girl really does say the funniest things! dear old Rusty! she won’t need to borrow a car to ride off into the sunset, her “hubby” will drive here there… teehee! so cute!

2. Vien - May 4, 2007

she is such a delight…and i bet you are always rolling your eyes when you hear her talk back at you..haha..

3. Mama BoK - May 4, 2007

Hehehe!! yup.. she sure is more mature beyond her age. I think it has alot to do with the fact that she gets to interact alot with adults.. 😉

4. Simple American - May 4, 2007

Running is fun. hehehe Right?

Just wait. In no time at all you will be getting this in stereo. 🙂

5. Kikare - May 4, 2007

“You silly girl”?! Nice one, Zara. Tsk.

6. Misha's Mum - May 4, 2007

hahaha .. zara is clever little girl 🙂

7. mom2ashley - May 4, 2007

she is so cute…..she is mimicking whatever you;ve told her before…

8. dancing queen - May 4, 2007

Zara is really amazing! I don’t even have to see her in person to know how she says things! Hahaha! 😀

Better savour these moments before she grows out of this cuteness! 🙂

9. a-moms-diary - May 4, 2007

I always look forward to your posts on zara’s speech. She’s really good with words. Keep these gems coming.

10. ShannonC. - May 4, 2007

my fav is the you silly girl, everything also you say is rubbish rubbish… hahahaahahahahahaha
mommy kalah teruk oledi lar…. 😀

11. anggie - May 4, 2007

yooo hooo…. ur girl so sweet & ‘pandai cakap’ pulak ….

12. grace - May 4, 2007

hahaha……zara so cute, I like the part she call people Yoo hooo 😀

13. RIna - May 4, 2007

tsk tsk – what a smart girl!

14. anggie - May 4, 2007

yooo hoooo …. i just change my Blog ID. hahaha.. sori yer …

15. yl - May 4, 2007

YOOOOHOOOOooo… cute girl you have got there!! i think now, Yoohoo would be one of the most popular words in blog circles…. 😛

16. Pauline - May 4, 2007

I have been reading your blog for some time and i look forward to it.
Whenever you write about Zara, it brings back memories of my time with my children. They have all grown. I really miss those days!!

17. Jan - May 4, 2007

yoo hoo….heehee…she is so cute…..

she is really very vocal and good with words at her age……think RayAnne only has half of Zara’s vocab!

18. mom of cairo - May 4, 2007


after reading this, i have decided that it’s too wasteful to not capture their cute n innocent moments like these… dunno how u guys did it (i did 1 milestone post 3 mths ago and gave up after that hahaha)

erm… do guys actually write it down immediately when you hear those cute snippets? am seriously considering carrying around a small little notebook (the paper kind) for that purpose.

ZMM : Actually, I do write it down on a piece of paper if I have one. If not, I’ll keep repeating what she’d said in my mind until I remember it. And when I get the chance, will write it down.
I didn’t want to miss all these moments, so I do make an effort remembering it.

19. My Lil Venture - May 4, 2007

Zara really knows how to talk back! Lol….I love her conversations as they are so farny 🙂

20. michelle - May 4, 2007

Huh? Rusty is a cat or car? She wants to marry a cat?? *scratch head*…hehehe.

21. kingswife - May 4, 2007

Zara 3, Mummy 0 !!

22. Sasha - May 4, 2007

marry the cat? hahaha

23. Yvonne - May 4, 2007

Yoo hooo… Zara is quite a chatter there huh… Yoo hoo….she sure she wanna married the cat?? Kekekeke….

24. whoisbaby - May 4, 2007

ooh mine. this girl is quite a chitty chatter here. i really enjoy all the conversations you posted here with her. i can imagine i am right there. it is just so funny, especially the last one – ‘you silly girl’.

25. chooi peng - May 4, 2007

hhaaaa.. mummy is a silly girl… Zara is a clever girl
I love to read your conversation, keep post more!!
It really light up my day!! LOL

26. debbie - May 4, 2007

Zara has become so clever now…but why marry to a cat?? hahaha….she is so cute!!

27. huisia - May 4, 2007

alamak..she wants to marry to a cat ar…HAHAHA…

28. nadia - May 4, 2007

Clever girl! But marry a cat? Hrmmmm…. haha!

29. mott - May 4, 2007

ha ha ha…

real makcik nenek ah she….silly girl…hahahahah

30. jazzmint - May 4, 2007

kakaka..call u silly girl somemore, she’s a real joker

31. shoppingmum - May 4, 2007

She started talking to herself already? 🙂
Ok, see if this one goes to the spam as well! 😛

32. Irene - May 5, 2007

She is hilarious!

33. LB - May 5, 2007

The Joys of Parenthood… So cute Zara, hor? Tsk tsk!! LOL…

34. fannie - May 5, 2007

this is a very fun stage they are in…always talking like an an old ah mah!! Hahaha…

35. eve - May 5, 2007

LOL…come aunty dr muackks u..u r sooo kiut la..

36. Annie Q - May 5, 2007

can’t wait to meet up with ur cutie zara…haha..
she call u “silly girl” hahaha..so funny..sure u cant angry with her anymore…

37. sue - May 6, 2007

Can’t believe she’s only 2+ hoh 😛

38. Sweetpea - May 6, 2007

isn’t it great to have a two-way communication? I really envy you, although i can sort of understand we don’t really like the ‘ying-jui’ part. cherish it!

39. Malaika's mummy - May 6, 2007

Zara is soooo funny and she is really good with words.

I stared at you/Zara cause I thought it was Zara, so I looked more closely. And it was really Zara. And I have not seen your pic. So, I was not sure it was you and Zara. *Blur Blur*

40. FireHorse - May 7, 2007

Kids nowadays are definitely “smarter” than we were back then, when we were young we believe things like, well I shouldn’t say “we” I shud say “I”, I believe my aunt when she said dun eat and lie down because can become snake.

41. mumsgather - May 7, 2007

She is growing up really really fast isn’t she?

42. sesame - May 7, 2007

She’s already thinking of getting married? Haha…she’s an interesting girl. And she’s also getting prettier btw.

43. KittyCat - May 7, 2007

LOL I loved the part about her wanting to marry the cat! You must post a photo of it so we can judge her taste in men…or meow hehehe

44. allyfeel - May 21, 2007

HAHAHA…very intelligent young lass. 😉

45. Turning Two and The Half « All About Zara and Zaria - May 21, 2007

[…] ‘bullies’ her meimei. She gives us the tickles at times, and most time we’re just at awe with […]

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