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The Meaning of My Kids’ Name May 24, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in my two girls, Zara, Zaria.

4 people tagged me, eastcoastlife, Samm, Dancing Queen, Chooi Peng, interested to know the meaning of my girls’ name. 

So why Zara and why Zaria?

It’s quite difficult for Daddy and I to agree on things 100%. When we were looking for a name for Zara, he wanted names like Catherine, and I wanted something more exotic which ends with an A (Eliana, Alina, Carissa etc) . We agreed Sarah is a nice sounding name, but since it’s pretty common; I picked Zara instead, a twist from Sarah and it means “princess”.

Daddy wasn’t quite convinced, until he met Zara for the first time in the delivery room; the spunky kid, who was partially delivered, head out, shoulders still stuck in the pelvic, screaming her lungs out. When Zara was placed on my tummy with umblical cord still intact, Daddy whispred in my ears, “I think the name Zara will suit her.” So Zara it is.

For Zara’s Chinese name, Daddy didn’t mind me making the shot, since he’s not Chinese Educated. I had a dream which repeatedly mentioned Jun Jan (It might have been due to Lin Jun Jie’s song getting lots of air time on radio during that time). When I woke up, I told Daddy about it, and he said Jun Jan sounded nice. So I started looking for Chinese words that sounded like that. It was 君倩 (pronounced as Jun Qian but spelled as Jun Jan in her birth cert) finally, which means gentlemen, noble for the first character, and winsome for the 2nd character (a winsome girl who’s noble?).

As for Zaria, we wanted to look for a name which start with Z and end with A and only 2  sylabels. After a long hunt, we narrowed down to Zaria and Zonya (Simple American reminded me they are actually 3 sylabels). Since Zaria also means “Princess”, and both Zaria and Zara are names of young royalties in Europe (Zara Phillips and Countess Zaria), it makes more sense to choose Zaria.

Again, I was given the honour to choose a Chinese name for her,  I chose  君洁 (pronounced and spelled as Jun Jie), which is noble, pure and chaste; with pronuciation not deviating too much from Zara’s Jun Jan.

Both girls have the same initials : ZLJJ. I hope the similarity in their names will bring them closer together as sisters.

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A lot of people have been tagged, so I’m not passing this to any one.


1. LB - May 24, 2007

I love the art of naming.. I will name mine the Ho Kwai Fann Retirement Home.

Not Ho Kwai Song Retirement Home?

2. geetha - May 24, 2007

I like their names.. very unique 🙂

Thank you..

3. Malaika's mummy - May 24, 2007

I like their chinese names. Very nice.
Eh… u forgot I tagged u also on this one.

Never mind.. you still get to know the meaning of their name w/out tagging me.

4. chooi peng - May 24, 2007

Never thought of the chinese name is come from Lin Jun Jie, funny!!

Every day you hear JJ Lin Jun Jie.. JJ Lin Jun Jie on the radio.. so dream also dream about it already. 😛

5. Yvonne - May 24, 2007

Wow, very nice names indeed. You won’t believe it, I was talking to my colik that I hv a blogger mummy fren whose daughters’ name is Zara/Zaria. They asked me whats the meaning and I said I donno.. Now I know… 😛

They mean the same thing and it’s a twist to the name Sarah. 😛

6. egghead - May 24, 2007

can’t believe you almost named my future DIL the name of my coming baby!! LOL!

:O what is it that you plan to name your coming baby?

7. sesame - May 24, 2007

Nice their Chinese names. Got a nice ring…

8. dancing queen - May 24, 2007

Thanks for doing the meme! Their Chinese names are pretty extra-ordinary! 🙂

9. may - May 24, 2007

they’re growing well into their names, your little princesses!

10. Eileen - May 24, 2007

I like their Chinese names, very unique and rare… 🙂 Did you think of them yourself? We paid someone for Damien’s chinese names (i think they calculate his eight characters or something like that)…cos we just can’t think of any..haha… 😛

11. huisia - May 24, 2007

alamak, lin jun jie pula, you like him ar? anyway, both zara and zaria names are special especially their chinese name. fortunately you know chinese 🙂

12. Samm - May 24, 2007

Well, seems like both our kids share the same middle JUN, lol. Everyone expected me to choose the chinese JUN like your girls’. But… hello. It really doesnt go well with their last name, eh.

13. Ms Fair Face - May 24, 2007

So if you are gonna have a third one, is she/he going to follow ZLJJ as well? I think both Zara and Zaria have got great chinese names, very unique and yet feminine for both.

14. kingswife - May 24, 2007

I hope the similiarity in their names will not confuse people too! Hahaha 😛

15. winn - May 24, 2007

wah got meaning one …
i duno wat my name means.. my chinese name lagi no meaning it’s a pure translation from the eng.

16. velverse - May 24, 2007

Wah… it’s really meaningful 😀
Hemmm.. now this inspires me to write out what my name means 😀

17. jazzmint - May 24, 2007

whoaa…that similiar!!! cool…

18. WMD - May 25, 2007

I also like exotic names that ends with an A (i.e Marrissa, Michaela, Irina and etc.)

19. earthember - May 25, 2007

I like both their English and Chinese names, and they have the same initials too. Well, my two eldest girls have the same initials too. I haven’t really given the little one her Chinese name yet.

20. domestic rat - May 25, 2007

Shld ask you for suggestions on Chinese names. I can’t seem to get past En (gratitude), and Ya (elegance).

21. FireHorse - May 25, 2007

Beautiful names. I like unique names unfortunately mine is so common, not nice either.

22. Rhiannon - May 26, 2007

Kai-Li’s Chinese name is Qian Jun! how about that!

23. sue - May 26, 2007

Both their names are really close 😀 Hope they do really grow up close and loving to each other.

24. Twin - May 26, 2007

We don’t know chinese so we got someone in KL known to be famous to choose names for our kids … individual with meaning but join together no meaning …. 😛 Ask me … i’ve forgotten the meaning also. As for English names, they sound nice and not too common. 🙂

25. mom of cairo - May 26, 2007

I love that the girls have the same initials and such close sounding names… though let’s just hope that the suitors don’t send love letters to the wrong ZLJJ, eh? :p

26. eastcoastlife - May 28, 2007

aahhh…. interesting! So I’m not the only kaypoh! hehehe…. so many people want to know how you pick your daughters’ names. I like the initial ‘Z’ – it’s unique and quite tough to find a name beginning with it. 🙂

27. the silai - May 28, 2007

and dun forget zara now is oso the name of malaysian royalty! (as in raja puan muda of perak zara salim who married raja nazrin recently)

28. allyfeel - June 5, 2007

Interesting. I like the way Chinese people name their kids. THe charecter are so meaningful. Only 2 characters will reveal the entire meaning of it. 😉

29. stacie - October 6, 2007

i like how some people be creative when they name thier babies when they are born, and they are cute when they get thier name when they are born ,or when htey come home from the Hospital!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my nephew’s name is Josiah from the bible he is very cute 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

30. sta - November 17, 2007


I named my daughter Zara as well – and we pronounce it like Sarah – but I get soooo many people pronouncing it Zahhhra it drives me crazy

Do you get the same thing ?

31. Andrea - December 8, 2008

My six year old is also named Zaria. She loves that her names means princess and she is CRAZY about Disney’s Princess.

My 3 yr old is names Zamia because is was one letter different from Zaria.

NOw the crazy thing is that my maternal grandmother middle name began with a “Z” Her name was Zemetha. the girls father name is Demetrius, this would have been a Great name to carry on but I did not learn of this until after I had already named them.

All of this from typing “meaning of Zaria” in goolge.

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