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Hello and Finally a name. January 9, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in Zaria.

Since we have 2 daugthers now, I shall start a new blog for the 2 of them instead of using the previous one meant for Zara. It’s about time too, since Blogger is giving me much problem these days especially with photos loading.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We have finally being forced to decide decided on mei-mei’s name since the 14days time limit is almost up.

We were undecided between Zonya and Zaria. Daddy likes Zaria very much, but I was a bit worried with the use of this name since the pronunciation is very close to Zara. We may call for one of them, and they may not know whom we were addressing. I let Daddy make the decision since I made the call for mei-mei’s Chinese name.  He was still calling me from the registra this morning to confirm the name, see how undecided we were?

She will be called Zaria. It has the same meaning as Zara, both meaning princess, and both are current European princesses’ names, i.e. Princess Zara Phillips (daugther of Princess Anne) from Great Britain and Countess Zaria from Netherlands.

So here is a new blog for our 2 girls aka princesses, Zara and Zaria



1. sesame - January 9, 2007

Sounds very close the names. But I like Zaria than Zonya

ZMM: Zaria – 1, Zonya – 0. I like the sound Zaria too, just that it’s too close to Zara

2. may - January 9, 2007

wow, great job on importing all your previous enries from Blogger!

Big HUGS to Zaria. very sweet name. how royal!

ZMM : Easy job, although I thought it was going to be tough. Didn’t know it’s just 1 click away. :P.. Thanks for the hugs. Btw, what happened to you and LB’s site? All my comments just don’t appear in your sites. Did you do comments moderation or something?

3. beckysmum - January 9, 2007

You are very efficient, so fast imported all the post and the blogroll!
Good name! People definitely know that they a siblings!

ZMM : Importing is easy, it’s the header pix that I spent loads of time on. Yeah.. they have very close English and Chinese names. People will probably think they are twins just looking at the names.

4. michelle - January 9, 2007

Cool names you have there. Pretty close to one another just like 2 sisters.

ZMM : Let me hope they will be as close to each other as their names. 😛

5. dawn - January 9, 2007

Now you have two HRHs. Very nice name.

ZMM : Thanks.. Yeah.. 2 HRHs. I wish I was one of them too.

6. Simple American - January 9, 2007

New day. New blog. New girl. I like it. 😉

The names are very close. Oh well you still got jie jie and mei mei to clarify. And Zaria has three syllables too instead of two.

ZMM : Bugger! This is 3 syllables huh? Oh well, we’re M’sian, we’ll say it real fast and consider this as 2 syllables. 😛

7. Jean - January 9, 2007

I like the name Zaria more than Zonya. Zaria sounds more warming to me 🙂

You must hv spent a while importing all from blogger to wp.

ZMM : Zaria – 2, Zonya – 1. Surprisingly, it’s quite easy to do the import. Just run a script and viola!

8. Samm - January 10, 2007

I like the name very much. Glad to see that u’re well enuf to blog.

ZMM : Well enough.. 🙂 Thanks.

9. babykhong - January 10, 2007

I like Zaria too. Nice name but a bit too close to Zara. And welcome to WordPress. You are moving very fast!

ZMM : WordPress was an easy move. I didn’t think I could finish it in 1/2 a day. 😛

10. Vien - January 10, 2007

Love the name!

ZMM : Thanks.

11. whoisbaby - January 10, 2007

congrats on your new born. Zaria is a beautiful name.

ZMM : Thanks. 🙂

12. egghead - January 10, 2007

calling two girls with one name… cool!

ZMM : so now, LLS has 2 girl friends to choose from. 😛

13. domesticgoddess - January 10, 2007

I had intuition y’all will use this name when you told me in IM last time 😉 It is indeed a very beautiful name.
BTW, welcome on board WP!

ZMM : My hubby won this time.. What to do, sometimes just have to give in to him a bit.

14. L B - January 10, 2007

Great Name!!! Cool WordPress!!!
The spambin went a bit crazy at mine!!!

ZMM : Yeah.. I heard that May got the spambin virus too.. 😛

15. Shannon - January 10, 2007

wei wei… nice new layout… i like… now you making me feel like moving to wordpress too… hahaha


ZMM : Tempting hor? Go check out first.. it’s not that difficult to move.

16. grv15 - January 10, 2007

Nice name.. close sisters by name too 😉

Is photo uploading better in wordpress?

ZMM : I hope they’ll grow up to be close. I haven’t tried out the photo loading yet though. But soon. But you are only given 50Gb of space though. Any more, you’ll have to buy the space.

17. grv15 - January 10, 2007

ooops, I guess I logged in with my ID grv15..
it’s me, geetha, from Essence of Love 😉

18. yl - January 10, 2007

YAY!!!!! one more to the wordpress tribe!!!! but i also like Zaria lah… and just like you, i thought the two names were a tad too close coz i have students whose parents also gave their two girls names that started with T – Tanya and Tiara. see how different they were??? well, their mess of a piano teacher still managed to mess them up, calling Tanya Tiara and Tiara Tanja!! :S

ZMM : That one is teacher’s fault/blur.. 😛 Not parents. 😛

19. Ivy - January 10, 2007

I was joking with YL that you should have named your blog My Double “Zs” or My Zz, the Cap Z represents Zara the big jie jie and the small z represents Zaria the little mei mei hehehe anyway ignore us, we are just fooling around. YL added hope ur Zz don’t make u lost too much zzzzzzzzzz… see how corny she is?? 🙂

Anyway nice names your girls have got.

ZMM : haih.. you should hav told me earlier. I would have gone for My Zz.. 😛 Cool blog name.

20. daddykhong - January 10, 2007

Nice name but WAY too close to Zara. You may end up calling them “Ra” and “Ria” but then again, that’s too close too! 🙂

ZMM : We’ll call them jiejie or meimei at home probably. 😛 It’s only when I’m in ‘scolding’ mode, that I use their names. 😛

21. yl - January 10, 2007

Ivy, that’s being creative, word smart, ok!!!!!! 😛

ZMM : YL, you are creative.. but.. errr.. blur? 😛 😛

22. fannietlp - January 10, 2007

Nice name…:) I hope everythings well for u and we now have more mamas joining wp ya? It’s more user-friendly 🙂

ZMM : Yeah, I think it’s more user friendly, but not like blogger where you can do lots of things like putting on lilipi tracker etc. 😦

23. jesslyn - January 10, 2007

welcome to WP…:)
whoa, name according to princess! nice name…what is your gals chinese name btw?

ZMM : 君倩 and 君洁 😛 Their initials all the same..

24. domesticrat - January 10, 2007

Very close sounding names! I would probably get my tongue twisted to get their names articulated properly. Hee… 🙂 Change nick, woman! Maybe to Queenie or something royal, now u are mother to two princesses.

And welcome to WP too!

ZMM : Hubby told me to use back my old nick. He said my brand woh. 😐 Like he’s so supportive of my blogging effort..

25. 2littlefellas' mom - January 10, 2007

Zaria is a nice name but the process you and hubby have indecisively ding dong about is even sweeter….all the researches and thoughts put in.
love the meaning…princesses’ names, i.e. Princess Zara from Great Britain and Countess Zaria from Netherlands.

ZMM : Don’t give him too much credit. He doesn’t spend as much time as me on these things. I present him with the ‘research paper’ and then he shortlisted and decided. Men.. hard to depend on them on such things.

26. shoppingmum and kids - January 10, 2007

First of all, I’ll like to congratulate you on having such a pretty baby girl. 🙂 I’ve found out the good news from Egghead, but didn’t have a chance to congra as there’s no updates from your previous blog. I went away for a while, and you got yourself a nice “home” already. 🙂

I like Zaria, it might sounds the same, but if you use jie jie mei mei at home, it should be ok. And people will learn how to pronounce clearly, don’t worry.

ZMM : Hehe.. now we’re worried their ‘mama’ (MIL) cannot pronunce their names. But we asked her to use their Chinese names lar.. she just refused for reasons unknown. And thanks for the wishes.

27. chooi peng - January 10, 2007

i like Zaria too, nice name!
Cant wait for more photo to be upload!

ZMM : Thanks. These few days very gloomy, hard to take photos esp when we don’t want to use the flesh. 😦

28. Mama Bok - January 10, 2007

Firstly.. congrats on your new blog.. and secondly.. on the beautiful name for your 2nd daughter. May both your princess.. be always happy.. healthy.. and loved always.. by anyone who meets them… 🙂

ZMM : Thank you thank you Mamabok.. 🙂

29. Sasha - January 10, 2007

nice nice..nice name and blog. Psst ..when zara gets better can i come over to yr place and visit the 2 princesses ah?

ZMM : Can.. come lar. She’s better already. Her chicken pox was a real mild one.

30. Eileen - January 10, 2007

I love Zaria too, very unique name!

Wow, so you’ve decided to move too…looks like it’s time i consider migrating..hehe..

Ya, you should changed your nick to The Queen since you’re the mother to 2 princesses…:P

ZMM : I won’t chg my nick to Queen ler.. so.. uncool. 😛

31. Phoebe - January 10, 2007

Congratulations to you once again! Zaria looks so much like Zara! Enjoy the bonding! 🙂

ZMM : You really think they look alike? Hmm.. we’re still trying to figure out whom she looks like. 😛

32. Greenapple - January 10, 2007

Glad to see your move! WordPress is better so far huh? I absolutely concur.

Zaria is such a unique name. Will prefer Zaria over Zonya too. Hopefully everything is well …. We look forward to reading more about your beautiful family …

ZMM : Thanks Greenapple. Haha.. looks like lots of ppl like Zaria. My hubby will say he has taste. 😐

33. mother superior - January 10, 2007

Nice, nice, Zaria, is unique and a very girly name too. Zonya sounds a little… zonked out!

Trust you are well enough now, Mama? Well enough to change from Blogger, that is. ,-)

ZMM : Yes, well enough to spend some time changing to wordpress. 🙂 Thanks.. my hubby will be happy to hear that most prefer Zaria over Zonya.

34. jazzmint - January 10, 2007

Zaria definitely sounds better than Zonya :)…

welcome to wp…I thought u wanted own domain 🙂

ZMM : Too much trouble to set up my own domain.. wordpress comes free.. and faster to set up. 🙂

35. Simple American - January 11, 2007

Wau!!! You talk so fast can?

ZMM : Can one.. simper amelican. 😛

36. Peter Kenway - January 11, 2007

Zara Phillips has the Queen of England as her grandmother but she has NO ROYAL TITLE. She is a commoner but is known as The Honourable Zara Phillips. She is a commoner since her father Captain Mark Phillips is a commoner – a joint decision made by both her parents.

Her brother Peter Phillips is also a commoner.

There is NO Princess Zara of Great Britain !

ZMM : Thanks for your info.. I’ll update this change. 🙂

37. Erica & Eva - January 11, 2007

Zaria is a v nice name. Good choice.

We will be mother of 2 girls! *hi-five*

PS: everyone is moving out of blogger… hmm…

ZMM : Girls are great huh?

38. allyfeel - January 11, 2007

I think both names also very nice. 🙂
Hello Zaria!

ZMM : Thanks.. I think so too..

39. mott - January 11, 2007

How cool. Zara and Zaria. The two Z sisters.

Congrats on your move as well! It’s about time! HA HA HA! hv u “moved” the CL out yet?

ZMM : haven’t moved the CL yet. Still T-O-L-E-R-A-T-I-N-G..

40. miche - January 11, 2007

hey..congrats on your newborn.
i like zaria too! what’s their chinese name ah?
i’ve been a silent reader for a while d 😀

ZMM : 君倩 and 君洁 .. 🙂

41. Nadia - January 11, 2007

Zaria’s a very nice name. Prefer that to Zonya too. Hehehe. Anyway, since you’re the IT master, I’m sure importing from blogger was no hassle, ey? Anyway, take care, yah? We’ll be going back to Kuantan this weekend for Ah Ma’s 1 year dinner thingie, will you be joining us?

ZMM : Err.. me no IT master. WordPress has a script to run and it’ll do the import for you automatically. I’m still in confinement ler.. Can’t go to ma-ma’s 1yr thingy. 😦 I wonder if my sis will go.

42. Tracy - January 11, 2007

Ei, migrated to wordpress?

“Fuk jor lei lor” still can blog during confinement.

I thought u would go for Zandria. “Zara ….. Zaria” ….. both girls running to u ….. (heehee *imagining*). But Zaria’s a unique name indeed.

Boleh ‘sapu’ the confinement food ar?

ZMM : Don’t blog now.. after CL leaves, no more chance. 😦 The confinement food eat until sien man! Aigh. How I wish for a simple bowl of laksa or a plate of nasi lemak.

43. Amanda - January 11, 2007

Congrats to you Zara & Zaria’s mom! Waiting to see more pics. 🙂

How did you import from blogger? They only allow importing from old blogger right? It’s giving me problem too!

ZMM : yeah, the migration only works well for old blogger. I didn’t move to new blogger, so it’s easy for me, just one click.

44. Irene - January 12, 2007

Great name! Very original.
As you can tell, I’m not too articulate, so I shall just read away…

ZMM : You still around? Not popped yet?

45. mom2ashley - January 12, 2007

congrats! and you are back in action so fast???
hope all is well! have a good rest.

46. RIna - January 15, 2007

YOu will notice that ZAra will have a vocabulary explosion right now. She will seem all grown up now with little sis in tow. Harvynna grew up so fast when Rowena was born that sometimes we forget she is still a baby too

47. Immomsdaughter - January 15, 2007

Good choice, Zaria certainly sounds better than Zonya. Congrates on the new blog too

48. chenyeng2706 - January 15, 2007

I’ve been following your blog from blogspot very closely, all the way till Zaria came about.

Motherhood looked so much better through blogging. Lol.

Take care!

49. jazzmint - January 18, 2007

wahh so sayang the sister huh..good lah u 🙂

she looks like put on a bit weight liao, face chubbier

50. the silai - January 20, 2007

congrats! but ur nick is still ZARA’S MAMA? Shouldn’t it be ZARA’s & ZARIA’s MAMA? (yeah, it’s quite a mouthful 🙂 )

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