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Jusco Member’s Shopping Day November 30, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in Zara.

You get 15% off for toys, stationeries, clothing; and you get 5% off for baby items and in the supermarket. Very attractive. So I took a day off yesterday, and went shopping with King’s Wife.

We met up at Delicious at 1-U for lunch. I had a grilled vegetable sandwich, and offered some to Zara. The fussy eater has developed new skill to refuse food must be due to too many force feedings from mummy. She let me put the food in her mouth, but she just casually trusted her tongue to push the food out. Clever indeed! So, she didn’t like the sandwich.

From her knapsack, I took out a hard boil egg, to the gasps of my nieces (“You have an egg in your bag!?”). I thought maybe she’ll have the egg for lunch instead. I offered it to her, she took it, but just like earlier, she pushed the egg out with her tongue. OK, didn’t like the egg as well.

Luckily I have another back up, I took out a banana (My nieces: “A banana?? What else do you have in the bag??”) for the just-in-case situation, because Zara never refused bananas. True enough, with the banana, she happily took and swallowed it.

After she finished her banana lunch, and my nieces were done with theirs, King Wife’s and I got them to bring her to the big cushion right in front of the restaurant to play while we slowly enjoyed the rest of the lunch as well as our drink.

Once we’re done over stuffed ourselves with lunch, the shopping spree began. We thought we had ample time, so we took our time glancing at some of the shops in the new wing, and had afternoon tea before we went to Jusco, by then it was already 4:30pm.

We regretted not coming to Jusco earlier, because there was so much to buy. We spent almost 3hours shopping for Christmas presents, since there’s 15% off for all toys (within the family, Christmas presents are only meant of the kids). Zara has been very good, most of the time she just followed Sam around, playing with some of the toys, or happy just being able to explore, touching this and that.

I bought a bicycle for Zara, toy house for Sam (she chose it herself), model figurines for my 2 nephews, and Alicia (King’s wife older child) chose herself some earrings and necklace. I stocked up on lots of baby wipes and bottle cleaner as well. When I saw the bill at the cashier, my jaw just dropped, close to RM800RM600 even after all the discount! Christmas is a very expensive season!

With supermarket items having 5% of discount, guess it’s only wise to stock up on things. I bought more rubbish.

At the end of the 8hr shopping spree, my whole car was stuffed with shopping bags (just enough room for Zara’s car seat), a very big hole in my wallet, and a very tired Zara. She’s good though, not much fretting, and just went along with us.

Jusco is sure smart to have such a deal going during this time of the year, and I’m (along with King’s Wife) always such a sucker for sales.


Christmas Tree November 28, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in celebration, Zara.

We went to One Utama to shop for some masak-masak(cooking set toy) for Zara on Saturday.

On our way to ToysRus, we went past this shop with 2 huge Christmas trees. I thought it was a good time to introduce Christmas to Zara, so I walked her to one of the trees, and pointed to her, “Zara, look, Christmas tree”. She looked at it, scanned the tree from bottom to top, and then frowned and went hiding behind my back.

Daddy squatted down and tried to bring her near the tree again, but Zara was just clinging on to my clothes, hiding her face behind me (peeking occasionally though).

“Zara scared scared?” I asked her, she patted her chest (indicating she’s afraid). I tried to tell her that there’s nothing to be afraid of, and pointed to her all the familiar ornaments like stars, bears, balls etc to her. However, she just refused to go near the tree, and kept patting her chest. We thought maybe the tree is too big, and she got frightened by the size, and didn’t pursue.

After ToysRus, we went to Jusco to look for a tree for our house. We were glad to find a 4ft tree with ornaments going for RM49.90. Since we’re such al-cheapos We thought it was a good buy, and quickly grabbed one.

On Sunday, Daddy set the tree up, and placed it in the living room, next to the TV. Every time when Zara wanted to get near the TV console (to reach for her own VCDs), she avoided the path nearer to the tree. Sometimes, she would throw glances at the tree and pat her chest.

I wonder why she’s afraid of the tree! Not so afraid that she would cry, but enough to make her want to avoid it. However, this really suits us, we don’t have to worry about her pulling the ornaments or the tree down! *grin*

Typical Night Time Routine November 27, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in parenting, Zara.




And the latest addition, brushing her teeth with toothpaste at the sink..








I used to brush her without toothpaste in the earlier months, but I thought I should start her with toothpaste since she has 6 teeth now, and is eating lumpier and more fibrous food. She seems to enjoy it a lot. She is swallowing the water used to rinse her mouth even when I’d asked her to spit it out; I think it’s because she likes the bubble gum taste of the Oral B kid’s tooth paste.

Am I too early in brushing her teeth with toothpaste, especially since she’s eating the toothpaste instead of spitting out? When did you start your kid on tihs routine?

Video – Talking November 25, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in language, Zara.

Here’s a video taken today of Zara talking (of course with me instigating).

Here is what she said just in case you have problem understanding what she’s saying.
She replied, “Za-ah”, when I asked her what was her name.
She said “Bi-kngh” after my ‘biscuit’ (her new vocabulary, which she is repeating quite frequently).
And she said Park when her shoes were handed to her.
(it’ll take a while to load)

Car Seat Upgrade November 24, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in development, notable, Zara.

Zara’s car seat is long overdue for an upgrade. Although she has not reached the weight limit of her infant carrier (9Kg), she has already exceeded the height limit (72cm) quite a few months back.

Even though we’d bought her a front facing car seat during the mega sales in August, we didn’t replace it immediately because the infant carrier is very portable (easy to install into my car on weekdays, and move to Daddy’s car on weekends) and has a canopy (good for transporting her in and out of the car during rainy days and shield her on sunny days) .

We set ourselves a target, when she turned One, we’ll do the upgrade. Finally, yesterday night, Daddy installed the new car seat into my car (after 30mins of struggling and some swearing).

This morning, when it was time to leave the house, I told Zara “Come on, lets go, we’re going to Ah Kim’s house already” She automatically wobbled towards her infant carrier and wanted to climb into it. We told her, “Zara now big girl already, che-che (big sister) already, no more baby, must sit in BIG car seat now”. It was like a ceremony, 3 of us (Daddy, maid, myself), fussed over her and placed her into her new car seat. And thank God she likes it, and didn’t complain.

Now, while driving to work, she’ll be seated behind me, instead of next to me (like she did when she was in her infant career). I can’t hold her hand or stroke her face while driving any more…. *sob sob*.

Just for the records, this is her in the Infant Carrier in August.
And today, the big girl has been upgraded to her spacious car seat.

Why do I feel as though I’m going to marry her off soon?? *Sensible me talking : I have to get a grip of myself!*

Conversation With A Girl With Limited Vocabulary November 23, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in baby signing, language, Zara.

Since Zara wasn’t feeling well, I was working from home on Monday and Tuesday so I can keep an eye on Zara, and if required, can immediately bring her to the Dr’s. This mean I get to spend more time with her. Her are some limited ‘conversation’ I have with her.

I walked downstairs, where she was playing
Zara : *look up and smile*
Me : Hello Zara!
Zara : *point to the TV* Poot
Me : *pretend* Put what?
Zara : *point to the TV, and that ‘don’t-be-stupid-you-must-understand-me’ look* Poot! Poot!
Me : Oh, you want mummy to put the Wheels in The Bus for you is it?
Zara : *point her index finger to her other palm* (now she used this not just to sign MORE but also for WANT)

Milk time
I came down from the study
Me : Zara you want milk milk?
Zara : *put down what she was playing, came to me* Kng
Me : *looked at her quizzically* Do you want milk milk?
Zara : Kng
Tuyam (maid) : Itu dia sedang cakap dia mau susu (She’s saying she wants milk)
Me : *scratched head, but anyway placed her on my lap* Ok, milk milk then.
Zara : Kng *then sucked her thumb* (an indication she wanted milk before she use this Kng word)
I laid her down, and nursed her. I have absolutely no idea how ‘Kng’ symbolises milk.

Lunch time
Me : Zara, mummy wants to go out to buy lunch, you want to come
Zara : *ignore me and continue playing with her toy*
Me : Zara, you don’t want to go kai kai? (go out in Cantonese)
Zara : *looked up, grinning* Tai Tai!
Me : *patted the infant carrier seat* Let’s go then. After mummy let Zara drive car car ok?
Zara : *walked to the infant carrier, while waving her hand in the air* Oooo Oooo Ooo Ooo (her way of relating to car)

She spotted me coming down from ths stairs
Zara : *pointed to the door* Park!
Me : *asking the obvious* Zara wants to go to the park?
Zara : *wobbled towards the door, still pointing* Park!
Me : Raining outside, cannot go to the park
Zara : *Still pointing outside* Park!
I carried her and showed her the pouring rain
Me : It’s raining outside, we cannot go to the park, after you will get wet
Not sure if she understood what I was saying but she willingly let me lead her back to her pile of toys

Night 1
Zara climbed up to the stairs, reached for her pair of new shoes (which are still too big for her) resting on the steps
Zara : *put the shoes near her feet, and looked at me* Hok Hok
Me : Ok, mummy put on your shoe for you, then you can go walk walk
I put on her pair of shoes for her
Zara : *grinning* Hok Hok! Hok Hok *walked around in the oversized shoes*

Night 2
Sat on the sofa with Zara. She stood up, and went to the edge, where the arm rest is.
Zara : *clapped her hands* Hong!
Me : Yeah, you go there, after you Bong! and fall down
Zara dangled one of her feet outside of the arm rest, and grinned at me
Me : *point my finger at her* No, no! Go there after you fall down!
Zara pointed her finger back at me and reached her foot out further
Me : You naughty huh? After mummy beat beat you!
Zara : *beat her own thigh* Umph!
Cheeky little girl she is!

Skinny Zara November 22, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in Zara.

After starving herself and survived only on breast milk for 4 days (Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon) , she finally regained her appetite, and started eating (solids) again today.

Her had lots of biscuits, bread and half a bowl of porridge. I normally limit her intake of biscuits (worried about constipation), however, today I told my maid to give as many as she wanted, as long as she is eating them.

As for her porridge dinner, the food critic refused to be fed using her usual kiddy spoon, turning her head to the side when the spoon reached her. She kept pointing to the chopstick nearby. So, I tried with chopstick and she happily took them. It’s not easy to scoop up runny porridge with chopstick, luckily my chopstick skill is quite good, and I managed.

For an already relatively thin toddler, she is now even thinner. Her ribs are jutting out now! Her stool has hardened although still a bit soft, and she’d stopped vomiting. She’s recovering! I’ll try to fatten the next few days.

Zara’s First Year November 21, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in celebration, development, Zara.

Today is Zara’s 1st Birthday! It has been such a pleasure having her around, and sometimes still seem a bit surreal when we look at her (after what we’d been through). Our daughter, our very own flesh and blood.

Although her birthday celebration didn’t really go that well for her, she’s still her normal self despite her tummy upset. When she gets better, we’d bring her out toy shopping (with her angpow money) and a good meal.

Here are her photos, and her mile stones month by month.

1st month

Since I didn’t have a confinement lady, I took care of her all by myself (no MIL or mum to help).
– Turned her head from left to right when she’s laid on her tummy (about 4th week).
– Smiled for the first time.

2nd month

– Could lift her head up while being carried, as well as while she’s put lying on her stomach.
– Stopped waking up for night feeds when she was 6 week old (aleluia!).
– Kicked at her baby gym
– Put her fist in her mouth to suck

3rd month
– cooed
– Sucked her thumb and upper lip (if we kept her thumb away from her)
– held things when placed in her hands
– clasped her hands

4th month

I went back to work (I took 3 months off). This same month, we moved to our new house in Shah Alam and she started having to be sent daily to King’s Wife’s place together with my maid.
– turned from lying to her back to her front
– used her hands to play with her baby gym

5th month

– laughed
– crawled (tummy on the floor)
– Passed item from one hand to another
– With her tongue between her lips, made the sound PBBBBTTTT
– Sucked on her toes
– Smacked her lips
– When we wanted to lift her up, she reached her hands out to us

6th month

– had her first taste of solid
– sat unsupported
– turned her wrist

7th month
– sat unsupported
– clapped her hands
– waved bye bye
– swam in a pool (with float of course)

8th monthThis was when I started her blog.
– cut her first tooth (in fact, 4 came out just about the same time)
– gave her first kiss, to a baby photo in a book
– stood while being supported (by holding on to something)
– cruised
– rubbed her eyes when she’s tired

9th month

– sat herself up
pulled herself to standing position by holding on to a piece of furniture
-improved pincer grip

10th month

– spoke her first word
– took her first step

11th month

climbed down furniture on her own
– stood unsupported

12th month

Weight : 7.79Kg (before she got her food poisoning, quite likely lighter now)
Height : 75cm
– cut 2 more teeth, and another one is peeking out from the gums
– spoke her first 3-syllable word
– said her name when she’s asked “What is your name?”

Zara’s eventful 1st Birthday Celebration November 21, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in celebration, Zara.

We have a little home made pohpiah lunch yesterday to celebrate Zara’s 1st birthday. It was a small affair, just our immediate family members and Daddy’s best friends (mine pulled out because their kids were not feeling well). It went very well, the lunch itself, but the star of the day, Zara, wasn’t feeling very well these few days, so was not in her best element.

She was down with fever on Thursday evening and it subsided on Friday. Then on Saturday she purged and vomited during the day; making her very whinny and clingy. Even while I had to start some of the Sunday’s lunch preparation at the stove, she ‘glued’ to me.

At 3am yesterday, she woke up and started wailing. When we asked her “Where Pain Pain?” She pointed to her stomach, and started crying again. We initially wanted to just pacify her and get her back to sleep, but she was crying non-stop, after about 30mins, we rushed her to Sunway Medical Emergency ward. The sleepy Dr on duty had a look at her and concluded she had ‘wind in the stomach’. She prescribed some anti-colic solution and sent us back. We got home at 5am. Not sure if it was the medication, or pure exhaustion, Zara slept soundly after that.

After 3hrs of sleep, it was time to get up. Although I had my maid and King’s Wife’s maid to help out, I sill had to run around to instruct them on how certain things should be done, and how they should be served. The whinny baby was joined to the hip with me throughout.

Just before I showered her, she purged, and then was very fussy, and aggitated. I tried to get her to nap so that she’ll be more rested, and will be in better spirit.

At 11:30am, people started to arrive. After my aunt, who came with the pohpiah skins and her famous home made turnips arrived, the lunch started. Zara also woke up about this time, I changed her into her new clothes, and brought her downstairs to join in the rest.

She was not as energetic as her normal self, but she still got pretty excited seeing all the people making their own lunch/pohpiah. I gave her a piece of skin and some vege, so that she can join in the fun. She however, didn’t have the appetite to eat anything, she just tore the food up into pieces, and made a mess at the table like her usual self.

When King’s Wife’s arrived, Zara was excited to see her che-ches (cousin sisters), and immediately went to them.

Samantha was happily entertaining her while Zara threw up, all over Samantha’s lap. Poor Sam’s skirt was drenched in puke. Zara was not disturbed by any of it, and continued playing once we cleaned her, and removed her pinafore.

When it was time to cut the cake, she couldn’t relate to the cake and the candle thing, but she was very excited when the Happy Birthday song was sung.

I got her a big fat carrot cake from Marmalade Cafe, thinking that this was something she can eat since it’s quite a ‘nutritious’ cake. However, again, Zara didn’t want to have any when I offered it to her and was showing sign that she was tired and needed a nap.

While she slept, I had more pohpiahs (probably 6 all in) and a big fat slice of cake. My excuse is I do need the energy to pacify a whinny kid.

When Zara woke up from her sleep, she again had diarrhea, this time her stool was totally watery. We were very very concerned. We had to almost shoo all our other guests home (by this time it was only my sis, my aunt and my in-laws around), to bring Zara to see a pediatrician.

Dr Chye, who operates in Subang, told us that Zara probably had food poisoning, but since her diarrhea and vomiting is not THAT frequent, we will just have to let her fight it herself. She was given some syrup to help with her colic pain, and then some rehydrating salt.

Zara refused to sit in her car seat after we left the Dr’s. She had big drops of tears rolling down, reaching her hands out for me. I gave in, and just a few moments after she was out of the car seat, Zara puke again, this time all over me; and then again during dinner after just a few mouth full of porridge.

However worrying it may all seem to me; she behaved normally after that, it didn’t seem to bother her if she had done a watery poo, or puke. It’s probably a good sign that it was not causing much discomfort to her (my consolation).

Not a very good birthday celebration for her, and I smelled of puke at the end of the day.

Mummy just hope she gets well soon.

Spanking New Camera November 18, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in misc, notable.

After a few months of contemplation, we finally bought a spanking new digital SLR, the Olympus E500.

Why this model? Don’t ask me, I’m not the technical one who will go to the net and compare features and prices. Daddy decided on the model.

We have been using our Pentax Optio 555 since Nov 2003. It has seen us through a few holidays, Zara’s birth, and her 1st year. I have been complaining about the shutter lag of the camera (which is about 1.35sec, very slow for precious moments). Every time when I tried to take a happy shot of Zara, after her smile has disappeared, then only the shot is taken. I had lost a lot of beautiful moments.

Daddy wanted us to upgrade to another camera with improved speed. I wasn’t keen. What’s the point of owning 2 very similar cameras? I told him only if it’s an SLR, or else, we just stick to what we have now. After much research and price comparison, we finally settled for this.

The draw backs of these SLR cameras are that they can’t take Videos and they are too bulky to carry around daily (which I do with my Pentax). So I’ll still rely on my Pentax for day to day shots and videos.

I don’t know much about cameras or photography, I only know how to capture moments. I believe by owning this new toy, I will have to start learning. Daddy gave me 3 days to learn up (the use of the camera), so that I can use this new beauty to capture Zara’s first birthday celebration on Sunday.

Well, Zara was running a temperature yesterday, so I was very busy caring for her. Today, she seemed to have recovered (Dr can’t tell why she got a fever, since she didn’t have any infection or flu). If she remained alright (crossing my finger, for her sake as well as mine), I’ll have today and tomorrow to learn up the features of the camera in preparation for her Sunday’s party.

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