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Zaria ~ 4.5 months May 17, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in development, Zaria.

Zaria is growing really fast, and such a joy to have around.

This little girl knows how to :
~ turn from back to stomach swiftly (started @ close to 4 months), and turn from stomach to back with some struggle
~ slowly reach out her hand to grab an item placed in front of her, and then immediately put into her mouth to have a taste
~ do the phhhhhhhhhbbbbbbbt sound by blowing air through pursed lips
~ scream aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa or eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaa probably influenced by Zara’s frequent shouting while talking at home
~ turn her body towards my breast when she wants to be fed (this is especially useful when I have to feed her in my half asleep state at the break of dawn)
~ laugh a real nice babyish laugh

And she likes to :
~ suck on her hand (I’m not sure if she’s going to be a thumb sucker later)
~ turn from back to stomach; then cry for help after a while because she doesn’t quite like being on her stomach and still struggling to turn herself back
~ put everything into her mouth, and turning it dripping wet (I always wonder where all the saliva comes from)
~ play with her tongue by sticking it out, or moving it about in her mouth
~ play with her feet; angkat kaki (Malay : lying leg raise) is so effortlessly done
~ be sung to, talked to, and praised; she responds with big wide smiles
~ sleep on her side
~ go to the park and watch children play

She cries (with big drops of tears) when
~ I lay next to her preparing to feed her, making her all excited; and then I got up abrubtly to get something I’d forgotten (like a book to read or to put on the breast pads)
~ I removed my breast from her mouth when she’s half way feeding
~ there’s big loud thunderstorms
~ she has a bad dream (I wonder if it’s about big loud thunderstorm, or abruptly ending a breastfeeding session)

She gives us the biggest smile when we greet her in the morning. Cries the loudest (with no tears) when she’s sleepy but can’t fall asleep in a hot day (lucky for me, this only happens in the day. She’s like an angel in the night). 

She is slowly adjusting to taking 2 long naps a day, and goes to bed at 8:30-9pm, allowing me some private time with Zara (if I wan’t working).

Feet playing and Turning

Examining (and sometimes tasting) her toes. About to turn.

Zaria at 4.5mths

Love the taste of her hand. Looking around on all fours. Sleep like an angel. BLECH!



1. Eileen - May 17, 2007

Time really flies, she’s 4.5months already!! See how she’s grown…chubby and cute:)
love the last pic…so cheeky! 🙂

2. jean - May 17, 2007

Wow! Wow! Wow! So fast hor, 4.5 mths old already. I love her last pic with her tongue sticking out. She is so adorable and chubby!!! 🙂

3. chooi peng - May 17, 2007

Wah, 4.5 months liao, so fast!!!

She is sooo chubby la…

4. oil painting from photo of a baby - May 17, 2007

I love her color! And I love her chinky eyes. Do you have any Asian descendant?

At 4.5months she can already crawl? And she already has that gymnastics skill of bringing her toes to her mouth. She’s amazing!

5. mott - May 17, 2007

so cute!!!!!

she razzies!!! YAY!!!!!!!

blow blow blow!!!!

6. Ms Fair Face - May 17, 2007

she’s so chubby! and I thought she resembles Zara too!

7. LB - May 17, 2007

She got BIG TONGUE!!!

8. sesame - May 17, 2007

She’s looking really solid! I’ll like to take a bite off her chubby cheeks… :p

9. dancing queen - May 17, 2007

She’s a beautiful baby! 🙂

10. jazzmint - May 17, 2007

wahh so fast 4.5 months liao, she’s very cute

11. Sasha - May 17, 2007

eh her tongue very long and sharp. Another zara comin’ up.

12. malaika's mummy - May 17, 2007

She is such a chubby baby. **Muak Muak**. So cute.

BTW, you have been tagged. Check out this: http://malaika-xiaoyu.blogspot.com/2007/05/tag-meaning-of-malaikas-name.html

13. simple american - May 18, 2007

Can she touch her nose with her tongue? Whoa she really gets it out there.

Where does the saliva come from? I imagine all of Mommy’s breast milk. 😛

14. mom of cairo - May 18, 2007

love the tongue sticking pic 😀

she does look a lot like zara (know wat dat means? 2 good looking daughters = long q of guys outside d door next time, hahaha)

15. may - May 18, 2007

I love her “biggest smile in the morning”! that would surely brighten up anyone’s day, seeing how cute she is. hmmm… she might be an acrobat yet, with all that leg raising… heheh!

16. debbie - May 18, 2007

zaria is so cute and chubby now…. !!! I feel like want to hug her. hahaha…

17. Earthtone - May 18, 2007

she’s really beautiful, ZMM. Such nice skin colours and she looks alot like Daddy!

18. ShannonC. - May 18, 2007

so fast!
pst, she got long tongue…
the photo of her sleeping, I LIKE!

19. huisia - May 18, 2007

so cute..especially the picture with her stretching tongue..very long some more. 🙂

20. mumsgather - May 18, 2007

I like the pic of her playing with her foot so effortlessly. I didn’t get to capture any pics of my kids doing that.

21. nadia - May 18, 2007

Waaaahhhh!!! Time flies! Love the picture of her sticking her tongue out! 🙂

22. Misha's Mum - May 18, 2007

she is a cute baby … 🙂

23. Hijackqueen - May 18, 2007

Wah, what a long tongue *blueh*

Can’t wait to see her walking. lol

24. helen - May 18, 2007

Will you scold me if I pinch her face?

Beh tahan!

25. Tracy - May 18, 2007

Waiyoo, Zaria’s sooooo chubby and sooooo cute.

26. Giddy Tiger - May 18, 2007

What a gorgeous baby! I love it when they *eat* their toes.

27. chanelwong - May 18, 2007

aiyooo.,…she is cute..want to ‘cubit’ her …so big big girl…

28. davidbong - May 18, 2007

wah.. so cute the bleech..

29. miche - May 19, 2007

the old folks says, if they eat their toes, it is a sign they want another sibling. so when is she gonna get one? hehe 😛

30. Syn - May 19, 2007

It’s 4 and half months already? so fast. feels like it was just yesterday that you announced you’re pregnant. time really flies. zaria looks adorable! love the chubby look in babies…just wanna pinch those cheeks! 😉

31. SY - May 19, 2007

she really looks like her daddy eh?

32. Jason - May 20, 2007

Look at the tongue, quite long and damn cute! LOL.

33. sue - May 21, 2007

Hey, she looks like she’s gonna be bigger size than Zara…

34. cp1 - May 21, 2007

look at that tongue!!! very flexi baby indeed!!!

35. Rhiannon Huang - May 21, 2007

She is adorable! When was she born? Bailey was born 12/31, i think htye must be very close in age!
She is adorable!

36. allyfeel - May 21, 2007

Time flies, she is getting so chubby. I think she must be a clever girl like her jie jie. 😉

37. anggie - May 21, 2007

muakk muakk muakk….. so cute. how many kg now? look chubby …

38. eastcoastlife - May 21, 2007

aiyoooo…. so chubby!

39. Mommy to Chumsy - May 23, 2007

she’s so cute and chubby 🙂 looks just like her che-che.

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