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Two and The Half May 21, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in development, language, Zara.

Things she likes to do

“Me is half!”

Today, Zara turns 2 and the half. If you asked her how old she is, sometimes she’ll say, “Twenty” when she wants to be a big girl.  And sometimes she’ll say, “Half”, when she wants to be her age, but not knowing how to say “two and the half”.

11Kg and 89cm. With full set of teeth grown (2nd molar started sprouting early this year).
She gives us much happiness, and sometimes some hair pulling moments when she throws tantrums or ‘bullies’ her meimei. She gives us the tickles at times, and most time we’re just at awe with her.

At this age, she knows how to :
1) put on her shoes, her trousers, and take them off. Knows which shoe should go into which foot.
2) put a disc into the DVD player, turn on the TV, and play a movie/program of her choice.
3) eat on her own with fork and spoon as well as chopsticks (although most of the time she perfers to be fed).
4) stack up building blocks or lego, claiming it to be a house, a room, a rail way track.
5) do simple drawing like puting eyes and a smile or a sad mouth to turn it into face
6) recognise some numbers (8, 7, 1) and alphabet A.
7) finish a 16 piece puzzle effortlessly
8 ) play imaginary games like having a royal tea party,  being a butterfly,  caring for babies or driving a bus on her own.
9) sing almost all nursery rhymes. She’s actually quite good with memorising sounds, so even though she doesn’t know Chinese, she can sing some Chinese kids’ songs too.

Zara @ 2 and the half

Eating with chopsticks; Her creation; Her drawing of happy and sad faces;
Completing her puzzle; Having a royal tea party; Her royal guest, the lamb;
Favourite past time in a restaurant; Being a butterfly; Decorating herselves with stickers.

She’s more independant now, able to be on her own, playing, watching a TV program, doing ‘drawing’ and ‘colouring’.
She allows Daddy or Tuyam to tuck her to sleep occasionally, but mostly it has to be me.
She sometimes go over to neighbour’s house to play on her own, without us accompanying her.
She’s the English teacher at home, correcting the maids’ English. “It’s maam, not mum”. “It’s meh-dee-sen (medicine), not meh-lee-sen.”
She’s assertive and expressive. “No, no, no, you don’t touch the remote control, I want to watch my DVD.” “I want Vitagen 1st not later” “You don’t push me ok, and you don’t scold me!” (e.g. when she tries to give Zaria too tight a hug, and I had to seperate the 2 of them, and raise my voice at her). “No, this baju (Malay : clothes) is not nice. I want to wear my jeans.” “I want to go home, this restaurant is too noisy.”
She loves books, TV, being pretty, being outdoor, playing, animals, home made macaroni and cheese, ice cold non-fizzy drinks, ice creams, cheese, singing, dancing.
She’s afraid of me getting angry with her, loud thunder, cars zooming passed her too quickly, creepy crawlies.
She’s Mummy’s and Daddy’s beloved. Although sometimes she thinks I love Zaria more because I spend a lot time with Zaria (she told Tuyam once, “Mummy sayang (Malay: love) me little bit. Mummy always sayang mei-mei only.”)


1. Min - May 21, 2007

she looks so sweet in the first picture!!

2. ben - May 21, 2007

she’s gonna be someone when she grows up~

good with sounds? get her enrolled for music classes 😛

3. Tina - May 21, 2007

hi Zara,
Congrats for becoming a ‘big’ girl! Watching your growing progress and all the blessings you are giving your mommy/daddy from afar.

4. Yvonne - May 21, 2007

I love the first pic! Gosh,, that look of hers… *heart melting*

5. LB - May 22, 2007

Zara’s gonna be such a beautiful girl at 20. So smart already now. Heartbreaker, for sure.

6. FireHorse - May 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Zara, she is such a sweet girl.

7. a-moms-diary - May 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Zara. She does know a lot for her age, especially her speech. I’m really impressed with her abilities.

8. babykhong - May 22, 2007

Woww…she can hold the chopsticks very well!

9. Simple American - May 22, 2007

You need to arrange a special trip to McDonalds or something with just Zara. Then she can know you love her as much as Zaria. Love all those stickers on her legs. Do you think she desires a tattoo. kekeke

10. Mama BoK - May 22, 2007

Happy birthday.. Zara..!! you look so sweet..!!

11. whoisbaby - May 22, 2007

zara looks so sweet in the first picture. well she always does anyway. they (kids) grow up very fast. zara – don’t worry ya, mommy & daddy still sayang you very very much.

12. Vien - May 22, 2007

So many stickers on her legs…I guess you’ll have to buy more from pasar malam. 🙂

13. anggie - May 22, 2007

Zara looks really pretty and sweet !! & u r really good on recording down ur girls development … i myself cant recall back abt my boy development that much…

14. dancing queen - May 22, 2007

Zara sounds like a real tai-ka-che! “Don’t patronise me!” 😀

15. may - May 22, 2007

at two and a half, she’s already such a looker and a sweet girl! slow and steady now… no need to grow up too fast and be 20 all of a sudden… *grin*

16. egghead - May 22, 2007

she will still be as cute and cheerful no matter she is half or 20!! 🙂

17. ShannonC. - May 22, 2007

she’s so sweet
and so advance in comparison to other 2 1/2’s…
next time zara have to teach meimei also… 😀

18. nadia - May 22, 2007

Pretty girl! And she’s waaaayyy too intelligent for a 2 and a 1/2 year old. 🙂 Clever girl!!!

19. Eileen - May 22, 2007

Love the first pic, she’s such a pretty girl! And i’m sure she’ll grow up to be someone smart..:)

20. mott - May 22, 2007

she’s quite good huh..eating with chopsticks…i have to teach mine..!

21. huisia - May 22, 2007

wow, know how to use chopsticks,really a smart girl…somemore, she can build a nice “building” by using the blocks. 🙂

22. Mrs.Wallace - May 22, 2007

Some the things that Zara & Claudia do are quite similar. They probably could get along well. 🙂

23. Jesslyn - May 22, 2007

How time fly ya! Imagine 2 years ago, they only a newborn to us, now so big girl edi!

24. RIna - May 22, 2007

Try to spend some time alone with Zara. She definitely feels the difference now. She looks so sweet in the picture – like a big girl

25. WMD - May 22, 2007

It is so fascinating to read about her growth…and yup how time flies. Very nice pictures you have there of her.

26. Giddy Tiger - May 22, 2007

Such a pretty face! They grow up so fast, don’t they?

27. dragonmummy - May 22, 2007

Zara’s such a smart girl.

28. dancing queen - May 22, 2007

You’ve been tagged! 😀

29. geetha - May 22, 2007

I am impressed by her communication skills. She can express herself well. BTW, nice pose of Zara on the first picture 😉

30. Ms Fair Face - May 22, 2007

oh she’s sooo pretty and a very mature big sister as well.

31. jazzmint - May 22, 2007

oo she’s such a darling. must get tips from u how u coax her to sleep in her own bed…..mine failed miserably sigh

32. malaika's mummy - May 22, 2007

I love the first picture. Zara looks so sweet.

I really enjoy reading her conversation with u.

33. zara's mama - May 22, 2007

Min, Yvonne,
Thanks. I like that pix too.

Yeah, she told us she wants to be Uncle Langlang. 🙂

Do I know you? 😛
And thanks for the message to Zara.

And uncle LB said he’s going to design something nice when she’s older. Hee hee.. I remember.

Happy 2 ½.. 🙂

A- moms-diary,
Her language is one of her strength, which sometimes make us expect too much of her. 😦

I just discovered it, can you beat it? One day she just picked up a pair of chopstick and started picking up fish ball with it, and we all just went :-O

Simple American,
Yeah actually I should do that, just a 1 to 1 date with her.
I’m worried about her going for tattoos in future too, she seems to like to put stickers on herself and also using those stamps to stamp her hand with designs. 😦


I know sometimes I’m a bit harsh to her especially when she does something nasty to her meimei.. I feel bad. I hope she know I saying her very much. 🙂

Luckily they are cheap in the market. 😛 Still haven’t discover any pasar malam around my area yet. 😦

I try to, and it’s very nice to read back old posts about her.

Dancing queen,
At times yeah, she’s like a tai kah che or a old nenek.
I’ll try to do that tag soon. A few mummies have tagged me this one.

I don’t want her to grow up so fast too.. When she’s older, there’ll be other problems. 😛

I hope so too.. or else your LLS will not ‘lum’ her. 😛

We hope she’ll be her meimei’s English teacher in future too.

I love that pix too.

She has good language skill, but the rest, I think she’s just like normal kids.

We didn’t teach her, she just picked up one one day, and started using it, and all of us were shocked!

I wonder if my maid helped her with the building. I asked maid, but she said no.

Mrs Wallace,
Yeah, next time they can play together.

Yeah, can see Lyon and her growing together in blog.

I will try to. I bring her for walks after work, and then I bath her in the evening. That’s our quality time because we’ll be talking a lot.

She was 8months when I started this blog… time really flies.

Giddy Tiger,
Too fast, sometimes I feel.

Thank you.

Yeah, we’re amazed by the way she talks too. Just hope she’ll guide her sister in future.

Ms Fair Face,
Thank you, not sure when she’ll be a mature sister though.

Is Faythe’s bed next to yours. Mine is. That’s why she feels like she’s still sleeping with us.

34. greenapple - May 23, 2007

wah you must have bought her a lot of stickers for her to play like this! haha.

btwn, a great post. your lil’ girl has charmed us all.

35. My Lil Venture - May 23, 2007

Can eat with chopsticks already ah? Zara is soooo clever and I am sooo jealous my girl cant! And she is sure getting prettierlah, better watch out for little ham sups 😉

36. Mommy to Chumsy - May 23, 2007

Oh my….Zara is so pretty and smart. Hey, Ashley has the same top too 🙂

37. sebastian's mommy - May 23, 2007

Zara is creative 🙂

38. eve - May 23, 2007

Ohhh..I love the first pic..she is sooo pretty…very photogenic..

39. laundryamah - May 23, 2007

oooo she’s sooooo pretty in the first picture! “satt sei yan” look la! hahahaa….

40. sasha - May 23, 2007

So Sweet and pweety. U better jaga leh. nanti by 18 yrs old the q outside the house very long edi. Zara papa need to buy gun and shoot them

41. chooi peng - May 23, 2007

She look so sweet n pretty in the first pic.

42. _butt - May 23, 2007

lovely girl she is..


43. Rhiannon Huang - May 24, 2007

Fist of all she is a beautiful girl! Watch out in those teen years Mama!
Second! Wow how smart!! I hope I can teach Kai-Li all those things in the next seven months!

44. twin - May 24, 2007

she’s really good with her words now. she’s grown so tall now – she looks really sweet. 🙂

45. sue - May 24, 2007

She looks so grown up posing for a picture like that. I’m really impressed that she can complete a 16 pieces puzzle, Ivan’s just starting to be interested in puzzled, but more often than not he like to ask me where each piece goes *LOL* I guess he’ll pick it up qoon enough.

46. jean - May 25, 2007

zara is a big girl now.. she is so adorable…. never fail to put smile on my face when I read of her speech. Very good indeed 🙂

47. allyfeel - June 5, 2007

She is already like a celebrity at 2 1/2. Can’t imagine being 21. 😉 She is a smart girl.

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