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Protected: Fun At Proton Exora VIP Test-Drive Session May 22, 2011

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Protected: Proton Exora April 16, 2011

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Moving On September 29, 2007

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I’m moving to my new domain : click here.

My Two Girls are waiting for you there!

Soliciting opinion – Car Seat September 27, 2007

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Zaria will be turning 1 end of this year, it means we’ll have to upgrade her car seat from the infant carier to a proper toddler car seat.

Now we have 2 choices :
1) to upgrade Zara’s current Maxi Cosi Priori SPS (takes a child up to 18Kg, about 4yrs old) to the Maxi Cosi Rodi XR (takes the child up to 36Kg, about 12yrs old) which is a booster seat; and then let Zaria have Zara’s Maxi Cosi Priori SPS
2) to leave Zara with her current car seat, and buy another Maxi Cosi Priori SPS for Zaria

Maxi Cosi SPS

The Maxi Cosi Priori SPS

Maxi Cosi Rodi XR

The Maxi Cosi Rodi XR

Both SPS and Rodi cost about the same, but getting a Rodi XR means Zara can sit on the car seat for another few more years, and stretch our money further. The only reason why I’m hessitating to get the Rodi XR is the min weight for a child to use that car seat is 15Kg, and Zara is only about 12Kg.

Unlike most children, Zara prefers to be in a car seat, and as parents, we prefer her to be in one to.  So I don’t think we’ll take her out and place her in the pessenger seat like an adult so soon yet.

What do you think? Should I go for option 1 or option 2?

Zara’s Speech Development September 25, 2007

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Zaria was playing, and lost her balance. She fell down and knocked her head. While comforting Zaria, I asked Zara : “Why didn’t you catch meimei when she fell?”
“Because.. because….”
Me : “Because what?”
Zara : “I’m not super man” o.O
Me : “You don’t have to be super man to catch meimei”
Zara : “Because.. because.. (probably working on a better excuse) I’m not a safe-ter.” 😐
Fair enough I guess.

She woke up at 7am.
Zara : “Mummy I want milk”
I wanted to sleep for another 10mins so I told her to wait for a little longer.
Zara : “But, Mummy I want milk!”
Reluctantly, I got up : “Ok, we go she-she (Chinese : pee) first.”
Zara : “Mummy, I’m tired, don’t want to she-she.”
Me : *About to lay back down on the bed* “Since you are tired, then you have your milk later then.”
Zara : “I’m tired, but not that tired, mummy. I want milk. o.O”

She has also started using, “anyway”, “Oh Well”, “It’s like”, e.g. :
When I don’t entertain her when she comes to the study “Anyway, I’m going down stairs now.”
When one of her toy doesn’t work “Oh well, never mind. I’ll do this then.”
When asked why she likes the potong ice cream “It’s like ermm.. very creamy, errm.. cold and sweet”

I don’t know how she picks up some of the words she uses and applies in her day to day speech. Maybe it’s from us who speak the Queen’s English Manglish at home, maybe it’s from TV (my limit is 3 shows a day, and no, we don’t have Astro or cable TV at home. She only watches my selections of DVDs or VCDs).

She uses “Me”, “I am”, “You are” pretty well these days. She doesn’t speak that well all the time. Nowadays, she is trying to use feminine and muscular form in her speech… so some of the phrases can come out like this :
She name is lamb
He name is Mr Blue

And then past tense for her means adding “ed’ at the end :
The car spoil-led
I stand-ded on the naughty corner
The milipede died-ded.

It’s fun to see her development in this area, and sometimes it’s amusing too. Daddy and I can never have enough of this.

Widget Bucks September 20, 2007

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“So who’s the nutty advertiser who wants to give me free $25?”

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“That may take me another year just to earn another $25!”

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This is a sponsored post ~written by sponsor.

Busy Busy September 11, 2007

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One trip ahead.
Two trips to plan for.
1 birthday bash in November.
1 birthday get-together in December.
5 photobooks and 8 posters to design.
Many more technical documents to review.
And it’s already September… 3 more months and it’s 2008.


My two girls will be back when I’m done with the heavy workload.


I thought Zara looked nice in this PJ 2yrs back, so I bought another similar one in a bigger size. I never knew I would have two girls today who would be able to wear them together

Busy Baby September 10, 2007

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Zaria has started to crawl since last week.
Initially we had to put her on her tummy before she could crawl slowly; after a few days, she started to be able to bring herself from a siting postion to a crawling position, and then goes about retrieving things or investigating an item. She’s still crawling comando style, but very much faster now.

When she’s not crawling, she’s placed on the walker, and she’ll be zooming here and there; banging on things, chipping the feet of our furniture (Daddy had to ‘bundle up’ the sofa feet to prevent further damage), knocking into people’s feet (which is very painful!)! She tries to open up drawers in the kitchen (which is child proof since Zara’s time, luckily), pulling down table cloths, or just grabbing anything that she can lay her hands on.

What a busy girl she is, zooming here and slithering there.

After a busy day, she likes to lean on me to play with a toy while I accompany Zara when Zara watches TV.

Last Friday, she was playing with the remote control, happily pressing this and that button, talking to herself, and then it was total silence… what happened?
Zaria sleeping while playing
Hee hee.. she fell asleep just like that.

Protected: Featured September 7, 2007

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Protected: The Forgotten One September 7, 2007

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