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Random Shots May 28, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in language, my two girls, notable.

Went to our neighbour’s son, Zackary’s birthday party in Kidszone, Plaza Damas on Saturday. I realised when Zara is eating with friends, she’ll just scoop up whatever that’s placed in front of her. When she’s with us, it’s a different story all together.
Zaria didn’t miss out the fun too, quietly observing what’s happening around.
My mum’s death anniversary, and the family met in the cemetary. This is Zara’s first visit to the cemetary (spot her Phua Chu Kang’s boots).
Zara was saying a prayer, but I really don’t know what about.
Later when we asked her why we went to the cemetary, she said, “Mummy’s mummy die already.” When I asked, “Where is mummy’s mummy now?” She replied, “Under the grass now.”
Random Shots 2

Zaria trying out Bebe Pod (a “Help Me Sit Seat”). Of course we didn’t buy that for her.
Zaria swimming in a pool for the first time 2 weeks back. She was such a natural, paddling here and there on her own, no need to have mummy near by.
Zaria absolutely love to lick the lollipop liked teether. We keep it in the freezer, and on a hot day, we give it to her as a treat, she’ll be happily licking it away.
Random Shots 1



1. eve - May 28, 2007

aiyo..she is soo kiut..Aisey , that reminds me have to snap more Cayden’s photo liao..the thing is , he moves so fast and I cannot capture his pic fast enuf..

2. a-moms-diary - May 28, 2007

You always capture the most beautiful shots…the smiling Zara saying a prayer for her grandma is so lovely.

3. Rhiannon Huang - May 29, 2007

So cute!! I love her swimming picture!!

4. jazzmint - May 29, 2007

looks like a busy weekend for u guys.

wahh..zara looks very happy praying to the grandma..maybe she asking for numbers kekeke…

zaria looks vy cute in that baju..good buy 😉

5. Mrs.Wallace - May 29, 2007

It is a very good idea, float around the neck area only. Both of your daughters is growing into a beautiful princess.

6. Annie Q - May 29, 2007

love the picture that Zara saying a prayer..she look so cute!
haha..love the comment that she gave..”under the grass now”..;)

7. debbie - May 29, 2007

Both Zara & Zaria are so cute…I just love your shot!!!

8. Julian - May 29, 2007

Wah so young already in the pool… so nice! 🙂

9. anggie - May 29, 2007

both of ur girl are really adorable, really like to see those photo and read ur girls story. … 🙂 The pink ‘phua choo kang’ boots is pretty on zara.

10. dancing queen - May 29, 2007

Zara looks so serene praying….! 🙂

11. babykhong - May 29, 2007

Zaria licked the lollipop like eating ice-cream…hahaha…cute!

12. may - May 29, 2007

sweet photos! LOL @ “under the grass”… that’s just so literal, yet very funny… 😉

13. earthember - May 29, 2007

Zara is looking very grown up since the last time I saw her pics. Zaria looks a lot like your hubby.

14. chooi peng - May 29, 2007

agree, love the pic of Zara saying a prayer.. look cute
poor Zaria, eat the fake ‘ice-cream’ … LOL

15. ShannonC. - May 29, 2007

Look at Zara’s clasp hands and that sweet smile, would really love to know wat she was thinking about… 😀

16. milkmaid - May 29, 2007

Zara looks really adorable – and her one liners always make me LOL .

17. Yvonne - May 29, 2007

I love the pic of Zara clasping her hand for prayers.. she has a lil smile there. So cute!!! And the floater Zaria used… is it meant to go at neck level? Looks quite cool. Where can I get one??

18. sue - May 29, 2007

Wow… I love the shot of her praying… so sweet and serene looking 🙂 And she’s really a lil lady now hoh, grown up so much already.

19. zara's mama - May 29, 2007

They grow up real fast.. and the features are always changing, faster faster snap more photos.

A- moms-diary,
Thank you.. Candid shots are all done through mobile phone.. 😛

Rhiannon Huang,

Thanks to the body suit you bought.
You know what, SIL (Daddy’s sis) over the weekend also bought the same body suit for Zaria.. haha.. but it’s one size bigger. So Zaria can wear this for a while.

Mrs Wallace,
Yeah the float is really good.

Annie Q,
She see things just so literally, unlike us.


Yeah, and she’s not afraid at all. Not like Zara last time, all teary.

She insisted on us getting the boots, so that she can step on puddles.

Dancing queen,
So serious looking right?

Yeah, licking it like ice cream.

Yeah, the way kids view things, not like us.. 🙂

Yes, she’s grown up.. real quickly too. And yes, Zaria is 100% like my hubby, unfortunately.

Chooi Peng,
Not poor thing.. b’cos she loves and enjoys it.

Yeah, I wonder if she asked for more toys.. haha

She’s a funny kid really.

The float is really meant for the neck, it’s from China. If you have someone going to China, you can ask the person to get for you, or else, you can contact MSAU, she brings them in to sell too. 🙂
It’s really useful I have to say, for young kids until they are confident enough to use an arm float.

20. nadia - May 29, 2007

Under the grass? LOL!!!!

21. geetha - May 29, 2007

Zara looks cute praying.. with that small smile..

The float Zaria is using is really good.. she might end up learning how to swim faster like this..

22. Eileen - May 29, 2007

I thought she’ll give answer like: “In heaven or in the sky.” …but under the grass…hehehe..she’s cute! 🙂

Love the pics of her praying…so sweet! 🙂

23. Jan - May 29, 2007

yaya…her praying picture is so so sweet.

the float zaria use hor, see liao jin worried she will drop out of it wor! kekekeek

phua chu kang boots become pretty pink ah….muahahaha

24. the silai - May 29, 2007

licking a frozen teether? doesnt her tongue get stuck to it?

wow, i didnt knw there’s a swimming pool specially for babies! where is it?

25. passingsights - May 29, 2007

i just realised: Zara and Sam Jiejie looks very alike leh…

26. misha - May 29, 2007

zara and zaria grown up so fast 🙂

27. laundryamah - May 29, 2007

i remember my son asking me about my dad when we are at his grave…always asking, “is kung kung under there?”

28. LB - May 29, 2007

Ooooh, how sweet, that pic of Zaria floating!! And Sam’s so much bigger now too! And Zara’s so pretty!

29. Giddy Tiger - May 29, 2007

Such pretty random shots!
That float to keep baby’s head up is so cool!

30. Vien - May 30, 2007

When Zaria doesn’t smile, she looks a lot like your hub. She has grown so much and I can see your exp milk is doing a darn good job..hehe..

31. ben - May 30, 2007

I like the praying photo the most~ so innocent, so pure` 😀

32. syn - May 30, 2007

seems rye li eats more at the nursery too compared to when she is with us at home. we assume it’s because of the ‘competition’ there which is why she is eating more over there. i wish i can bring the kids to my place over the weekend just to make her eat (it’s tiring making her eat).

also, she’s at the ‘monkey see, monkey do’ stage – her caretaker told me that she drinks milk there (she doesnt drink milk with us day time at all over the weekends).

33. anggie - May 30, 2007

Hi zara mama, i m interested on the float too.. look cool, btw who is MSAU ?? how can i contact her ? tq

34. domestic rat - May 30, 2007

I have been considering the pod chair too but not sure if it’s any good or how long it can remain useful. What ya think?

35. Mommy to Chumsy - May 30, 2007

Zara looks cute while saying a prayer. So sweet! I love the photo of Zaria swimming…..she’s chubby eh?

36. sesame - May 30, 2007

Zaria looking very comfortable in the water. I guess babies just take to water very naturally. Probably remind them of the time they were in the womb huh?

37. zara's mama - May 30, 2007

They grow up real fast alright.. she’s a lady sometimes, a little old lady at times. Haha.


Zara used the same one when she was younger.
It allows a small baby to be familiar with the water, and probably more confident to be on their own.

She describes and sees things very literally. 😛

Don’t worry.. the float fits snugly around her neck. Babies normally have big heads, do it won’t fall off..

The Silai,
She has so much saliva dripping, it’ll be hard to have anything stick to her tongue. It’s not a pool specifically for babies.. it’s just a private pool @ my sis’ inlaw.

Yeah, that’s what I realized too.. Haha.. my genes are getting stronger now.

Yes, very fast..

It’s probably hard to comprehend they are actually under ‘there’.

Yes, all kids have grown up.. and we’re growing older.. boo hoo.

Giddy Tiger,
Yeah.. the float is a cool Chinese design. Aren’t you proud to be Chinese.. haha..

Zaria for now 100% like him. 😦
Yes, she’s really growing huh? *patting my boobs to thank them*

Yes.. aaaah.. kids are all innocent and pure..

Aaa..Rye Li has more chance of having others convince her to eat and drink huh? Zara only the rare occasions. So maybe I should bring her to friend’s place to eat more often.

Msau, blogger.. http://msaufong.com/
Drop a comment at her blog or email her.

Domestic Rat,
I think for 2, 3 months, it’ll be good for them to be propped up like that even when they don’t know how to sit. I don’t own one, so I can’t advice. For me, I think it’s good to receive as a present, but I don’t think I’ll buy a seat just so they can learn to sit.
If you want feeding chair, let me know, I have a good one to recommend, which can be used all the way to adulthood.

Mommy To Chumsy,
She’s chubby yes she is..

I guess that’s right. I didn’t know she was going to be that confident though, b’cos when Zara first swam, she hung on to me real tightly.

38. domestic rat - May 31, 2007

Cool! Thanks. Email me?

39. Hijackqueen - May 31, 2007

Wah, Pink Phua Chu Kang boot! Vely sexy leh.

40. huisia - June 3, 2007

haha…mommy’s mommy…why don’t just call grandmother? LOL…

41. Malaika's mummy - June 5, 2007

Zara looked so cute in her pink phua chu kang boot. Good buy.

Thank you, have already contacted her to get hold of the neck float. It is really useful.

42. allyfeel - June 5, 2007

Zara is such an angel in the praying position. 😉 Love he pink boots. And lil Zaria looks more n more like daddy ler.

43. chinnee - June 15, 2007

so cute your lil Zaria in d pool 🙂

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