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Moving On September 29, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in misc.

I’m moving to my new domain : click here.

My Two Girls are waiting for you there!



1. LB - September 29, 2007

Woooooooooooooooooo Hooooooooo, OK!! Time to update links instead of fooling around in FaceBook…

2. may - September 29, 2007

yippee! “new house”!! can celebrate, woo-hoo!!

3. Hijackqueen - October 1, 2007

*throwing confetti* *grab Agnes and dance around the room*

4. a-moms-diary - October 2, 2007

Congrats! Wonderful news for a wonderful blogger. Will update my link.

5. Simple American - October 4, 2007

How sexciting. On my way. 🙂

6. black_mamba - October 18, 2007

Is this gonna Kill You? No i Dont Think so !

7. FireHorse - October 20, 2007

Lucky I kam here see, now i nid to update my link.

8. denna - December 8, 2007

hi..are you sure just 2 girls..you might have more ..haha
i enjoyed reading how to came to conceive Zara.i understand how you must have felt.i am pregnant now after almost 3 years of marriage and i have endometriosis. i have been thinking whether i need to tell my own story to help others in the same predicament and i think i should. my story inspired me.i have blogroll you.

9. LynetteCheng - January 21, 2008

Hie… Zara & Zaria’s mummy…I bump in2 ur Blog when i was browsing for inspiration to start my own Blog last week. I’m a 1 year old mummy 🙂 Have always wanted to talk bout my little girl… Kiersten too!
And i came across ur article in Chitter Chatter Zara bout your pregnancy.. Sorry to know that. I sum how found similarity to your story..
Mine was 3 years ago.. I lost Eli when i was close to 20 weeks pregnant. It was my 1st pregnancy & too naive to realised wat was goin on. And i guess in a way it was my own naieve-ness that i lost Her. I still misses her a great deal… i delivered her & got to hold her though for a short few minutes that almost last a lifetime. She should be Three by now. I still pray for her … and i’m sure the Great Lord will always have my Baby safe in heaven with Him.

10. Mike - March 1, 2009

Just passing by.Btw, you website have great content!

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