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Photos – Play May 31, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in parenting, Zara.

Zara wanted to play with some paint on a rainy day, she started making a mess. So I stripped her and let her paint herself silly in her tub.

When I was not looking, she found my really really old tampons, unwrapped the plastic wrapper, and started playing with it.

We were at my sister’s place on Sunday, and she had a good time playing with her cousins. Here is here trying to strum the guitar.

She’s trying to do a yoga bridge, after seeing King’s Wife’s daughter Samantha did it.

And here is her extremely tired, waiting for daddy’s car at the lobby of my sis’ apartment


Life’s Little Pleasure May 30, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in myself, parenting, Zara.

Cocka Doodle wants to know what gives me pleasure, but he should know, it’s everything to do with Zara, but I’ll try to add in others too which is not related to her.

1) Smelling Zara’s skin and hair after her bath or early in the morning
2) Having her wrapped her hands around me, giving me a hug
3) When she plant those lips on mine without being asked
4) Zara laying her head on my shoulder when I lift her up
5) Her funny ways of using words
6) Seeing the naked little bum of Zara’s
7) The way she looks up on me to do things she can’t do yet (like putting on the CD for her, helping her to climb up a chair, or reciting the nursery rhyme). “Mummy help” or “Mummy do”
8) Daddy shuffling my hair (a sign of his affections)
9) Biting on that piece of juicy duck with crispy skin.. Aaaaa
10) Seeing the 2 love of my life enjoying the food I’d cooked for them

I won’t tag anybody but it’s an easy tag to do, if you are interested, please go ahead and do it.

Funny Little Girl II May 29, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in language, Zara.

In the morning, Zara wakes up and demands for her milk.
Instead of saying “milk milk” liked she used to say before snuggling close by to nurse, she says, “wants bottle breast” (thanks to breast feeding, she thinks all milk come from breast, even if it’s the bottle).

In the night, after she’d brushed her teeth, and come out of the toilet.
Zara : “Zara’s teeth so nice.”
Then she adds on : “Uh-Ker (uncle) XXX Seng’s teeth not nice.” Remembering Sengkor‘s chocolate coated teeth at May’s birthday.

She likes this new VCD Wow! That’s What I called Nursery Rhyme very much. I don’t quite like it because the nursery rhymes are sung too quickly, and the moving graphics too chaotic.
She took the VCD to me the other day, tapping on it, she said “Mummy put this one”.
I told her, “Mummy don’t like this one. Too noisy, make mummy headache”
She replied, joining her thumb and index finger together, “Soft soft ma”.
Ha.. she thought I was complaining about the volume, so she suggested I turn down the volume.

While out with my eldest sis and her baby Tasha, we teased Zara.
Sis : Mummy tonight sleep with Tasha baby, you sleep with Yi-yi ok?
Zara : Mummy sleep with Daddy only.
(obviously, I can’t sleep with anybody)

Leaving Zara alone May 26, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in development, parenting, Zara.

About 2 months back, Zara started showing some sign of independence.

She wakes up in the morning, and if we still wanted to sleep, she would play on her own (although sometimes she stepped on sleeping bodies to get down of the bed, or to reach the other side of the bed to grab things that interest her).

I could leave her in the room and take a shower as long as I have her ‘approval’.
Me : Mummy take shower Zara play on your own ok?
If the answer is : OK. It means she’ll be fine, the most she would do is come to the bath room and peek into the shower screen.
If the answer is : Don’t want or Cannot. Then it means she would cry if I really step into the shower.
She would normally busy herself with her books, or just play with the bed side table (she pretends that’s her piano).

Zara understands instruction very well, and we can tell her
Don’t carry this because it’s heavy and it may fall on your feet (big books or small furniture)
Don’t climb on to the chair if nobody is around or you may fall
Don’t put small things in the mouth because you’ll get choked
Don’t put the lotion/cream in your mouth because it’ll make your stomach pain pain” and she would not ignore them.

We still of course try to make the environment as safe for her as it can be, but it’s good to know that even if she found a coin or a button on the floor, she wouldn’t put it in her mouth; and she wouldn’t climb up the book shelves or try to move the teak chair around when we’re not watching.

I caught a glimpse of what she was doing through sleepy eyes the other day. She was just playing in her own cot and talking to herself. When I saw how at ease she was playing on her own, I couldn’t help but to climb off the bed and took a few photos of the moment.

It’s also a good feeling to know that if we need to leave her alone for a moment, she wouldn’t do silly things to endanger herself.

Funny Little Girl May 24, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in language, Zara.

I was working from home. I heard the little girl shouting for me from the stair case.
Zara : Mummy where you (where are you)?!!
Me : Here.
Zara : Come, see.
Me : Wait.. coming.
I gladly went down to check.
Zara : Zara queen! *grin*
So here is the queen of the house.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Heard Zara farted. So I asked her, “Zara fart fart?”
Zara giggled and said, “Like Daddy. Pooot”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Zara having her favourite fishball for lunch.
Daddy : Zara share share your fish ball with Daddy ok?
Zara : Don’t want
Daddy : Zara must share share
Zara : Zara share share with Zara only (clever answer)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Zara vomited out some milk after her feed.
Me : What happened? Why Zara vomit?
Zara : *grinned* Zara choke! Urk! Urk! *demonstrated*

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

After she’d finished playing with her toy, I asked her to clean up.
Me : Zara! Clean up time!
Zara : Don’t want.
Me : Zara, if you don’t clean up who will clean up the mess then?
Zara : Kakak clean up.
Me : *surprised by her answer, but still put on a straight face* But Kakak didn’t play with the toys. Why must she clean up?
Zara : Uh-Ke Ah-Nua clean up then
(Uncle Anuar is what she calls King’s driver, and I don’t know why she dragged him into this)

My father’s birthday – photos May 23, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in celebration, Zara.

We celebrated my father’s birthday on Saturday in Swiss Chalet, Ampang.

It was a long drive for us. There were at least 10 Korean restaurants, 2 Korean supermarkets and 1 Korean hair dresser on the row of shops where Swiss Chalet was. There were many Korean kids and adults walking about and talking in Korean on the street. It was as though we were in Seol.

We chose this place because the whole top floor of the restaurant were allocated to our dinner group which consist of 19 people.

My eldest sis arrived last with Tasha. Tasha is about 5months now, and so chubby and cute. Every body gathered around her to hear her coo and babble.

While waiting for our main course, Daddy stuffed himself silly with home made bread (his all time favourite), and so did Zara (also her favourite).

I have to say the soup and the salad were wonderful. I had crab bisque soup and shared a salad nicoise with Daddy. For main course I had fried trout. It was horrible. It’s just my taste buds I believe. Can’t stand fish with very strong metal taste. Blech! Every body who had steak said the beef was divine.

While we were having dinner, Zara was so happy to have her cousins playing with her, she was running around, dancing, doing all kinds of silly stunts. She even wanted to walk on the wall because my youngest nephew suggested she can do it like spider man.

My father grinning upon seeing his cake. The restaurant even lighted some sparkles on the cake. Zara said “Ah Kong’s cake brink brink (blink blink)”.
Dad then distributed ang pows (Chinese : Red packets which contain money) to all his grandchildren. Zara was very happy to collect them although she has no idea what they contained.

Zara really had a good time but when it was back at home, oh my, she was crying and fussing, and it took her 1hr to settle down and sleep.

Zara is One and a Half May 22, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in development, language, Zara.

Zara turned 18th month yesterday! Woh, she’s 1 1/2 years old now!
This is on her development, just like what I did for the previous months.

~ Weight 9kg
~ Height : 80.5cm
~ Her 4 Cuspids (canines) are still not fully sprouted.

Dexterity :
Good in climbing up furniture, but still struggle a bit when getting down from a chair or from our wooden chest.
There’s not enough practice for her to climb up and down stairs, so she can’t climb up stairs and down yet while just holding on to the wall, she’s good in going up and down on all fours though.
She can drink from a cup with a little spillage.
She’s very good in scoping things (ice, fish ball) from one bowl to another.

Language :
New popular phrases:
I don’t want!
Adding “Only” behind phrases :
~ Want mummy’s breast only
~ Want Christmas song only (she likes to listen to this Jingle Bell tune from a Karaoke VCD we have)

Making longer sentences, e.g.
Take bath bath. Eat mum mum (Chinese : food). Christmas song. Read book book.” (telling me what we’ll do when we returned from the park)

Very good at requesting for things, and making sure we hear her demands.
Want Bina (Ribena) ice.” (when we gave her luke warm Ribena)
Don’t want biscuit. Want con fakes (corn flakes).”

She can count 1 to 6.
Knows the name of the colours, but still don’t know how to differentiate them yet, except for purple which is the colour of Barney.
Able to recite and sing part of some nursery rhymes (Hey Diddle Diddle, Row Row Row your boat, Cobbler Cobbler mend my shoes etc).
Knows a lot of animals names, some more uncommon ones, e.g.: Raccoon, panda bear, crab, octopus, snails, guinea pig, ostrich (thanks to my DK Visual Encyclopedia).
Knows a lot of fruits and vegetable names, e.g.: Pineapple, strawberry, broccoli, ginger, water melon, pumpkin.
Knows all my family members’ names : My sisters and their husbands, the names of their kids, my father’s.
She knows a baby dog is called Puppy, and a baby cat is called Kitten.

She knows how to use words like together (“Zara and mummy go home together“), loud and soft (for the volume of her songs), pretend (“Pretend drink tea“), shy (“Zara shy shy, don’t want to say Hi” when we ask her to greet people and she refuses), shame (“Shame shame, Zara never wear baju“) etc.

Feeding / Food :
Favourite food includes : fish, raisin, bread, fish ball, grapes, pear, wanton, water melon, spinach.
Takes 3 solid meals and have 3 milk feeds (about 4~6oz per feed, and mainly on formula now).

Emotions :
Loving, gives lots of hugs, and kisses.
More apprehensive with strangers now compared to how she used to be, will greet them, but won’t let them touch her.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We just got back from the paed for Zara’s 1 1/2 year old jab. Dr has to administer 2 jabs. One for her booster DTP, Polio and Hib, the other is Pneumococcal vacination.

She walked into the Dr’s clinic very bravely, said Hi to the Dr. Let the Dr check her without fussing. Then took her jabs. She just complained, “Bum bum pain pain” after the Dr has administered the 2 jabs. Then shook the Dr’s hand, and waved bye bye and said “See you” and walked out of the clinic. Not a single tear nor wailing! That’s my girl!

I am a Mum May 19, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in myself, parenting.

I got tagged by LB. To qualify to be in his hug hug club, I have to oblige.

~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~

I AM a mother to a beautiful daughter
I JUST NOW made my husband wake up at 5am to make milk for Zara
I SAID he should help out more often because she’s also his daughter
I WANT to cuddle and kiss Zara all the time
I WISH I had more patience with Zara
I HATE loosing my cool with Zara
I MISS the little girl when I’m at work
I FEAR financially I may not be able to provide her and her coming sibling
I HEAR her speak and sing (although tuneless), and I feel a great sense of pride
I WONDER if I will be able to love her sibling as much as I love her
I REGRET every time after I smack her for the naughty things she did
I AM NOT the perfect mum although I would like to be one
I SING to Zara in the car, when she’s taking her bath, before bed time or on request
I CRY when she gets a fever or get very sick (luckily it’s not very often)
I AM NOT ALWAYS there when she says something funny or achieves a milestone
I MADE Zara home made fruit and vege pureed when she just started solids
I WRITE about Zara’s adventure and her development in this blog
I CONFUSE about the things Zara says sometimes
I NEED a good maid, who’ll stay and work with me till my kids all turned 10.
I SHOULD be nicer to Daddy, although he’s not the perfect father, he does try (I think)
I START thinking how we will cope with 2 young kids
I FINISH this meme
I TAG my SIL King’s Wife and Mr Cocka

Zara’s Way, Zara Says May 17, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in development, language, Zara.

She likes to hold on to Mr Blue in the day as a comfort object..
But in the night, she will do away with Mr Blue, preferring the linen cloth instead.
She says, “Daddy’s cloth, Mummy’s cloth (referring to our blankets), Zara’s cloth”

She saw Daddy working on our clogged drain pipe on Sunday.
When the plumber came and worked on the problem, she pointed to the plumber and said, “like Daddy.”

She thinks all trucks are rubbish trucks. She says, “Rubbish Truck!” when she sees one and then fans her nose and says, “Smelly“.

She orders her meal.
For breakfast Tuyam makes her oat, she will say, “put banana” or “put raisin”, depending on what she wants.
For lunch, she requests for “fish ball” or “bread and cheese”.
For dinner, she wants “steam fish and pork” (although we never cook pork at home and let her settle with fish).

She requests to have us read her a book before bed time.
“Read book book!” and then chooses her own book.
“Crab book” (referring to my DK Visual Encyclopedia, she likes the pictures, especially on the living things)
“Big book” (referring to her First 1000 Words Book)
“Snake book” (referring to her Size Book, as there’s a big snake on one of the pages)
(her top 3 favourite)
And on days she prefers a story to be told, Maisy book or Mr Night book“.

She thinks mummy is her jukebox.
“Mc Donald!” She looks at me and says. Asking me to sing the Old Mc Donald song.
or “Bingo!”
or “Baby” (and she would proceed to lie in my arms) referring to Rock A Bye Baby.

She sometimes asks Tuyam to sing too, but Tuyam will be singing out of tune or forget the words, and Zara would say, “Kakak don’t know one!

Aunty May’s birthday May 16, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in celebration, Zara.

I don’t get to use mummy’s computer that often, that’s why I cannot write this earlier.

Last Thursday, while Daddy took airplane to go work work, mummy brought me kaikai (Chinese: go out) together with Ah Kim and Alicia jiejie. We went to this place called Delicious. Mummy said it was Aunty May’s birthday.

When we arrived, a few yai-yai (Chinese: naughty) uncles were smoking outside. Mummy just waved Hi from inside. Uncle Ah Seng was siting alone, not joining the smoking gang. Mummy chose a seat for us, then brought me for a walk.

When we came back to the restaurant, all the uncles and aunties have arrived. Every body has seated and talking. I could not make out what they were saying, but they were loud, it made me got scared with all the noises, so I just sat down quietly.

I was happy when my mummy gave me some prawn crackers from Ah Kim’s plate. I just munched on my prawn cracker and kept to myself until this naughty uncle took Mr Blue away from me. I had to shout and cry in protest. I was being good, why must this uncle disturb me?

I was so glad when Samantha jiejie came and they brought me out to play near the fountain. It was better than siting inside with all the noisy uncles.

Later, some uncles mentioned they wanted to fork the aunty in the restaurant because she wanted to charge them RM100 to cut and eat Aunty May’s cake in the restaurant (no wonder the aunty quicky kept the forks so that the uncles cannot fork her). So we left and went to sit outside to cut Aunty May’s cake.

Jomel jiejie (she said she’s jiejie woh) said she wanted to bring me see baloon, but she bluffed me. There was no baloons, only flowers. Anyway, it was better than hanging around the noisy uncles.

Zara no eyes see. Mummy and the funny, noisy gang

Aunty May wanted me to help her blow the candle on her cake, but my mummy always told me candle will burn burn me, so I dare not go near the candle.

After that, uncle Ah Seng showed me his dirty teeth. My mummy warned me, if I don’t brush my teeth, my teeth will be like uncle Ah Seng. Now, I always brush my teeth every night, I don’t want to be like uncle Ah Seng, nice face, but horrible teeth.

I was very glad when mummy brought me, Alicia and Samantha jiejie home soon after the cake was cut and eaten.

Mummy later told me these are the other people who went to Aunty May’s dinner who didn’t disturb me : Uncle Chicken, Uncle JKN, Uncle GBYeow and Uncle 9393

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