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I’m a working mother and this is about my parenting journey with 2 daugthers.

My first daugther was conceived after a long 5 years and many visits to doctors. After she was born we took pride in caring for her and bringing her up, I started a blog for her when she was 8mth old (All About Zara).

Our 2nd daugther has just arrived end of 2006.

With 2 girls, and caring for a new born all over again, I would like to jot down mainly the journey taken with them,  their developments, events, in this little journal for the two of them.

This is all about them, my two girls, and occasionally about me and our home.

To contact me, please mail to : zarasmama@gmail.com

~ Zara’s mama 11 Jan 2007

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1. estkirby - May 23, 2007

hi zara mama
i heard so much about your blog and only today i managed to “find” your blog. enjoy every bit of it! Truly Zara and Zaria are blessings and gifts from God!

2. Abby's Mummy - July 19, 2007

Dear Zara’s Mama,
I have been visiting your blog since I was pregnant…and my daughter is now 6 1/2 months old!! (born a few days after your zaria) but too intimidated to make comments until now…but i must tell you that i’ve really enjoyed reading your blog, you have 2 gorgeous little girls, and you are such a fabulous mommy…! ‘jia you’ ok…keep those posts coming…

3. papajoneh - July 23, 2007

just wanna say hi from a Papa to my son Josh Luke. I came from Huisia Blog. 🙂 Nice to know you.

4. grace - August 23, 2007

Hi Zara’s mama… i just read ur blog today… stumble upon it… both ur girls are very adoreable…. mix parentage is it?? chinese??

5. Adeline - October 3, 2007

hi zara mummy,

stumbled upon ur blog – fab blog. i am a not so young mummy of a 2 year 5 mths daughter and a pair of identical twins (boys) 8 mths old. it was great to compare notes coz our kids are of almost same age. i am not a blogger yet…need to find the time (or mayb tats just an excuse. ha!)

PJ mummy,

6. Nikki - December 29, 2007

I stumbled upon your web site today and I am very happy that I did. I am having a little girl in April 2008 and was trying to think of a name. Zaria is such a beautiful name, does it have special meaning?

7. bibomedia.com - March 6, 2008


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