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Busy Baby September 10, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in development, Zaria.

Zaria has started to crawl since last week.
Initially we had to put her on her tummy before she could crawl slowly; after a few days, she started to be able to bring herself from a siting postion to a crawling position, and then goes about retrieving things or investigating an item. She’s still crawling comando style, but very much faster now.

When she’s not crawling, she’s placed on the walker, and she’ll be zooming here and there; banging on things, chipping the feet of our furniture (Daddy had to ‘bundle up’ the sofa feet to prevent further damage), knocking into people’s feet (which is very painful!)! She tries to open up drawers in the kitchen (which is child proof since Zara’s time, luckily), pulling down table cloths, or just grabbing anything that she can lay her hands on.

What a busy girl she is, zooming here and slithering there.

After a busy day, she likes to lean on me to play with a toy while I accompany Zara when Zara watches TV.

Last Friday, she was playing with the remote control, happily pressing this and that button, talking to herself, and then it was total silence… what happened?
Zaria sleeping while playing
Hee hee.. she fell asleep just like that.


Zaria Turning 8 Month Old August 29, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in baby signing, breastfeeding, development, parenting, Zaria.

This month we saw great development in Zaria, in her ability as well as her emotions.

Little girl Zaria doing what she likes most

Put her in the pool of balls she’s happy, put her in the pool of water, she’s happier!

I don’t know what her weight is nor her height, but she’s definitely growing. Clothes are tighter, skirts are shorter.
Her 2 upper incisors started growing 3 weeks ago. With 4 teeth now, and with her very strong sucking motion (Zara never used to suck so hard from what I recalled) nursing her can be a bit of a pain, imagine piranhas nursing! (OUCH!)

Other things the little girl can do :
1) Sitting without support like a pro now, only loosing balance occasionally
2) Clap her hands and give us five
3) Signing more (but it’s Zara’s version by tapping 1 finger on the other palm)
4) Waves bye bye; pats her stomach when we asked if she’s ‘pao pao’ (Cantonese : Full); but I don’t know if she knows the meaning of these actions
5) Raises her hand when we asked if she wanted to be carried; turns her hands and head away from whoever she doesn’t want
6) Making new sounds like ke, pa, te (effect of my new purchase? I don’t know.)
7) Crawl commando style, but right now it’s going back wards.
8 ) Seems to understand words like No (following it is another thing), Carry, mummum (Chinese : food, eat), no more, go park
9) Cover and uncover her mouth which produces the wa-wa-wa sound
10) When she sees food, she smacks her lips and says mummum repeatedly, does this mean she’s uttering her first word already?

Eating :
She absolutely loves eating. When she sees us eating, she tries to reach out and grab.
She has breakfast and dinner at the dining table together with us, so she doesn’t have to stare at us eat. Sometimes she wants to try what is on our plates, so we’ll give her a suck on the fruit we’re eating, or give her 2-3 rice grains to munch.
Still on 2 solid meals (breakfast and dinner, ~2.5 tbs) and have her milk 3 hourly (I let her rest for an hour before giving her a milk feed after her solid meal). Snacks on babybites biscuit at noon time.
She only takes home made cereals, fruit or vege puree. No meat introduced yet (will wait till 1yr old).

Zaria at 8 month

Clock wise top left : absolutely love this pix taken by my neighbour in the park; showing off her clapping skill; On her Tripp Trapp, her new found favourite; Spending lots of time in the walker

She takes 2 naps in the day for about 1hr to 1.5hr per nap.
She sleeps at ~9:30pm. Wakes up 1 to 2 times in the night (depending on how soundly she sleeps), requests for the breast, and drifts off to sleep (most of the time I too drift of to sleep with her) midway nursing.

She started having preference on who can touch or carry her. She never used to be that particular, but this month, it’s different!
She dislikes wrinkly people in particular. MIL, out! My sis’ elderly maid, out! She will look at the person, hold the stare for 2s, then she’ll cry, with big drops of tears!
She needs time to warm up to people whom she doesn’t meet that often. SIL once jumped out from no where to greet her, Zaria freaked out, cried like there was no tomorrow.
Every time when we enter someone’s home, she’ll be looking from ceiling to the floor and around, clinging on to the one carrying her tighter, sensing the unfamiliar ground. People started saying she’s ‘papai’ (Cantonese : fussy), but I think she’s just getting more aware of things.

She prefers me over most people. When my maid is carrying her and she sees me walking by, she’ll be calling out for me  and her eyes will follow where I go. If I didn’t stop to play with her or carry her, she would be fretting, making crying sounds. However, she prefers Daddy over me when she’s in a playful mood, because Daddy plays a lot with her.

She likes
1) to touch, shake, knock just about any objects she gets her hands on
2) to stand or to bounce herself up and down
3) anything that makes sound and music
4) go to the park (and she loves to lift her head to watch the swaying leaves on trees)
5) baths
6) grind her teeth playfully (the top with the bottom) which gets on my nerve (hate the sound).

I like it when she feels manja (Malay : TLC required) and lays her head on my shoulder when I carry her.

I just love this little chilli padi!

Finally, The Rash Is Gone! August 15, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in notable, Zaria.

Nui Born Pure Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Zaria has been having this milk rash on her cheeks since she was ~ 5months (as spotted by many readers). The Bud’s Super Soothing Rescue Lotion did help to reduce the rash, but not getting rid of it.

Everydayhealy told me she used Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for her Elizebeth, since it’s edible, she didn’t have to worry if Elizebeth ate it.

I went ahead and bought a bottle of Nui Born Pure Extra Virgin Coconut Oil from Just Life after reading her comment. The oil is expensive, RM120+ for 440ml, but if it works, I really don’t mind.

For 1 month, we’d been applying this on Zaria’s cheek as a ‘protection’ twice a day. The oil is very fragrant, and she likes it, always trying to lick my finger when I’m applying for her. In the night, we continue to apply the Bud’s Super Soothing Rescue Lotion on her after she’d gone to bed.

Using this, I can apply as often as I can, and not have to worry if she licked any off her cheeks. What more, it works! See, no more rash now!
No more Rash!

Other benefit of the oil :
~ It contains Lauric Acid (~50%) which is what you find in breast milk, so consuming it helps to boost your immunity, and it’s suitable for infant. (I didn’t let Zaria take it as a supplement though, since I’m still breast feeding her. Zara on the other hand, doesn’t like the taste, so she won’t drink it.)
~ It is readily absorbed into the skin and have immune enhancing and antimicrobial effects (no oily cheeks for Zaria even though we apply the oil neat to her face).
~ It stimulates metabolism, so more energy is burn which may help to reduce weight (I’m taking 2 teaspoons a day, but so far haven’t found myself to be lighter or leaner yet. *bummer*)
There are more benefits than just these. You can read from here or just google to check out the benefits.

Zaria Clapping hands August 8, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in development, Zaria.

Early last week, she started clapping her hands when we asked her to ‘clap your hands’. She will also try to join her feet together when we asked her to ‘clap your feet’.

Here is a video of her clapping hands and giving high-5.

On a different note, just brought her to see Paed because she has thick discharge on her left eye. We are wondering if she’s allergic to something in the park because the eye gets teary and then starts to have thick discharge only after we’d gone to the park.

Her weight is 7.35kg. Just 0.25Kg extra compared to last month. Looks like her weight gain is slowing down, but then again, she’s more active now.

Homemade Baby Food and Others August 1, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in home, parenting, recipe, Zaria.

I like the colour of Zaria’s food, so I thought I’d take photos of her every day meal for a few days.

She has so far been given mainly home made cereals (brown rice, quinoa, millet) with vege or fruits, and occasionally, we add some Earth Best Whole Grain Rice Cereal when we need to thicken her fruit or vege puree.

She loves pumpkin, apple, pear, sweet potato, banana, papaya; accepted potato, carrot, cauliflower, spinach, plum, brocoli. She refused avocado twice, using her tongue to push it out and turning away from the spoon.

We started with cereals (brown rice, millet, quinoa) and then later added one fruit or vege to her cereal. Sometimes we just give her 1 type of fruit or vege puree, e.g. puree pumpkin, puree papaya or mash sweet potato or mass banana. Later, we started mixing her favourite item to her vege cereal so that she will enjoy it more, e.g. brocoli + apple cereal; cauliflower + pumpkin cereal.

She enjoys meal time, opening her mouth eagerly, shouts out when the feeding is not quick enough.
Zaria's Cereal

From memory : spinach cereal, mash purple sweet potato, carrots cereal, brocoli cereal, plum puree, cauliflower cerel, potato cereal, pumpkin puree, carrot and apple cereal

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Besides paying attention to Zaria’s food at home, I’d also been keeping myself busy in the kitchen with some baking and others.

Let the photos say it.
Home baked/cooked goodies

Cup cakes for Zara and her friends; biscotti; ingredient for pesto; and pesto after blending

Every body is kept happy with some home made food.

My Chili Padi – 7 month old July 30, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in baby signing, development, Zaria.

Zaria recently has shown some of her ‘spunky’ side, I’m not sure if it’s her constant exposure to a screaming, shouting, demanding toddler, or she’s now just slowly ‘blooming’.

1. She now knows how to tell us what she wants.
E.g. When she sees me and wants me to carry her, she’ll look at me while kicking her legs and flapping her arms towards me and babble happily, “Ugh! Ugh!”.
She does the same when she sees a toy she wants, and her arms will be trying to reach for the item (or her stare will follow the object of desire) while doing so.

2. She knows how to fake a cry if what she wanted was denied.
E.g. When I walk on without carrying her, she’ll fake a cry, “Eh-Heh.. Eh-Heh.. Eh-Heh” with eyes fixed on me.

3. She now knows how to insist on her demand.
E.g. If I don’t give in to her fake cry, wave bye bye at her, and disapear, her tears will start flowing, and she’ll start arching her back, straightening legs, and bawl.

If I picked her up, she’ll stop crying immediately. It’s the same when the toy she wants is given to her, she’ll stop her crying, and immediately play with the toy happily. That’s one thing good about her, she gets pacified easily.

Last Sunday, Zara got a baloon twisted to the shape of a bear from 1U.
I took it out for Zaria to play at night. We were all seated on the bed, Zaria on my lap happily took the baloon from me. Zara who was reading with daddy a foot away in front of us, immediately snatched the baloon from Zaria, and said, “It’s mine! Not meimei(‘s)!”
Zaria reached her hands out, and did her fake crying (2) but Zara ignored her.

The next moment, Zaria just lunged forward; by straightening her legs and kicking very hard with her arms reaching out towards Zara, she propelled herself into Zara’s arms; but Zara was quicker, and held the baloon high up above her head. Since Zaria miss her airm, she bawled!

Both Daddy and myself just stared at each other, and said, “Wow”. I said out loud what we both were thinking, “Looks like she’s going to be chili padi. “

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Other things the little girl can do :
1) Sitting without support : she can balance herself when she leans forward, but still not very good in regaining her sitting position if she tilted to the side.
2) Twist her wrist (as though saying No more)
3) Babbling wider range of sounds, e.g. Ba Ba Ba Ba, Ma Ma Ma Ma, Mum Mum Mum
4) Signing MILK when she wants me to give her milk

She likes to :
1) Blow raspberry
2) Straighten her legs to stand (of course very much supported), sometimes preferring this over sitting
3) Burry her face on my shoulder, suck on any of my expose skin (shoulder, arm).
4) Eat – she loves her solid and milk. She’s taking 2 x 2 tablespoon of cereal/fruit or vege puree daily, and then taking 6~7 times 3.5~4 oz milk feed.

She has 2 lower central incisors now, the right one appeared early this month, while the left one sprouted last week. Her latest mischief : biting on me when she’s nursing. Unlike Zara, where I only have to tell her NO twice and she stopped biting me totally for the 1.5yrs she was nursing, little chili padi is still doing it after many times of saying NO to her. She even gives me the cheeky smile after biting, showing me her 2 cute teeth, declaring her innocence!

Zaria at 7 month

The girls’ ability July 18, 2007

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Zaria was taking her nap in the noisy living room.
We were playing different types of music so Zara could dance to it.
We had Jackie Cheung blasting one minute, Eva Cassidy singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow next, then Carly Simon’s Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Zaria slept through the noise, not even a stir from her.

We then changed the CD to Vivaldi’s Spring.

We saw Zaria responding to the tune. She opened her eyes, listened a bit, blinked, then rubbed her eyes, and she started turning around, trying to find the source of the tune (the speakers) sleepily. It seemed she’s remembering the tune, which I played to her weekly (I have 7 sets of clasical tune which I alternated daily) with an mp3 player since I was four months pregnant with her. She rolled to her stomach and liistened without moving for half a minute before wriggling about again.

Ever wonder if a babies could recall things that happened when they were in their mother’s womb? I think they can based on this experience.

 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ .  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Our paed gave me a sample tin of Neslec 1+. I thought I shouldn’t waste it, I let Zara have it on Sunday. After she’d taken a few sips, I stopped her and asked, “This is a new milk mummy is giving you, nice or not?”
Zara replied, “Not nice, old milk nicer. Old milk creamy creamy. New milk taste like mucus.”
I thought she was trying to be funny, “Taste like mucus meh?”
Zara replied, “Yeah, salty salty one.”
I took the bottle from her and had a sip, “Let mummy try.”
True enough, the milk is a little salty just like mucus.

I think milk companies should hire Zara to taste their milk since she has such acute sense of taste and able to describe the taste using lay man terms. >.O

Buds Super Soothing Rescue Lotion July 11, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in notable, Zaria.

Zaria likes to put her hand in her mouth and she drools a lot; the combination of these causes her cheeks to be constantly soaked in saliva, and therefore rashes formed. Zaria’s rash is pretty obvious in her 6th month post.

It did not get healed or prevented by the Mustela Hydra Bebe Facial Moisturising Cream that Zara used daily; nor the L’occitane Mom & Baby Balm that I was using as a prenatal cream.

Buds Super Soothing Rescue Lotion
On Sunday, when we were shopping, a sales assistant recommended us to use Buds Super Soothing Rescue Lotion on her, her shop was out of stock, so we had to shop else where. At Babyland, I found the cream, packed together with Buds Super Soothing Hydrating Bath Wash and Buds First Aid Lotion, selling at RM79.90. I bought it, and started applying the Rescue Lotion on her cheeks immediately when we got home.

Zaria's rashes clearing

Her rashes clearing

I thought I have to blog about this product because I do see improvement in Zaria’s cheeks. Her rash is definitely clearing up. The product is made with 100% essential oil and plant extracts which is safe for babies. It has a very pleasant scent, and supposed to be very gentle on baby’s skin. It was primarily created to treat and sooth ezema.

I used the First Aid Lotion on my itchy spots, and it helps to reduce the itch too. I tried the Bath Wash and I really like the tea tree scent and the soft and gentle bubbles.

Those who are looking for a good natural baby product, you may want to try them.

Zaria ~ 6months July 6, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in development, Zaria.

Zaria Sitting

Height = 68cm
Weight = 7.1Kg

She’s able to :
~ sit very well when supported; momentarily balance herself when not supported.
~ grab an object held out for her
~ pass object from one hand to another
~ babble and scream, doing vowel sounds most of the time, like aaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii, ooooooooooo, aaaaaeeeeeee, eehh-ooooh
~ respond to her nick name, meimei, and at times, Zaria
~ rolls back to front, front to back like a pro now
~ check out a new object by looking at it, shaking it, puting in her mouth, or touching it
~ demand for something while staring at it, and crying

Eating :
Eating her solids well, so far have been giving her home made cereal (brown rice, millet, quinoa) with either potato, pumpkin, apple or carrot, and she takes them all.
Typical feeding schedule : 7am milk, 9am 2 tbs cereal, 11am milk, 1pm milk, 4pm milk, 6pm 2 tbs cereal, 8pm milk, 10pm milk. Midnight, feed on demand.
Not sure how much milk she’s taking, but I think it’s about 3.5oz per feed (that’s the amount she’ll take from the bottle). She nurses directly from the breast most of the time.
She started sleeping through at about 8th week; somehow when I went to Singapore for work last month, she started waking up for milk again. However, it’s more of comfort feed then real feed, as she just have a few suck before dozing off again.
Starting to have a habit of shaking kicking her right leg while nursing.

Temperament / Emotions :
Doesn’t cry much (definitely less than Zara at this age and even at 31months), and when she does, she’s either sleepy, angry or got a fright; and is easily calmed or pacified.
She doesn’t mind anybody carrying or playing with her, but she knows Jelly (my Filipino maid) and myself are her main care givers, so she’ll look out for us when she wants to be comforted.
When she wants me (to play with her or feed her), she’ll squael with delight when she sees me, and will cry when she sees me walking out without giving her the attention.
Archs her stomach when she is displease.
Very patient and good temperament.

She’s taking 2 long naps in the morning and afternoon, and then a short 30mins nap in the night; her bed time is 11pm just like Zara now.
She loves to watch Zara dance, and Zara always have a way to make her squeal with excitement and laugh.
She seems to like books, staring at the pictures, or trying to grab it to put in her mouth.
She loves to watch TV too; when Zara is watching Baby Einstein, I’ll let her watch together.

Weekend Montage July 2, 2007

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Kept Zara occupied for an hour by letting her do handpainting on a linen cloth (which can be kept as an art piece or wash away for reuse).
And she loves watching the baby fishes swimming in our ‘water feature’, and spotting the mummy fish which is pregnant.

Zara painting and spending in the court yard

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Two For The Price of One, that’s the bargain I got by bringing the two girls to Kidzsports, where Zaria is too young to be a paying guest, but old enough to have some fun.

Fun for Zaria at Kidzsports

Zaria had lots of fun in the pool of balls, then later she was really enjoying herself at the swing, so much so that ……
She fell blissfully asleep.
Zaria blissfully asleep

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Met Baby Shern, and his mummy at Zara. Zaria’s potential boy friend, Baby Shern was touching Zaria now and then. So cute! And I’m so envious of Baby Shern’s thick hair!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I was in Zara on both Saturday and Sunday, since it’s their sales, and I just love the kids’ clothes there. I got the girls their birthday dresses (which is 5 and 6 months later, and Tuyam reminded me that they may outgrow the clothes before they get a chance to wear it), and lots of ja jam bo clothes spagetti strap tops for Zara in different colours.

Loot from Zara's Sales

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Had my biggest fright, when Zara fell from the high chair (she was monkeying around), and knocked her head on the metal leg of table in Fish & Co. I thought I was going to pengsan (Malay : faint) when I saw her crying and knew the severity of the fall.

Luckily, she was still alert despite the fall and was able to tell us where it hurt in between her wailing. She even repeated, “I don’t want to have stitches! I don’t want to have stitches!”, remembering her cousin Norman had some stitches on the head a month back when he knocked into a lamp post.

I really thank God it was just a small cut on the head. After 30mins of trying to calm her down, she was back to her normal self. She was even able to model her dress back home to Tuyam.

Besides the cut, she didn’t have other swelling on the head. This morning, when asked, she told me, “I’m fine. I’m better already.”; “a little bit painful only” and “I cried so much because I have a fright.”

Zara's gash

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