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Learning to swim October 31, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in Zara.

Zara loves the water, be it in her bath, in a shower, or just playing with the running tap. She loves a dip in the pool too.

On Sunday, since it wasn’t raining in the evening, we brought Zara swimming in my sister’s apartment.

I wanted to teach Zara how to float, a bit too eager, I say. At one point, I actually took out her float, let go off my hand, and see if she could float, but she just sank, and then when I took her out of the water, she was coughing out water. Daddy, who was taking photos was giving me the killer look “Why did you EVEN do THAT?” I felt so bad afterwards, kept apologising to Zara. Zara was very brave, didn’t’ even cry, not a tear, just coughed and coughed, and then wanted to get back into the water. *bad mummy*

*Her float is a gift from a friend from Beijing. I think it’s a very useful float, leaving the kid’s hands free to paddle. Can’t find it here though.

Zara warming up

Mummy trying to teach her to lie on the water, and float.

But, Zara seemed to be interested in something that’s up in the sky.

After dipping her in the pool without float and my hands holding on to her, she was still eager to continue.

Let’s see if I can try to teach her breast stroke.

“Mummy, don’t let go off your hand”

“Hopeless mummy, I think I better hang on to the side of the pool. At least it won’t try to drown me”


Fun with Zara October 28, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in Zara.

My half day leave was worthwhile, managed to have some fun with Zara at the mall and at home (King’s Wife’s home to be specific).

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Samantha Che-che brought Zara for a walk

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Samantha Che-che & Zara taking a submarine kiddy ride (Zara’s first kiddy ride)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Trying to go up a slide (in Anaku).

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Feeding the baby doll milk with Samantha che-che’s guidance

Disabled Toilet cum Changing Room October 28, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in misc.

After my health screening yesterday, I took the rest of the day off and went window shopping at The Curve with King’s Wife and her girls.

After visiting a few baby shops on the 1st floor, I wanted to change Zara’s diaper, so I looked around for a baby changing room.

Guess what? The disabled toilet is also the baby changing room! I was a bit hesitant to use it, because of all the hoo-hahs recently on the use of disable toilet (see this and this and this). But this is a changing room AND a disabled toilet right? So I’m entitled to use it because IT’S A CHANGING ROOM and I have a baby who needs changing, right?

Anyway, I gingerly went in with Zara. But.. wait a minute. Where’s the changing table? *look left, look right* There is only a toilet bowl and a sink!! That’s all!!

Where am I supposed to place the baby? On the toilet bowl or the sink? Or the floor? Since it’s squeaky clean and dry.

We met the cleaner who happened to be dozing off nearby. I asked her if there’s another changing room with changing table.
Her reply, “Semua pun sama, macam itu” (They are all the same, like that).
I asked again how on earth are we supposed to change the baby if there’s no table?
Her reply, “Mana saya tahu?” (How would I know).
Then she added, “Ikea sana la, sana ada tempat.” (Go to Ikea, they have it there).

Walk to Ikano (the adjacent mall to The Curve)?? That’s quite a distant to walk, especially having to carry a tired baby, push a pram which was loaded with shopping bags.

I ended up giving Zara a change in her pram in the ladies.

Now I wonder what cow sense did the management have for giving you a changing room without changing table, and is it right to have the changing room the same as the disabled toilet?

Fertility and Breastfeeding don’t mix? October 27, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in breastfeeding, trying.

I went for a health screening today in SJMC (egghead’s post ‘inspired’ me to quickly went to make an appointment), the company is paying for it (entitled yearly), but I added cancer marker test, and had to fork out RM200+ extra to do it .

When I was doing my pepsmear test, the gyny, looking at my age, asked me how many kids I have.
Me : “One”
Gyny : “How old is your child?”
Me : “11 months”
Gyny : “Not going for 2nd one?”
Me : “Want to, trying” (have to join in the current trend, so many mummies who have babies born in the year of monkey are pregnant)
Gyny : “Good, because for your age, you should not wait too long.”
Me : “I’m still breast feeding, is it ok to try?”
Gyny : “11 month old?? So long, better stop already! (aren’t medical practitioners supposed to promote breast feeding?). Moreover, if you want to try, you have to, because you may not have eggs released if you are breast feeding.”
Me : “But WHO advises mothers to breast feed their child till 2yrs old”
Gyny : “This is for children in Africa or Cambodia, who are under nourish.”
yada yada yada..

Hmm.. I’ll have to do more research on the fertility and breastfeeding don’t mix part. Going to check with my own gyny in Sunway Medical.

Co-sleeping photo October 27, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in parenting, Zara.

Wanted include this photo to the post on co-sleeping, but some how blogspot wasn’t allowing it. So here is one pic I wanted to share. This is one way that we co-sleep. Not very comfortable (for my bladder), but I don’t mind, anyway, it happens rarely (we mostly sleep like normal people do).

Co-sleeping – Great Plans Do Fail October 26, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in parenting, Zara.

I could never relate to parents who co-sleep with their child, and when I learnt that some are still doing that even when the child is primary school going, I hissed under my breath.

Before Zara was born, we were doing rooms allocation and decoration plan for our new house, and I have big plans. We will have a separate room for Zara, she will learn how to be independent from day one. When people asked me where Zara was going to sleep when she’s born, I said smugly, “In the study room attached to our master bed room.” (this was in the old house). For her cot, I purposely looked for a big one which will be able to cater a child up till 3, 4 years of age.

I have never planned for what was coming.

As it was nearer to my EDD, I told Daddy the study room would be a bit too stuffy, since there’s only a small fan, and no aircon, I suggested that the cot be placed in the master bed room.

Then Zara was born, such a fragile and dependent little baby. I was always worried about SID (Sudden Infant Death). In her first month, I consciously woke up several times in the night just to check if she was still breathing (we didn’t have a confinement lady as stated here).

I started bringing her to bed for night feeds, we just laid side by side, she nursed and I could just lie down and watch her (less taxing on my back), or touch her. Several times, I drifting off to sleep half way, and didn’t put Zara back into her cot after her feed. Some how, with her sleeping close to me made me rest better (for one, I didn’t have to walk to her cot to check).

Then it started to become a norm, if she woke up for her night feed, she would sleep with us till the next morning.

Zara slept through starting from her 6th week. She would take her last feed at 11pm, then slept for 6 to 7 hours. This mean she would come to our bed, and have her milk at 5 or 6am and stayed till we woke up.

Somehow, she started waking up middle of the night again. Sometimes due to night mare, sometimes I think just so she could come to sleep with us. She would wake up at 4am, cried, and when we brought her to our bed, she would snuggle close to us, and went back to sleep (sometimes she would only go back to sleep if I nurse her). Then 4am became 3am, and 3am became 2am. Lately, at around 1am, she will be awake, stands in her cot, and starts shouting for me. She will stop only if she was brought to our bed.

In bed, to feel her head resting close to my arm or just being able to reach out and touch her, made me feel peaceful. Sometimes, she would have her arm thrown across ours, in the mornings, Daddy and I would competecompare notes on whom she clung on most during the night.

When Daddy is out of town, I would normally sleep with her. I found emotionally I am more peaceful with her next to me. I could always go to sleep with a smile, and wake up with a smile. And for Zara, I noticed that if she slept with me the whole night, she would rarely wake up in the middle of the night fussing, she would sleep through 10 solid hours.

I started finding excuses to get her to sleep with us.
She seems to be having a slight cough, maybe she should come and sleep with us tonight so I can monitor her.
I’m very tired today, so I don’t want to walk to the cot to comfort her if she cried in the middle of the night, can she sleep with us?
and lately, no more excuses, I just put her in our bed, and said “lets have her sleep in our bed tonight“.

Mind you, Daddy and I share a queen size bed; he’s a six footer, and I’m nothing close to being petite. We had to move our bodies close to the edge of the bed, and let her occupy the big space in the centre, but Daddy didn’t mind, and I love it. So, she’s spending more and more nights in our bed.

I now understand why people co-sleep with their child/children, it’s really for inner peace, for the child as well as the parents. As for the room we’d allocated to Zara, hmm, I’m not sure when I’ll ever be able to let her sleep so far away me.

Now, I’ll probably be hissed at since my great plans have failed.

Heart Warming Moment II October 25, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in parenting, Zara.

It must have been me co-sleeping with Zara the last whole week when Daddy wasn’t around. She has always cling to me, but has not shown such affection before.

Occasion 1(yesterday morning and this morning) :
We were in the car as usual, Zara on her car seat in the front passenger seat, and I was driving towards King’s Wife’s place.
Zara : *hand reached out to my side, and look at me*Uh…
Me : *try to concentrate on the road but threw glances at her*Yes Zara?
Zara : *still looking at me with her hand reached out to me*Uh…
Normally, this indicated that she wanted my breast pad. But these 2 occasions, I’d already given her my breast pad earlier.
Me : *guess and gave her my hand*You want mummy’s hand?
Zara : *held it and grinned*
When I had to withdraw the hand to use both hand to steer, she would start all over again asking for my hand, and only be happy when my hand was in hers

Occasion 2 (yesterday night)
I had my dinner, and joined Zara in the living room. She was standing holding on to the coffee table while watching her favourite VCD Wheels In The Bus.
When I sat next to Zara, she started putting both her arms around me, then laid her head on my shoulder.
Me : “Zara don’t want to watch Zara’s show?
Zara let go of her arm, one hand still held on to my shoulder, and continued looking at the TV.
Then, again, she wrapped her arm around me, and laid her head on my shoulder or stick her face close to mine.
This was done repeatedly for a few times.
My 11yr old niece Alicia saw all these and commented, “Aunty, why does Zara love you so much?

Occasion 3 (this morning)
Daddy left for work earlier than usual, maid drying the clothes down stairs. Zara and I were in our room and I wanted to take my morning shower, so I carried Zara to her toys.
Me : “Zara, you play with your toy toy here ok? Mummy shower first
I left her (making sure nothing dangerous or non child safe was lying around), left my pile of clothes at the door of the bathroom, went to the bathroom and closed the door (don’t want her to get to the toilet bowl) to shower.
After 5minutes, I thought I would go and check on her. Dripping wet, I opened the door.
Zara was seated on the floor right next to the door, she was holding on to my breast pad (found it from the pile of clothes I left), sucking her thumb, and looked up to give me a smile.
Me : “Zara, why don’t you go and play with your toys?
Zara crawled towards me, and reached her hand out, wanting me to carry her.
Me : “Zara, go play with you toys ok? Mummy will go back to shower already ok?
She sat back down on the floor, I closed the door and went back to finish my shower.
When I was done, and opened the toilet door, there she was, in the same position again, holding on to the breast pad, and sucking her thumb. When she saw me coming out, she let go of her thumb, and raised her hands to me, wanting me to carry her.

Is she becoming more affectionate or she’s just having separation anxiety? I hope it’s not the latter.

Heart Warming Moment October 24, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in language, parenting, Zara.

This happened at at my sister’s place, which is a three story town house, yesterday.

I was comfortably seated on the disgustingly sparkling clean kitchen floor; Zara was at the foot of the stair case, just 3, 4 feet away from me, interested in climbing up the stairs (probably to get to the TV room above).

She had both hands on the railing, head looking ahead of the stairs, she lifted one of her feet, just about to make her ascend.

Me :Zara, please don’t go up the stairs
She placed the lifted foot back on to the floor, and looked at me.
3 seconds later, she lifted one of her feet again, eyes looked ahead, about to place it on the step above.
Me :Zara, mummy said please don’t go up ok?
She turned to look at me again, placed her foot on the stairs, but her weight was still on the firm foot resting on the kitchen floor.
Me :Zara, if you go up the stairs, and fall down, mummy will not sayang (comfort) you or kiss kiss you, huh?”
Zara paused and looked at me (trying to challenge me), but started to shift her weight to the foot rested on the step.
Me : *desperate light bulp appeared on top of my head*
*rub eyes*Uh..uh..uh.. Mummy so sad, Zara doesn’t want to listen to mummy. Uh.. uh..*pretend to cry*
Sister : *just in case my acting was lousy Zara didn’t know I was crying*Oh-O, Zara made mummy cry cry

I was concentrating on my acting crying, and then suddenly could hear the bell on Zara’s anklet tinkling. When I removed my hands from my eyes, she had already (wobbled forward and) reached me, and had her hands hugging around my neck.

Zara :Pat Pat, Pat Pat
(Me : *wow, new vocabulary*)
She started patting my back, then leaned her head on my shoulder. Her way of consoling the lying crying mum.
Me : *kiss her cheek* “Thank you. You came back to sayang (console) mummy is it?”
Zara : *still patting me*Pat Pat, Pat Pat
Me :Zara is such a good girl
Zara : *grinned, looked at me, then leaned her head back on my shoulder*

Aww, you can imagine how I feel the rest of the day, her action was like a cup of hot chocolate with mushmallows on a cold cold day *hands on chin, eyes blinking, lashes flicking*.

Weekend fun (photos) October 23, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in Zara.

Since Daddy was still away for the entire weekend, Zara and I continued to stay at King’s Wife’s place on Friday night; and then on Saturday, we went to sleep over at my sister’s place.

Even without Daddy around, Zara still had a lot of fun! Here are some of the moments :

Sucking on an ice cream ‘stick’ – I mean really just the ‘stick’. I gave her a small lick of my Magnum ice cream (just a taste, as I think she’s not suitable to have ice cream yet for her age), and she got hooked. Kept chasing after me for more. I quickly finished the ice cream and gave her the stick, saying ‘NO MORE’.
She took the stick and kept sucking on it, I think just trying to suck out whatever flavour that is left there.

Samantha che-che reading to her

‘Playing’ the piano – she entertained us with her own piano concert (she used to just ‘bang’ on the piano, but I think after seeing her che-ches play the piano and the melodious tune it can produced, she started ‘playing’ with it, instead of just punching the keys).

Playing with mummy’s laptop – I was trying to help King’s Wife burn her photos onto a CD, and there came Miss Engineer trying to take over the key board (the hair is all ‘gelled’ up using her own sweat)

Visited Tai Kong – visited the oldest person in our family, my maternal grand father. She’s now the youngest person in our family but soon will be overtaken in December by my sister’s daughter.

Playing with her balloon – Bought this from the Buka Puasa Stalls in Shah Alam when I went home from my sister’s place. I just have to, when she saw it, she was squealing with joy and kept pointing to the balloons.
Daddy, “how much was the balloon?”
Me, “RM2”
Daddy, “RM2?? Expensive isn’t it?”
Me, “RM2 for 2 hours of smiles.. Worth it!”

11 month old October 21, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in development, Zara.

Zara turns 11mth today! Just like her 9th and 10th month summary, this is for her 11th month :
Her weight should be between 7.5-8kg (last we saw the PD she was about 7.4+kg, but she feels heavier now).
She’s 73.5cm tall.
Still with only 4 teeth.

Mobility :
Walking – She’s walking more and further (~5 to 6 feet) without support
Climbing – Able to climb up and down furniture (sofa, bed) with ease, however sometimes still get carried away and may loose her footing.
Standing – Standing a lot now, unsupported (not more than 30s)
Dancing – Started dancing when she hears familiar music or nursery rhymes, dances by stamping her feet (interchange), shakes her head, and rotates herself on the floor.

Language :
Understanding – understand cause and effect (if you want biscuit, drink water first); choices (you want this CD or this CD); recollection (don’t bite on the soap, remember it was very bitter?); where (where is Rusty? Where is mummy’s nose? Where is the fan? Etc)

Loves Reading, nursery rhymes with action and now started watching DVD, VCD on her own.

Speaking – her vocabulary has increased, besides these :
Mum-mum for asking for food
Foo for food
Teh for take
Poo for put
Pad for breast pad
Pa-Pai for Bye Bye
Paa-ber for bubbles, balloons, soap suds

Likes imitating what we say, however, refuses to say mummy or mama.

Hands coordination :
Likes pointing and pressing buttons (lifts, switches, key board).
Can pat her own mouth with her hand to make the ‘wa, wa, wa’ sound

Feeding / Food :
She’s having 3 solid meals a day now. Appetite is getting better, can have half a bowl of porridge on one go.
Still on 5 feeds of breast milk (~4oz), and snacks a lot on fruits and biscuits throughout the day.
Very fussy eater.

Emotions / Preferences :
Able to exert her preferences more, and express them.
E.g. “Do you want to drink water?” Shakes head violently (Don’t want)
Do you want biscuit?” “Ugh!” with a smile (Want)

Not afraid of strangers, but picky with whom can touch and carry her.

Gives kisses to her favourite people right on the lips (mummy, and young children).

1 more month and she’ll be 1 years old, how time flies!

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