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About Talking May 30, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in development, language, my two girls, parenting.

We talk to Zara a lot since she was born, pointing out things to her and naming them, speaking out an action, even though she was still a baby.

“Mummy is changing your clothes now.. Put your right hand in, put your left hand in.”
“We are in our room now. See, that’s the light switch. Now press on it. See, the light is turned on.” etc etc.

And then for the first 18months, she went to King’s Wife’s place at least 3 days a week, she has her cousins talking to her. 

Now that she’s older, we still talk to her a lot and we encourage her to describe things to us.
If she says, “Mummy, Mr Blue (is) very happy.”
(Don’t let it end) “Tell mummy why is Mr Blue happy.”
“Because me just feed Mr Blue.”
(Corrected her) “I just fed Mr Blue.”
*repeated “I just fed Mr Blue.”
(Don’t let it end yet) “What did you feed Mr Blue?”
“Me give Mr Blue some macaroni and cheese.”
(Corrected her and make sure she repeated after me. Then continueed to get her to talk) “Who cooked the Macaroni and Cheese for Mr Blue.
Zara replied.
Probed further “What did you put in the macaroni and cheese”
Zara replied.
…… depending on how much time I have and what I’m doing, the conversation can go on, but normally we don’t let her conversation end at the very 1st line.

Nowadays, she talks a lot, and she describes things she’s doing aloud.
“Mummy, you wearing stripey baju (Malay : clothes) today huh?”
“Kakak, you put the cup here? After the sofa wet, Daddy come home scold you then you know.”
*sniffing the air* “Somebody frying fish. Maybe it’s spicy, I don’t know.”
etc etc.

Now with Zaria, I don’t have the luxury. Her chatter box jiejie is always nearby. When I’m feeding Zaria and want to talk to her, Zara will come and ask me questions, or just talk to me, especting a response.
When I sing or talk to Zaria, Zara will be near by adding in her comments, or in turn asking me questions, also expecting a response.

Our new maid who is looking after Zaria while I’m working is very quiet (another gold in the mouth type). She walks around with Zaria in her arms queitly, and when she plays with Zaria, it’s just rattling a toy in front of her, without uttering a word.

Zaria doesn’t get as much “talk time” as Zara did and still does. It’s too early to tell, but I wonder if she’ll be talking later than Zara because of this.



1. may - May 30, 2007

I remember Mr. Blue! that soft toy which she wouldn’t let us touch! I don’t recall being talkative when I was a child. in fact my kindy teacher wrote in my progress card that I was a rather quiet one, lol!

Zara sounds like a good talker, yea? maybe someday she’ll be a lawyer… *wink*

2. dancing queen - May 30, 2007

I think Zaria will learn to talk very fast. Normally they will learn from the older kids. Boy, when the girls start to talk…! 😀

3. mom of cairo - May 30, 2007

oh dont worry, with zara around her, mei mei will be yakking v soon

4. Rhiannon - May 30, 2007

What a smart girl! lol
Kai-Li is just beginning to talk so much, but because I wanted her to learn Cantonese from her father I did not talk too much to her while she was a baby wanting her to learn Chinese first….but now I have decided that her father is too lazy to teach her, so i teach her what I know and of course English!
RE:my blog, no Bailey is not going to start eating solids until maybe six months or later, so a month or more from now, he is only breast fed nothing else.

5. 1+2mom - May 30, 2007

same here, if you talk alot with the children they wont have communication problem. Everynite b4 sleep i’ll chit chat with my kids, asked him what he learn today?anything happend at school? for my gals i’ll ask what are both of you doing at home?today happy or not?

6. shoppingmum - May 31, 2007

I see the difference now. My boy talks faster too as I talk a lot with him, but with Isabelle, koh koh always kacau.
At the same time, I read more to Justin when he was a baby. When I’m trying to read to Isabelle, he will ask me to do something else or read his book. Thus, Isabelle has yet to develop reading session for more than 5 minutes yet, and it’s so much different!

But they are still young, and every kid is unique, so let’s see how different mine can be.

7. chanelwong - May 31, 2007

don’t worry, Zaria will pick up talking from his jiejie….

8. Annie Tan - May 31, 2007

One Lawyer One Accountant lor!

9. domestic rat - May 31, 2007

That’s something I will keep in mind. 🙂 hopefully mine won’t turn out to be a ‘Why’ chatterbox.

10. FireHorse - May 31, 2007

I talk to my son a lot when he was young, so happy when he first call “mama” now he calling mama non-stop, talk oso non-stop leh. 0_o

11. earthember - May 31, 2007

It very much depends on the personality of the child. Even if Zaria isn’t exposed to much interaction, she may not necessarily be a quiet one. My 2nd kid who isn’t exposed to much talking to, is the most talkative. Now, she drives all of us nuts!

12. WMD - May 31, 2007

I also make conversation like you described to my boys… but the older one, RE as you know as speech delay and now the second one JE (21 months ady) still not a single word yet. Sigh. That is why I am always so excited and interested to read about the way Zara talks and articulate her needs/feelings.

13. misha's mum - May 31, 2007

don’t worry .. zaria will learn from her zara jie jie .. 🙂

i am sure about it .. in no time .. zaria will talk as much as zara then .. you will have headache hehehe

14. milkmaid - May 31, 2007

from what I hear, the second sibling usually learns faster than the first – because of survival instint. so dont worry, I think zaria will do just fine and soon you’ll have 2 chatterbox in your house.

15. chooi peng - May 31, 2007

i think Zaria will learn from Zara and become another chatter box…

16. sesame - May 31, 2007

Ya, I also think she’ll pick up from her jie-jie and be another talker in no time.

17. mott - June 1, 2007

i find that i also didn’t have much time to talk to my no.2..but then, he is speaking at a much earlier age than his big brother! so….Zara’s chatter will help Zaria chatter also! Then..you’ll be wishing for SOME peace n quiet…hahahahahahahahahahaah!!!!

18. laundryamah - June 1, 2007

hmmm..we’ve been talking to kylie a lot too but she’s still talking bb language! yerrrrrr…

19. zara's mama - June 1, 2007

That’s the Mr Blue. Still her all time favourite.
She is a talker, and always interrupting when I try to talk to Zaria.

Dancing Queen,
I hope so..
I can’t imagine when there’s 2 chatter boxes in the house. Haha, but looking forward to that.

It’s really quite hard to depends on the father to teach the kids to speak, more so if they are working and come home late.
And thanks about giving me news about Bailey.

That’s good.. I like to chichat with them too. For now only Zara will respond and I really like to hear her use of words, sometimes very amusing.

2nd child always get less attention huh?
I always try to read to Zara with Zaria on my lap, if Zaria is still awake. Normally Zaria sleeps at 9pm, and reading session is at 10pm though. So most of the time Zaria missed it.

I hope so too; and jiejie is very keen to be a teacher too. Let’s see what happens.

Haha.. not bad if that’s the case.

Domestic Rat,
The Why chatterbox will sure to happen, just a matter of time. 😛

But it’s fun isn’t it? Sometimes feel very ‘fan’ but most of the time it’s fun.

Aaah.. thanks for telling me that. Haha.. so maybe Zaria will drive me nuts too with her talking.. Which I don’t mind

I think whatever effort you’d put in, is registered in RE. Continue to do this. He may just surprise you one day.

Misha’s mum,
Haha.. it’s a good headache to have.

Alright, I’ll look forward to that.. Aaah.. she’s only 5months, I’m too kanchiong.

Chooi Peng, Sesame
And jiejie is really looking forward to be the teacher.

Really. Good to know that. Haha.. will need a special room for their chitter chatter.

She wants to manja you and be a baby mah.

20. jazzmint - June 2, 2007

ahh..no worries, she will get influenced by zara and talk fast too…that’s what i notice in my 2 kids

21. Yvonne - June 2, 2007

Dont worry, Zaria may not have a talkative maid to play with but she is lucky to have a talkative jiejie.. besides mummy. She will learn pick it up from jiejie just like how jiejie picked it up fr mummy…

22. Ms Fair Face - June 2, 2007

inquisitive children are good! they tend to speak up more when they get older instead of keeping everything to themselves.

23. Sandra@ mia bambina - June 3, 2007

Hi. I also worry for Maya. Indy is an early talker. And she pickep up 4 language so easily (indo , italian, chinese, english) but now here since she goes to english speaking school she started to forget her Italian (that make her father freaking out !!)
For Maya I talk to her and do baby signing. She has started to show progess on it, YEAH!!But I dont know if she can speak as good as Indy later when Indy was just 1.5 years old.
Sigh the pressure become second baby…always been compare 😀
Anyway .you got TAG from me….:D 😀

24. huisia - June 3, 2007

Maybe Zaria will talk earlier by the leading of Zara, or, she will be more later than Zara as Zara almost “snatch” all the talking opportunity…my hubby was the case..he seems lousy in talking as he said his elder sister had snatched all the chances.

25. sue - June 4, 2007

Now Zaria don’t need you to talk to her so much, her jie jie Zara will do it on mommy’s behalf 😀

26. jean - June 4, 2007

Hi Agnes, I’m sure Zaria will be alright. With Zara around and tho’ she is asking you questions, Zaria is also absorbing whatever she can learns thru Zara. No worries! Normally the 2nd one will speak as early as the 1st.

27. debbie - June 4, 2007

I think it’s stil too early to judge that. Maybe Zaria will get to learn from her big sis soon. So, don’t worry!!

28. maggie - June 4, 2007

i love reading bout both your daughters.. they are indeed lovely and makes me sooo wanna have a daughter too..

29. allyfeel - June 5, 2007

Now I feel bad, sometimes I just can’t stand my chatterbox son. I will ask him to keep quite for a while. But your way is very encouraging, I like it, again it really depends on time available as well. Lucky my maid is also the chatterbox type, she can talk non stop with my son.

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