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Busy Busy September 11, 2007

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One trip ahead.
Two trips to plan for.
1 birthday bash in November.
1 birthday get-together in December.
5 photobooks and 8 posters to design.
Many more technical documents to review.
And it’s already September… 3 more months and it’s 2008.


My two girls will be back when I’m done with the heavy workload.


I thought Zara looked nice in this PJ 2yrs back, so I bought another similar one in a bigger size. I never knew I would have two girls today who would be able to wear them together


Long Weekend Photos September 3, 2007

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Brought girls swimming at my sis’ on Friday, they loved it!
Girls swimming

Morib on Saturday, Zara was very happy to be at the beach with Daddy. My mistake for not bringing her swimming costume, so she had to play in her going out clothes.
Zara playing at Morib beach

Zaria was so keen to join Zara on the mud sand, but I was afraid of getting her dirty, so she was on my hip and shoulder most of the time at the beach.
Zaria at Morib Beach

Sunday was another full day activity.

Busy busy SundayBrought the girls to visit a friend. Their son, Jaden is 2.5months younger than Zara and about 2.5Kg heavier than her.
Zaria was very happy to play with Jaden’s toys.
Later it was off to a friend’s daugther’s Elisa’s 2nd birthday party. Surprisingly, Zara wasn’t afraid of the Mc Donald’s mascot, Hairy Berry, which looks like an oval Ribena Berry (what is that thing called anyway?)
Brought Zara to do some painting, a charity drive at Plaza Damas which allows donor of RM30 to do a 6×6 everything provided for oil on canvas painting.

Some of the girls sepia photos taken by Daddy (which I’m against, since you can convert colour photos to sepia anyway using software)
Girls having fun in sepia

Every night, when we reached home, the two girls were knackered.
Girls knackered

Sisters August 31, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in my two girls, sisterly love.

Zaria adores Zara, she likes to chase after her jiejie (Chinese : elder sister), she likes to shout and scream like her jiejie, and the best part is, the jiejie can make her laugh easily while it takes us more effort to find her funny bone.

Caught this the other day :

It brought a smile to me.

Hope they will still laugh with each other when they are my age.

Putrajaya Fun August 27, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in my two girls, trips.

Putrajaya has some fun things going on, so we actually made 2 trips there this weekend.

On Friday night, we went to see the fireworks since Jazz has been blogging about it so frequently. We went at about 8pm, just so we could bring the kids to the fun fair near the fireworks display. Such a rip off that was. Entrance fee was : RM5 per adults, RM3 for kids; and the rides were all RM6 and above. They even charged parents RM3 if they need to stand next to and accompany the child in the carrousel ride!

Since it was so expensive, we only let Zara went on 3 rides (2 x hotair balloon merry-go-round and 1 x carrousel), as she wouldn’t do it herself, we have to accompany her on the rides.

Fun Fair Rides

The many exorbidantly priced rides in the funfair!

Girls at Fun Fair

Zara had some fun, but Zaria was a bit dopey throughout

At close to 9pm, all the rides were temporary shut down, so that the whole place became quiet and dark for the fireworks display. We got a really nice view of the fireworks from the funfair ground (the camera ran out of battery so no photos of the firewarks). It was quite nice, but I heard this was probably one of the worse display in the entire competition.

On Saturday morning, we took off to Putrajaya again. Why? Because the cows are in town! You know the Marche cows that kids so love? There are about 20 of them on display near the Ministry of Agriculture.

Zara enjoyed it very much initially, she wanted to ride on each and every cow. However, it was a super hot day, after being under the scorching sun for about 30mins, she started whining and asked us to go home.
So many cows to ride!

A few of the priviledged ones which Zara chose to ride on

Putrajaya fun

Zaria didn’t know what the fuss was about, but she just tagged along. Zara trying to milk one of the cows

We were then off for some lunch in an airconditioned place.
Girls' lunch

For those of you who like the cows, go check them out, I heard they are moving them about, and the final destination is supposed to be KLCC.

There’s Always Something To Buy August 22, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in breastfeeding, my two girls, notable, parenting.

Do you realise as a parent, you always have something to buy for the kids?

The purchases

The last 2 weeks, I’d bought quite a few items for the kids (and no, they have nothing to do with the mega sales), and got my loot over the weekend.

I met Chanel on Sunday and picked up Zaria’s new Kissaluv and Drybees (washable) diapers together with a set of inserts. I ordered them from Miabambina and got them delivered to Chanel together with a few parents so we could save on shipping cost (I discovered this is called a SPREE from Domestic Rat).

The Kissaluv diapers are so soft and they come in such nice colours! The only thing is, I didn’t know this is a fitted diaper which means the outer layer is not waterproof, so after 2~3hrs, expect to feel the wetness from the outside. Unlike Drybees, the outer layer remain dry even after 4hours of wearing.

I also collected from my best friend’s cousin The Leap Frog Learning DVDs; Badger Sunblock; and Busy Baby Wrap which came from New York.

I want Zara to pick up phonics, and I was hoping the set of Learning DVDs will do the trick. She watched 1 of the DVDs repeatedly over the weekend (probably 5 times in the 2 days) as she really likes it, and started saying, Ssssss Sssssss, Ke Ke Ke, Je Je Je, etc to herself. So I guess, the money spent on this will not be wasted.

The Busy Baby Wrap will make nursing in public easier away from prying eyes. I started with a small nursing cape, but as Zaria becomes more active, she likes to yank the nursing cape when she’s nursing, and have my breast play peek-a-boo with the world. The Busy Baby Wrap material is a bit on the thick side though, it’ll be very warm if I wanted to use it outdoor. 😦

My best friend got me 2 tubes of Badger Sunblock as birthday presents, it’s a sunblock for the whole family and supposed to be one of the best sunblock available. Domestic Rat had done a very good research on this.

Finally, the biggest item is Tripp Trapp, for Zaria. Daddy was tempted to get an immitation initially, but after looking at the finishing of the fake, we decided against it.

Zara has been using her Tripp Trapp since she was 6 months old, she eats her breakfast, lunch, dinner at the dining table (not away like most high chairs do because of its bulkiness) together with us. She gets up and down the chair on her own since she was very young (how many high chair allow a toddler to do this safely?). Not once, the chair has toppled or fell. Her chair still looks as good as new without any paint chipped. The chair is adjusted every now and then to follow her growth, it’s her chair which grows with her, and she can still use it even when she’s a full grown adult!

Added later :
I forgot to add, in the warehouse sales that we went with Chanel and family, we also managed to get some plastic animal figurines for Zara (RM1 per piece), a real working microscope and statescope.

Have to hold off shopping for a while after this lot. o.O

Jabatan Imigresen August 10, 2007

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Took 1/2 day off to have our passport renewed/updated/done yesterday.

Jabatan Imigresen these days is pretty efficient. I got the forms printed from the website (so you don’t have to pay RM1 for each form used) and filled them up the day before.

Yesterday I brought the girls to have their photos taken (which took a while because they just couldn’t sit still or look at the camera), and then straight to Jabatan Imigresen Subang Airport branch.  

The girls' passport photos

The girls’ many shots before getting the right photo for their passports

We arrived at 11:45am, and didn’t have to wait long. Got Zara’s photo updated (FOC); applied for Zaria’s passport (RM150); and renewed mine (RM300). We left at 1pm with Zara’s updated passport. Zaria’s and mine would be ready by 2:30pm same day, but I didn’t want to wait, so I will have to go back next week to collect.

The counter staff were courteous, and efficient! I think our goverment departments are getting better these days.

I was also very impressed to see this :
Nursing Room in Jabatan Imigresen
A nursing room in the waiting hall! Way to go Malaysia!

Zipping Zooming Zara July 4, 2007

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I swing. I jump. And then I shout,
“This is what I’m all about!”
I’m Zipping, Zooming, Zara – the greatest gymnast of all.

Zipping Zooming Zara

I cartwheel on.. then off the mat. My leaps are short, or long – like that.
On and off, short and long,
I do it all, ’cause I’m so strong.
I’m Zipping Zooming Zara – the greatest gymnast of all.

Zipping Zooming Zara

A forward roll. A backward flip.
I’m high, then low, I rarely slip.
Forward, backward, high and low.
I’m putting on a wonderful show.
I’m Zipping, Zooming, Zara – the greatest gymnast of all.

Zipping Zooming Zara

My feet are near. Out far they go.
Up and down, near and far.
I feel like I’m a superstar.
I’m Zipping, Zooming, Zara – the greatest gymnast of all.

Zipping Zooming Zara

And I even have a side kick. The flipping, drooling, Zaria.

Zipping Zooming Zara

Now, do you want my autograph, before I get too famous and popular?

‘Gymnastic’ is currently her favourite before bed time exercise.
Original text is taken and slightly modified from The Greatest Gymnast, currently one of Zara’s favourite books.

Weekend Montage July 2, 2007

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Kept Zara occupied for an hour by letting her do handpainting on a linen cloth (which can be kept as an art piece or wash away for reuse).
And she loves watching the baby fishes swimming in our ‘water feature’, and spotting the mummy fish which is pregnant.

Zara painting and spending in the court yard

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Two For The Price of One, that’s the bargain I got by bringing the two girls to Kidzsports, where Zaria is too young to be a paying guest, but old enough to have some fun.

Fun for Zaria at Kidzsports

Zaria had lots of fun in the pool of balls, then later she was really enjoying herself at the swing, so much so that ……
She fell blissfully asleep.
Zaria blissfully asleep

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Met Baby Shern, and his mummy at Zara. Zaria’s potential boy friend, Baby Shern was touching Zaria now and then. So cute! And I’m so envious of Baby Shern’s thick hair!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I was in Zara on both Saturday and Sunday, since it’s their sales, and I just love the kids’ clothes there. I got the girls their birthday dresses (which is 5 and 6 months later, and Tuyam reminded me that they may outgrow the clothes before they get a chance to wear it), and lots of ja jam bo clothes spagetti strap tops for Zara in different colours.

Loot from Zara's Sales

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Had my biggest fright, when Zara fell from the high chair (she was monkeying around), and knocked her head on the metal leg of table in Fish & Co. I thought I was going to pengsan (Malay : faint) when I saw her crying and knew the severity of the fall.

Luckily, she was still alert despite the fall and was able to tell us where it hurt in between her wailing. She even repeated, “I don’t want to have stitches! I don’t want to have stitches!”, remembering her cousin Norman had some stitches on the head a month back when he knocked into a lamp post.

I really thank God it was just a small cut on the head. After 30mins of trying to calm her down, she was back to her normal self. She was even able to model her dress back home to Tuyam.

Besides the cut, she didn’t have other swelling on the head. This morning, when asked, she told me, “I’m fine. I’m better already.”; “a little bit painful only” and “I cried so much because I have a fright.”

Zara's gash

Sisterly Love 2 June 22, 2007

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Sisterly Love

Sisterly Love

Zaria will be turning 6months next week, and is more responsive to her surrounding. She adores Zara, especially when Zara is dancing or singing, she’ll be watching Zara intently smiling. On the other hand, because Zaria is tougher now, Zara is able to hug and hold her and not crush her, Zara is enjoying the company of Zaria more.

Zara is also starting to show her love for her sister. She is willing to share her toys with Zaria, and when Zaria takes one of her favourite item, she will swap it with another less favourite and tell Zaria, “This one jiejie play. You take other one.”

At Zara’s bed time, if Zaria cried in the midst of me cuddling and talking to Zara, Zara will tell me, “Mummy, you go feed Zaria.” She no longer clinged on to me leaving her sister to cry.

2 days ago, when I was having a teleconference, Zaria cried because it was time for her feed. Since the meeting was about to end, I told Jelly (my other maid) to pacify Zaria while waiting for me. I heard some commotions downstairs caused by Zara. After the meeting, I checked what happened. Jelly told me Zara was very anxious when she heard Zaria crying so pitifully, so she kept saying, “Aunty Jelly, mummy meeting, you feed meimei the milk in the fridge! Meimei hungry.” “My mummy meeting cannot feed meimei, you feed meimei with this one (shoving a pack of frozen milk into Jelly’s hand).” “You don’t feed meimei after I smack you huh!”

When my aunt came visiting a week back, she pretended she wanted to bring Zaria home, and carried Zaria to the door. Zara cried, looking desperately for me for help, “Don’t take meimei! Cannot! Cannot take! It’s my meimei.” She only stopped when Zaria was back into my arms.

Sometimes, when she thinks I’m not looking, I can see her leaning over to kiss Zaria and mutter, “I love you meimei”.

I’m rather pleased to see this progress. 🙂 But being her normal self, she still say things like, “I’m pretty. Mei mei is ugly” “Meimei ugly because meimei’s eyes look like ganster (I wonder if she really knows the meaning of this).” or “Meimei so ugly because meimei’s eyes so small like daddy. Meimei’s hair botak like Ah Ku (my bro). My eyes big like mummy and my hair so long and soft.” “o.O

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

On another note : My sister came over with Tasha 2 weeks back, I attempted to take photos of the 3 girls together. Boy, it’s tough. It’s hard to make them look at the camera the same time. Here are some ‘nicer’ shots.

3 cousins

3 cousins

3 cousins

Crying June 6, 2007

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If you walked passed my house and hear sound of crying, you can be quiet sure it’s Zara’s. The Two and The Half cries more than her Four Month Old sister in a day!

She cries in the morning when she wakes up and doesn’t see me next to her.
She cries when she wants to wear her choice of clothings but we give her another set.
She cries when she recently had her Hep B vacination.
She cries when she wants to come to the study to play with me but I disallow because I have to work.
She cries when she wants Daddy or me to bath her, but both of us are busy and we ask the maid to do it.
She cries when she wants a sweet drink during dinner and we refuse.
She cries when she is not able to yank a toy out from the toy box.
Basically, she cries when she doesn’t get what she wants; when she’s in pain, frustrated, or just moody.
When she cries, she wails, with big drop of tears flowing down, wetting her face, and the top she’s wearing.
She cries more, when her face is wet, and she demands to be wiped; and it normally takes a while to calm her down.
Zara was a high need baby and now a high need toddler.

Zaria on the other hand, cries only when she’s frightened (by a loud bang, or the unfaimiliar whirring of the blender; or by a bad dream);
When what she is holding is snatched away;
When I abruptly end a nursing session and she hasn’t had her fill of milk;
When she wants to sleep, but she’s not comfortable enough to fall asleep.
When she had her vacination on the same day as Zara has hers, she made just an Argh sound, and that’s it. No tears or wailling like her sister.
And when she cries, she’s easily pacified : the toy returned to her, the feed continues, or just picking her would normally do the trick.

When Zara was younger, I was able to capture lots of crying photos of Zara (see here, here, here, here, here). With Zaria, as she deosn’t cry often, it was tough, but I’d been waiting. Last 2 days, I managed to capture these shots and that’s about it:

Zaria Crying

She was unhappy when her book was taken away; She wanted to be picked up after lying on her stomach for too long; She wanted to sleep but she was hungry and Zara was making too much noise in the room

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