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Going To School & Dragon I August 6, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in development, language, Zara.

We’d started sending Zara to play school once a week since 2 weeks ago. It’s a 1.5hr per week pre-kindergarten program which includes lots of play time (sand/water play and gym), with a bit of singing, reading, and phonics teaching.

Unlike Julia Gabriel Edu Drama class (which we eventually didn’t sign her up), I cannot be with her during lesson.

She cried the 1st lesson when I had to leave her (adviced by school to let them handle her even if she cried); separated by 2 doors, we could still hear her loud wailing. She stopped 20mins later, when they started doing sand and water play as well as painting.

Yesterday, she shed a drop or two of tears when I left her. Telling me with trembling lips, “Mummy I want to go home.” I just said my goodbyes and told her I would wait for her outside. She was ok throughout, but kept coming out when she had a chance to tell me, “”Mummy, I finish already. Can go home now?” The teacher told me she was ok in class, but every now and then, she would ask the teacher if she could leave to go to Lake Gardens to see the brachiosaurus (the teacher actually asked how Zara knows such words). o.O”

After lesson, we heard her saying to herself, “House is for mouse. Mouse lives in a house.” (they were probably doing the ‘ouse’ sound in class) and also singing some unknown songs. Looks like she’s already picking things up.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

On Saturday, we went to Lake Gardens. After which, we thought of having dinner in Hakka Restaurant.
Daddy : “Zara, we go to Hakka Restaurant for dinner ok?”
Zara : “No No. I want to go Dragon I. I want to eat the noodles there. Because the noodles there is so nice.”
Daddy : “But Hakka Restaurant is also nice.”
Zara : “No. The restaurant is too loud (even though she may not know where Hakka is, she always use this excuse to get us out of a restaurant). I want to go Dragon I. I want to eat the juicy pow. The juicy pow and the noodle very yummy one.”
Daddy to me : “Er, where is the nearest Dragon I?”
Me : “Mid Valley.”
Daddy to Zara : “Ok. Daddy bring you to Dragon I.”
(See, if I asked Daddy to bring me to Midvalley on a weekend, he’ll say I’m crazy. Whatever the daugther wants, he’ll just oblidge.)

Zara ate 1/3 bowl of plain la-mien (Chinese : Noodle) with a serving of 4 juicy pow xiao long bao (Chinese : pork dumplings). At least she ate what she said she wanted, and that made Daddy happy.



1. Angeline Wee - August 6, 2007

WOW!! Good Girl Zara!!
Mum, dont worry i cry for a long long time when i was fisrt start school!! She so clver to know such a huge word,eveni find it hard to pronunce it!!

ZMM : Pronuncing difficult words is her forte, and Daddy is the teacher. 😛

2. Eileen - August 6, 2007

Zara is adapting well to school, way to go girl! 🙂

Hee, mummy getting jealous huh…daddy is really so doting..lucky Zara and Zaria. 🙂

ZMM : Not jealous.. upset nia.. hahaha.

3. chooi peng - August 6, 2007

she finished 4 xiao long bao?

ZMM : Yeah.. 4 xiao long bao! Big eater huh?

4. sasha - August 6, 2007

not bad ah..pick things up so fast. but she memang more on the advance side wan la.

eh u kalah edi…zara say pigi mv the dad straight away say ok….

ZMM : What to do.. Daddy loves her kaokao

5. may - August 6, 2007

Dragon-i noodles are yummy. Zara does know good food! heheh! she’s getting better at being left alone now, yes?

ZMM : Luckily I like Dragon I too.. so I don’t mind. 😛 She’s still learning to be left alone.. but getting better.

6. boo_licious - August 6, 2007

Ah, sounds like Zara is loves her food. Glad to hear she is adjusting also to her new class.

ZMM : Zara loves good food.. so does mummy! 😛

7. Simple American - August 6, 2007

It is tough leaving kids the first few times. Though my daughter was like, bye bye see you later. My son made up for it. Leg hugging. Skirt grabbing. haha

So how far is Mid Valley from you? Trying to get perspective.

ZMM : Mid Valley is very near to the Lake Gardens we were at. That place is always jammed up, so Daddy tries to avoid going there at all cost. However, the little girl managed to get her daddy to bring her there..

8. michelle - August 6, 2007

Wow your gal got expensive taste and she can get Daddy to go anywhere.

ZMM : That’s the only restaurant she likes, unfortunately. The other one is Fish & Co for the Fish & Chips. All other restaurants are ‘too noisy’ for her.

9. egghead - August 7, 2007

Now she is the new “Daddy’s girl” mah… LOL!

ZMM : Not new.. have always been. Mummy no place to ‘stand’.

10. anggie - August 7, 2007

dragon-I … expensive taste hor … nextime mummy wan to go certain place … ask daddy’s girl to ask lei… sure can go !! lol

ZMM : Yeah.. next time must use her to get Daddy to send us where I want to go.. Muak hahahah.

11. nadia - August 7, 2007

Hehehehe.. daddy’s girl! LOL!

ZMM : Yeah man.

12. debbie - August 7, 2007

i just love to read your blog about Zara’s growing story. She is so smart and you, a very good mommy!!!

13. Sabrina - August 7, 2007

Don’t worry I am sure she’ll get use to it. When I started sending Keith to Tiny Genius, he went with my maid since he’s still learning how to walk at that time. After 2 mths, we sent him there without my maid and he was ok with it.
Keith comes back with dinasours name which I dont even know how it looks like. I had to buy him dinasours book from MPH so that I’ll be able to show and answer him when he asked me….:-b

14. ehon - August 7, 2007

daddy’s girl! lol!

did u cry anot? i mean the first few days when she was at sch?

ZMM : I cry? No la.. why I cry? Maybe if I have to send her to Adelaide, I’ll cry la. 😛

15. RIna - August 7, 2007

It will be a good prep for her to attend real kindy later. I started sening Harvynna to Gymboree wchih is a 2 hour drop off programme as well and she loves it. In her case, most of her friends are going to school, so she wants to do the same as well

ZMM : I was interested in Gymboree initially too, but I think it cost quite a lot for what they are doing, so I didn’t enrol her.

16. Hijackqueen - August 7, 2007

I’ve heard all the good things about their juicy pau. A child can’t be wrong. I’m so tempted to try them.

ZMM : You mean you haven’t tried the ‘juicy pau’ yet..? Then you must quickly go and try. I don’t eat pork.. but I smell also I feel like sinking my teeth into it.

17. the silai - August 7, 2007

wah, …how much do u pay for it per month??

ZMM : Compared to Julia Gabriel, it’s cheaper. You can call up the centre and ask.
Ps. for security reason, I removed the school name here

18. Janice - August 7, 2007

It is really hard to bear with your little ones on their first day in school. My elder boy cried so much, for nearly a week everyday when he first attended playground when he was 18mths old. I can relate to yours . It is really heart pain but still got to leave him there crying. It is just part of growing up. 🙂

ZMM : Yah.. but at least now she’s better.. It’s my own doing, let her attached to me so much.

19. chanelwong - August 7, 2007

Daddy’s girl..har har..Next time you want anything ask Zara to ask for you lar…

20. ShannonC. - August 7, 2007

daddy so sayang her hoh… hahahaa….

21. mom2ashley - August 7, 2007

what a smart girl she is and knows such bombastic words!

22. the silai - August 7, 2007

ok…totally understand ur concern. the price of pre-school nowadays…*shakes head* i almost fainted when i first heard of montesorri’s registration fees!

p/s: sori that if i’m alway asking for info that u have to censor. (and i still have the nagging feeling that my comment is the reason y u have to protect the “spotted” post, eheh)

ZMM : Haha.. b’cos you don’t have a blog, you can be anybody, and that’s why I have to be more careful. Btw, I sent you a mail awaiting your reply.
The spotted post.. really nothing to do with you..

23. ben - August 7, 2007

I wanna eat mee also` can follow? 😀

ZMM : Can.. but you have to feed her.. :P, so I can eat in peace!

24. Simple American - August 8, 2007

Since you were not naughty I have found another tag that is more suited to you. 😛

ZMM : Ok ok.. let me find time to do it.

25. shern's mom - August 8, 2007

now can someone pls tell me what a brachiosaurus is?! my oh my, zara is such a clever girl. she makes me feel so stupid. and she’s only wat..3? i always love zara’s post.

ZMM : She watched Jurasic Park and started asking the names of the dinasaur.. Dadd oblidge.. but so far she only know brachiosaurus and T-rex.. 😛

26. a-moms-diary - August 8, 2007

brachiosaurus? what on earth is that? a dinosaur? can’t be rite, since it’s in lake gardens.

ZMM : It is a dinosaur.. there are some cartoon dinosaur in Lake Gardens.. Zara said it’s Brachiosaurus b’cos they are ‘friendly’. To her good dinosaur == Brachiosaurus, bad dinosaur == T-Rex

27. jazzmint - August 8, 2007

apa saurus..LOL..that’s a good excuse kekek…I guess she’d start liking it soon.

wah..eh then next time wanna go anywhere, just ask Zara to tell Daddy hahaha

ZMM : Yeah man.. but then he’ll know it’s my influence.. he’ll only oblidge if it’s really from her. Kek sei!

28. twin - August 8, 2007

clever girl … i myself dun even know what is a brachiosaurus .. hahhaa.

daddy’s little girl mah .. sure get watever she wants .. 🙂 poor mommy!!

ZMM : Never mind.. I ‘sayang’ myself. hmph!

29. 1mum - August 8, 2007

zara is so lucky to get a spot there:)

my daughter is still on their waiting list…hehehe

30. Syn - August 8, 2007

daddies will naturally do anything for their princesses….mommies come in second place already.

hey, will one day email u on the classes. am interested to hear your feedback on them.

31. sesame - August 9, 2007

Daddy really dotes on Zara. Very lucky girls. And Zara I suppose will get to enjoy school better as time passes. But it will initially be harder, especially next time when she has to go everyday.

32. KittyCat - August 9, 2007

Hahaha – that’s why hubby keeps asking me for a baby girl!

Since the trend now is –> hubby spends $ on Lucas and me, I spend $ on Lucas, who spends on hubby?!

He keeps dreaming of the day he will get his darling, little girl and even out the score of 2-1 now yikes!

33. Giddy Tiger - August 9, 2007

After reading your post, I am craving for some xiao-long-bao at Dragon-I. I wonder if the one in Penang has tables available now…hehehe

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