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Reluctance August 13, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in development, language, parenting, Zara.

On Friday, we told Zara we’ll get her a school bag for her to bring to school on Sunday.
Zara : “I’m going school tomorrow?”
Me : “No, on Sunday. Tomorrow is Saturday.”
Zara : “I go school tomorrow tomorrow?”
Me : “Yeah, it’s day after tomorrow.”
Zara : “I don’t want to go to school.”
Daddy : “Why? You can learn new things and be clever.”
Zara : “I don’t want to be clever.”
Daddy : “Why don’t you want to be clever?”
Zara : “Because I want to be a clown.” o.O”
Me : “Never mind, you just go and play and have fun then.”
End of conversation 1.

Zara : “I want to go see monkeys. I don’t want to go to school.”
Me : “We can go to school then we go and see the monkeys.”
Zara : “I want to see the monkeys first!”
Me : “The monkeys are going to school in the morning, because they need to learn how to climb trees, how to shell a peanut. So they won’t be around in the mornings. We can go and see them after your class.”
Zara : *thoughtful for a moment* “The monkeys go to school and frighten the teachers then.” o.O”
End of conversation 2.

Zara : “I don’t want to go to school.”
Me : “You just go and have fun Zara. Do your painting, play with the slides in the school. Just have fun.”
Zara : “I don’t like the park in the school. I like the park on grass one. That one no grass, not nice one.” (The school has an in-door play ground)
Me : “But you like Gymboree, there’s also no grass in Gymboree too.”
Zara : “I don’t like Gymboree. Our park in XXXX YYYYY got grass, is even more better.” (XXXX YYYYY == the name of our residential area) o.O”
End of conversation 3.

Zara : “I don’t want to go to school.”
Me : *for the xth time* “School is fun Zara, just go and have fun.”
Zara : “But I scared.”
Me : “Mummy and daddy will wait for you outside right?”
Daddy : “If you have any problem, you just come out and we’ll be there.”
Zara : “I open the door and come out?”
Daddy : “Yes, we’ll be waiting for you outside.”
Zara : “If I have any problem, mummy and daddy will be there?”
Me : “Yes. We’ll be outside. But I don’t think you’ll have any problem, so after class, you can come out and we’ll be waiting for you, ok?”
End of conversation 4.

Zara : “The dinosaur will go to the school and attack the teachers.”
Me : “Then what will happen to the children?”
Zara : “The brachiosaurus will play with the children. The T-Rex will attack and kill the teachers.”
Me : “Zara, there are no more dinosaurs. They are all dead.”
Zara : “All die already?”
Me : “Yes. All dead.”
End of conversation 5.

So how was she in class? When I said my good bye, I told her we’ll wait for her outside; before I left, I put my thumb up and mouthed the word “You’ll be ok?” Her eyes were a bit wet, but she nodded her head.
I went in and checked on her again when they were playing in the indoor play ground. “Mummy waiting for me outside?” She came forward and asked. I said yes, and told her to have fun.

Basically, she was ok in class, according to the teacher. This time, she didn’t even tell the teacher she needed to leave to go to Lake Gardens like she did every now and then last week.

I wonder if there’ll be more of such conversations every weekend when it’s time for school again.



1. may - August 13, 2007

awwwww… come Zara, jiejie will go to school with you… in spirit, ya? *hugs*

2. Angeline Wee - August 13, 2007

awwwww.. must be her first few times leaving the parents aye?!! don’t worry in due time she will be fine… 😉

3. mott - August 13, 2007

Brachiosaurus.. WAHHHHHH… i thot they were vegetarians.. ha ha ha..

luckily she is not into Transformers…she’s sure to use them somehow!

4. eve - August 13, 2007

First few times liddat one..after a while she will be ok..last Saturday Karen asked me..Issit Monday yet?..Can I go to school?..hah..I said..” No no..dowan Monday to come so fast..it’s Saturday today.”

5. chooi peng - August 13, 2007

she don’t like teachers ah? Monkey frighten the teachers, T-Rex attack and kill the teachers… haha
waiting for your next conversation next Monday!! 🙂

6. Janice - August 13, 2007

Those converstaion sure looks familiar to me. My elder boy is also like that. When he doesn’t want to go to school. We will start to have such conversation to assure him that school is fun & he will really be enjoying himself 🙂

7. ehon - August 13, 2007

aww! that’s so cute! hahahaha. and she’s sooo smart!! i rmbr the first few times i went the sch, my mum was outside waiting for me as well!! did u have tears in ur eyes?

8. milkmaid - August 13, 2007

Oh she has all the funny excuses not to go to school ~ Hahaha

9. helen - August 13, 2007

She’s still not used to going eh? I got the same problem with my boy. Took a long time for him to accept the fact he’s going every morning no matter what excuse! lol

10. contended mum - August 13, 2007

hahaha, I don’t wnana to be clever, wanna be clown. So original in answering! I wonder how Qi Ning would be like when I sent her for school. still undecide whether to send her to school so soon or not.

11. chanelwong - August 13, 2007

she is very mature in the way she talk to you instead of making a fuss by just crying…She will soon be ok…

12. jazzmint - August 13, 2007

haha…she’s really funny and trying to give alot excuses LOL…

13. laundryamah - August 13, 2007

wow! Zara knows the names of the different dinasours! OH WOW..no worries…she will start to enjoy school before u know it!

14. sesame - August 13, 2007

She quite witty huh, looking at how she answers. Her answer about wanting to be a clown is LOL.

15. sasha - August 13, 2007

why she so dun like sch ? maybe no fren yet..later when she has more friend.i think she will say ? mommy who?

16. beckysmum - August 13, 2007

Hahaha… I have a good laugh while reading your conversation with Zara. She talks very very well! Brachiosaurus some more!!! LOL

17. michelle - August 13, 2007

Wow she really hate the teachers. I like the dinosaur part…great imagination.

18. shern's mom - August 14, 2007

why ah, kids nowadays love to grow up to be a clown? i remembered last time we wanna be police, doctor and lawyer. my nephew ryan is obsessed over clowns too.
hope school went well with zara. she must be waitin and waitin in her class for t-rex to turn up to eat the teachers..haha. how imaginative.

19. kikare - August 14, 2007

while reading the conversations, i couldn’t help but think that they will make very good comic book materials. it’s really funny because it’s real!

20. Simple American - August 14, 2007

I love how her mind works. Someday she can help me write zombie stories. muahahahaha

Okay. Maybe not. But she is definetly going to challenge some teachers to teach her.

21. shoppingmum - August 14, 2007

LOL! Oh well, she will love school soon. 🙂 And you will be hearing more about her new friends, or even boyfriend. 😛

22. debbie - August 14, 2007

zara oh zara….i guess she probably stil need time to adapt herself with the school environment. love to read your conversation with her..kinda funny!!!

23. huisia - August 14, 2007

“The T-Rex will attack and kill the teachers.”..that’s funny sentence..LOL
hope to read more about her conversation 🙂

24. Malaika's mummy - August 14, 2007

wah, Zara has a very good set of vocabs. And some more violeny too, killed the teacher?! 😉

25. winn - August 14, 2007


try to give him positive encouragement say she very guai…mummy very proud of her n see?

but zara being zara..i’m sure shell have some unexpected thigns to reply u again..gehhehe

26. chinnee - August 14, 2007

Gee….so cute….why Zara wish to become a clown?

27. KittyCat - August 15, 2007

You have the patience of a saint! I love your explanation about the monkeys hahaha that’s a scream.

28. Jesslyn - August 15, 2007

Full of imagination in her world ya! LOL…effect from TV?

29. Marie - August 15, 2007

Her teacher hav the look of a wicked witch is it? T-Rex attack and kill the teacher? She has a 10 yr old mind.

30. mom2ashley - August 15, 2007

I’m so impressed by her langunage development. what a clever girl

31. Annie Q - August 16, 2007

haha..i just couldn’t laugh at the conversation 1,2 & 5!so funny! It’s just make up my day!

32. a-moms-diary - August 17, 2007

zara, clowns also need to go to school to learn how to become funny clowns.

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