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Our Weekend – Short Takes July 23, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in misc.

On Friday :
Daddy and I travelled 1hr 15mins to Midvalley (rain + Friday evening == jam) and had dinner in Isthmus. Price is on the steep side, but food is hmm.. so so. Don’t think we’ll go there the second time (we try not to step into Midvalley if it’s not absolutely necessary).

On Saturday :
Brought Zara to Julia Gabriel to attend the Edu Drama class. This is her trial class. She was a bit shy, and was more interested in the masks hung up on the wall of the classroom than listening to the teacher. Not sure if we’ll sign her up for this yet.

Confirmed with my colleague in Singapore that it was indeed a very good concert. I convinced Daddy, and managed to get him to drive me to Midvalley and got these with 15% discount:
Jackie Cheung's Concert Tickets

On Sunday :
I bought more duck eggs from the wet market and did another batch of these :
Duck Eggs soaked in brine

Bought a good block of Parmessan, some portabella mushrooms and yellow oyster mushrooms from Village Grocer. Cooked for Daddy and myself this for lunch (I swear it tasted better than it looks) :
Mushroom Linguini with sauteed mushroom medley topped with shaved parmessan

Baked two dozens of these and sent some over to the neighbours (we have great neighbours, let me blog about this one day) :
Scones with clotted cream and jam

And of course, I played with the girls
Zara and Zaria

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I was going to the toilet frequently since the start of Friday, and had burning sensation when I pee. Went to the doctor and confirmed I got Urinary Tract Infection! Dang! The 3rd time I’m getting this since I got married (and the last round, I had to be hospitalised for 5 days because of high fever). But I think I’m getting better already after I started on the antibiotic.



1. chinnee - July 23, 2007

i want to know what have u baked there….looks so yummy !!!

ZMM : Those are scones. Great with jam & clotted cream!

2. chooi peng - July 23, 2007

oh, you also going to the concert!! see you there!!! hahha

ZMM : You VIP seat? See you!

3. khongfamily - July 23, 2007

Wahh..you really like ‘ham tan’ horr since this is your 2nd time making them…if I remember correctly.

Ehhh, is that mozzie bite on Zaria’s cheek?

I kena the urinary tract infections quite often, you actually can buy the Ural from the pharmacy. Works quite well.

ZMM : Yes! My hubby and I are both ham tan wong! 😛 This is my 3rd batch actually. 1st batch 10, 2nd batch 20.. You can tell how much ham tan we consume. 😛
That’s actually Zaria’s rash. Can’t get rid of the rash 100% since she drools too much and likes puting things in her mouth.

4. boo_licious - July 23, 2007

The scones and pasta look good – best of all are yr two Z’s as cute as ever. Sorry to hear you weren’t too impressed with Isthmus, must admit I’ve not gone back as I hate the Midvalley Mall jam too esp the weekends as that area is so chaotic.

ZMM : Yes, Midvalley’s jam is just not worth it, and the food is not like super duper. For that price, I’ll go to Telawi Bistro. 🙂

5. dancing queen - July 23, 2007

Hmmm….UTI so many times, ini main apa ni? Hehe… normally newly-weds get it more leh. Unless….? 😀 Never mind, never mind, just wash up before & after ahem, ahem, should be ok! 😀

ZMM : We don’t have ahem-ahem woh.. Haih.. I think I have too many meetings, always try to hold my pee until the end of meetings to go to toilet. Nothing to do with ahem ahem.

6. Marie - July 23, 2007

I wanna make ‘ham dan’ too. My future MIL & I are craving for ham dan and I told her that I will make some in these few days. She’s so excited and told me that she’s going to buy duck eggs tomorrow in the market. She’s so proud of me she told her sister that I pandai buat Telur Masin. So let’s pray I don’t fail her coz this will be my 1st attempt.

ZMM : Make sure 1) the salt solution is really at saturated point.
2) you boil 1 to try out on the 14th day. See if it’s done, if not soak another 7 days, and try another. Repeat, until it’s done. Sure won’t fail.

7. slavemom - July 23, 2007

U can be supplier of ‘ham tan’ liao. 😀
Try not to hold ur pee too long. Not good for health. Can get other complications as well. Must take good care yah…

ZMM : I can’t be supplier, because I love them so much. :P.

8. jazzmint - July 23, 2007

see u at the concert hehe

eh what’s that 1 dozen thingy…

wah..UTI..me oso got a fw times liao, i notice that when got period that time very prone to getting

ZMM : Scones.. I baked 2 dozens of them.
Wah.. you also prone to getting UTI?

9. sesame - July 23, 2007

I think Zara might be shy being the first time…probably will warm up after a few classes. And geez…urinary tract infection is no joke. I had it before and it was excruciating!

ZMM : Yeah, she is indeed shy, but she said she enjoyed the class.
UTI is really no fun, I hate it. Luckily am better already.

10. laundryamah - July 23, 2007

wah i thot my weekend was fruitful..yours lagi best!

ZMM : I considered this weekend quite fruitful, yes. Other weekends, we normally just hang out in malls. 😛

11. soomingooi - July 23, 2007

Can share how you make ham tan? how much salt you put in the water and how long that you need to soak the egg?

ZMM : I posted the recipe here. As for duration.. you need to test 1 egg on 14th day to see if it’s ready, if it’s not, soak for another weak, then try again. Repeat until the egg is ready.

12. Jesslyn - July 24, 2007

hmmm…still homemade ham tan taste the best, can control the saltness hor!

ZMM : Yeah.. and you know there’s no ‘additive’. 😛

13. a-moms-diary - July 24, 2007

yum yum…drooling over your ham tans…have to get my butt off to the wet market to get some duck eggs liao.

ZMM : Go go go.. then tell us how it went.

14. Simple American - July 24, 2007

Get better mama. Sorry to hear you are unwell.

The girls look cute as always. Man I wanna a duck egg so bad. 😛

ZMM : Can you get it from US? Hmm.. I wonder where all the duck eggs go in US huh?

15. Oscar's Mommy - July 24, 2007

aiyoh… home made hamdan i like wor… me also hamdan wong hou la hahahaha… the last time i got UTI, i couldn’t walk and get up from bed, hubby got to carry me from 1st floor to the car and from the car to the hospital… can you imagine how teruk i was!!! try drinking cranberry juice once a week…

ZMM : Your UTI also very teruk huh? Haih.. why women have to go through all these huh?
The hamdan, you try and make yourself la..

16. domestic rat - July 24, 2007

UTI sucks!!! Drink more water, more like flood yourself with water to get it out of your system. Barley water, cranberry juice helps immensely.

ZMM : Yes, I have been drowning myself with Cranberry juice. *suck in cheeks* sour!

17. Hijackqueen - July 24, 2007

Your urinary tract cos by too much ham tan issit?

ZMM : cause by tahaning pee.. nothing to do with ham tan.

18. chanelwong - July 24, 2007

Zara will soon get use, give her time. It is only her 1st day…
Aiya, I really want to try your salted egg lar…yummy yummy…if I stay nearby, sure kidnap some hi hi

ZMM : If you stay nearby, I can give you a few no problem. 😀

19. eve - July 24, 2007

Wahhhhhhhhhh..the whole family travel down to SG ke?…Cayden has got the exact same rash..no use la..apply wat cream oso come back one..hahhaha

ZMM : SG? No ah.. The concert is held in Bukit Jalil.. local. 😛
They drool too much, I think it’s hard to keep the rash away.

20. michelle - July 24, 2007

For UTI, drink lots of barly water. It helps. And don’t hold your pee. When nature call, just go.

21. the silai - July 24, 2007

have u tried pure cranberry juice for UTI? my UTI healed by itself (din go see doc) after a few days of drinking half cup of it first thing in the morning. but make sure u get the 100% pure cranberry juice…abt RM70 per bottle available from guardian…those cheaper ones diluted with sugar and grape juice kenot la.

22. debbie - July 24, 2007

i had UTI quite often last time. i used to drink cranberry juice, barly water and also chinese herbs that special for UTI. You can ask d tauke about that herbs. It’s really helps…

23. seefei - July 24, 2007

concert? too expensive here!! the last one i went to was Janet Jackson… when she still had the abs…:-)

24. LB - July 24, 2007

LNTS!! I still owe you a nice happy meal, or do I? Can’t remember ~ very blur blur tei these days!!

25. eastcoastlife - July 24, 2007

Wah! You make your own ham tan?! Next time I go to KL, can I get two from you? hehe…. Only I eat lah.

Jacky Cheung is awesome! I love his voice. ^-^

26. shern's mom - July 25, 2007

goin to mv at friday, sat or sun can be such a pain in the s. havoc and the weekend parkin rate is crazy. lets all boycott mv.
about the uti, i remembered when i was pregnant with shern, i had a very bad exp with that, it somehow affected to my kidney. and the gynae told me i might lose my baby at 3mths then. i cried hard but i prayed hardest. thank God after a dose of antibiotics, everythin cleared up.
the urge to pee and the pain can be unbearable. hope the uti is gone by now.

27. Simple American - July 25, 2007

I can get duck eggs here. But have to go to Chinese grocery store. 🙂

28. Rhiannon - July 25, 2007

The pictures are nice! I will have to try and make those eggs at some point, don’t know if hubby will like it though.

29. nadia - July 25, 2007

I hate the MV jam too. It’s just ridiculous spending so much time to get into a mall. They should really do something about the traffic flow there.

Anyway, those food looks yummyliciouslah! You so rajin.. hehe. I hardly have time to cook. And when I do, I spend my half my day in the kitchen. LOL!

Sorry to hear about UTI. Hope it’ll go away soon. Take care!

30. mom2ashley - July 25, 2007

oh yea..I heard about the Julia Gabriel thingy…..are you going to sign her up?

31. mott - July 25, 2007

UTI..sigh. Me too. So annoying.

Hope u’re better now.

32. twin - July 25, 2007

u going to JC concert … hey me too … maybe i may bump into u and jazz huh. 🙂
duck eggs?? how do you cook it??
ahhhh scones .. one of my personal favourites … with jam and cream …. yummy. u can bake them … that’s great … lucky hubby. i haven’t been baking for months … haha the last time i did a swedish cake it turn out really horrible .. arg!
hmm .. UTI … i used to get it before I was pregnant … usually when i take little water. I passed out blood … really bad and fever too. Those times were bygones .. eversince i have my kids it just went away.

ZMM : Really? Wah.. like a blogger’s meet there. 😛
Good that you have got rid of your UTI for good.

33. syn - July 25, 2007

i like the fact that you cook at home alot….my kitchen only gets used when my inlaws around and the occasional itch when hubby feels like cooking. ;)…we’re king and queen of tapaus.

i had UTI once and recently yeast infection…comparing these 2, i feel that yeast infection is worst. but then again, my uti wasn’t so bad as i didn’t have fever and all.

yes, i’ve to totally agree with you, why we women have 2 go thru these….totally unfair!

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35. Mama BoK - July 26, 2007

Hope your UTI is better now. I hate getting UTI ..! lucky you .. going to jacky chan’s concert.. envy lah..!! And envy you’ve got good neighbours.. !! mine is a chicken shit neighbours..!

36. milkmaid - July 26, 2007

wah hah hah – more ham tans??? I just finished my first batch – really yummy!!! Eh eh eh — me no get your scones one??? Har har

37. mom of cairo - July 28, 2007

ooo julia gabriel is v popular here too…. just opp my office building got one branch… might wanna bring cairo there next time hehe

ham dan is my fav too. my cousin who just relocated back from china learnt how to do it from their local maid and it is indeed like u said previously, way fresher n tastier but less salty 😀

aiyah everyone is watching jacky!!! i didnt wanna attend the spore one cos (i guessed correctly) he spoke mandarin… dats so not the image i have of him. i am sure the KL version would be waaaayy better, enjoy 😀

38. may - July 28, 2007

oooh, long time no make those scones! I might do some next week, if I get some volunteers to help finish the lot… I hope you’re better now and recovering from your infection.

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40. Zaria - July 28, 2008

Hi i just wanted 2 say how much i LOVE reading about ur 2 girls!Just 2 say my name iz Zaria too and i’m 11.I;m alwayz looking for other people named Zaria on the internet,and i must say that ur 2 girls r the CUTEST!!!

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