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Disabled Toilet cum Changing Room October 28, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in misc.

After my health screening yesterday, I took the rest of the day off and went window shopping at The Curve with King’s Wife and her girls.

After visiting a few baby shops on the 1st floor, I wanted to change Zara’s diaper, so I looked around for a baby changing room.

Guess what? The disabled toilet is also the baby changing room! I was a bit hesitant to use it, because of all the hoo-hahs recently on the use of disable toilet (see this and this and this). But this is a changing room AND a disabled toilet right? So I’m entitled to use it because IT’S A CHANGING ROOM and I have a baby who needs changing, right?

Anyway, I gingerly went in with Zara. But.. wait a minute. Where’s the changing table? *look left, look right* There is only a toilet bowl and a sink!! That’s all!!

Where am I supposed to place the baby? On the toilet bowl or the sink? Or the floor? Since it’s squeaky clean and dry.

We met the cleaner who happened to be dozing off nearby. I asked her if there’s another changing room with changing table.
Her reply, “Semua pun sama, macam itu” (They are all the same, like that).
I asked again how on earth are we supposed to change the baby if there’s no table?
Her reply, “Mana saya tahu?” (How would I know).
Then she added, “Ikea sana la, sana ada tempat.” (Go to Ikea, they have it there).

Walk to Ikano (the adjacent mall to The Curve)?? That’s quite a distant to walk, especially having to carry a tired baby, push a pram which was loaded with shopping bags.

I ended up giving Zara a change in her pram in the ladies.

Now I wonder what cow sense did the management have for giving you a changing room without changing table, and is it right to have the changing room the same as the disabled toilet?



1. King's wife - October 28, 2005

disabled toilets…AGAIN??

2. Peter - October 28, 2005

Some baby changing rooms are incorporated into accessible toilets. If you have a baby on a stroller, it is only sensible that you use a toilet that is large enough to fit the stroller in. It would be useful to write a letter to the management informing them of the lack of a proper table for such purposes. A lot of times, they do take such comments into consideration and make amends where possible.

3. helen - October 28, 2005

Aiyah, this simply shows the level of commitment by the management. There is no consideration and I bet to include the changing room is an afterthought! Just add ‘changing room’ wordings to the toilet lor..

4. michelle - October 28, 2005

Yes, it is frustrating not finding a changing room for my children. I had that incident a couple of times. Once I had to change my son standing.

5. Sue - October 28, 2005

that’s why nowadays you see a lot of parents changing their children just anywhere… very difficult lah

6. Loc Kee - October 29, 2005

hmm the curve ya… now only i know without changing room hoh…

wierd that they have a special baby section but without changing facilities.

7. Jefferene - October 30, 2005

I don’t fancy shopping mall that didn’t provide baby room. Usually if I couldn’t find one, I would just change my girl on the pram or on the resting chair provided.

8. Dinah Law - October 30, 2005

baby changing room in disabled toilet? they think mommies with babies are disabled people ah? gees..these days..I give up! i usually change ashley’s diaper in her stroller…i’d place on her stroller before i change her…too bad man..they dont give proper place to change..then everyone gets to see babies’ diapers getting changed la!

9. Baby Smooches - October 31, 2005

ya man, how insensitive can the management be!

Speaking of changing room, I took my boy to the changing room in Tesco Puchong last night and gosh, the room is really messy and pathetic.

10. blurblur - October 31, 2005

I always changed Damien in his stroller..quite a challenge actually…keke..Simply don’t understand what’s this thing about Baby’s changing room “cum” handicapped toilet????

11. Fannie - October 31, 2005

I guess Spore is trying it’s best to be as baby friendly as she can…

there are instances whereby i can’t find a changing room, and also NO pram with me…what can I do? ask the other adult with me to hold Ethyl and I swiftly changed it for her!

This can be pretty much a challenge!

But in most cases, there are changing rooms for me! ๐Ÿ™‚

12. Zara's Mama - October 31, 2005

king’s wife,
current most popular topic mah.

*fanning myself* *roll out red carpet*
Thanks for visiting!

Based on what Peter say, it’s common woh. But management has no cow sense by not providing changing table la.

We mums really have to learn how to do a lot of things huh?

Yeah. And I used to hiss at parents who change their kids in/on the toilet sink. But now, I know why.

Loc kee,
yeah. Some more such an upmarket place.

Change baby in public bench quite malu, like parading baby’s naked bum. Aigh. Poor us.

What to do. But sometimes, even with changing table, it’s so filty, I wouldn’t even dream of touching it, not to mention puting Zara’s bum on it. Ewww.

Baby smooches,
Blech. If too dirty, you can imagine the amount of germs breeding there.

Blurblur, Fannie,
Based on YL’s post on similar topic, looks like SGP also the same. ๐Ÿ˜›
Careless and insensitive shopping mall management!

13. Allyfeel - November 1, 2005

changing baby in pram…? susah le.

The curve has very lousy design. They don’t even cater path for baby pram. You know the slanting path to push the pram. I Used to carry pram up n down from one part to another. What a baby unfriendly mall…

14. Egghead - November 1, 2005

that’s why I prefer to go Kepong Jusco… where they even provide diapers if you ask for it ๐Ÿ™‚

15. Twin - November 8, 2005

yeah I know its a bit too late to comment but I was browsing your entries that I have missed these 2 weeks. So sorry. In the curve they have actually a changing room. Very clean … its located inside Sony Centre. I was shopping wih hubby and 2 kids a few months ago. Denisha was playing in Anakku. And halfway through it she pooed. Eeeww can’t change her in the stroller. She’s too heavy and her legs too long to manoeuvre so I asked the sales there whether there is a baby room anywhere. Then she told me there’s one in Sony Centre. Quite clean but they don’t have a place where you can wash their bumbum. Too bad … have to use wipes. And I always use a ‘sarung’ (big enuf to cover little people) on the changing table to cover their entire body. So that their skin doesn’t touch the table. Prevent germs. Hehehe extreme right.

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