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11 month old October 21, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in development, Zara.

Zara turns 11mth today! Just like her 9th and 10th month summary, this is for her 11th month :
Her weight should be between 7.5-8kg (last we saw the PD she was about 7.4+kg, but she feels heavier now).
She’s 73.5cm tall.
Still with only 4 teeth.

Mobility :
Walking – She’s walking more and further (~5 to 6 feet) without support
Climbing – Able to climb up and down furniture (sofa, bed) with ease, however sometimes still get carried away and may loose her footing.
Standing – Standing a lot now, unsupported (not more than 30s)
Dancing – Started dancing when she hears familiar music or nursery rhymes, dances by stamping her feet (interchange), shakes her head, and rotates herself on the floor.

Language :
Understanding – understand cause and effect (if you want biscuit, drink water first); choices (you want this CD or this CD); recollection (don’t bite on the soap, remember it was very bitter?); where (where is Rusty? Where is mummy’s nose? Where is the fan? Etc)

Loves Reading, nursery rhymes with action and now started watching DVD, VCD on her own.

Speaking – her vocabulary has increased, besides these :
Mum-mum for asking for food
Foo for food
Teh for take
Poo for put
Pad for breast pad
Pa-Pai for Bye Bye
Paa-ber for bubbles, balloons, soap suds

Likes imitating what we say, however, refuses to say mummy or mama.

Hands coordination :
Likes pointing and pressing buttons (lifts, switches, key board).
Can pat her own mouth with her hand to make the ‘wa, wa, wa’ sound

Feeding / Food :
She’s having 3 solid meals a day now. Appetite is getting better, can have half a bowl of porridge on one go.
Still on 5 feeds of breast milk (~4oz), and snacks a lot on fruits and biscuits throughout the day.
Very fussy eater.

Emotions / Preferences :
Able to exert her preferences more, and express them.
E.g. “Do you want to drink water?” Shakes head violently (Don’t want)
Do you want biscuit?” “Ugh!” with a smile (Want)

Not afraid of strangers, but picky with whom can touch and carry her.

Gives kisses to her favourite people right on the lips (mummy, and young children).

1 more month and she’ll be 1 years old, how time flies!



1. Egghead - October 21, 2005

Happy 11th month old to Zara!!!

2. Baby Smooches - October 21, 2005

one more month to go and she’s gonna be one!!

3. helen - October 21, 2005

Gee, I wished i knew how to blog when my boy was small…..

* toast a glass of milk to Zara & mama*

4. maria - October 21, 2005

woo wah…11 months can walk liao? very fast leh, my belles only start walking after 1st birthday.
clever Zara. so, when she grow wings? LOL

5. Mother Superior - October 22, 2005

Your blog is leaving a legacy for your boy! Walking at 11 months is great, esp for boys!

6. Jefferene - October 22, 2005

hehe, Zara is a girl! She is so smart! 😛

7. Dinah Law - October 22, 2005

wow! happy 11 month-old!

8. jazzmint - October 22, 2005

hehehe happy 11th month old…wah, she also kiss people on the lips!!

9. The Diva - October 22, 2005

It’s great that you are recording all of these milestones… I didn’t and I forgot when exactly Ophelia started walking, when did she start teething… can’t go back and do it all over again…

10. blurblur - October 23, 2005

Wow..time really flies 🙂 So are you planning for her big birthday bash already?

11. Zara's Mama - October 24, 2005

egghead, Jefferene, Dinah,
Thank you

Baby smooches,
Yes, really fast

I started late as well. Should have started when I was pregnant.

I hope her wings will not grow so fast. Or else, she’ll be leaving the nest soon.. *frown*

Mother superior,
Thanks for visiting, but my baby is a girl. Not a boy. 😛

Yeah, wet kiss with tongue sticking out. 😛 *SLURP*

the diva,
Ophelia is still young, still lots of milestone to capture.

don’t think we’ll have a big party (but then it may end up being BIG), just a family dinner.
It’s going to be round the corner and I haven’t planned anything yet. *bite fingers*

12. yl - October 25, 2005

waiiiiiiiiiittttt… i am wondering: how on EARTH did breast pad gets into the vocab of a 11 month 5 days old?!?!

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