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Zaria Turning 8 Month Old August 29, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in baby signing, breastfeeding, development, parenting, Zaria.

This month we saw great development in Zaria, in her ability as well as her emotions.

Little girl Zaria doing what she likes most

Put her in the pool of balls she’s happy, put her in the pool of water, she’s happier!

I don’t know what her weight is nor her height, but she’s definitely growing. Clothes are tighter, skirts are shorter.
Her 2 upper incisors started growing 3 weeks ago. With 4 teeth now, and with her very strong sucking motion (Zara never used to suck so hard from what I recalled) nursing her can be a bit of a pain, imagine piranhas nursing! (OUCH!)

Other things the little girl can do :
1) Sitting without support like a pro now, only loosing balance occasionally
2) Clap her hands and give us five
3) Signing more (but it’s Zara’s version by tapping 1 finger on the other palm)
4) Waves bye bye; pats her stomach when we asked if she’s ‘pao pao’ (Cantonese : Full); but I don’t know if she knows the meaning of these actions
5) Raises her hand when we asked if she wanted to be carried; turns her hands and head away from whoever she doesn’t want
6) Making new sounds like ke, pa, te (effect of my new purchase? I don’t know.)
7) Crawl commando style, but right now it’s going back wards.
8 ) Seems to understand words like No (following it is another thing), Carry, mummum (Chinese : food, eat), no more, go park
9) Cover and uncover her mouth which produces the wa-wa-wa sound
10) When she sees food, she smacks her lips and says mummum repeatedly, does this mean she’s uttering her first word already?

Eating :
She absolutely loves eating. When she sees us eating, she tries to reach out and grab.
She has breakfast and dinner at the dining table together with us, so she doesn’t have to stare at us eat. Sometimes she wants to try what is on our plates, so we’ll give her a suck on the fruit we’re eating, or give her 2-3 rice grains to munch.
Still on 2 solid meals (breakfast and dinner, ~2.5 tbs) and have her milk 3 hourly (I let her rest for an hour before giving her a milk feed after her solid meal). Snacks on babybites biscuit at noon time.
She only takes home made cereals, fruit or vege puree. No meat introduced yet (will wait till 1yr old).

Zaria at 8 month

Clock wise top left : absolutely love this pix taken by my neighbour in the park; showing off her clapping skill; On her Tripp Trapp, her new found favourite; Spending lots of time in the walker

She takes 2 naps in the day for about 1hr to 1.5hr per nap.
She sleeps at ~9:30pm. Wakes up 1 to 2 times in the night (depending on how soundly she sleeps), requests for the breast, and drifts off to sleep (most of the time I too drift of to sleep with her) midway nursing.

She started having preference on who can touch or carry her. She never used to be that particular, but this month, it’s different!
She dislikes wrinkly people in particular. MIL, out! My sis’ elderly maid, out! She will look at the person, hold the stare for 2s, then she’ll cry, with big drops of tears!
She needs time to warm up to people whom she doesn’t meet that often. SIL once jumped out from no where to greet her, Zaria freaked out, cried like there was no tomorrow.
Every time when we enter someone’s home, she’ll be looking from ceiling to the floor and around, clinging on to the one carrying her tighter, sensing the unfamiliar ground. People started saying she’s ‘papai’ (Cantonese : fussy), but I think she’s just getting more aware of things.

She prefers me over most people. When my maid is carrying her and she sees me walking by, she’ll be calling out for meย  and her eyes will follow where I go. If I didn’t stop to play with her or carry her, she would be fretting, making crying sounds. However, she prefers Daddy over me when she’s in a playful mood, because Daddy plays a lot with her.

She likes
1) to touch, shake, knock just about anyย objects she gets her hands on
2) to stand or to bounce herself up and down
3) anything that makes sound and music
4) go to the park (and she loves to lift her head to watch the swaying leaves on trees)
5) baths
6) grind her teeth playfully (the top with the bottom) which gets on my nerve (hate the sound).

I like it when she feels manja (Malay : TLC required) and lays her head on my shoulder when I carry her.

I just love this little chilli padi!


1. chooi peng - August 29, 2007

dislike wrinkly people? weird ah!!

2. chanelwong - August 29, 2007

kecik kecik cili padi…she is going to be a tough girl…

3. eve - August 29, 2007

Cayden is still toothless..Cannot wave bye bye yet..but by golly , can really shout for food..Able to stand and move from one corner to the other corner in a playpen while holding on to the bar..cannot say mummum..only ahhhh ahhhh.indicating that he wants something..liddat lor..

4. nadia - August 29, 2007

Waaaahhhhh… 8 months already ah? Damn! Time flies!! Have you thought about her birthday plans yet? LOL!

5. michelle - August 29, 2007

Wow it is already 8 months, time flies. She is really grown up. I can see that she likes food too. ๐Ÿ˜›

6. ehon - August 29, 2007

hahahahahaha! wahhhh. see how proud this mummy is!!! i can read all your happiness while writing this entry!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

woohoo! chilli padi is becoming a bigger chilli padi! lol

7. misha's mum - August 29, 2007

she is cute lar . look slike Misha when Misha is young ๐Ÿ™‚ cute cute!!

8. dancing queen - August 29, 2007

Zaria is really cute! She looks really solid, you know what I mean? Sat cheng, the Cantonese say! Hahah! ๐Ÿ™‚

9. chinnee - August 29, 2007

U really do great with your kids. soon, can consider another one liao, hehe…

10. Zaza - August 29, 2007

your cili padi’s growing well! aidan’s turning 1 next month. i give him 3 solids now, all home made. and 3 times milk, like you an hour after every meal. will start poultry next month. but now enjoying his fruits, cookies, rusks, bread. 8 teeth already.. and loves to bite my shoulder!

Happy 8 month zaria!! and well done mummy!

11. Giddy Tiger - August 29, 2007

Jolly ol 8-month-old cili padi! ๐Ÿ™‚
I know what you mean about the piranha hehehe…

12. shern's mom - August 29, 2007

she’s growin up and looks more and more like zara now esp in the tripp trapp pic. btw, shern has 300 balls of those tesco balls but still not enough to fill his tiny pool. but i only let them play it once in a while. imagine the balls aftermath.
the tripp trapps looks so cool, with the safety belt and cushion pad on.

crawl commando style backwards? so cute. cannot remember shern actually crawl that way before. straight to crawlin on knees.

13. jazzmint - August 29, 2007

very comprehensive..hehe crawl backward, sure cute ๐Ÿ™‚

14. Oscar's Mommy - August 29, 2007

wow… 8mths already? so fast… haha, so funny, dislike wrinkly ppl…

15. Simple American - August 30, 2007

Now I reminesce of when my babies were babies. haha. No one lays on you like a baby. The head almost merging with the shoulder. The faith that daddy would never drop them. ๐Ÿ™‚

Zaria has a sweet smile.

16. sesame - August 30, 2007

Zaria is one solid healthy looking baby! Btw, this thing about disliking wrinkly pple is quite common I believe…my boy was also like that when he was her age. But fortunately, they’ll grow out of it.

17. khongfamily - August 30, 2007

Your chili padi has grown so much…!!! At least she loves food, Shay didn’t even bother when we are eating…hai. And she’s combat crawl too?

18. mott - August 30, 2007

wow…..sudah 8bulan? cepatnya!

i think ppl get a wee bit sensitive when lil bubs don’t ‘warm’ up to them…oh well..what to do?

19. Malaika's mummy - August 30, 2007

Happy 8th month old, Zaria.

I think around this age, baby is definitely more aware of new environemnts and will look around curiously. I remembered bring Malaika to stay a night at a hotel in Melaka, and it took me forever to get her to sleep.

Oh, the trip trapp, sat her in that in one of the restaurant in Germany.

20. may - August 30, 2007

the older she gets, the more she looks like here sister, especially with that cute chin!

21. SASHA - August 30, 2007

time flies ya..now 8 months edi..soon will be 1st bday!

22. a-moms-diary - September 1, 2007

zaria is really growing to look very much like zara. at around this age babies tend to develop separation anxiety, maybe that’s why she’s rejecting certain people now? yiu yiu used to be that way when she was about 9 months old but she’s back to her kaypoh self now.

23. milkmaid - September 3, 2007

wah her development is quite advance yah?? So fast 8 months !! And it seems like just yesterday when you were walking the park with a pregnant belly.

24. zaria - July 13, 2008

what 8 moths ? i think she is a sturinking babay

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