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Putrajaya Fun August 27, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in my two girls, trips.

Putrajaya has some fun things going on, so we actually made 2 trips there this weekend.

On Friday night, we went to see the fireworks since Jazz has been blogging about it so frequently. We went at about 8pm, just so we could bring the kids to the fun fair near the fireworks display. Such a rip off that was. Entrance fee was : RM5 per adults, RM3 for kids; and the rides were all RM6 and above. They even charged parents RM3 if they need to stand next to and accompany the child in the carrousel ride!

Since it was so expensive, we only let Zara went on 3 rides (2 x hotair balloon merry-go-round and 1 x carrousel), as she wouldn’t do it herself, we have to accompany her on the rides.

Fun Fair Rides

The many exorbidantly priced rides in the funfair!

Girls at Fun Fair

Zara had some fun, but Zaria was a bit dopey throughout

At close to 9pm, all the rides were temporary shut down, so that the whole place became quiet and dark for the fireworks display. We got a really nice view of the fireworks from the funfair ground (the camera ran out of battery so no photos of the firewarks). It was quite nice, but I heard this was probably one of the worse display in the entire competition.

On Saturday morning, we took off to Putrajaya again. Why? Because the cows are in town! You know the Marche cows that kids so love? There are about 20 of them on display near the Ministry of Agriculture.

Zara enjoyed it very much initially, she wanted to ride on each and every cow. However, it was a super hot day, after being under the scorching sun for about 30mins, she started whining and asked us to go home.
So many cows to ride!

A few of the priviledged ones which Zara chose to ride on

Putrajaya fun

Zaria didn’t know what the fuss was about, but she just tagged along. Zara trying to milk one of the cows

We were then off for some lunch in an airconditioned place.
Girls' lunch

For those of you who like the cows, go check them out, I heard they are moving them about, and the final destination is supposed to be KLCC.



1. Angeline Wee - August 27, 2007

Sounds fun… wanna go..

2. nadia - August 27, 2007

Yeah, the prices are crazy innit? Ridiculous betul! Didn’t know about the cows though. Aiya…!!!!

3. Malaika's mummy - August 27, 2007

I plan to go to Putrajaya for the firework, but not sure got time or not.

Wah.. can see the Zara is very hot, can see her sweaty hair!!! No wonder she whined. I would do the same too. 😉

4. grace - August 27, 2007

wow. Zara’s mom, u reli dun mind putting a picture of baby zaria being breastfeed??

5. ehon - August 27, 2007

ppl always tell me putrajaya very boring! lol. 😛

6. laundryamah - August 27, 2007

aiya me today only came back too late leow lor..Apah of course doesnt know how to bring the kids aroune when I’m not around lor…

7. jazzmint - August 27, 2007

oo..what the funfair so exp huh :S…cheat money LOL..

wah cool cows…faythe probably dare not sit, last time we were at sg also didn’t dare to sit

8. lynnx01 - August 27, 2007

Whoa, so much going on in Putrajaya. I’ve got a friend who stays in Putrajaya. Been there a couple of times – all the fond memories.. esp when her housing estate looks like some overseas residential area… all fence-less. House designs all quite cool too.

9. may - August 27, 2007

hey, didn’t know Putrajaya turned into a funfair of sorts!

psssst… Zara… can I have a bite of that chicken?

10. seefei - August 27, 2007

i checked out the cow at vivo city mache this afternoon. good food and a very fun environment. Hope Putrajaya is that happening all year round!! The last time i was there it was like a ghost town le…

11. chinnee - August 28, 2007

the rides are pretty expensive (almost genting’s price ler)….almost wanted to go there last wed ..

12. shern's mom - August 28, 2007

those are lovely cows.much cuter than the real ones. did zara asked you “why no milk come out one?”

13. michelle - August 28, 2007

You didn’t read my blog on funfare? Hehehe….they are money hunters.

14. Simple American - August 28, 2007

They had a lot of those cows over here a decade ago. Forgot what they were promoting. Kind of cute. When I was in Vancouver they did a similar art, only with bears instead.

Really sad they try to milk parents like that. Did Zara enjoy the fireworks? Not scared by the noise?

15. mom2ashley - August 28, 2007

I’m sure ashley would have been thrilled to see all 20 cows on display!

16. chanelwong - August 28, 2007

aiyoooo soooo nice….your going this thursday nite? any interesting place to go this weekend? Last weekend busy with wedding…

17. milkmaid - August 28, 2007

At least u reached P/jaya. Check out my site. All I saw was the traffic jam on the highway 😦

18. chooi peng - August 28, 2007

I m planning to go to the funfair this weekend for the closing.
btw, Zaria sit like a big boss ah!!

19. khongfamily - August 28, 2007

Didn’t know there are cows in Putrajaya? Zaria looked bored in the photos.

20. KittyCat - August 28, 2007

Looks fun 🙂 I wish I can be in Putrajaya for the International Fireworks Competition – I love the ones the Japanese put up during the Bon Odori celebrations in Penanng!

Kiddy rides are ridiculous, aren’t they? E.g. one token costs RM4 at Jusco, Queensbay Mall! Thank God Lucas is still happy driving a motionless car.

21. beckysmum - August 28, 2007

I miss all the fun! Duh~
The kiddy rides are too expensive lah… Potong leher meh!!

22. synnee - August 29, 2007

You didn’t mention the traffic and crowd so I’m assuming these were not an issue? I’m put off by these, that’s why we’re not heading there but your post is tempting me! 😉

Interesting way of putting up that pic with a star…made me laugh! I love the pic of zaria and zara together, shows how big zaria has grown. And she looks like the serious one.

23. Jazmine - August 29, 2007

Love the picture of Zara and Zaria. So sweet

24. the silai - August 29, 2007

how ah a mother with toddler+baby cope on a family day out? my BP wud prolly shoot thru the roof neh…tabik u!!

25. twin - August 29, 2007

wah she must have enjoyed the rides. we tot of going too but since its so expensive .. better not la. we went to look at the fireworks too … at alamanda rooftop … it was soo far …. blocked by the hill. and it was bloody jam …. !! the kids enjoyed tho.

26. Julian - August 29, 2007

Shucks… accompanying also charged… they really know how to make money huh…

27. Sweetpea - August 30, 2007

RM3 just to stand there? haiizz.. if don’t ‘liok’ u parents now, then when to ‘liok’ wor? malaysia boleh!

28. Ivy - August 30, 2007

somehow i keep thinking zaria looks a little like baby jenna (Irene’s 2nd girl – from bits and pieces)

29. diyana yang - September 7, 2007

the rides are ridiculously expensive la!!

30. sebastian ochotorena - July 24, 2008

when is the “fair be there” coming to miami and I have another question about the tickets. Do you sell tickets in the web site? and do you have a game that sells electric scooters? and can you send us a copy of the back of the “fair be there” . That is all. Bye for now.

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