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There’s Always Something To Buy August 22, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in breastfeeding, my two girls, notable, parenting.

Do you realise as a parent, you always have something to buy for the kids?

The purchases

The last 2 weeks, I’d bought quite a few items for the kids (and no, they have nothing to do with the mega sales), and got my loot over the weekend.

I met Chanel on Sunday and picked up Zaria’s new Kissaluv and Drybees (washable) diapers together with a set of inserts. I ordered them from Miabambina and got them delivered to Chanel together with a few parents so we could save on shipping cost (I discovered this is called a SPREE from Domestic Rat).

The Kissaluv diapers are so soft and they come in such nice colours! The only thing is, I didn’t know this is a fitted diaper which means the outer layer is not waterproof, so after 2~3hrs, expect to feel the wetness from the outside. Unlike Drybees, the outer layer remain dry even after 4hours of wearing.

I also collected from my best friend’s cousin The Leap Frog Learning DVDs; Badger Sunblock; and Busy Baby Wrap which came from New York.

I want Zara to pick up phonics, and I was hoping the set of Learning DVDs will do the trick. She watched 1 of the DVDs repeatedly over the weekend (probably 5 times in the 2 days) as she really likes it, and started saying, Ssssss Sssssss, Ke Ke Ke, Je Je Je, etc to herself. So I guess, the money spent on this will not be wasted.

The Busy Baby Wrap will make nursing in public easier away from prying eyes. I started with a small nursing cape, but as Zaria becomes more active, she likes to yank the nursing cape when she’s nursing, and have my breast play peek-a-boo with the world. The Busy Baby Wrap material is a bit on the thick side though, it’ll be very warm if I wanted to use it outdoor. 😦

My best friend got me 2 tubes of Badger Sunblock as birthday presents, it’s a sunblock for the whole family and supposed to be one of the best sunblock available. Domestic Rat had done a very good research on this.

Finally, the biggest item is Tripp Trapp, for Zaria. Daddy was tempted to get an immitation initially, but after looking at the finishing of the fake, we decided against it.

Zara has been using her Tripp Trapp since she was 6 months old, she eats her breakfast, lunch, dinner at the dining table (not away like most high chairs do because of its bulkiness) together with us. She gets up and down the chair on her own since she was very young (how many high chair allow a toddler to do this safely?). Not once, the chair has toppled or fell. Her chair still looks as good as new without any paint chipped. The chair is adjusted every now and then to follow her growth, it’s her chair which grows with her, and she can still use it even when she’s a full grown adult!

Added later :
I forgot to add, in the warehouse sales that we went with Chanel and family, we also managed to get some plastic animal figurines for Zara (RM1 per piece), a real working microscope and statescope.

Have to hold off shopping for a while after this lot. o.O



1. Rani - August 22, 2007

i love the look of tripp trapp, is it expensive? was it a worthwhile investment?

ZMM : I think it’s worth the investment as the chair can be used even when after the child has become an adult. Price is high because of the Euro.

2. ehon - August 22, 2007

shopping spreeeeee! heh. i think sooner the lampin withthe huge pin is gonna go extinct!

ZMM : It won’t go extinct, because there are other usage for the cloth. We used it as a burp cloth. And for the first few days of a baby’s life, lampin is good because they poo so often. 🙂

3. montessorimum - August 22, 2007

Totally agree that as a parents there’s always something to buy. There’s always new improved products to lure the parents.

ZMM : And normally, parents are more willing to spend on the kids than themselves.. Ha.

4. dancing queen - August 22, 2007

Wah, nowadays got so many nice things to get for babies! Hmmm… too bad those days are behind me now. On the other hand, I’m quite relieved! 🙂

ZMM : Hey, but you still have your young kids.. they are also things targetted for their age. haha.

5. Mommy to Chumsy - August 22, 2007

Ooooooo…what a great loot you got. The Tripp Trapp is sooo expensive. I saw one at a baby’s shop in 1U and it was around RM900?

ZMM : I got a discount for 2nd set. The price is on the high side, but it’s a chair that will grow with the child.. A good high chair is about RM200 to RM300, which will last maybe 3yrs (each year RM100), Tripp Trapp will be usable even when the child is 50yrs old.. so.. it’s more worth it. 😛

6. Everyday Healy - August 22, 2007

Wah…. I wanna be your kids too….. Got so many stuff. Anyway, That DVD.. can get in Malaysia?

ZMM : I looked around, it wasn’t available, that’s why I got mine from US.

7. sassysuzan - August 22, 2007

Not bad. You managed to get the Badger Sunblock! I’m still waiting for mine.

ZMM : Aaah.. from a spree?

8. sesame - August 22, 2007

Aiyah. That was me. I forgot to logout from my friend’s blog.

ZMM : Haha..

9. chooi peng - August 22, 2007

Tripp Trapp.. sound interested.. how much and where to get it ah?

ZMM : You can go check it out at Bebehaus One Utama or their online shop : http://www.bebehaus.com/. It costs more than other high chair but it can be used even until the child becomes an adult.

10. anggie - August 22, 2007

Is good to have best friends or relative from oversea like UK or US. can easily ask them to buy whatever product we cant get here in M’sia.
The tripp trapp is cool man …. and i like the DVD la… sure my boy will love it . 🙂

ZMM : My friend only comes back once a year, and I try to make her carry only small or light items. The best is still going there yourself.. aaigh.. wonder when I’ll get to go.

11. Giddy Tiger - August 22, 2007

The Tripp Trapp looks like the baby high chair in Marche, is that right?

ZMM : I’d been to Marche but don’t remember their high chair is Trip Trapp. The only place I’d seen using the immitation Tripp Trapp (you can tell by the quality and slight deviation from the original) is Aunty Nat.

12. chanelwong - August 22, 2007

Agnes, we spent more on kids than ourselves..I agree with you…

the Tripp Trapp looks interesting but I cannot afford that….

ZMM : We are more willing to spend on them.. and that’s how retailer try to trap us too. 😦

13. the silai - August 22, 2007

won’t the bb falls off accidentally from tripp trapp? unlike regular high-chair that’s “caged-up”?

kids and bbs stuffs can so pricey…sigh. am trying to save as much as i can for their tertiary educations and my own retirement now!

ZMM : Oh, the pix shown is without the bar and the cushion as I just took it from their website. When we have ours set up, I’ll take a shot of Zaria siting on it to show you.
I’m also trying to save, but err.. hands always itchy want to shop. 😛

14. chinnee - August 22, 2007

oh…..what a revolution on the cloth diaper, hehe….btw, would like to find out more about this wonderful lady behind Zara’s mum:)

ZMM : oh.. ok.. will go and have a look at your tag.

15. slavemom - August 22, 2007

Nice chair.. nice price! It’d better last forever… 😀

ZMM : It should last forever I think. 😛

16. Zaza - August 22, 2007

i absolutely love your blog. totally! we were fortunate to get our tripp trapp for less than 100euros. i would recommend it to every parent, aidan loves sitting on it. it’s worth it! main reason why i bought it coz i wanted him to join us during meal times having meals together infront of the dining table. we had guests over for dinner the other day and short of one chair and my husband Hardy sat on aidan’s tripp trapp and it didnt tripp! (or he didnt trip!?) it is solid. all stokke products are good and they will last! check out the xplory! my sister’s using it now, its REALLY convenient! if only we can make all these stuff affordable in malaysia!!

your meisjes are adorable!!!!

ZMM : Your Euro100 Trip Trapp is a steal! With the front bar and cushion? Boy, I should have asked someone to get it for me from Europe.

17. Sasha, My Name is SASHA - August 22, 2007

buy until pokai sometimes….neverending wan

ZMM : Ya man.. but I told myself.. no more clothes.. other things ok. 😛

18. Simple American - August 23, 2007

Great purchases.

Send Cocka my regrets that he has lost his free show. 😛

ZMM : Haha.. Now, he’ll have to go back to his DVDs.

19. Cocka Doodle - August 23, 2007

This one Paid Per Post ah?

ZMM : If you pay me, I’ll de-link your name from the word prying eyes.. Yes, it can be turned into pay pey post.. 😛

20. milkmaid - August 23, 2007

I’ve always wanted to get the Tripp Trapp lar….but already purchased the portable high chair 😦

ZMM : For the 2nd child then.. 😛

21. DR - August 23, 2007

Oops! I forgot to tell you that the Busy Baby Wrap is quite thick and may not be as comfy for nursing outdoors but I do see many uses for it like a fashionable shawl for yourself when travelling, and even as a blanket for the kiddos. Nothing on the separate baby einstein dvds yet. I managed to get the entire set at SGD60 which is a very good deal indeed.

ZMM : Your Baby Einstein is a steal! I didn’t know the Busy Baby Wrap was going to be so thick or I wouldn’t have ordered it. Normally it’s easy to find a nice quiet place to nurse indoor, but outdoor is more difficult. 😦

22. shern's mom - August 23, 2007

that’s a bunch of expensive stuffs, mommy. the tripp trapp is so expensive and you got two? wow.
now you make my hands itch for the baby einstein dvds…how much?

23. khongfamily - August 23, 2007

I like the Tripp Trapp too when I saw it in a shop in S’pore last year. Very expensive indeed. Didn’t get it and bought the Ikea highchair instead.

24. sharine - August 23, 2007

Wow… great items you got and that Tripp Trapp sounds wonderful too! Yeah…. kissaluvs colors are just too delicious. I never fail to provide a purchase list for DH when he’s overseas… haha… parent always spend more on their kids.

25. michelle - August 24, 2007

I got the Leap Frog DVD too for Tim. It should arrive soon. I heard lots of good things from it.

26. Malaika's mummy - August 24, 2007

The Tripp Trapp so good meh? Hmm… perhaps I shld ask my MIL to send one to me 😉 I wonder how heavy it is!?

And the Leap Frog DVD, I can ask my SIL to send to me too.

It’s good to have relatives overseas. Thanks for the info.

27. jazzmint - August 24, 2007

oo u got another trip trap. Marche Sg uses it as well, but I think it’s difficult to put the child in with the thing in front..dunno how to take out haha

28. KittyCat - August 24, 2007

Hey, you got some stuff from MiaBambina too. So did I 😉 You’re such a good shopper, if I open a shop, I must invite you to be the official ribbon cutter!

I’m looking for a Combi stroller for Lucas – can recommend ah? His legs getting too long for the Graco Citisport already. I recall you mentioned this in one of your posts on Zara.

29. Syn - August 26, 2007

Looks like we all in the same boat…once you have kids, you always have something to buy and it will burn a big hole in our pockets!

Thanks for sharing…too bad you’re not earning any commission from them. 😉

30. whoisbaby - August 26, 2007

ya, we all like to shop for our kids. i buy things for brandon every week almost. last time went to ikea and got a table and a chair. i don’t remember when was the last time i bought myself a ‘toy’ or cloth or anything (beside food). me too want to save, but hand also gatal, see see cute cute things, buy buy.

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32. emelia - April 17, 2008

hi…i want to buy leapfrog Dvd,,cn we get it here in malaysia???

33. WeeplyTrieree - July 21, 2010

Hello All.
I am glad that was registered here.
Look,new Pic


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