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Whiney Zara August 20, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in parenting, Zara.

Whiney Zara

Don’t be fooled by the face, she’s very capable of driving you up the walls

The whining started on Friday.
“Tomorrow we going cinema?”
“The cinema turn off lights one?”
“Yes. But it won’t be very dark, because the big screen like a big TV will be very bright.”
“I’m scared, I don’t want to go.”
“But mummy and daddy will be going with you.”
“But I don’t want to go.”

We brought her anyway, and in the cinema, she sat between Daddy and I. Mid way through the show, Ratatouille, she started saying every now and then, “I want to go home!” “I don’t like the cinema.” “It’s too loud.” “It’s too dark.” “I want to go home”. Luckily, the whole cineplex was booked by our company, I allowed her to walk up and down the stairs next to the aisle, she was entertained until the movie was over.

Then on Saturday, she started her whining again.
“I don’t want to go to school.”
“You just go and have fun.”
“It’s not fun la. I don’t want to go to school la.”
“You go and learn new songs and read new story books. Maybe you’ll get to play with sand and water this week.”
“But I don’t want to go to school.”
Daddy even said, “Maybe we should stop her, she seems to be traumatised by the whole thing.” (Whining == traumatised? *roll eyes*)

We brought her anyway. I was supposed to have 15mins play time with her in the class (parents are allowed to be with the child the first 15mins), but when she got into the class and I was getting seated, she told me, “Mummy, you go out and wait. You don’t stay here.” o.O

After class, we met with Chanel and family in the market. Zara was whining the whole time, “I want to go home, I want to go home.” Even crying pitifully. But when we brought her to Wisma Bakti for a warehouse sales (the place was full of slides, see-saw for sales), she was happily playing and forgot that she needed to go home.

In the evening, Daddy asked where she wanted to go.
“I want to go One Utama.”
“What do you want to do there?”
“I want to go buy something.”
“What do you want to buy.”
“……. I want to go look at people walk here walk there.”

In the end, we just went and had dinner in a Chinese restaurant some where in PJ and Zara was whiney again, chanting “I want to go home” the whole time, even while enjoying her fried fish.

It’s really getting very difficult to bring her out these days, she only wants to do her own things, or else, she’ll be chanting ‘I want to go home’ throughout. Very annoying, very ‘fan’ 烦. Haih.


1. dancing queen - August 20, 2007

She really has a mind of her own. 🙂

2. Angeline Wee - August 20, 2007

I guess its just a phase.. cause thats what happened to my youngest sis..but dnt worry.. when she knows how to shop u will have to bring her shopping till no tomorrow…ahaha take care…

3. kikare - August 20, 2007

Then just leave her at home. You and Daddy go out and have some fun!

4. sesame - August 20, 2007

Ya, I think it’s a phase the kids all go through. Gavin was like that at one stage too. I can understand how you feel. Sometimes I felt like tearing out his hair. :p It’ll pass…

5. ehon - August 20, 2007

hahahahaha. wah! headache! i hope her whining gets lesser as she grows. lol!

6. chooi peng - August 20, 2007

weird.. i thought kids will like to go out?? LOL

7. may - August 20, 2007

maybe she forgot to turn off her “auto answering machine”… LOL! I wonder if I did that too my Mum too?… *grin*

8. the silai - August 20, 2007

LOL, kids and babies are not cute all the time hor? can go chi-sin sometimes!!

9. Jayden's Mum - August 20, 2007

maybe she felt more comfy and safe at home? but my son always ask me to go kai kai …walk until belakang patah

10. Irene - August 21, 2007

LOL. Why do we torture ourselves with kids, eh? 😉

11. Vien - August 21, 2007

Oh my, she is a very homely girl, huh?

12. Rhiannon - August 21, 2007

He he, kids, what can you do? They always want the opposite of what you want them to do!!

13. Simple American - August 21, 2007

Duct tape is as good as a mute switch. Though it does make it difficult to eat.

Zara is quite a character. You need to take a picture of the whiney face. Otherwise I do not believe you. 😛

14. egghead - August 21, 2007

my son only said “I don’t want to watch already” when the bad guy made an appearance on the big screen… LOL!

15. chanelwong - August 21, 2007

She is a great actress…should enrol her to drama class..

16. Samm - August 21, 2007

That face hohl i really beh tahan. Mine only wants the pc and PSP. With either one in hand, he guaiguai play and no disturb-disturb wannn. Where got “fan”? So, any plans to come visit us poor ipoh souls?

17. anggie - August 21, 2007

Hahaha… this talk is funny ” I want to go look at people walk here walk there.” …. she getting u more “pening” lor … *-*
She always said wanna go home, when reach home … she got bising bising say wanna go out ar ??? *0*

ZMM : No wor. She’s happy at home, but will ask me to bring her to her friend’s house or to the park nearby, even if I said no, she won’t whine like she does when she’s out.

18. Immomsdaughter - August 21, 2007

What a coincidence, Mei Mei has also started being whiney and I really cannot tolerate her sometimes *slaps head*

19. RIna - August 21, 2007

Tell me about the whining. I am going crazy with Harvynna’s whining. btw – nice video of her singing – like the way she moves and her hair blows in the wind – like mtv video clip

20. jazzmint - August 21, 2007

she’s homesick? mine is totally terbalik…sau gai poh LOL

21. chinnee - August 22, 2007

real funny talking to Zara…haha…..

22. nadia - August 22, 2007

Aiyaaaaa.. if Irfan starts to be whiney, I’ll go bonkerz!

23. mom2ashley - August 22, 2007

hahahah! i think ashley’s gettin gthere too…

24. Giddy Tiger - August 22, 2007

Wah…the making of a shopaholic – just like Mommy! 😀

25. michelle - August 24, 2007

Looks like she wants to be the “decision maker” of everything.

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