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Finally, The Rash Is Gone! August 15, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in notable, Zaria.

Nui Born Pure Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Zaria has been having this milk rash on her cheeks since she was ~ 5months (as spotted by many readers). The Bud’s Super Soothing Rescue Lotion did help to reduce the rash, but not getting rid of it.

Everydayhealy told me she used Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for her Elizebeth, since it’s edible, she didn’t have to worry if Elizebeth ate it.

I went ahead and bought a bottle of Nui Born Pure Extra Virgin Coconut Oil from Just Life after reading her comment. The oil is expensive, RM120+ for 440ml, but if it works, I really don’t mind.

For 1 month, we’d been applying this on Zaria’s cheek as a ‘protection’ twice a day. The oil is very fragrant, and she likes it, always trying to lick my finger when I’m applying for her. In the night, we continue to apply the Bud’s Super Soothing Rescue Lotion on her after she’d gone to bed.

Using this, I can apply as often as I can, and not have to worry if she licked any off her cheeks. What more, it works! See, no more rash now!
No more Rash!

Other benefit of the oil :
~ It contains Lauric Acid (~50%) which is what you find in breast milk, so consuming it helps to boost your immunity, and it’s suitable for infant. (I didn’t let Zaria take it as a supplement though, since I’m still breast feeding her. Zara on the other hand, doesn’t like the taste, so she won’t drink it.)
~ It is readily absorbed into the skin and have immune enhancing and antimicrobial effects (no oily cheeks for Zaria even though we apply the oil neat to her face).
~ It stimulates metabolism, so more energy is burn which may help to reduce weight (I’m taking 2 teaspoons a day, but so far haven’t found myself to be lighter or leaner yet. *bummer*)
There are more benefits than just these. You can read from here or just google to check out the benefits.


1. eve - August 15, 2007

Cayden’s rash went off without us applying anything on it..weird..but it came back after a week or so , then off again..Still no teeth yet. 😦

ZMM : How nice.. his skin can heal on its own. We are using the oil just as ‘protection’ since she’s sensitive to most cream.

2. ehon - August 15, 2007

SO CUTE!!! Awww.. Her smile with her teeth! Heart Melter this one.

ZMM : Heehee.. now you know why mummies ‘die’ in their kids’ ‘hands’.

3. sesame - August 15, 2007

Interesting! Didn’t know virgin coconut oil is so useful. And Zaria cheeks are certainly looking rosy and very kissable…

ZMM : And the best thing is.. it’s delicious.. She’s even more kissable when they (the cheeks) smells like ‘santan’.. YUM!

4. chooi peng - August 15, 2007

Zaria smile so sweet… How’s the taste of the oil?

ZMM : It tastes like santan.. so very delicious. 😛

5. shern's mom - August 15, 2007

wow, zaria’s face so shinny and smooth now.
erm, you drink the oil? or it is creamy like santan? can loose weight i don’t mind tryin also…

ZMM : It’s not creamy.. but it sure smells and tastes like santan.. delicious! Go try go try.. I didn’t loose weight though.. 😦

6. Min - August 15, 2007

yeah! finally can see her smooth skin and pretty face now!!:)

ZMM : Pretty hor?

7. mott - August 15, 2007

wow… will definitely keep this in mind!! thanks for that..

such a killer smile too!!!

ZMM : And can bite too you know.. 😛

8. michelle - August 15, 2007

Huh, u take oil? Can mix it with salad?

ZMM : Can.. can use to cook, mix with formula, bake etc etc..

9. Lian - August 16, 2007

Thanks for sharing. Aiyooo, so cute with those cheeks.

ZMM : Thanks.. 😛

10. slavemom - August 16, 2007

Zaria’s so cute.. smiling and showing her 2 tiny teeth. Glad the oil works for her… smooth cheeks again. Yeah, expensive stuff may not necessarily work. But if it works, then worth every penny of it.

ZMM : As long as it works and not too expensive it’s ok.. This oil, if just use for application, will last very long.. but since I’m drinking it, it’s going real fast. 😦

11. laundryamah - August 16, 2007

u mean that oil can apply & drink too? wow! yayyy no more rashes for Zaria!

ZMM : Yeah.. can apply and drink too.. that’s one it’s good for babies. 🙂

12. jazzmint - August 16, 2007

she looks exactly like zara

ZMM : Yeah man..

13. Simple American - August 16, 2007

Ah! Now I can pinch her cheeks and not worry about the rash. Yay! And look at those little toothies! So cute!

ZMM : 2 more popping out! And she likes to bite! *ouch*

14. DR - August 16, 2007

May i know where to get this? 🙂

1C, Jalan Sungai Kelian
Tel : 8900-589
(I just happen to have the Just Life mag in front of me)
Btw, I saw cheaper ones in other organic shop. Oil is imported but packed locally, and it’s 1/2 price. I may want to try that the next time.

15. dancing queen - August 16, 2007

Wow, that’s so amazing! Good recommendation!

ZMM : Try it!

16. milkmaid - August 16, 2007

Aiyo – her cheeks look like it’s about to fall !

ZMM : Fat ah?

17. Irene - August 16, 2007

Awww! Look at that smile! Come here Zaria, auntie Irene pinch pinch and kiss kiss.

Zaria : *plant wet kiss on Auntie Irene*

18. anggie - August 16, 2007

the oil abit Ex.. hor… but i think is worth seem it’s help …
look at her cheeky smile… so cute, feel like kissing her… opps.. cannot kiss la… later got rash…
i remember that a fren told me a joke about what the doctor said.
Every aunty and jie jie like to kiss baby cheek, and this coz rash to baby cheek.. cos all baby face got all this estee lauder,lancome,l’oreal …. bla bla from the lipstick … hahaha… which is true la.

ZMM : Haha.. true woh.. but Zaria’s Daddy hor.. won’t let anybody kiss her except him, me, and Zara. 😐

19. chinnee - August 16, 2007

so glad to see Zaria’s pretty face again 🙂 Money can always find back, but the pain would always be a bad memory. Happy for you and thanks for the tips too 🙂

20. Annie Q - August 16, 2007

Wow..Now Zaria got a “wat luk luk” face lo..*kiss kiss kiss kiss*
Justlife is a organic shop right? Is it the one at Ikano power centre?

21. sasha - August 16, 2007

wah ada gigi samo!

22. jean - August 16, 2007

I love her smile!! SHe is so chubby and adorable 🙂

23. Marie - August 17, 2007

*cubit the face* she’s is so so adorable.I wanna kiss her face. I wonder whether it can be applied to my face or not. I have sensitive skin too. Is it sticky or too oily?

24. jacss - August 17, 2007

hi i’m dropping by for the 1st time!

wow, the oil looks great, i shd consider using it for my boys’ dry/flaky+eczema skin………!!!

25. mom2ashley - August 17, 2007

oh yea…her cheeks are less red now..i thought she had natural rosy cheeks ..

26. chanelwong - August 17, 2007

she looks soooo smooth her skin now..wow….

27. Yvonne - August 17, 2007

Thanks for sharing. Great info. Ryan had quite bad rashes on his face too when he was younger. Thankfully he outgrown that phase now. Helpful tip when I have 2nd one.. 😛

Ps: She has nice chin there (ha par tao tao)… will be rich and famous one day….

28. may - August 19, 2007

hurrah! the rash is gone! *pinch pinch cheeks*

29. whoisbaby - August 19, 2007

zaria face now smooth smooth. good to hear you found the solution.

30. Malaika's mummy - August 19, 2007

Eh.. that cream is edible too. Wow… I think Malaika has outgrown that phase. The occasional outbreak is due to food allergic, I suspect.

31. Samm - August 21, 2007

Ya, the NUI is good. Too bad not available in Ipoh…. 😦

32. David - June 4, 2008

Nui is available online in Australia and canada from http://www.nuicoconut.com. Thanks for all your reccomendations you are very high up on our website referals list.

Fair Trade for a Fair go helping disadvantaged communities in the South Pacific. Join the NUI GENERATION

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