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Jabatan Imigresen August 10, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in my two girls, notable.

Took 1/2 day off to have our passport renewed/updated/done yesterday.

Jabatan Imigresen these days is pretty efficient. I got the forms printed from the website (so you don’t have to pay RM1 for each form used) and filled them up the day before.

Yesterday I brought the girls to have their photos taken (which took a while because they just couldn’t sit still or look at the camera), and then straight to Jabatan Imigresen Subang Airport branch.  

The girls' passport photos

The girls’ many shots before getting the right photo for their passports

We arrived at 11:45am, and didn’t have to wait long. Got Zara’s photo updated (FOC); applied for Zaria’s passport (RM150); and renewed mine (RM300). We left at 1pm with Zara’s updated passport. Zaria’s and mine would be ready by 2:30pm same day, but I didn’t want to wait, so I will have to go back next week to collect.

The counter staff were courteous, and efficient! I think our goverment departments are getting better these days.

I was also very impressed to see this :
Nursing Room in Jabatan Imigresen
A nursing room in the waiting hall! Way to go Malaysia!



1. egghead - August 10, 2007

going somewhere?

2. may - August 10, 2007

not bad, eh? they’re slowly picking things up! those mugshots look pretty cool… 😉

3. Abby's Mummy - August 10, 2007

those pics sure look good…esp top R hand corner that one…
if you wanna know what a REALLY BAD passport picture looks like…hahaha…you wait, wait arr…one day i will upload my baby’s passport picture (taken at 13 days old)… o_O

4. mott - August 10, 2007

yea..I think they are very efficient! luckily Zaria isn’t a wobbly baby!!!

5. Angeline Wee - August 10, 2007

Love the pics.. Zara looks so pretty. Wow, its so fast now ya.. and looks like the goverment sector is improving.. which is about time!

6. nadia - August 10, 2007

Yeah, it was very easy when we did Irfan’s too. My mom and brothers just renewed theirs a few days back and said things are efficient now. Way to go! 🙂

7. chooi peng - August 10, 2007

the kids photo need to update one ah?? KW is still using the baby photo on her passport!! hehe

8. venice tham - August 10, 2007

great that they have a nursing room as was planning to take max to apply a passport and i was thinking to myself where can i BF him if he’s angry.

9. venice tham - August 10, 2007

opps sorry shud be hungry not angry…

10. misha's mum - August 10, 2007

good good .. efficient services 🙂

went to JPN Putrajaya last month to apply for new mykad (mine hilang) and get a brand new copy of Birth cert for Misha (becos the ink on the birth cert smeared) all in 30 minutes 🙂

that’s fast actually 🙂

11. WMD - August 10, 2007

Oh that is how to take passport photos for kids lah. Need to do that too soon. I think I must be prepared to take a lot of shots since the boys cannot sit still or smile properly at camera.

12. huisia - August 10, 2007

thinking to apply passport for Elijah too, how to take the little baby’s photo?by holding him?

13. anggie - August 10, 2007

zara look cool and smile sweet while zarie must be curious of this taking photo session.. 🙂 heh.. when u plan to go ???

14. mei - August 10, 2007

I was so glad to hear from you! It’s been what… 1,5 years?
And so much has happened. I’m moving to Japan in 3 weeks!

Since I don’t have a blog anymore, send me email to meira.pappi at gmail.

And congratulations on your second child!!!


15. Jefferene - August 10, 2007

The passport photos look quite nice! Next time you can try taking the photos using your own camera and get the photo printing shop to print out in passport size, the quality would be much better.

16. ehon - August 10, 2007

are u coming to australia to visit me?!!! 😀 😀

see!! i knew m’sia is improving! 😀 way to go, m’sia!

btw, i LOVE your comment about stem cell research on my blog!!! 😀

17. jazzmint - August 10, 2007

wah u guys travelling eh hehe

18. Vien - August 11, 2007

Whoa! I am so impressed too when I saw the nursing room. So, did you go in there to check? Btw, why is applying new passport cheaper than renewing? They have children rate? LOL

19. chinnee - August 11, 2007

wit kids, there is a priority not to queue isnt it?

20. Mamajojo - August 11, 2007

The nursing room is really something impressed me! Passport done, what’s next? Planning for a trip w/ kids…….very lucky-le….

21. Irene - August 11, 2007

That is very efficient! Wanna know how long I waited for jenna’s passport? 4 months!!! And we’re supposedly in a 1st world country!

22. Syn - August 11, 2007

you had it lucky eh…i was the total opposite with rye li’s. actually i didnt know we dont have to queue (my total ignorance!) if i got a young kid but we did anyway. only thing i was impressed is that it was fast when collecting the passport at subang.

and i had to take her picture there since the one we took at the shop was rejected, the background was my orange shirt so they said we have to take a new one for her. and the picture turn out darn ugly, well not as nice as the one we took earlier.

23. michelle - August 11, 2007

Where are you going with the children? Wow, do you have to pay for all those shots?

24. laundryamah - August 11, 2007

but then again..why so efficient also got reason one leh..cash cow ma!! i remember we had to carry Kieran to take the photo cos he was only 6 months old…

25. Jesslyn - August 12, 2007

wow Zara can sit alone and smile without any fear hor! Brave girl.

Hai, Lyon ar sure want me stand beside her..:(

26. winn - August 12, 2007

wow Z sisters must be excited! passport means holiday and fun and disneyland!!!

27. DR - August 12, 2007

Yes! Very impressive indeed. Guess very soon, Zaria will be taking her first ride on the plane.

28. chanelwong - August 13, 2007

they must be soo patient taking soo many shots…
Zara soo kuai sitting down and smile…

29. sasha - August 13, 2007

aiyoh aiyoh itu amoi manyak cantiK! very pretty zara and cute zaria…

30. Simple American - August 14, 2007

Zara is really getting long hair now. Cute smiler. Zaria can sit up straight now.

So you guys planning a trip?

31. Hijackqueen - August 15, 2007

Not all department is so efficient. But I can say the Immigresien department has improved tremendously compared to previously which sucks big time. Try going to the JPJ or police station. lol.

32. mom2ashley - August 15, 2007

zara looks like a big cheh cheh…
and wow! they have a nursing room in at the immigration office? I’m impressed.

33. a-moms-diary - August 17, 2007

when i applied for yiu yiu passport, it was pretty pleasant too, except that i got turned away the first time. it was a friday and i arrived about 10 minutes before their closing time. i didn’t take leave coz i thought i could just squeeze it into my lunch hour. was quite pissed coz i had to take EL to go again in the afternoon. but they redeemed themselves with the efficient service and i was out of there in 15 minutes.

34. Julian - August 18, 2007

Oh kids passport cost RM150 only?

35. twin - August 22, 2007

my service there was so slow …. mother with kids but no fast counter … i applied last year .. i was so frus with the waiting. i went to the one is SA … maybe urs was somewhere diff. great … travelling again?

36. Giddy Tigers » Life as a Cow - September 10, 2007

[…] the reason why nursing rooms are available only in shopping malls? Well, save for the occasional *surprise* we encounter once in a blue moon, most of the time breastfeeding moomies are in a quandary when it […]

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