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I know I’m fat and whiney August 3, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in language, parenting, Zara.

Zara wanted Daddy to show her some pictures on the computer, but she hasn’t taken her bath yet. So I nagged told Daddy : “Get her to bath first la.”
“If you start showing her now, she won’t go for her bath.”
Then to Zara : “It’s almost 10pm. Zara, you go and bath first.”
“You don’t bath, mummy ask Daddy not to show you huh?.”
“Go, go and bath first.”

Zara spoke scornfully, “Mummy, you stop it! You stop whining ok? Enough of whining ok?”


~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~

I was talking to Daddy casually while flipping through Donna Hay’s recipe book.
“Eh I think I’ll be fat if I was a chef, look at all the food I would be cooking.”
Zara heard what I said, and joined in, “Mummy you are fat wut.”
“Your stomach like pregnant wut.”


I know I’m fat, you don’t have to remind mummy ok?


1. ehon - August 3, 2007

wahh!! lol! she so small alrdy so pandai comment. cham lar…

ZMM : Yeah man.. and very honest. 😦

2. Min - August 3, 2007

aiyoh! she is so cute and straightforward!! but she speaks very very well i would say !!

3. Marie - August 3, 2007

In hakka we call this “Lao Sui Pak”.
Ur girl is so so clever.

4. Giddy Tiger - August 3, 2007

I think she takes after you 🙂 She has a comeback for everything 😀

5. anggie - August 3, 2007

hahaha… Ur girl take over u lor .. will u feel abit like “ting sum ting fai” when u r mad that time ? but for me as a reader i feel funny and she is clever la, know how to answer and talk back to u.

6. geetha - August 3, 2007

Hehehe.. sometimes we don’t like to hear the truth, huh? You definitely have to be careful when speaking with her 😉

7. Irene - August 3, 2007

OMG! She cracks me up. Has your spunk for sure!

8. Mrs.Wallace - August 3, 2007

LOL! Thats must be very hurting. On the other hand, ZARA is a smart girl huh.

9. michelle - August 3, 2007

Wow, 1 cilipadi against you…what did dad have to say?

10. chooi peng - August 3, 2007

Smart girl, know how to talk back to mummy! btw, she really speak very very well!

11. Nancy - August 3, 2007

I have a 8 weeks old bb, about the same age difference as yours. My girl is 2 years 2months now. I am experiencing alot of similar stuff as you. It is really testing my patience. I am praying each day that I will be patient and continue to love my older girl. She is extremely attention seeking, whines lots especially at night. Sigh…. this makes it hard for me to take care of bb at night.

12. chinnee - August 3, 2007

ohoh…….how to fight with this smart lil Zara??

13. zara's mama - August 4, 2007

Just to set the record right, I’m not upset with her for saying these..
I find this funny.. such honesty and direct.

Nancy, as the younger one grow bigger, things will get better.
Zara is getting better nowadays, she doesn’t demand for attention when I’m handling Zaria.
And Zaria, she adores Zara..

14. malaika's mummy - August 4, 2007

Zara is so cute and very verbal, huh!.

Such a funny conversation.

15. may - August 4, 2007

LOL! your girl ah… sometimes quite cheeky, hor… *grin*

16. Rhiannon - August 4, 2007

oh no! My kids say it to me too…kids…they are so nice aren’t they?

17. eve - August 4, 2007

Cayden adores Karen too…but not vice versa.. 😦

18. Sabrina - August 4, 2007

Haha…Your daugther really can kutuk you lar…So kesian..You are fat bcoz of giving birth to both of them…Don’t worry I am sure you’ll be back to normal soon.

19. shern's mom - August 5, 2007

kids nowadays are so ‘grown up’. dont be surprise few years down the road ,zara wants more pocket money so she can go for her pedi and manicure. ::mommy faint::

20. Syn - August 5, 2007

how do you react to her when she say these? laugh along or say something else? me want to learn too. 😉

21. Mama BoK - August 5, 2007

Oh my…!! she is so cute.. lah..! and so innocent..!!

22. laundryamah - August 5, 2007

LOL! when can i meet your superstar Zara ah??? kids can be so innocently direct and that’s the best part!!

23. helen - August 5, 2007

Kids say the darnest thing huh? lol

Thank God the husbands dare not!

24. jazzmint - August 5, 2007

whoa…she’s really outright straightfwd!!!

25. sesame - August 5, 2007

o.O I also say…

26. Smelly's mommy - August 6, 2007

haha.. so cute. dun be despair.. i was mistaken for being pregnant at church.. sigh..and i only had one child.. u had 2.. so it is ok..:)

27. mott - August 6, 2007

scornfully? adoi..that hurts!

28. nadia - August 6, 2007

Hahahahaha! Man, she cracks me up all the time… hahaha!

29. sasha - August 6, 2007

one word: OUCH!

30. Simple American - August 6, 2007

So how long did she stand in the corner for this? lol Cheeky lah! What is she going to say when I visit with my jelly belly. Acks!

31. Everyday Healy - August 7, 2007

Haha… She really amused me! Wonderful! Bravo, Zara! Stop whining, mummy! Stop!

Come on, Raise your hand high….. and … give me five! hahaha….

32. Hijackqueen - August 7, 2007

teheehee…. nowadays ah, kids are lidat wan.

33. chanelwong - August 7, 2007

she is absorbing well like adult..

34. a-moms-diary - August 8, 2007

what classic! hahahaha…

35. twin - August 9, 2007

hahaha she’s so funny LOL

36. slavemom - August 12, 2007

she’s like a mirror eh? 😀

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