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Homemade Baby Food and Others August 1, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in home, parenting, recipe, Zaria.

I like the colour of Zaria’s food, so I thought I’d take photos of her every day meal for a few days.

She has so far been given mainly home made cereals (brown rice, quinoa, millet) with vege or fruits, and occasionally, we add some Earth Best Whole Grain Rice Cereal when we need to thicken her fruit or vege puree.

She loves pumpkin, apple, pear, sweet potato, banana, papaya; accepted potato, carrot, cauliflower, spinach, plum, brocoli. She refused avocado twice, using her tongue to push it out and turning away from the spoon.

We started with cereals (brown rice, millet, quinoa) and then later added one fruit or vege to her cereal. Sometimes we just give her 1 type of fruit or vege puree, e.g. puree pumpkin, puree papaya or mash sweet potato or mass banana. Later, we started mixing her favourite item to her vege cereal so that she will enjoy it more, e.g. brocoli + apple cereal; cauliflower + pumpkin cereal.

She enjoys meal time, opening her mouth eagerly, shouts out when the feeding is not quick enough.
Zaria's Cereal

From memory : spinach cereal, mash purple sweet potato, carrots cereal, brocoli cereal, plum puree, cauliflower cerel, potato cereal, pumpkin puree, carrot and apple cereal

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Besides paying attention to Zaria’s food at home, I’d also been keeping myself busy in the kitchen with some baking and others.

Let the photos say it.
Home baked/cooked goodies

Cup cakes for Zara and her friends; biscotti; ingredient for pesto; and pesto after blending

Every body is kept happy with some home made food.



1. may - August 1, 2007

very pretty colours I must say, blended food. I wonder how my lormaifann will turn out? all gunky brown, no doubt… lol!

oooh, biscotti! I’ve been meaning to make some, but quite a bit of hassle, hor. which recipe did you use?

ZMM : I used Donna Hay’s. Very easy compared to the last recipe I was using. But the previous recipe resulted in more ‘hiong-ness’ in the biscotti. 😛

2. dancing queen - August 1, 2007

Very colourful baby food indeed! Your kids are so blessed to have you as their mum! 🙂

ZMM : Actually the maid does it. I just tell her what to do. 😛

3. LB - August 1, 2007

Pretty pretty pots! Quick quick! I need your number before it’s too late!!!

ZMM : Oh yah oh yah.. have been so bz.. give you a tinkle soon.

4. Rani - August 1, 2007

So cool! I salute you for taking the time to make home made baby food!

ZMM : I get the maid to do it. I just did the first few rounds, and later, it’s all her work. I just tell her what to put.

5. domestic rat - August 1, 2007

The puree certainly looks very yum! Do all babies need to keep to a vegetarian meal til they turn one?

ZMM : I did for Zara and will do for Zaria. It’s just to play safe so that they don’t get any allergy.

6. chanelwong - August 1, 2007

you also like fresh food….no wonder Zaria loves it…

ZMM : Zaria very wai sek, I think as long as it’s not absolutely yucky, she’ll eat it. I love avocado, but too bad she didn’t like it.

7. khongfamily - August 1, 2007

Wahh…so colourful! Good for you that Zaria is wai sek, gobbles all her food. Unlike Shayanne, 4 things she does when feeding time, try the food for a few spoons, clam her mouth shut, turn away from the spoon and arch her back and cry…..real hard time for me to feed her.

ZMM : Maybe she prefers milk over solids. Maybe you can start feeding her with your finger? Let her get used to it first.

8. Marie - August 1, 2007

It looks like my clay mask. Full of ‘nutrients’.

I wonder how it taste aa?? ‘ham ham’ or ‘tiam tiam’?

ZMM : It just taste natural.. no additive. Cauliflower tastes like cauliflower, apple tastes like apple.

9. Cocka Doodle - August 1, 2007

What about the aftermath? Take some pics also la. LOL

ZMM : Aftermath? Happy family smiling? Guess, you don’t get to see much of such smiles huh? LOL

10. eve - August 1, 2007

I feel so bad…I think mama oni give Cayden susu nia..now porridge oso tarak…When I asked why no porridge..mama will say too bz..kenot blame her oso..I am the mother la..haihss ..*slap self*

ZMM : :O But you have maid. Maid can cook if mama no time. What about quick instant cereal?

11. chinnee - August 1, 2007

wah…so colourful…initially i tot was water colour…when read properly, they are all real good food…changgih la u, can cook so well …

ZMM : Zaria’s cereal prepared by the maid. I just tell her what to do.. I won’t take credit for the effort. 😛
But the rest, I did it myself.

12. chooi peng - August 1, 2007

the cereal look so yummy…

ZMM : I tried it.. it’s very natural tasting. 😛

13. mudpie - August 1, 2007

interesting and colourful food for lil zaria .. hmmm must learn to this in future ..

ZMM : Come back for more.

14. anggie - August 1, 2007

wow… u are very good lei…. yah… the baby food so nice … must learn from u la .. then my boy can hv more choice … the cup cake look very yummy too . My boy at first dun like avocado too… now he love it . 🙂

ZMM : They are quite easy to make.. just need a bit of effort.

15. slavemom - August 1, 2007

I bet Zaria has strong immune system.. drinking mama’s bm and eating nutritious home made cereals. When do u intend to introduce to her lumpier food?

ZMM : I hope she has strong immunity too, these are all my intentions. She’s eating ‘thicker’ food already.. slowly, it’ll get thicker and lumpier.

16. shern's mom - August 2, 2007

my sis has a 6 mths old baby and she actually learned to make her homemade cereal from you. well of course minus the breastmilk. now if you dont mind me askin, how to add those fruits and veges in? just blend them with a lil water then add to the cereal?

ZMM : Cut them into small pieces, covered with water (just enough to cover the pieces of vege/fruits up), simmer for a while. Wait till it’s cool, then blend in together with the cereal, and boil the whole thing over small fire, until cereal is cooked (~10mins). I think you can also blend the vege/fruit raw and then cook with the cereal, that way more nutrient will retain.

17. Simple American - August 2, 2007

Zaria eats really good. I don’t mind to eat with her at all. 🙂

ZMM : You sure? Next time you come to Malaysia, I’ll cook this for you. Haha.

18. Vien - August 2, 2007

Now you make me look so useless. 😛 All I gave Belle was gerber puree veg.

ZMM : Haha, you should have made the nanny cook for her. I make my maid do it. 😛

19. Saraswathi - August 2, 2007

Hi Zara’s Mama,
Your baby food sooooooooooo colourful n tempting. Im from India n have 2 kids whom I looooooooooooooooooooooooove.
I want to try these foods for them so will u post the receipes(especially how the way u mix the cereal with the fruit/veg mash)
Do you cook them in a special way??????????
Thanks in advance…….

ZMM : Welcome! You can look at my comment to Shern’s mummy. The method is there. I’ll also try to post some recipes in the future. Come back for more. 😛

20. Oscar's Mommy - August 2, 2007

wow… you terra la!!! yr bb food looks so colourful. the last time oscar oni had either “yellowish = cereal and potatoes” or “greenish = blended spinach and cereal”.. so after a while, oscar refuse cereal completely!! and i have tonnes of stock cos i kiasu went and bought alot during some sale!! wa… biscotti, i like… so yumm. hey i am now trying yr salted egg thingy la. wish me luck.

ZMM : Salted egg, sure won’t fail.. Don’t worry. Unless your eggs are not fresh, but that’s something you can’t control. All the best!

21. Samm - August 2, 2007

I wann some too for my Malcolm…. faster…. i lazy to cook. No, i cant cook 😦

ZMM : Eh, but you are the one who told me all the different cereals woh..

22. Yvonne - August 2, 2007

Well done ZMM. So many varieties.
Errm,, paiseh.. I only remember one color which is beige (cereal color) when i comes to Ryan’s food 😛

ZMM : It’s still not too late to add variety now.

23. ehon - August 2, 2007

very creative!! lol! really creative ler! avocado is good but not too much thou. zaria’s my gang. i don’t like it too. lol! unless with like chicken schnitzel or sandwich or salad. 😀

ZMM : Haha, maybe later she can join you to eat the chicken schnitzel also. I’m a great fan of avocado.. that’s why high cholesteral! o.O “

24. jazzmint - August 2, 2007

yum yum…ur colours look so vibrant

ZMM : Thanks.. 🙂

25. the silai - August 2, 2007

hey, just wondering, did zaria’s paed recommend a daily dose of egg yolk?

ZMM : Nope, he didn’t. I don’t think I’ll introduce egg to her so early, but I know in China, babies take a lot of egg yolk when they started solids.

26. Rani - August 2, 2007

creamsoup.. just change milk with breastmilk lor, and omit sugar. I donated my breastmilk to a mummy too, 6 liter of frozen milk..

ZMM : For adults or for your son?

27. Giddy Tiger - August 2, 2007

How colorful! No wonder she loves it! Pleasing to the eye and tasty too!
Two thumbs and two toes up!

ZMM : Thanks.. *wondering how Giddy Tiger put up 2 toes*

28. laundryamah - August 2, 2007

i used to mash avocado for Kieran too and he used to finish em all! but when it came to Kylie I was not so hardworking so she didn’t get to enjoy all the mashed stuff I used to make…so sad…

ZMM : Get maid to do.. get maid to do.

29. helen - August 2, 2007

waitress, I’ll have those cupcakes and biscuits and a glass of expensive plain water please… lol

ZMM : Psst.. you want kopi SUSU or not? Lots of frozen milk still, can spare you some. Kakaka.

30. shoppingmum - August 2, 2007

I’m still struggling in the kitchen. 😛

ZMM : You are too busy..

31. sesame - August 3, 2007

Lovely colours. I never bothered with that for Gavin when he was younger. Too much work and that time got no maid. So just made him chicken or fish porridge mostly.

ZMM : Oh.. I’ll do that later too.. chicken and fish porridge.. but only after she’s 1yr old.

32. Smelly's mommy - August 3, 2007

wow.. u are really cook chef. how do u get the cereal so nicely blended?

ZMM : use a blender loh.. LOL

33. michelle - August 3, 2007

Looks very colorful. Can open a baby food store. 😛

34. Syn - August 5, 2007

have to agree with vien…makes me look useless too. 😉 …i went for shortcut as well, all bottled food. bad mummy.

i like the colours!

hey, u wanna open a nursery? i’ll enrol rye li for sure! and my future babies too. 😉

35. 1+2 mom - August 5, 2007

I like your home made food for zaria, very colourful and so attractive that want to have a try.

36. ivy - August 6, 2007

ohhhh ur puree look so appetizing. no wonder ur girl love to eat.

37. KittyCat - August 6, 2007

The colors look so appealing, esp the sweet potato! I remember doing this (and asking Mum) to do it for Lucas when he was 6 months too. You’re very good to encourage all the Mums, esp those with maids! I agree lor…if got maid, sure can one? Esp since so good for the kids 🙂

Are you a SuperMum? Can work, blog, cook and bake? I’m wondering how I’ll be as a WAHM in China…

38. Hijackqueen - August 7, 2007

Good thing I am not a baby anymore *bluek*

39. a-moms-diary - August 8, 2007

love the colours. will consult you for baby food tips if i have another child in future

40. Immomsdaughter - August 9, 2007

The home made baby food looks so nice I see also drool…ha ha…

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