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My Chili Padi – 7 month old July 30, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in baby signing, development, Zaria.

Zaria recently has shown some of her ‘spunky’ side, I’m not sure if it’s her constant exposure to a screaming, shouting, demanding toddler, or she’s now just slowly ‘blooming’.

1. She now knows how to tell us what she wants.
E.g. When she sees me and wants me to carry her, she’ll look at me while kicking her legs and flapping her arms towards me and babble happily, “Ugh! Ugh!”.
She does the same when she sees a toy she wants, and her arms will be trying to reach for the item (or her stare will follow the object of desire) while doing so.

2. She knows how to fake a cry if what she wanted was denied.
E.g. When I walk on without carrying her, she’ll fake a cry, “Eh-Heh.. Eh-Heh.. Eh-Heh” with eyes fixed on me.

3. She now knows how to insist on her demand.
E.g. If I don’t give in to her fake cry, wave bye bye at her, and disapear, her tears will start flowing, and she’ll start arching her back, straightening legs, and bawl.

If I picked her up, she’ll stop crying immediately. It’s the same when the toy she wants is given to her, she’ll stop her crying, and immediately play with the toy happily. That’s one thing good about her, she gets pacified easily.

Last Sunday, Zara got a baloon twisted to the shape of a bear from 1U.
I took it out for Zaria to play at night. We were all seated on the bed, Zaria on my lap happily took the baloon from me. Zara who was reading with daddy a foot away in front of us, immediately snatched the baloon from Zaria, and said, “It’s mine! Not meimei(‘s)!”
Zaria reached her hands out, and did her fake crying (2) but Zara ignored her.

The next moment, Zaria just lunged forward; by straightening her legs and kicking very hard with her arms reaching out towards Zara, she propelled herself into Zara’s arms; but Zara was quicker, and held the baloon high up above her head. Since Zaria miss her airm, she bawled!

Both Daddy and myself just stared at each other, and said, “Wow”. I said out loud what we both were thinking, “Looks like she’s going to be chili padi. “

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Other things the little girl can do :
1) Sitting without support : she can balance herself when she leans forward, but still not very good in regaining her sitting position if she tilted to the side.
2) Twist her wrist (as though saying No more)
3) Babbling wider range of sounds, e.g. Ba Ba Ba Ba, Ma Ma Ma Ma, Mum Mum Mum
4) Signing MILK when she wants me to give her milk

She likes to :
1) Blow raspberry
2) Straighten her legs to stand (of course very much supported), sometimes preferring this over sitting
3) Burry her face on my shoulder, suck on any of my expose skin (shoulder, arm).
4) Eat – she loves her solid and milk. She’s taking 2 x 2 tablespoon of cereal/fruit or vege puree daily, and then taking 6~7 times 3.5~4 oz milk feed.

She has 2 lower central incisors now, the right one appeared early this month, while the left one sprouted last week. Her latest mischief : biting on me when she’s nursing. Unlike Zara, where I only have to tell her NO twice and she stopped biting me totally for the 1.5yrs she was nursing, little chili padi is still doing it after many times of saying NO to her. She even gives me the cheeky smile after biting, showing me her 2 cute teeth, declaring her innocence!

Zaria at 7 month



1. eve - July 30, 2007

Haihs..at least Zaria knows how to fight back..Cayden just gong gong sit there n stare at Karen if she snatched the toy fr his hand..
Oh yeah..tell me what u will do with a million bucks..ya..I tagged u liao..

2. khongfamily - July 30, 2007

Wahhh…she’s definitely a cili padi girl!!! She can really eat and drink, unlike Shayanne, she refuses her milk feed and solids *sigh*. Ehh..she still has milk rashes on her face? Oh ya…she can sign for milk as well…cool!!!

3. Mommy to Chumsy - July 30, 2007

She is so cute and adorable 😀

4. simple american - July 30, 2007

Good she is showing her will. haha Good that she is easy to quiten also. Gosh. Already fighting for toys with her sister. Oh well. The siblings are like that.

5. krystal - July 30, 2007

You’re interested in baby signing? My friend has a website http://www.babysignsmalaysia.com and is a certified instructor. Just thot you might be interested.

6. sasha - July 30, 2007

aiyoh look at her cheeky face. Sebijik like chilly padi..but she look more like zara la.

7. ehon - July 30, 2007

lol! she’s growing eh!! 😉 chilli padi is good! active! 😀

8. debbie - July 30, 2007

Zaria is getting so cute with her cheeky face. make me feel so urge wanna hug her!!

9. Vien - July 30, 2007

She ain’t giving in, huh? Looks like Zaria will have a strong personality, for sure!

10. WMD - July 30, 2007

Ha ha looks like Zaria is showing her toughness and determination. perhaps it is also the survival of the fittest traits that most younger sibling will have.

11. Cheryl Leong - July 30, 2007

She’s so cute…

12. mom2ashley - July 30, 2007

i think it’s her survival instincts – that’s what you get for growing up with a demanding toddler….i suspect aidan is going to be just as spunky!:)

13. huisia - July 30, 2007

she really looks like chili padi, especially the bottom left photo

14. shern's mom - July 31, 2007

that photo of cili padi in the pink dress looks a lot like zara jie jie.
she’s sure a fast learner. manyak panai.

15. mott - July 31, 2007

wow…look at the growl!

phooo..i also scared!

16. sesame - July 31, 2007

Hohoho…and I thought she’ll be quite easy in terms of temperament. Looks like the li’ lady has quite a character.

17. Yvonne - July 31, 2007

Wowow.. one cili padi vs another cili padi and one is just 7 months. Geng!

Yea, saw the rashes on the side of her mouth? Some kind of allergic?

18. slavemom - July 31, 2007

Nice pics.. so many expressions of the little cili padi. So extreme.. a vy sweet smile vs a big growl! 😀

19. my2lovelyrays - July 31, 2007

ya, kids are smart, Zara has probably learnt how to manipulate her way to get what she wants, she’s smart, she knows what works!!!

Think you have 2 chilly padi in your family lor!!! kekekeke….think you will expect lots of cat fight when Zaria is older……i see trouble brewing!

Is that milk rash on Zaria’s face???

20. michelle - July 31, 2007

Hrmm…enjoy your peace while you can. Looks like 2 cili padi will soon bring noise to your world.

21. chanelwong - August 1, 2007

Beware…Zaria is coming…

22. contended mum - August 1, 2007

Your two girls and my two girls sound so similar. Qi Yu will also bite me when she nurse despite the contant reminder but with Qi Ning, I also had no problem after telling her not too.

23. milkmaid - August 1, 2007

There’s no doubt that Zaria’s is developing real fast. And such a fast learner too. It looks like her development is beyond her age.

24. may - August 1, 2007

ugh! ugh! ugh! ugh!!… I love your little cili padi… *ciak*

I know another friend’s baby (a long long time ago) who also knew how to fake her crying for some attention… LOL! they’re so smart these days, hor?

25. greenapple - August 1, 2007

yoh, perhaps zaria will be more ‘pedas’ then zara!

pedas but adorable! =)

26. twin - August 8, 2007

hehhe .. darien is also same thing .. dun get what he wants ………. bawllllll until there’s no tomorrow … sigh i just wonder …. does this happen to all #2???? sigh headache headache.

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