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Rock Around The World blog July 19, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in misc.

BabyShern, May adn Sasha in her Tag & Such blog (btw, why nowadays people always have more than one blog huh?) presented me with this cool badge :

Girls Rock

Thank you thank you thank you. It’s such a great honour. I wonder if my old calcium deficiant bones can still rock, but I’ll try!!

Rock and Roll

(Borrowing the pom-cha-cha rabbit from eHon)

And now, my turn to pass on the badge! There are lots of wonder mums, super mums, multi-tasking mums out there who rock. It’s hard to choose, but then I’m always amazed how these full time working mums can cope without a maid, and yet they still rock! So, this is to :




1. michelle - July 20, 2007

YEAH I am the first…so what do I do next? Thanks for rocking me…opps. I like tat animated rabbit.

ZMM : You just pass on the badge to someone (or more) you think who rocks! 😛

2. Hijackqueen - July 20, 2007

Such an honour badge! Where should i put them? On my chest or butt?

I like the pom-cha-cha rabbit. Acting cool only. lol

ZMM : On your blog lar.. but you can also print out and stick to the bum if you want.. 😛

3. ehon - July 20, 2007

hahahaha! yeah! everyone’s becoming a rocker. lol!

ZMM : All learn from the lapit.. I mean rabbit.

4. sasha - July 20, 2007

see fut hun cannot meh? hahahahaha

ZMM : come come, I garuk for you.. hahaha

5. seefei - July 20, 2007

playing “mom” is just one of the wonderful role a woman play. running a family is never easy. i take my hat off to all the woman in general, esp the mommies!!

6. mudpie - July 20, 2007

cool rocking pom cha cha rabbit!!! rock rock!!!!

7. mom2ashley - July 20, 2007

hey thanks! that’s a cool badge….

8. » Rock Around the Blog - July 20, 2007

[…] ZMM presented to me with  this cool lookin’ badge… […]

9. ben - July 21, 2007

rocker mama~ 😀

10. may - July 21, 2007

yo, you hot rockin’ mama! well done, you deserve that badge… woo-hoo!

11. Simple American - July 24, 2007

You is a rocker. Yo! Yo! kekeke

Hey what concert are you going too?

12. Hijack Queen » Am I Still A Girl? - July 24, 2007

[…] again, Double Z’s (Zara & Zaria) Mom awarded me the same […]

13. eastcoastlife - July 24, 2007

Woot! You rocking Mama blogger! ^-^

14. Sweetpea - July 28, 2007

hello mummy. you’re tagged.


ZMM : So far in advance huh? I can’t even say for sure what I’ll do next week. 😦

15. rock - May 24, 2008

oouww rocker mama (:

16. neegioraavava - October 30, 2008

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