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Other things she says July 16, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in language, Zara.

These are some things she said recently which is ‘worthy’ of me keeping a record.

After her bath, she came out crying and screaming, she said, My petpet spicy
I think she probably touched herself with soapy hands in the bath, but ‘spicy’? What a way to describe it.

She called Sam (my niece) on the phone the other day, I heard her said :
“Why you so long didn’t come my house?
You want to come?
I have kite you know
You can play with it, no problem.”

She was trying to tuck her ‘son’ Mr Blue to sleep on her bed.
“Mr Blue. I’m mummy Zara.
You feeling cozy?
It’s cozy here right?
You good boy?
Mummy (referring to herself) sometimes good girl, sometimes naughty girl.”

We saw a kite at our neighbour’s gate front, I asked if she knew what happened to the kite, she replied, “I think the wind suddenly stopped, so the kite fell down lok”

We showed her the wedding photo of the world’s tallest man in the newspaper, and Daddy told her about marriage : a man falls in love with a woman, the man tells the woman “I love you” and then asks her “Will you marry me?” and then they get married.
Zara came to me and said, “I love you mummy.” “Will you marry me?”. Awwwwwwwwwww..

Some of you wanted to know what was Zara’s reaction to my spots :
When I mentioned to her I was going to zap all my ‘moles’, she asked, “painful or not?”
I told her ‘Aunty Doctor’ is very clever to zap, not painful.
“Mummy, I also want to zap my mole, my mole on my knee” (and she pointed her little mole on her knee)
I told her that my moles are different kind of mole, it’s because I’m old already, so I get these moles. She didn’t have to zap hers.

When I got back from the doctor’s. She said, “Mummy look like leapord. Aunty Doctor zap zap mummy’s moles. Mummy old already, got lots of moles.” That’s also the explaination she helped me to give to the curious parents at the park.



1. angeline - July 16, 2007

HAHAHA.. she is soooooooooooooooo cute!!Sucha adorable gurl!!

2. eve - July 16, 2007

Her vocab is much bettter than Karen’s…

ZMM : Siboh?

3. Irene - July 16, 2007

LOL. She’s soo funny.

4. syn - July 16, 2007

amazed at her speech…very good for her age. well done! she will make a good mummy one day like you.

ZMM : Yeah.. she’s a fierce mummy like me.. 😛

5. anggie - July 16, 2007

pet pet spicy ? means ? painful ? hehehe, she’s very cute …. on her talk.
and mummy look like leapord … hahhahaha. 🙂

ZMM : Yeah, spicy = sting = painful. 😛

6. Marie - July 16, 2007

I wonder how did she knows how ‘spicy’ feels like.

She’s such a sweet girl. Her vocab is really good. Do you put her in front of the TV all the time. My baby cousins are really good with vocabs bcoz they watched tv. When their mummy said, “its Bed Time”, both of them will blurt in unison, “Aww Man! Time flies.” I was SHOCKED when I heard both 3 & 4 yr old, talking like that.

ZMM : I try not to put her in front of the TV too much, but I think my maids may be doing that. 😐

7. laundryamah - July 16, 2007

*mouth wide open in awe*

8. mom2ashley - July 16, 2007

she is such a clever girl! she can really talk!

9. mott - July 16, 2007

hahahahahahah….. her speech is fantastic! I hope she wont’ ask everyboy, “Will you marry me?”

Hee hee hee..

ZMM : So far, she’s asked the cat, Daddy and I. Haha.

10. sesame - July 16, 2007

Wahaha…soon you don’t need to do much talking liao…your girl will be your mouthpiece.

ZMM : Yeah.. when ppl asked me, I just point to her and said, “You go ask her, she’ll tell you.” 😛

11. michelle - July 16, 2007

Tell her that man has to propose…not the lady. 😛

ZMM : Haha.. but she doesn’t have the patients.. She’s already proposed to the cat, her father and me.

12. Simple American - July 17, 2007

The things that girl will say. LOL! So when is the wedding day? 😛

I have tagged you also btw.

ZMM : I’ll try to do the tag.. for a good cause! Wedding?? Must wait for uncle Simple American to attend ma.. haha.

13. Jesslyn - July 17, 2007

LOL…Lyon also say pet pet 辣辣!They really know how to come out with word hor!

ZMM : Yeah.. like that also can link to ‘spicy’.

14. jazzmint - July 17, 2007

haha…she’s just so funny. so did you marry her 😛

15. milkmaid - July 17, 2007

Ho Ho Ho – I like the one where she said about the kite – the wind suddenly stop and kite fell down!

16. ShannonC. - July 17, 2007

i was telling tecky about the things Zara says and all, he was so amazed he asked if i remember her age wrongly… hahahahaha

17. Tracy - July 17, 2007

Zara certainly is a very adorable and friendly little girl. She definitely can speak very well and the way she said about zapping her mole … hahaha, soooo cute.

18. ben - July 17, 2007

ehehheehh so cute larh`

19. may - July 17, 2007

how sweet of her to ask for your hand in marriage! lol! she lup you kaw-kaw!

you’re one rockin’ mama. this one‘s for you!

20. shern's mom - July 17, 2007

haha. petpet spicy. so cute.
her vocabs are impressive wei. i think that’s only because parents speak proper english. i think that’s very important right.
::zara so clever::

ZMM : Hubby speaks well.. Me Cheenar Ed.. half pass 6 English.

21. mom of cairo - July 17, 2007

aiyoh, zara is such a good talker la… hard to believe she’s not really that much older than cairo :p

22. Rhiannon H - July 18, 2007

So cute!~ I think she has a very good way of thinking! I think pet pet spicey is a good way to describe the burning feeling. lol!

23. twin - July 20, 2007

she can talk really well. i like the part when she was talking on the phone with Sam saying ‘no problem’.

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