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Zaria ~ 6months July 6, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in development, Zaria.

Zaria Sitting

Height = 68cm
Weight = 7.1Kg

She’s able to :
~ sit very well when supported; momentarily balance herself when not supported.
~ grab an object held out for her
~ pass object from one hand to another
~ babble and scream, doing vowel sounds most of the time, like aaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii, ooooooooooo, aaaaaeeeeeee, eehh-ooooh
~ respond to her nick name, meimei, and at times, Zaria
~ rolls back to front, front to back like a pro now
~ check out a new object by looking at it, shaking it, puting in her mouth, or touching it
~ demand for something while staring at it, and crying

Eating :
Eating her solids well, so far have been giving her home made cereal (brown rice, millet, quinoa) with either potato, pumpkin, apple or carrot, and she takes them all.
Typical feeding schedule : 7am milk, 9am 2 tbs cereal, 11am milk, 1pm milk, 4pm milk, 6pm 2 tbs cereal, 8pm milk, 10pm milk. Midnight, feed on demand.
Not sure how much milk she’s taking, but I think it’s about 3.5oz per feed (that’s the amount she’ll take from the bottle). She nurses directly from the breast most of the time.
She started sleeping through at about 8th week; somehow when I went to Singapore for work last month, she started waking up for milk again. However, it’s more of comfort feed then real feed, as she just have a few suck before dozing off again.
Starting to have a habit of shaking kicking her right leg while nursing.

Temperament / Emotions :
Doesn’t cry much (definitely less than Zara at this age and even at 31months), and when she does, she’s either sleepy, angry or got a fright; and is easily calmed or pacified.
She doesn’t mind anybody carrying or playing with her, but she knows Jelly (my Filipino maid) and myself are her main care givers, so she’ll look out for us when she wants to be comforted.
When she wants me (to play with her or feed her), she’ll squael with delight when she sees me, and will cry when she sees me walking out without giving her the attention.
Archs her stomach when she is displease.
Very patient and good temperament.

She’s taking 2 long naps in the morning and afternoon, and then a short 30mins nap in the night; her bed time is 11pm just like Zara now.
She loves to watch Zara dance, and Zara always have a way to make her squeal with excitement and laugh.
She seems to like books, staring at the pictures, or trying to grab it to put in her mouth.
She loves to watch TV too; when Zara is watching Baby Einstein, I’ll let her watch together.


1. Marie - July 6, 2007

I WANT ONE!! How I wish I hav mine tomorrow? Auspicious Day summore! Teach me apa macam? I mean how to hav a cute one like urs.

WHy is there rashes on Zaria’s face? Must put lotsa lotion and cream. Just like Marie Je Je, allergies on the face.

2. michelle - July 6, 2007

She got a bit of rash on her cheeks. Wow so fast 6 months.

3. WMD - July 6, 2007

How time flies. Zaria looks like your husband a lot.

4. Vien - July 7, 2007

They grow so fast, huh?

5. shern's mom - July 7, 2007

baby zaria looks lovely in that dress. sleepin through the night? how wonderful and easy.

6. Angeline Wee - July 7, 2007

Wow, shes cute!! ahh.. the reddish on her face is that rash or because of hot?? She looks sooo cute and pretty in that dress.
So fast la, 6 monts just past by like that not long before you were just planning her full moon and now you will have a short time to prepare her birthday!! have a great weekend..

7. jazzmint - July 7, 2007

she’s so cute…getting chubbier each day

8. chinnee - July 7, 2007

so chubby….and at 6 months she can eat her solid well ? wow!!

9. may - July 7, 2007

I so love those cheeks! she’s growing up quite “handsomely” as they say for boys. hmmm… “prettily” for girls? a beautiful baby!

10. laundryamah - July 7, 2007

ooo she’s so chubby,,,cum cum i wanna bite! hahaha…very good baby…sayangz!

11. misha - July 7, 2007

baby zaria is a pretty girl hehehe 🙂

me hugs hugs baby zaria

12. getrichwithleon - July 7, 2007

waiseh! leng lui eyh. got the killer eyes – so innocent! why the face red red gei?

13. ehon - July 7, 2007

she has such beautiful eyes!! sure super cute when she smiles eh!! 😀

14. sesame - July 7, 2007

She sounds like a dream child, especially her temperment, like not very fussy and rather easy going. And really solid looking baby! Pst: Your breast milk must be super quality…

15. Tracy - July 7, 2007

Wow! Wow! Wow! It’s like a blink of the eye and Zaria’s oredi 6 months. She’s definitely a chubby baby. She’s able to sit without support?

16. mumsgather - July 7, 2007

6 months? Thats fast! BTW, I like the heart shaped bedsheet set. Hehe.

17. Yvonne - July 7, 2007

Yea, noticed the red patches on her face.

Just like my Ryan, also sleeps very late at 6 months…..

18. twin - July 8, 2007

gosh that’s a nasty rash on her face. mayb u can try applying some of your breastmilk on it .. it works and heals really fast. another alternative can be lucas pawpaw cream its good for rash and insect bites.

she definitely got daddy’s face.

19. mott - July 8, 2007

what a cutie pie? How will u cope with 2 cutie pies, esp when they’re so naughty and they have such cutie pie faces????????

20. milkmaid - July 9, 2007

Tall lar ~ Aiden is only 76 cm now… is that milk rash on her cheeks?

21. a-moms-diary - July 9, 2007

amboi geramnya…so want to cubit her cheeks!

22. eve - July 9, 2007

Cayden is 7.9kg..and whatever he can get his hands on , he will put it in his mouth..Too bad Karen dun dance for him..achelli if she irritates him less , I shud be thankful liao..
BTW ..I tagged u liao…hehe

23. sasha - July 9, 2007

she looked like mini zara.

got rashes ah?

24. chanelwong - July 9, 2007

cutie cutie…healthy..all your effort to breastfeed her really worth the effort..

25. zara's mama - July 9, 2007

Dear all,

Yes! Zaria has rashes on her face, I think it’s milk rash, because she salivates a lot, and like to put her hand into her mouth. Luckily we started using Bud’s Intensive Care cream on her since Sunday and her rashes seem to be fading.

Poor her since she has been having this for quite some time already. 😦

26. jean - July 10, 2007

Zaria is just like her jie-jie. Long legs and hands!! Pretty girl 🙂

27. Mommy to Chumsy - July 10, 2007

Aiyo…she is such a cutie….looks like her jie jie a lot.

28. syn - July 10, 2007

so fast so big and so cute! growing up real nice…

29. eastcoastlife - July 10, 2007

Zaria is so cute. And like her sister Zara, has long arms and legs! Super model type. 🙂

30. Everyday Healy - July 10, 2007

Beautiful Zaria. Sounds like a tough baby. My baby Elizabeth is another tough one too, one month elder than Zaria. However, little Zaria definitely has more hair than baby Elizabeth. So, Let’s make friends *Zaria and Elizabeth*. 🙂

31. RIna - July 11, 2007

She has really grown!

32. khongfamily - July 11, 2007

What a pretty girl! So fast 6 months already. Noticed the milk rash on her cheeks too. How’s the Bud’s cream? Will consider to buy if it’s good.

33. helen - July 11, 2007

Time are really passing fast! Zaria 6 months already? lol

You’re really a lucky mom! 2 beautiful girls!!! In this picture, she really reminded me of Zara back then…

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35. Simple American - July 13, 2007

She is so cute. Glad to see she is doing so well. Sounds like she has a great disposition. 🙂

36. Janice - July 14, 2007

Adorable lil Zaria. I hope the rashes on the face will heal quickly. *hugs* 🙂

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38. nuraddeen b ahmad - October 9, 2008

so marvellous a 6 to be lyk dis….oh no d mother eats much. thanks d dad

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