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Zipping Zooming Zara July 4, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in my two girls, Zara.

I swing. I jump. And then I shout,
“This is what I’m all about!”
I’m Zipping, Zooming, Zara – the greatest gymnast of all.

Zipping Zooming Zara

I cartwheel on.. then off the mat. My leaps are short, or long – like that.
On and off, short and long,
I do it all, ’cause I’m so strong.
I’m Zipping Zooming Zara – the greatest gymnast of all.

Zipping Zooming Zara

A forward roll. A backward flip.
I’m high, then low, I rarely slip.
Forward, backward, high and low.
I’m putting on a wonderful show.
I’m Zipping, Zooming, Zara – the greatest gymnast of all.

Zipping Zooming Zara

My feet are near. Out far they go.
Up and down, near and far.
I feel like I’m a superstar.
I’m Zipping, Zooming, Zara – the greatest gymnast of all.

Zipping Zooming Zara

And I even have a side kick. The flipping, drooling, Zaria.

Zipping Zooming Zara

Now,ย do you want my autograph, before I get too famous and popular?

‘Gymnastic’ is currently her favourite before bed time exercise.
Original text is taken and slightly modified from The Greatest Gymnast, currently one of Zara’s favourite books.



1. anggie - July 4, 2007

wow… mummy greatest gymnast .. zara mama.. your little 2 girls are really adorable . I just love each of your girls photos.

ZMM : Thank you.. These 2 shots are actually my favourite..

2. chinnee - July 4, 2007

so cute that u manage to capture their actions ๐Ÿ™‚
hey, i have just send u a tag, if u don’t mind..
refer to http://www.demoments.net/blog/?p=470

ZMM : Yeah.. when she’s in the mood, she’ll let me do it, or else, she’ll purposely block my view.. *pretend to ignore the tag*

3. Mama BoK - July 4, 2007

Oh boy..!! she is growing more and more beautiful..!

ZMM : thank you.. ๐Ÿ˜›

4. jesslyn - July 4, 2007

she seem doing it very well, can send her to learn dancing too!

ZMM : Yeah..maybe ballet..

5. Julian - July 4, 2007

I’m sure she will become a great gymnast one day… can represent Malaysia in Olympics!

ZMM : Don’t want woh.. scared stunt her growth.. play a bit is ok.. but cannot be serious.

6. sasha - July 4, 2007

alamak dun let daddy see the kaki kangkang action
But i tell you
she is getting more and more gorgeous.
and yr lil zaria..a poser also.
i think daddy is having migraine edi. haha

ZMM : Should ask you to do a .gif for me hor.. when daddy log on.. different pix.. ๐Ÿ˜›

7. eve - July 4, 2007

Adoihhhhhh..Zara is soooo pweety la…*cubit pipi*. Looks like Zaria oso ada potensi…Lucky Cayden..kakkakkkaaa….

ZMM : *ahem*.. now you better be nice to me.. then later I give Cayden easier time. ๐Ÿ˜›

8. jazzmint - July 4, 2007

ahah that’s so cute!!! She’s oso very co-operative with camera hoh..unlike mine ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

ZMM : Sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn’t.. depends on the mood..

9. dancing queen - July 4, 2007

You know, the last pix of Zara, she looks like a model lah! Those covershots thingy. ๐Ÿ™‚

ZMM : This is by far the best shot I’d taken her on camera.. haha.. want to blast it up real big to hang our wall.

10. chooi peng - July 4, 2007

Zara look so pretty ..

ZMM : thank you..

11. chubbyschmubby - July 4, 2007

I love both their individual pictures. Zara’s getting more beautiful these days! Wow! Nanti sure pening with ’em boys as she gets older. Haha!

ZMM : No need to wait.. now also pening.. pening how to discipline her, pening how to coach her be good girl.. haih.

12. mott - July 4, 2007

He he…u can send her for ballet classes already? They have many baby-ballet classes. My friend is a ballet teacher and has been training her lil girl…it’s amazing to see them dance!

ZMM : She doesn’t want.. b’cos at this age it’s called Baby Ballet, and she says she’s not baby anymore. ๐Ÿ˜

13. Yvonne - July 4, 2007

Look at the second pic, she certainly has potential. Haha.. tired herself then go ZZzz-land. Good wor… Zaria got turned “ngan far” (blurry eyes) or not seeing her sister jumping, dancing, flipping here and there? ๐Ÿ˜›

ZMM : Yeah.. easy for me to get her to sleep after that. Zaria will giggle everytime she sees her jiejie zipping zooming here and there.

14. Giddy Tiger - July 4, 2007

I can see it now, Zara dancing her way in the Olympics Gymnastics event. They say gymnasts start training early when they are young and when their bones are still *soft*

ZMM : But gymnasts normally have some form of growth stunt.. so am not sure if I want her to do this.

15. L B - July 4, 2007

Terrific poses! Will give Nadia Comaneci a run for her money at the Olympics one day! The Zassy Zee Zisters!!

ZMM : Zhang-ziou.. youz veree kindz.

16. ehon - July 4, 2007

waiseh! future m’sia gymnast ler.
don play play..

ZMM : *ahem ahem*.. I’ll be seng-mah (star mother) when that time comes. ๐Ÿ˜›

17. sesame - July 4, 2007

Hmmm…Zara has really pretty eyes. Somemore got lashes on the side. I think her eyes are yours definitely, and then her mouth and chin part seems to resemble her dad?

ZMM : Actually I her eyes sometimes look likes mine, sometimes look like her Dad’s. Mouth and chin, definitely not mine, but don’t seem to be Dad’s too. I have a friend who said she can’t really tell whom she looks like, depending on different angle different time, she resembles us differently. I sometimes find that she looks like my nieces too.

18. mom2ashley - July 4, 2007

she’s so cute…! and noticed that you are growing her hair?

ZMM : Yes.. she wants to have her hair grown, but wouldn’t let us tie or clip it. *sigh*

19. Syn - July 4, 2007

nice shots….she looks like a gymnast alright. she will love ballet lessons for sure. growing up to be a real beauty.

20. ben - July 4, 2007

*collects autograph and auction on ebey~

ekekekekekke : x

21. shern's mom - July 4, 2007

wonderful pictures there. you should really send those pics to johnson baby of the year contest.

22. Jasmine - July 5, 2007

i like both you two little princess pics, its so pretty!

23. seefei - July 5, 2007

i see some yoga moves there! good to start her young but yoga need patient.

24. chanelwong - July 5, 2007

Can consider to send her for gymnastic class…..
she is young n her body is flexible

25. milkmaid - July 5, 2007

She;s actually got long legs hor? either gymnastics or ballet !!

26. Annie Q - July 5, 2007

Future gymnastics in the making?? Love the last two picture…very nice & pretty! Zara look so different in the last picture!

27. Marie - July 5, 2007

WAHH!! Zara makes me jeles only. She has long legs and I don’t. She’ll be very tall next time. She can be a model too lar!! SHe has pretty eyes summore. TEach her how to sing, act and talk, she’ll be in stardom in the next few yrs. Unlike me….so short like a dwarf. I hardly touch 5ft lar!! damn pai seh!! Hope my baby will hav the father’s height and not the mother’s.

28. michelle - July 5, 2007

Great workout.. How come mummy not following?

29. beckysmum - July 6, 2007

I want, I want… can aunty have your autograph???

30. greenapple - July 6, 2007

wow, i really like the last shot of zara! all her features is well delineated … especially the eyes!

pretty girls. phew-wu-wit!

31. Sweetpea - July 6, 2007

i see a gymnast or a ballerina in the making ๐Ÿ™‚

32. WMD - July 6, 2007

Loves the last two pix of the girls…very nice shots.

33. may - July 7, 2007

I really, really love the last photo of Zara. the sweetest face with the sweetest smile ever. so photogenic! she might enjoy gym class too, ever thought of sending her for some lessons? our next national gymnast!

34. Cheryl - July 7, 2007

Wow, Zara can be Malaysia’s future gymnast. Love all the special moment tat u captured

35. a-moms-diary - July 9, 2007

wah! so envy zara’s long legs…and she definitely has the style of a gymnast. get her involved in rhythmic gymnastics lar…don’t think that will stunt her growth. at least those rhythmic gymnasts i saw on tv look very tall too.

36. KittyCat - July 12, 2007

I love this post! Zara is really good and Zaria is a very cute sidekick *muaks muaks muaks*

37. Simple American - July 13, 2007

So much energy lor? I want an autograph bright eyes!!! And a huggie!

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