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How Zara relates to Things June 27, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in development, language, Zara.

Her love for Daddy :

Her relationship with Daddy has improved a lot since Zaria was born.
She told Daddy, “Daddy I love you so much”
Daddy asked her back, “Why do you love Daddy?”
She said, “Because you (are) so clever to jaga (Malay : take care of) me. That’s why.”

She told me, “I love Daddy so much.”
I asked her why she loves Daddy, she told me, “Because Daddy never scold me, only angry with me.” (what she didn’t say is : unlike mummy who always scold me and occasionally smack me or send me to the naughty corner) “o.O

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

On why I can’t cane her :

She tossed some sea shells into the court yard the other day, crushing them.
Me : *shook my head* “I think I have to go and buy a cane already. When someone is naughty, I’ll cane that someone.”
Me : “Why are you screaming?”
Zara : “YOU CANNOT!”
Me : “Why I cannot?” *looked at her and wait for an answer*
Zara : “Because…” *thinking*
Me : “Yeah? Because…?”
Zara : “I’M ZARA!”
Me : *trying to stiffle a laugh* “I know you are Zara, so…?”
Zara : “I.. I………..” *Lost of words* “AAAAAAAAAAH!” *cry*

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
On boiled egg :

I wanted to make some steam egg and Zara wanted to help me shell the egg.
Zara : “Mummy, I help you peck peck the egg.”
Me : “You cannot peck the egg because it’s not boiled egg.”
Zara : “Oh, this is girl egg.. cannot peck, only boy egg can peck.”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

On Hamburger :

We saw a Ramly Burger stall, with a big burger picture.
Me : *pointing to the burger picture* “Zara, what is that, do you know?”
Zara : “It’s a bun”
Me : “It’s a special bun with a special name. Do you know the name?”
Zara : “Hmmmm… It’s a McDonald Bun
(talk about branding!)



1. Angeline Wee - June 27, 2007

Hahaha.. she is so cute!! kids at this age is so cute!! I like it when she goes speechless about you buying a cane!!

ZMM : Angeline, I want to return your visit, but your blog seems to be protected.. *sigh*

2. Jason - June 27, 2007

Another McD supporter on the making! Ha!

3. chooi peng - June 27, 2007

cute McD supporter!!! LOL

4. eve - June 27, 2007

Ooooo..Boy egg can peck..ROFLOL

5. LB - June 27, 2007

LOLOL at boy egg!!!! Really LOLOLOL till pah tei!

6. Giddy Tiger - June 27, 2007

hehehe…where do they come up with these gems?! Boy egg can peck pulak…

7. dancing queen - June 27, 2007

Mmm… boy egg can peck because boy egg is hard! kakaka! ๐Ÿ˜€

8. sesame - June 27, 2007

Snippets of her babblings and conversations always make me smile. She’s a funny gal…

9. chinnee - June 27, 2007

qiqi does not allow me to buy the cane too when I say I’ll get it, she says I’ll can her wor….

10. jean - June 27, 2007

I couldn’t contain my laughters as I continue to read of Zara’s comments to you… adorable and cute girl. But I don”t understand regards to the boiled egg – girl and boy???

ZMM : She misheard the word.. thought I said boy instead of boiled.

11. angie - June 27, 2007

Boiled egg sounds like boy egg ๐Ÿ™‚

Zara’s getting cheekier by the day! ๐Ÿ˜‰

12. Winterwhites - June 27, 2007

My nephew calls any hamburger “Big Mac”. Funny eh what all this big brands do to us and to kids. Like how we call diapers “Pampers” , toothpaste “Colgate” and instant noodles “Maggi Mee”.

ZMM : Yes! Branding! Vacumn cleaner = Hoover; Photocopy == Xerox.

13. ehon - June 27, 2007

mummy, u lose your tooth kar? must be ur pronounciation wrong one. boiled egg become boy egg. ๐Ÿ˜›

ZMM : Maybe must speak with a British accent next time.. BoileD egg.

14. mott - June 27, 2007

thanks for that.

my heavy eyes felt lighter reading that… ๐Ÿ˜‰

15. mott - June 27, 2007

oh..btw, i’ve just tagged you. Sorry ah…

16. may - June 27, 2007

boy egg? lol! gosh, I wanna have boy eggs for breakfast this weekend! *cheeky grin*

17. Simple American - June 27, 2007

So that is a boy-eled egg hor? Have to be careful round Zara. No telling what she might turn my words into. lol

So nice to have this record. I cannot remember all the cute things my kids say.

So you got cane now, mama?

18. shern's mom - June 28, 2007

maybe she’s tryin to tell you ZARA is a princess. how can you possibly cane Princess Zara? she’s such a darlin..

19. mom of cairo - June 28, 2007

you must’ve spent a lot of time REALLY communicating with zara. she is one of the most advanced conversationalist i’ve seen so far! and darn cheeky too hehehe. i cant wait for cairo to graduate to proper sentences!

20. jazzmint - June 28, 2007

hehe..become daddy’s girl liao hoh

21. mumsgather - June 28, 2007

I’m always threatening to buy the bamboo cane from the pasar malam as well. ๐Ÿ˜›

22. chubbyschmubby - June 28, 2007

Hahahaha! Boy egg? Hahahaha! And cannot cane her ’cause she’s Zara? Funnylah you daughter! She’s making me laugh like crazy with the things she says. ๐Ÿ˜‰

23. contended mum - June 28, 2007

I like the statement, cannot cane because “I am Zara” hahaha. so cute! I am also telling Qi ning I would need to buy a cane liao! She would also tell me she don’t need a cane!

24. milkmaid - June 28, 2007

She’s really good with her words leh!! Would u really cane her though?

25. huisia - June 28, 2007

that’s why i always say Zara is a smart girl

26. sasha - June 28, 2007

she very very very pandai to twist the answers. She can be a good marketing person. hahahahah maybe work for mcdonalds?

27. Hijackqueen - June 28, 2007

I still don’t get why boy egg can peck.

28. 2littlefellas' mom - June 28, 2007

lolol..on the boy egg thingy…she is so, so, so adorably amusing…and very smart!!.
btw, thanks for sharing your mom’s story with me. i read in your previous post on how she has left such a good impression on you and how you have miss and love her. i do understand when relapse happens…it happens very quickly…so, i’m not going to worry about tomorrow until it comes…

29. milkmaid - June 28, 2007

ah – forgot I tagged you leh

30. Sweetpea - June 28, 2007

someone has to be the bad person here ๐Ÿ™‚ and usually mummy is.
and i love the boy egg!!! ahak ahak ahak!!

31. Ms Fair Face - June 28, 2007

oh the boy egg got me cracking! She’s so cute at this age!

32. Angeline Wee - June 28, 2007

Hie ZZM,
Sorry some of my post are protected. I don’t blog much,only during my holidays and when somehting huge happends to me, but do drop by once in a while…who know i might let somehting out.. hehe..!!

33. Lian - June 29, 2007

See, there is lots of wisdom in children. Thanks for sharing. BTW, your baby is same age as my baby – also nearing 6 months old.

34. a-moms-diary - June 29, 2007

yet another series of priceless conversations to capture for posterity. zara speaks soooo well!

35. laundryamah - June 29, 2007

hahahaha…i like the conversation on the cane!!!!!

36. passingsights - June 29, 2007

wahahahaha… your Zara ah… really… I have been reading this for a few times already and it still never fail to crack me up!! ๐Ÿ˜€

37. Irene - June 29, 2007

hahaha. she’s so funny.
Dang, i want a cane too. Can you imagine me trying to buy one here? I wonder where I will go and how to explain to all this white people I want a cane.
Perhaps, I shall settle for one of those big, long chopstick. hahaha

ZMM : I can imagine the trouble you’ll be in if you are found with one.

38. anggie - June 29, 2007

zara very clever and alert with thing around here.
btw, i have problem leaving comments to ur blog, manytime didnt appear it. duno y.
btw, i tag u also, just that i cant leave comments.

39. sue - June 30, 2007

Love reading Zara’s conversations with you, as always ๐Ÿ˜€

40. michelle - June 30, 2007

I think with Zara around, you will not run out of things to laugh at. She is so humorous.

ZMM : Oh yeah.. there’s this Chinese songs which says, Rang Wo Huan Xi, Rang Wo You from Emil Chow (Give me delights and give me worries), that’s what I’m experiancing now. ๐Ÿ˜›

41. Mama BoK - July 4, 2007

Hahhaha!! she sure is smart..!! and getting smarter everyday too..!

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