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Zaria’s First Solid – Home made organic cereal June 24, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in parenting, recipe, Zaria.

Whoosh! 4 more days and Zaria will turn 6months. We let her have her first solid yesterday.

Preparing Zaria's 1st Solid

Soaked rice grain; blending the rice; Zaria all excited in the kitchen; Zaria kept entertained while the cereal was being cooked

1 soup spoon organic brown rice
1 oz breast milk
some water

Soak brown rice for 2 hours
Blend brown rice with water until grains become fine
Cook liquid rice over slow fire, stirring often for about 5~7mins
Stir in Add breast milk and bring to boil.

Yummy Yummy

Yummy Yummy, faster, quick, feed me, feed me!

She loves it! Kept opening her mouth and trying to grab the spoon! Next week, I’ll add quinoa and millet into her cereal.

Happy and Satisfied baby

Me : “Are you happy? Pao pao (Chinese : full) already?” Zaria : *big grin*



1. LB - June 24, 2007

hahaha, what a wonderful picture, that last one!!! So cute!! Can almost hear the little burp.. almost..

2. dancing queen - June 24, 2007

Er.. won’t you be destroying all the goodness when you boil the breastmilk? ๐Ÿ™‚

ZMM : Changed the recipe.. ๐Ÿ˜› Actually I was using frozen milk, and wanted it to melt real quick since Zaria was a bit impatient already, so I brought it to boil.. But after that, I only stir in freshly ‘squeezed’ breast milk after the fire is turned off..

3. Min - June 24, 2007

pao pao ( full) already!! yes , all her satisfaction was shown on her face!! ๐Ÿ™‚

4. mott - June 24, 2007

“gimme gimme gimme more yummie in my tummie!”

I can almost hear her say… ๐Ÿ˜‰

5. may - June 24, 2007

six months already? wow, how time flies! and look at her satisfied face… haha, I just wanna kiss those cheeks!

6. Jasmine - June 24, 2007

wah! zaria become prettier and she is so chubby.
she is really enjoy her meal .

7. a-moms-diary - June 25, 2007

homemade organic rice cereal…what a great start to solid food. wished i had thought of this before.

8. shoppingmum - June 25, 2007

Zara’s sweet, and don’t you think nothing is better than seeing our kids being so nice to each other? ๐Ÿ™‚

9. ehon - June 25, 2007

i hope u didn’t bring the breastmilk to boil!! -_-
soooo cute!!! my whole family no one giving birth anymore. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ sighs.
but really cute ler.. awwww..

10. Vien - June 25, 2007

Solid food! Yumm…and another milestone achieved. ๐Ÿ™‚

11. ShannonC. - June 25, 2007

yummie! so fast yeah… 6 months oledi!!!!
She’s so sweet and happy also… hahaha

12. anggie - June 25, 2007

Zaria… enjoy the food very much lei…… yummy yummy …mummy must be very happy to see this.. hehehe.
I remember my boy try his first solid food… he throw out everything ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

13. jazzmint - June 25, 2007

looks like she loves it

14. milkmaid - June 25, 2007

Wah – and she took it naturally even though it is her first time… Psst : I bought my quinoa and millet from Country Farms in 1U

15. earthember - June 25, 2007

Zaria looks so chubby and cute!

I must try your cereal recipe. It sounds pretty easy to make. Tessa isn’t very keen on porridge. She prefers rice, but can’t swallow well.

16. chubbyschmubby - June 25, 2007

Haha! So chubby and cute!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad that went well..

17. laundryamah - June 25, 2007

soooooooooooooo adorable la especially the last pic and looking so much like ur hubby! ayo never thot we could make our baby food like this! too bad i’m past that stage, nvm will share with others!

18. misha's mum - June 25, 2007

zaria is soo cute!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

19. Rabbit - June 25, 2007

aww the last pic so cute!!

20. contended mum - June 25, 2007

So fast ya, six month oledi, time for solid, I also started Qi Yu on solid abt a month back. She prefer her fruits more than cereal!

ZMM : I’m starting her with rice cereal first, later will put in fruits. You have to share some of your recipes too.

21. Giddy Tiger - June 25, 2007

Ahhh..the picture of satisfaction!

22. eastcoastlife - June 25, 2007

Zaria so chubby and so cute. 6 mths, wah.. so fast oredi.

23. Malaika's mummy - June 25, 2007

The last picture told us Zaria was very satisfied with her first solid food. Well done.

24. michelle - June 25, 2007

She looks so satisfied.

25. Marie - June 25, 2007

Zaria so so adorable! Pinjam me!
I wonder can this be fed to my big Baby when he’s sick. BUT no breast milk here. Cow Milk can kah?

ZMM : I’m sure you can.. but whether he likes it or not, it’s another thing.. ๐Ÿ˜›

26. Irene - June 25, 2007

Great shots and well done to mei mei. She’s soo dang cute!

27. shern's mom - June 25, 2007

that’s really easy to make. why didn’t i thought about it before. if the next one comes along, then i will definitely try it.

28. khongfamily - June 25, 2007

Wowww…eat solid already…time really flies. Zaria looks so chubby. An she enjoys her food very much. Hopefully Shay won’t be so fussy with her food.

29. Yvonne - June 25, 2007

Well done.. well done. Ryan puke his solid out during his first try….

30. Sweetpea - June 25, 2007

a full baby is a contented baby ๐Ÿ™‚

31. Simple American - June 26, 2007

She is so cute.
Hey is this a meal or a facial! wakakaka

ZMM : Naughty naughty Uncle Simple American!

32. chinnee - June 26, 2007

zaria looks so contented !

33. twin - June 26, 2007

Wah home-made cereal .. really nutritious …. yummy!

34. domestic rat - June 26, 2007

Can add in some vegs like baby spinach, carrots etc?

35. Ms Fair Face - June 26, 2007

oooh, such a mega smile! Zaria’s features are getting more defined each day.

36. sesame - June 26, 2007

Zaria looks more like daddy? But probably will change again in a few months’ time…

37. sesame - June 26, 2007

Er…comment spammed?

38. Mommy to Chumsy - June 27, 2007

awwww…she is just so cute. love the little pink top she has on ๐Ÿ˜€

39. huisia - June 28, 2007

time really flies, now she already taken her solid ๐Ÿ™‚

40. geetha - June 28, 2007

Hmm, this recipe looks simple and tasty. I must try this instead of using the cereal of the shelf ๐Ÿ˜‰

41. Hijackqueen - June 28, 2007

Can I try some?

Without the breastmilk!

42. 2littlefellas' mom - June 28, 2007

she is one good solid size baby…look at her eagerness…every mouthful….hmmm….

and well done to mummy on the home made cereal…

43. sue - June 30, 2007

I’ve tried cereal with my own breastmilk when I made it for Izac, tasted yucky. Maybe it tasted weird for me coz i always felt breastmilk comes with the fishy bloody taste… but I guess babies have a different kind of tastebud ๐Ÿ˜›

44. Mama BoK - July 4, 2007

Even Zaria is way better in eating than our chloe..! when chloe was 6 months old.. she still refuses her solids..! headache with my gal..! so everytime i see ppl’s baby eating so good.. i cannot help but feel so envious..!

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