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Going Green – Cloth Diapering June 20, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in notable, parenting, Zaria.

A couple of months back, Channel blogged about Miabambina’s online shop which specialises in cloth diapers. It got me interested, I went to check out the site as well as Miabambina’s blog; asked a few questions and few days later, I ordered my cloth diapers.

I ordered 4 pieces from her (3 pieces of Drybees and 2 pieces of Bumgenious), and also included 2 extra inserts. Just to give you some information, these cloth diapers are washable and reusable. It has valcro fastener, and comes in some really cool colours and nice designs. To use the diaper, just slip in the absorbant insert into the diaper pocket. It’s pretty simple. The absorbant insert will absorb all the pee, while the diaper suedecloth inner keeps the baby dry. Because the diaper is pretty light weight,  2 hours of sunning will dry it after a wash. The insert itself takes a while to dry, that’s why I bought extra for cloudy days.

They don’t come cheap, each diaper is about ~RM75 with insert, it’s however more eco friendly; and in the long run, I will save some money from having to buy disposable diapers.

Zaria is fully on cloth diaper in the day when we’re home. She only uses disposable diapers in the night as well as when we go out (just because I don’t want to carry a soiled diaper home if she did a poo). She’s comfortable in it, makes her bum very well padded, which also makes her look rather cute!

The only problem I have with this is that Zaria is allergic to the suedecloth inner of the diaper (which is in contact with her skin), she had some rashes when we started using the cloth diaper. This was very quickly resolved with us lining the diaper with a piece of nappy liner (which cost very little).

I should have discovered this when Zara was still on diaper, then I would really save money big time! For those of you who have young babies, you may want to consider cloth diapering as well.

Zaria in her cloth diaper

Zaria and her cloth diaper, in retro pink, baby pink and celery green



1. Vien - June 20, 2007

I’ve seen it, read it and was tempted to get it. Are 5 pieces enough? How much can the insert carry (as in pee)? Btw, which one is better: Drybees or Bumgenious?

ZMM : Drybees have sizing, so it fits better, but then you will have to buy new ones when the child grows older. Bumgenious is 1 size fits all.
I think to calculate how many you need, you have to see how many the child is using currently in a day, then double it, + 2 extra pieces just for the cloudy days (assuming you only do your laundry once a day in the morning). In my case, Zaria uses 2 diapers during the day (if she doesn’t poo). We wash her diaper at 1pm+. So now.. for 4 pieces is enough for us to let her be on this the whole day time.
The insert can carry lots of pee.. like Zaria, she only needs to have 2 changes in the day time. We tried it at night too, and it can last her the whole night. However, because she likes to sleep on her side, the pee tends to leak out from the side, so we just switch her back to disposable.
You thinking switching to this for Belle?

2. Jenn - June 20, 2007

Actually they did a study on this in 1992 in the US (http://www.ilea.org/lcas/franklin1992.html) that compared the impact on the environment of traditional cloth diapering vs disposable diapering and the results were that disposables were less harmful on the environment.
This is more true in the US as dryers are used more commonly, so the energy and detergent output for traditional cloth diapering because they are changed for frequently than disposables, is more.
Still, cloth diapering, as always, saves money.

ZMM : Yeah.. I saw this debate as well, if it really helps with environment (the energy involved in washing the diaper). I just hope it does help the environment, and I definitely will save money in the long run, which is important to me.

3. Annie Tan - June 20, 2007

Hey, give me five!!

So happy to see mothers one by one going into cloth diapering. I am a pro Drybees, coz I carry this product too. And of course the one distribute to me is also Sandra (fr miabambina). She’s our sole distributor for Malaysia. I just luv the colors and patterns, dun u?

4. Meeya - June 20, 2007

I am having a hard time imagining it, though. What happens when the baby poos in the diaper? You will have to change the whole diaper and will the poo stain the diaper?

ZMM : Surprisingly, the poo doesn’t stain the diaper. See my respond to Domestic Rat on how to wash and sterlise it.

5. jesslyn - June 20, 2007

I am a cloth diaper supporter all the while, only use disposable drypers at night.

6. sasha - June 20, 2007

oooh too late for me too. Jayden is potty trained since very young. Now a days he used like a few pieces of diaper only. But its cute!

7. Yvonne - June 20, 2007

Good info.. will be useful if No.2 comes along. Ryan oso used cloth diaper all until he was 6 months after his rashes imrpoved. But RM75 is really quite exp.

8. chubbyschmubby - June 20, 2007

Will check it out, but RM 75 per piece is quite steep, no?

9. khongfamily - June 20, 2007

Haha…if I get a 3rd one, I shall consider but RM75…very very expensive but I guess it’s worth it.

10. LB - June 20, 2007

Hmmmmm…. hmmmm….. Interesting.. *stores in one part of brain*

11. Allyfeel - June 20, 2007

I am considering it but at the moment I just bought some cheap rewashable cloth diaper from Jusco. So will wait and see how it goes. The pinky and flowery design looks cute on Zaria.

12. misha's mum - June 20, 2007


zaria looks more and more like zara

13. domestic rat - June 20, 2007

I thought of this too… but the thought of non-stop washing of soiled cloth diapers puts me off, esp when I might go without domestic help.BTW, think you need to soak overnight in a special liquid to rid the stains and also to sterilise the diapers right?

ZMM : To wash, I My maid just pours low sud washing powder, and half a cap of liquid dettol (to sterilise) into the washing machine with the diapers. For soiled diaper, she normally rinses of the poop briefly under running water, and toss into the machine. It doesn’t leave a stain surprisingly; even though Zaria’s breastfed poo is very yellow.

14. Giddy Tiger - June 20, 2007

Cute and adorable. But I still detest washing nappies.

15. milkmaid - June 20, 2007

hmm– i’ve always wanted to buy and nvr gotten around to doing it. Was waiting for you-know-who to scan the market to see which is the cheapest/most durable. Now Aiden uses 4 pieces of diapers in a day.

16. huisia - June 20, 2007

i think of buying this as well when i saw them in my local baby shop, but it’s just too expensive, so i didn’t buy at last.

Annie also sell this…you can check out her side.

17. geetha - June 20, 2007

Great start to save teh environment. I am going to try the conventional cloth diaper and see how it goes. 🙂

18. may - June 20, 2007

I was on cloth diapers too, when I was a kid! my mom’s quite the environmentalist, eh? then again, I don’t think there were disposable diapers back then…

19. chanelwong - June 20, 2007

I tried on Jeriel just for overnite because daytime he is trained…impress…his bumbum is dry and insert is wet….

20. Sandra@ mia bambina - June 20, 2007

Hi all…
Agnes…Zara looks cool in pink retro!


21. chooi peng - June 20, 2007

i have bought 2 for KW, and she look like have a big butt after wearing it! we use it at night as she was diaper less druing the day! i bought the Mummy Touch One Size Fit All!

22. chinnee - June 20, 2007

looks so pretty!! especially the flower prints 🙂

23. jazzmint - June 20, 2007

wahh…eh if poop in the diaper how..wash oso?

24. michelle - June 20, 2007

Last time I used the cheapo type where I can insert the nappy cloth with it. Yeap it save a lot of cost.

25. alternative-mom - June 21, 2007

I’m a bit fan of cloth diaper, too, until my daughter outgrew from the diaper cover and we have to use disaposables. Well done!

The debate on whether how much energy is being used is indeed not conclusive, but at least we will know that we do not use disposables that will add to landfills or to be incinerated.

Good job!

26. Simple American - June 21, 2007

Look at dose widdle cubby legs. hahaha So cute. I can hear her blowing bubbles in my mind. Oh man. Fun age. 🙂

Looks like she really supports her head well now. Six months I guess so. *blush*

27. Pinkelle - June 21, 2007

Something new we learn everyday! I’ve been a silent reader of your blog and am truly impressed at how well you juggle your two girls, your career and blogging! Just the kind of mama I hope to be some day 🙂

Btw, I tagged you..hope you don’t mind!

28. anggie - June 21, 2007

heh.. i had order 2 also …still with chanel, must go get it.. cant wait to try on on my boy. 🙂

29. whoisbaby - June 21, 2007

wow .. i like your post. looking for clothe diapers for brandon too, just like vien looking for belle. ya they are expensive. i am getting these diapers becos is summer here, regular diaper tends to bring up the humidity inside and makes the butt butt wet. 1 size fit all seems nice but i think it wont be as fitting as drybees.

30. Irene - June 21, 2007

i’m telling you – great minds think alike. i was just thinking of posting on this too. jenna is also on cloth diapers when we are at home. =)

31. 2littlefellas' mom - June 21, 2007

aww…little Zaria is growing up and looking so alike Zara but chubbier-yah?

love that smile (photo wearing pink)….pretty..very pretty 🙂

32. Malaika's mummy - June 21, 2007

I saw it somewhere and always wonder how it works. Now it is too late to buy, perhaps when I have no 2.

Tagged from u, I remember. Will do it soon. Thanks.

33. Lian - June 22, 2007

Hey, me too got my bumgenius from Sandra. Been using it for a few months now. The drybees design looks really nice on your girl. Wah, your girl pink through and through.

34. shern's mom - June 22, 2007

nice but pretty expensive huh.
you bought 4 pink ones, if the next baby that comes along is a boy, then poor boy will be wearin pink day and night. but those pink are really sweet, cannot resist huh.

ZMM : I bought 2 pink and 2 green.. but I’m absolutely sure I won’t be having another baby. Factory closed permanantly!

35. sesame - June 22, 2007

That’s ex huh. But looks very pretty. I attempted using cloth diapers with Gavin when he was younger but still relied mainly on pampers.

36. whoisbaby - June 22, 2007

zmm, do you take off the insert and re-use the diaper or change both at one time? btw, are you using regular detergent to wash these diapers or special ones?

ZMM : The diaper and inserts have to be changed and washed during a diaper change, the diaper will dry faster though compares to the insert. I use low sud dertergent. Tried using normal detergent, but Zaria’s skin was sensative to it, so I have to swap.

37. domestic rat - June 23, 2007

Oh… and I thought baby’s stuff must be washed with baby’s detergent only. Will dettol be too strong?

ZMM : Dettol is ok because it’s diluted (1 cap to many litres of water in the wash).. not direct application. I changed to baby detergent, as regular detergent is too strong, even the scent.

38. krystal - June 29, 2007

Hi new here. Anyway, just wanna comment on cloth diapering. I’m also a strong believer of cloth diapering, so when I had my 2nd boy, I made sure that he’ll be using cloth diapers instead of disposable, unlike his koko. However, I did not buy the ones that you bought, instead I bought those cheaper alternatives (waterproof diaper cover, nappy liner and cloth nappy) from Jusco. Have you tried those? I’m still contemplating whether I should buy the cloth diaper sets for my next baby. Btw, http://www.thebabyloft.com also sells cloth diaper sets.

ZMM : I tried those cheap cloth nappy with the waterproof diaper before.. it still leaks big time, and you have to change e.time the diaper is wet. This one, you just wear it like disposal, more lasting.

39. sue - June 30, 2007

Very nice 🙂 Love pinks. By the way, how do you wash it if she poos… wont it be messy?

40. sharine - July 17, 2007

Hi just came across your blog and we do share the same interest in cloth diaperig. Bravo to mummy and Zaria is so cute with her CD on…

41. lieya - August 9, 2007

hi..i’m lieya..i just want to know where i can buy this cloth diapers in malaysia?

42. Sarah - September 20, 2007

Hi! I am so happy to come across your blog. We seem to share the same interest….”CLOTH DIAPERS!!!” My baby is also fully cloth diapered now. Just to share with you, I’ve just add in my stash 2 days ago from http://www.littlepumpkinpies.com , I just couldn’t resist the colors/prints of the Minky Diapers. I just can’t wait to share with other moms.let me know what you think. 🙂

43. Samantha - January 25, 2008

What a beautiful baby. I cloth diaper too and it is so fun.

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