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Recovering the Milk June 14, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in bitching, breastfeeding, trips.

continues from here

2:30am : Still no news from MAS Lost & Found counter. Tried calling them numerous times, no reply.
Called MAS 24hrs line, to check if they can locate someone in the airport to understand the situation. Repeated my whole story for the 3rd time (Breast milk, precious, urgent, spoil if arrived late were words/phrases I have to keep repeating to add urgency to the situation). Harry from MAS checked, and confirmed MH610 already landed. He would try to call his colleagues in KLIA, and then will call me back.
3:00am : No calls from Harry. I called the 24hr line again. Rosa was the one who picked up my call. She said they are still trying to locate someone in the airport, but wasn’t able to. She kept silence most of the time when I asked her, “What is happening on your side?” “So how now?” This really frustrated me. Asked her for the manager. A Patma came to the line, and she said she’ll try her best to locate someone.
3:15am : Roslan from KLIA called, said my things were with them, but they could only deliver to me at 5am. WTF?!!! He called from his mobile so I have his number. I paced around the room wondering if I should wait till 5am.
3:30am : Decided to drive to KLIA on my own to collect my liquid gold instead. Called and informed Roslan, I could hear a delighted tone in him when he added, “So we don’t need to send it over to you?”
4:15am : Arrived KLIA. Roslan’s crew handed my things to me. “Sorry yeah miss, lots of problem today, that’s why can’t call you earlier.” I just sped off. Niah mah fu lat!! Now how do I claim my toll and petrol to the airport?
5:00am : Reached home. Sorted the milk. What was still frozen, I quickly tossed it back into the freezer. What was partially thawed, I poured out the thawed milk into the bottle and then tossed the frozen back to the freezer. Took me half hour to do this.
Wrote a note to tell Daddy and the maids I wanted to sleep in, and I wanted no disturbance. Moved a mattress over to the study (didn’t want to be awaken when the kids wake up at 8am), and dozed off.
6:00am : Daddy came over with a crying Zara. “She wants you.” Dropped her on my mattress and walked back to the room. I was too tired to argue with him or I would have given him a big knock on the head for doing this since I needed to sleep. I carried Zara back to the room and tried to pacify her as well as get her back to sleep.
6:15am : Went back to the study and when I was about to doze off. Daddy came over again as Zara woke up and cried when she didn’t see me!!!!
6:30am : Made sure Zara is asleep. Since the maid were all up, I told them I’ll be sleeping in, and moved my mattress to their room, locked the door, and slept!
10:00am : Woke up feeling like a zombie.

I’m the kind who has to take 8hrs of sleep every night.. so I’m not in my element today!

Screw Malaysian Airlines for such screw up and such customer service! Damn the new regulations and Changi not giving exemption to nursing mums!

Now let me see if I can claim back my return trip to KLIA to collect the missing baggage the airline caused!



1. Rani - June 14, 2007

I’m really sorry of what’s happening to you. the regulations from changi is really stupid, breastfeeding moms in singapore is now trying to do something about it. I think this is mostly changi’s fault.

2. dancing queen - June 14, 2007

So ridiculous! As though you were going to ignite the plane with your breast milk! They should learn to use discretion lah this ppl…! ๐Ÿ˜›

Haha… it is really liquid gold! So precious. ๐Ÿ™‚

3. sasha - June 14, 2007

Oh man. Sound like Havoc and headache. luckily still frozen and havent turn into yogurt.

4. Hijackqueen - June 14, 2007

You want international hand sign boh? Go to my blog and get them. Dem chun!

5. ShannonC. - June 14, 2007

really see the difference in their customer service yeah….
luckily got back yeah….

6. Yvonne - June 14, 2007

They donno how precious every single drop of these milk are to our babies… U should escalate to their higher management, get compensated or something…..

7. sesame - June 14, 2007

Can feel your pain. This is a plain case of following the rules blindly without exercising any sort of exemption to cater to special needs and as a result pissing people big time when things go awry.

8. mott - June 14, 2007

*speechless* i really tabik you. it’s just amazing you managed to recover your susuibu!

9. LB - June 14, 2007

Another lesson learnt here. Never under-estimate the value of Mamma’s Milk.

10. michelle - June 14, 2007

Next time ask company to get SIA for you else say no travel. I am impress with SIA because they manage to transfer my baggage from one plane to another within 30 mins. I must blog about this.

How come hubby so inconsiderate one…..if me??!!

11. may - June 14, 2007

hope you catch up on your sleep after all that kancheong-ness! glad your liquid gold was recovered safe and sound nevertheless.

12. laundryamah - June 15, 2007

yes salute! standing ovation pls! amazing…but then again..can’t blame u cos the milk is darn precious lei! i remember i didn’t have enuf milk so every drop was like liquid gold as u mentioned..yes screw MAS!!! get them to compensate!! big time!!! i support gau gau!!

13. Vien - June 15, 2007

MAS service is really going down the drain…i dunno why they were able to get awards.

14. Simple American - June 15, 2007

Damn sad. They should have had a vehicle bringing you the milk as they called you.

Damn terrorism and other crooks that make simple things, difficult.

15. jazzmint - June 15, 2007

aiyo..lucky the milk are still frozen!!!

16. anggie - June 15, 2007

oh dear… very ‘kan-cheong’ when i read ur blog … lucky ur BM is fine. anyway, u done a good job too. take a rest ….

17. milkmaid - June 15, 2007

what the — trust MAS to screw things up! So sorry for you – but at least most of it is still frozen ! Take a good rest this weekend or I’ll see you later this evening at the part

18. milkmaid - June 15, 2007

what the — trust MAS to screw things up! So sorry for you – but at least most of it is still frozen ! Take a good rest this weekend or I’ll see you later this evening at the park

19. jesslyn - June 15, 2007

Poor you have to go thru this….but luggage loss seem a common thing in airline, especially screw up MAS!

20. Malaika's mummy - June 15, 2007

Screw up MAS. I agree with Vien, how come MAS can get awards one with such a lousy customer service and cabin crews?!

The most important thing is you got back the milk. Wow… can express up to 2 litre, not bad wo.

21. mom of cairo - June 15, 2007

changi is getting a little nuts nowadays… i see ppl complianing in the newspaper forums every so often!
i can understand how precious dat 2 litre is… too bad not everyone is a BF mother or else they would have moved faster in helping u recover the liquid gold!

22. eve - June 15, 2007

Wahhhhh….BP naik anot?..Kesian..no wonder la..i tot where u dah menghilang…forgot u have to go SG…

23. chooi peng - June 15, 2007

Must screw them ‘kao kao’ …
Last time, it took about a month plus for MAS to prepare a flight delayed explanation letter for me! The letter even less than 100 words!

24. huisia - June 15, 2007

Gosh…it really wasting your precious night to catch up the issue..this MAS staffs really lousy le…even with the delight voice when heard you said you’re going there to take back your BM…

25. winterwhites - June 15, 2007

i was on first class to London on MAS…guess what? my baggage arrived the last, after all economy and business class passengers’ arrived even thought mine were tagged with first class tags. made me miss my transport back to my town.
see what kinda service MAS gives us.

26. winterwhites - June 15, 2007

to complain: pushpa@mas.com.my
effective enough to get me a free upgrade on my next trip back
maybe u can claim ur petrol and toll money on this one

Thank you. I wrote to her, and she said she’ll look into the issue, and compensate me accordingly. Will blog about it later, when I get my compensation.

27. Syn - June 15, 2007

aiyo, reading your posts also felt your aches and frustrations so i can imagine how you actually feel! amaze that you can remember all the names of the people u talked to. luckily got happy ending, now i hope u can claim ur petrol and toll and get a free upgrage, if not a free ticket from MAS!

28. Giddy Tiger - June 15, 2007

I know how you must feel. But the milk should still be all right….if it is slightly thawed, and the majority of it is still frozen and you just throw it back to the freezer, it will still be edible. Trust me, I’ve done it before.

And yes, please complain…if you need a complain template, I can loan you mine (email me), but I think you do have enough frustration in you to cook something up ๐Ÿ™‚ let me know how it goes…

29. a-moms-diary - June 16, 2007

Sorry to hear of your predicament. I think it’s standard now that airports won’t allow even breastmilk to be carried onboard. I’ve tried that in Manila, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul…all the same. Classic case of some dumb ass minority making life difficult for the majority of us.

30. twin - June 16, 2007

wasting effort isn’t it .. MAS have really bad service these days .. have to agree with that.

31. seefei - June 16, 2007

the no liquid rule is really damn irritating. especially me a fan of low cost carrier. i travel cheapo and always carry my drinking water in the hand held. well now i got to pay 5 bucks for plain drinking water in the plane. but hei beggar should not complain right?

32. chinnee - June 16, 2007

i remember when i was working and transportation my bm daily, it was all so so tiring, but very fulfilling, assuring my baby will be getting her best milk. Can understand how u feel…

33. mom2ashley - June 17, 2007

oh dear!!!! luckily at the end of the goose chase, you managd to get your liquid gold back…

34. geetha - June 18, 2007

My, my.. that’s is definitely a great headache. For all the trouble and pain you had to go through expressing the milk, it goes though more trouble! Glad the milk was still frozen.. worth the effort there.

35. shoppingmum - June 18, 2007

Oh, sorry to hear about that. All breastfeeding mums treat their milk like precious. It’s really sakit hati to experience this…

36. earthember - June 18, 2007

With this new regulation, it’s making things difficult for nursing moms. But frankly, I thought a certain amount of infant liquid is allowed on the plane. Perhaps, you’ve exceeded the amount.

It seems if you have the baby with you, you can bring along bigger quantity, w/out the baby, it’s still 100ml. I said to them, “if the baby was with me, why do I still need to express?” They just kept quiet! Stupid regulations.. that’s all I know.

37. My Lil Venture - June 18, 2007

Yeah, go write them a nasty complain letter and demand for toll, parking fee, petrol, etc. Then, threaten you’ll go to the press if they ignore you! Muar ha ha..

38. sue - June 18, 2007

Everytime when there is a change of flight details and such, there’ll always end up having situations like these, so most of the time I’m really careful. But in your case there’s not way of you not checking in your things since they’re not allowed on board. So frustrating yeah…

39. Food Around The World « All About Zara and Zaria - June 18, 2007

[…] but this time, I slowly tasted every spoon of it; letting the euphoric taste linger. Too bad, my ice box was full, or I would have bought a few pots for later enjoyment back home. This is the La Fermiere yogurt […]

40. Mama BoK - June 19, 2007

Too sad.. that one have to experience such a thing .. with a reputable airline. Glad you got your milk back though. And yes.. make sure they compensate you .. for all the trouble..!! how can lose the milk like that one..??
Singapore immigration also anal ..!!

41. ehon - June 19, 2007

wahhh.. milk drama. lol. that is really really a milky drama ler..

42. chubbyschmubby - June 20, 2007

WTF?! Ridiculous regulation by Changi. And MAS is always patheticlah. “Mana Ada System”. Memang takde langsung! And yes, go claim whatever you can from them. Morons!

43. Allyfeel - June 20, 2007

Lucky u got back the precious gold liquid. Why man lidat one har? My husband also know how to say this “He wants you” and that’s it. He could cuci tangan.

44. beckysmum - June 21, 2007

Glad that you got back your breastmilk. Should claim back money you used to make all the phone calls also.

45. chanelwong - September 7, 2007

I support you and can feel how precious is the breastmilk..others may not value it…but we do…we know what is best….

sorry to say that I cannot help much as I am new in MAS and also I also face problem internally…politically etc….

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