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Crying Over Spilled Milk June 14, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in bitching, breastfeeding, trips.

I was on a business trip for 3 days.
I woke up daily at 6:30am to express milk.
Shortened my lunch hour to 1/2 hour to express milk.
Instead of going shopping immediately after work (Great Singapore Sales is on), I stayed back in the hotel for another half hour to express milk.
Every night, after I’d expressed milk for the last time, got the hotel to store all the milk in the freezer for me, washed all the bottles, it would be 12am.
Now, is the milk precious or not?

8:00pm : Arrived Changi airport for my 9:20pm flight MH610
8:15pm : Checked in my suitcase, and was told MH610 has been delayed to 9:45pm. Suitcase tagged with MH610.
8:20pm : Before passing immigration, I asked security check point if I could carry my 2litre of frozen milk with me on board. I was denied entry, even though it mentioned “special dietery requirement” is excempted. They let me get out to ‘sort out’ my problem.
8:30pm : Got some masking tape from the shop, and taped up my cooler box and cooler bag.
8:45pm : Checked in my cooler box, and cooler bag. I was told flight MH610 has been delayed infinitely, and we would be put on MH608 departing at 9:30pm instead. Both my cooler box and cooler bag were tagged wtih MH608 tags.
9:00pm : Rushed through immigration, and went to the gate.
9:30pm : Started boarding the flight.
10:00pm : Flight took off finally.
11:00pm : Arrived KLIA. Went straight to claim my baggage.
11:15pm : Suitcase appeared.
11:45pm : Still no sign of my cooler bag and cooler box (anxious).
11:50pm : Was told no more items left in cargo, and I should proceed to Lost & Found to lodge a complain. (fuming)
12:00am : Have to tell the guy the content in the cooler box and cooler bag, and how important it is. He told me there’ll be no more incoming flight from Singapore. Have to tell him Susu Ibu is Breast Milk in English, to help him type that in to the report to indicate the urgency, and see if Singapore can help me to store the milk back into the freezer. I also took the Changi baggage handler number from him.
12:10am : Boarded my cab. On the way home, called up Changi baggage handler, phone was answered in 3 rings. The guy who took my call told me that at his end, he couldn’t see the cooler box or bag, he told me to call MAS counter in Changi. Called MAS counter in Changi, Nur who answered (picked up within 3 rings as well), told me she’ll help me trace the bags, and will call me back.
12:20am : Nur told me bags have been located, they have been mistakenly (she didn’t use this word, but how else could the bags ended up in the wrong flight) loaded into MH610, which will depart at 1am or later from Singapore.
12:35am : Reached home. Called Nur again, and she confirmed MH610 would be departing at 1am. Called MAS Lost & Found counter, it took me 6 attempts, infinite rings, before I reached a Roslan. He’s aware of my situation (probably became the big talk among the boys, this susu ibu thingy), and said he’ll send the bags immediately when the flight arrived.
1:00am : Called Nur in Changi again, and she said MH610 has taken off.
1:40am : Waited and Waited and Waited.

…. to be continued



1. crazymommy - June 14, 2007

Oh dear… I doubt the breast milk can be used already by the time you receive them. 😦 Poor mommy…

2. LB - June 14, 2007

Ouch! I have had to deal with Lost Baggage many times before, but nothing was anything as stressful as your experience. Sorry to hear that, but sometimes it’s just like Russian Roulette, despite all the so-called advancement in technology they would have us believe when they advertise how fantastic it is for us to fly Malaysia (or Singapore, or Qantas, or Timbuktu). Human Error is alive and well.

3. Simple American - June 14, 2007

Air France lost my luggage every time I flew Houston to Paris to Frankfurt. They lost my luggage on three occassions on four trips.

How inconsiderate of them. You make it so clear that it is important. Cripes! You suffer so much, just so you can suffer even more.

Glad you are home safe and sound.

4. dancing queen - June 14, 2007

Aiyo… classic lah! 😀

Thank God you froze it kau-kau, otherwise it would turn into sour milk! 😀

5. msaufong - June 14, 2007

oh my..hope that the bm wasn’t fully melt yet. If still freeze more than 60% then should ok to store into freezer again, but if melted more than that..then you might need to have a bm bath for zaria liao :p

6. ben - June 14, 2007

fuah.. so careless geh? kan already tagged?? tsk tsk tsk : x

7. Jan - June 14, 2007


if cannot save then your hardwork all gone down the drain lor…..so sayang!

if they allowed you to hand carry it up then problem solved…..bm wouldn’t have gone onto a wrong flight lor!

8. milkmaid - June 14, 2007

oh gawd – that’s due to the stupid LAG policy that came into place just few weeks ago. I hope you got it in time and that none of it melted. Otherwise, you cant use it anymore… My heart goes out to you as I know how precious even 1 oz can be….

9. Julian - June 14, 2007

Lost baggage always happens when they switch flights. And its so silly that you cant carry breast milk into the flight, as if breast milk can be used to poison the pilot or blow up the plane…

10. chooi peng - June 14, 2007

OMG… it is silly BM cannot be hand carry!
BM is precious.. even it was less than 1oz!!

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12. Sweetpea - June 14, 2007

gee.. poor you. got travel insurance or not? if got i think u can claim qua.. u know, maybe those ppl at the customer service thinks BM only mar, can express again. i know WTF! they do not understand the hard work involved.
hope all’s good now.

13. Rani - June 14, 2007

not allowing breastmilk into the plane is like forbidding bodily fluid (such as urine, saliva, faeces, and sweat) to be brought with you on the plaene.

14. may - June 14, 2007

that’s some ordeal to have gone through. lost luggage at any time is bad, even more so when it’s perishable like yours and precious for your baby. *waits for part 2*

15. huisia - June 15, 2007

Nowadays so strict le…even BM also can’t be carried??
unbelievable, the BM can go to the wrong plane

16. shern's mom - June 16, 2007

i read the part where you keep expressin milk, it makes me giggle. well, until i read the later part where 2 precious liters of milk got lost.. what a shame, i mean the airlines. make ’em pay.

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