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Crying June 6, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in my two girls, Zara, Zaria.

If you walked passed my house and hear sound of crying, you can be quiet sure it’s Zara’s. The Two and The Half cries more than her Four Month Old sister in a day!

She cries in the morning when she wakes up and doesn’t see me next to her.
She cries when she wants to wear her choice of clothings but we give her another set.
She cries when she recently had her Hep B vacination.
She cries when she wants to come to the study to play with me but I disallow because I have to work.
She cries when she wants Daddy or me to bath her, but both of us are busy and we ask the maid to do it.
She cries when she wants a sweet drink during dinner and we refuse.
She cries when she is not able to yank a toy out from the toy box.
Basically, she cries when she doesn’t get what she wants; when she’s in pain, frustrated, or just moody.
When she cries, she wails, with big drop of tears flowing down, wetting her face, and the top she’s wearing.
She cries more, when her face is wet, and she demands to be wiped; and it normally takes a while to calm her down.
Zara was a high need baby and now a high need toddler.

Zaria on the other hand, cries only when she’s frightened (by a loud bang, or the unfaimiliar whirring of the blender; or by a bad dream);
When what she is holding is snatched away;
When I abruptly end a nursing session and she hasn’t had her fill of milk;
When she wants to sleep, but she’s not comfortable enough to fall asleep.
When she had her vacination on the same day as Zara has hers, she made just an Argh sound, and that’s it. No tears or wailling like her sister.
And when she cries, she’s easily pacified : the toy returned to her, the feed continues, or just picking her would normally do the trick.

When Zara was younger, I was able to capture lots of crying photos of Zara (see here, here, here, here, here). With Zaria, as she deosn’t cry often, it was tough, but I’d been waiting.Β Last 2 days, I managed to capture these shots and that’s about it:

Zaria Crying

She was unhappy when her book was taken away; She wanted to be picked up after lying on her stomach for too long; She wanted to sleep but she was hungry and Zara was making too much noise in the room



1. cutiePie - June 7, 2007

*pat on the back* zara cannot disturb mommy ok .. you BIG gurl .. see mei mei hardly cry .. *hugs zara & zaria*

2. milkmaid - June 7, 2007

Well as they say each baby is different and can be as night and day. Perhaps with Zaria on board, she’s trying to buy more attention? Eh – pix on top right corner doesnt look like she’s crying la

3. earthember - June 7, 2007

The more I see Zaria, the more I think she looks like Tessa. Looks like Zaria is more docile than Zara. Who knows Zaria may be different when she’s older.

4. khongfamily - June 7, 2007

Zaria is much easy going baby horr. Perhaps crying is just a phase for Zara to get more of your attention. Hey, notice that Zaria looks different already…maybe because of the crying.

5. Jan - June 7, 2007

Goodness, she is really crying for lots of reasons hor….really a high need kid….hopefully she doesn’t grow up to be a high need adult! πŸ™‚

6. Jefferene - June 7, 2007

My girl also another crying toddler! She cries over every tiny miny things!

You know I feel a bit relief after reading your post, at least I am not alone! πŸ™‚

7. Giddy Tiger - June 7, 2007

I guess it’s cos that’s the only way she can communicate. But kids are cute nonetheless, whether they cry or giggle!

8. huisia - June 7, 2007

seldom cry is a good sign la…:)

9. dancing queen - June 7, 2007

I tell you, you can tell the kids’ character from the moment they’re born. If they are very kuai, they will be kuai when they grow up. If they are hard to handle as infant, chances are when they’re bigger, you’ll be at loggerheads with them. It’s just my theory lah, cos it applies to my kids! πŸ˜›

10. Yvonne - June 7, 2007

Hahah.. luckily u only have one crying baby and not two. Else lagi jialat… Think of it this way.. when they grow up, we will be craving for the days they cry for us, in front of us, because of us… so, enjoy the every special moment… even the crying episodes.. (im telling myself the same thing.. hahahaha)

11. mumsgather - June 7, 2007

My boy cries a lot too but when a girl cries a lot, you can call her manja but when a boy cries that much, you call him a sissy. How are like dat?

12. jesslyn - June 7, 2007

Lyon cry more than Wien at this age too!
She likes to cry each time wake up from nap or morning time, dunno cry for what? *sigh*
no choice la, just be patient.

13. the silai - June 7, 2007

from my observation (and experience), a baby that’s harder to conceive is usually a more difficult child compared to a baby that’s conceived easily.

just my RM0.01 theory la, LOL.

14. Ms Fair Face - June 7, 2007

Zaria seems to be a very ‘steady’ baby! I have a gf whom I have never heard her 6 months old daughter cried before eventhough we meet up very often in church!

15. may - June 7, 2007

easy baby to take care of, how lovely! I wonder if I was a cry baby way back then…?

16. laundryamah - June 7, 2007

how come Zara reminds me of Kieran one???

17. michelle - June 7, 2007

Zara is the emotional gal. Now I wonder whether you or you hubby got that gen? Opps.

18. sue - June 7, 2007

Ivan also cries over the little-est things… I guess it could be first-child-I-want-it now! syndrome?

19. king's wife - June 7, 2007

Question is…do you and tai siu give in to her, each time she cries?

20. Malaika's mummy - June 7, 2007

This make me scare to have a second baby. Malaika is a high maintenance baby and now I am spending most of time with her, one to one.

Perhaps Zara just needs some extra attention.

21. syn - June 8, 2007

Out of curiousity, how do you handle zara when she cries? Do you think it’s part of the terrible two’s syndrome too?

my girl is beginning to cry for things she wants but cannot get. so far, i let her cry it out and will ignore her but her papa gives in to her more. my fear is when she uses this tactic when we’re in public – so far, no huge drama yet. i’m more afraid of how will i react in public when she throws her tantrum!

22. shern's mom - June 8, 2007

zaria’s cryin looks more like yawnin.. so ladylike..

23. Simple American - June 8, 2007

If I had a choice I would rather have the older one be whinier. Eventually she’ll grow out of it. Zaria may be more calm, since you are also more calm. Parents are more nervous with first baby and the baby picks up on those worrisome bribes.

24. Simple American - June 8, 2007

Cripes. That would be vibes not bribes. *rolls eyes*

25. Rhiannon - June 8, 2007

Oh yes! I know all about the crying

26. contended mum - June 8, 2007

I was smiling away as I read your post on crying, all sound so familiar! Qi ning will also cry if she don’t get what she wants! Hopefully is just a passing stage.

27. RIna - June 8, 2007

Zara is still a baby even though she is the eldest. Agree with Simple American’s comment

28. chubbyschmubby - June 8, 2007

I don’t know how you handle the situation, but hats off! πŸ™‚ You’re doing very well!!

29. WMD - June 8, 2007

Sound like my house too. It is the older one that is crying more than the little one. But the good thing is- as easy as it starts, it ends easily too. Thank God for that. I believe it is the age or maybe also the sibling factor. My older one cries pretty often these days when he doesn’t get what he wants.

30. chooi peng - June 8, 2007

aiyh.. KW also the same… cry and cry non stop!

31. Sasha - June 8, 2007

wah after i read yr post i also pening abit . can visualise how havoc it is.

32. Irene - June 8, 2007

spoken like a true blogging mom – waits for the perfect crying shot. Hee hee.

You know, Hailey’s been doing that too. Sheesh!

PS: Go and get your girls baptized. Then you’ll have a reason to go back to church again. I’ll be your girls godma by proxy. Hee Hee.

33. 1+2mom - June 9, 2007

mei mei more clever then jie jie, why jie jie like to cry must show you are a big gal shame shame if cry so often.

34. Desperate Mummy - June 9, 2007

Calista the same recently like to cry out very loud until my opposite neighbour need to close the door 😦

35. Ivy - June 10, 2007

from the pics, it seems like Zaria is a chubbier baby than Zara.

My 3 year old wails and whine alot too…

36. Allyfeel - June 10, 2007

Poor thing, Zaria crying fotos look so “cham”. Aiks…my boy also cry non stop, a bit abit say I noty, A bit abit cry… I guess they dun know how to express their feelings the right way yet.

37. shoppingmum - June 11, 2007

It’s probably only a phrase. My boy cries a lot only when daddy is around, until my MIL commanded his son to cane him as a lesson. πŸ˜› No, we didn’t do that. Without hubby around, he’s an angel.

When we were on our way from Ipoh to Penang, Justin cried for hubby who’s driving in front to carry him. Isabelle and I got numb and slept thru, LOL!

Isabelle, mmm….only cries for mommy and nen nen. As long as nen nen is there, she’s ok.

38. geetha - June 11, 2007

I am goping through it too.. it is a bit easier with Champion, comapred to lil’ President who cries (acts) if doesn’t get what he wants. Since Champion can understand what I say, I can control him.. I guess she is going through that phase when she needs the attention. She should outgrow it… πŸ™‚

But one thing for sure, both of them are more fussy when daddy is home! Argghh..

39. eastcoastlife - June 11, 2007

hahaha… you take the crying photos of your kids too!
Zaria is growing well, chubby chubby. hehe….

40. FireHorse - June 12, 2007

Awwww maybe play some soothing music?

41. Sabrina - June 12, 2007

Hehe…Keith cries whenever I leave him at home but he won’t do that to hubby.

42. LB - June 12, 2007

I think I must have been a big cry baby when it was my time too… *shrugs* LOL.. Oh well..

43. LB - June 13, 2007

You just got TAGGED!!!

44. Mama BoK - June 19, 2007

Chloe is this way too.. she loves to cry… and like Zara.. big tears.. ! like so poor thing like that..!

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