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Homemade Salted Eggs June 4, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in recipe.

I stumbled upon a blog entry by a Filipino who’s immigrated to US where she shared the method to make salted egg at home since it’s not easy to get them from where she lives. I wanted to give credit to this person, but I can’t seem to find the link now.

Anyway, after checking out the steps and realised it wasn’t difficult, I was very interested to try it out.

2 weeks ago, when we went to the market, we saw a man selling duck eggs (which was uncommon), and an elderly lady buying the eggs in bulk. I overheard her talking to her companion that she’s in luck as she will be able to make salted duck eggs now instead of salted chicken eggs. I walked forward and chatted with her, checking out her method and confirming the information I saw earlier (from the net) was correct.  So we went on to buy 10 duck eggs and a pack of coarse sea salt home.

Here is how I made them :
Boil a pot of water with coarse sea salt (or any other types of salt) until the water is saturated (no more salt can disolve in the water).
Leave it to cool.
Place the 10 unwashed duck eggs (the elderly lady from the market told me it’s important not to wash the eggs, or the process will fail) into a glass jar (I used the Old Horlicks bottle which can probably hold 20 eggs)
Fill the salt water to the brim of the jar.
Screw on the lid, and leave it aside.

You are supposed to take one out to try at day 14th to check if the egg is salty enough. If it’s not, leave them soaked for another week and pick one more egg to try. Repeat until you are satisfied with the saltiness.

We tried ours yesterday (Day 14th). It was good! Not too salty which is the way I like it, and the yolk is perfectly oranged.

Today, we had 2 more for dinner, steam egg with salted egg yolks. Delicious! (Err, Zara won’t touch the yolk, she’s not a yolk person, so she took only steam egg without the yolk. Suits me, since I love it and I can have her share.)

Homemade Salted Eggs

Maybe I’ll make some organic salted eggs the next round.

Pst, anybody has homemade century egg recipe?



1. Yvonne - June 4, 2007

I didnt know that is possible…. the yolk color also quite match it seems.

2. Malaika's mummy - June 5, 2007

hmmm… yummy. My kwai lo hubby likes salted agg. Will try to do it at home some times.

3. L B - June 5, 2007

Waaa, this is so educational! Now I just need to find some ducks and get them to lay some eggs! Which is highly unlikely! All the ducks I’ve seen have migrated to EuroDisney..

4. Cocka Doodle - June 5, 2007

Pssst! I’ll swap the ‘Beijing Bicycle’ dvd for the eggs. Deal?

5. Simple American - June 5, 2007

I never eat duck eggs like that. Usually we have them when they look black and then we eat it it with our congee.

6. shern's mom - June 5, 2007

thanks for the tips. will try pretty soon..

7. Vereance - June 5, 2007

Wow… can buy and make in time for dumpling festival. Mom has been complaining about the increase in salted egg yolks price. Once reached the desired salty-ness, how do I keep the eggs? Thanks for the tips

8. whoisbaby - June 5, 2007

good, i can try your recipe and see. mil has her own recipe but has to wait for 30 days. she uses chicken eggs. she got some made for the dumpling festival.

9. a-moms-diary - June 5, 2007

i love salted egg yolk too! so yummylicious! never thought about making them though…but err…how come the ones we buy from the market is coated in black ash?

10. may - June 5, 2007

hey, this is so cool! if Chinatown didn’t have salted eggs for sale, I wouldn’t have minded making my own. only problem is… where do I buy duck eggs here? hmmm…

11. earthember - June 5, 2007

This is just wonderful! I would prefer homemade ones so as to control the ingredients. Less salt etc, and no preservative. I’m going to try it… the problem is, don’t know if I can get duck eggs.

Here the salted egg costs about $1 each, still not so bad. But the century egg costs $2.90 each…Ridiculous. I also want homemade preserved century egg recipe.

12. jean - June 5, 2007

wow! that’s nice tho’ i’m not the type who really like salty egg. I didn’t know that we can make that at home. thanks for sharing.

13. Jan - June 5, 2007

I love salted eggs too…..but don’t think i can get duck eggs wor………

You mentioned the old lady uses chicken eggs to make salted eggs, you means chicken eggs also can make into salted eggs ah? hmmmm….think I learnt something new again today!

14. ShannonC. - June 5, 2007

wow… that’s wonderful… and easy…
I’ll try it this weekend…

15. dancing queen - June 5, 2007

Thanks for sharing! The method sounds easy enough. 🙂

Problem is where to find duck eggs! 😦

16. chanelwong - June 5, 2007

looks yummy..hmmm where to get duck egg? Only Duck egg?

Paulo villafania - March 14, 2011

i tried regular chicken eggs. worked the same way. but i guess if u want a genuine salted duck eggs. you have to find it tho..

17. mott - June 5, 2007

do you have to put it in a cool area or where there is sunlight?

sorry..just checking ya. Sometimes temperature has to do with its’ success!

18. jazzmint - June 5, 2007

wahh cool..liddat no need to buy from outside lor, dunno how they preserve it hehe..

got any tips for century eggs ah 😛

19. allyfeel - June 5, 2007

Silly me, all this while I thought duck egg is salted edi. *tougue out*.

Thanks for the info… 😉

20. domestic rat - June 5, 2007

It’s a simple process but the hardest bit is getting the duck eggs… which I have no idea where to get them. 😛

21. milkmaid - June 5, 2007

Oh really ??? I will definitely try this out sometime cause me and my maid lurve salted eggs.

22. Sasha - June 5, 2007

never see duck eggs for sale wor. normally its salted edi. maybe i shud try also! thanks ya!

23. anggie - June 5, 2007

not easy to get duck eggs, my aunt use to buy at those wet market (cos my granny like it), person who sell normally old lady and there ‘bela’ their own duck.. 🙂 Rm0.70 sebiji …. can find at kajang wet market ..hehehe.

24. Fannie - June 5, 2007

sounds simple…but do i get duck eggs here??

Maybe I can try it on chicken eggs…but i need to find containers first! 🙂

25. Hijackqueen - June 5, 2007

Salted duck egg no need to store in the fridge liao as they are already preserved. That is what I was told by the ah pek who sell them.

26. sesame - June 5, 2007

So interesting. Maybe I’ll try. I love salted eggs but have always only eaten hard boiled ones. Never tried using them like normal eggs.

27. Giddy Tiger - June 5, 2007

Now you can have totally homemade porridge…including the salted eggs. What a nice touch!

28. chooi peng - June 5, 2007

same as Allyfeel, now only i know duck egg is not salted one! haha..
i m going to try it out later, thanks for the sharing!

29. zara's mama - June 5, 2007

The taste matches as well, but I don’t know how they get the ‘oily’ yolk like some salted eggs do.

Malaika’s Mummy,
Not bad for a kwailou, your hubby. We once tried to ask a kwai lou colleague to try salted egg yolk, and boy, what a torture it was for that poor guy. He spit out immediately after we turned out backs.

Catch one, rear one, do whatever to get one.
Then you can have rose duck, Loh-mai-ngap, hum ngap tan!!

Cocka Doodle,
Pst, Beijing Bicycle X-rated or not? If yes, will give you more eggs.

Simple American,
Aaah, what you have is century egg. I like them too, but I really don’t like some which gives out very strong ammonia smell. Blech.

Shern’s Mom,
Let me know how it turn out.

Yes, the lady I met in the market was doing it for dumpling festival.
I keep mine in the fridge, even the ones I bought from the shop.
Refer to Hijackqueen’s comment, she said since the egg is preserved, you don’t have to store them in the fridge.

I’m not sure if chicken eggs take longer, you can try and let us know.

A- moms-diary,
The black ash I guess is what they use to make the egg salty. Not very sure though. Since I didn’t know what the content of the black ash is, I thought I should make my own, at least I know what goes in there.

Sydney China Town has no salted eggs? Maybe all grabbed up for dumpling festival.
You can substitute duck eggs with chicken eggs, they should work the same.

Yes, I had the same thought. What is sold outside, you really don’t know what they put in the process of making them.
You can substitute duck eggs with chicken, they work the same.
I used duck eggs because salted chicken eggs are so widely available here, it’ll be more ‘rear’ to have salted duck eggs.
Anggie sent me a link for century egg, I’ll send to you.

Aaaah.. but they are so delicious..

Let me know how it turns out.

Dancing Queen,
Use chicken eggs instead. Process is the same.

Chicken eggs can be used as well, but I thought duck egg would be more rare.

There was no instructions to say where the bottle needs to be placed. I just put mine near a cool kitchen corner, it wasn’t dark but neither was it directly exposed to sun light.

Century egg got, Anggie just sent me, but needs to use chemicals, I don’t know where I can find those chemical solution.

Alamak.. duck egg == salty? Haha.

Domestic Rat,
I’m sure Penang will be easier to get then here. But if you can’t find duck eggs, chicken eggs can do as well.

Aaah.. good. And you can duck egg in our market. 😛

Hey, salted eggs normally are done using chicken eggs now you know? It’s hard to find salted duck eggs. That’s why I used duck eggs instead, more special. 😛

Hey, I got mine at RM0.60 from a Malay vendor.
Btw, thanks for the century egg link.

Singapore? Err.. I won’t know.
Yes, you can definitely try using chicken eggs, the post that I saw on the net was for chicken egg.

I didn’t know that, but since fridge got space, I’ll prefer to keep them there to let them remain fresh.

I like them hard boiled as well.
I don’t use them like normal eggs, but when I steam egg, I like to put the chop up salted egg yolk in. Also, try frying omelets with chopped salted egg stirred in the beaten egg before frying, it’s nice to. Gives the omelets a grainy taste.

Giddy Tiger,
Yes. If I can make my own century egg, that’ll even be more heavenly.

Chooi Peng,
Haha.. you ladies are funny.

30. Oscar's Mommy - June 5, 2007

hey…. this is so so good la. i looooooooooove salted eggs… so just put the eggs into the boiled salt water? alright… to the market i go!

31. Rhiannon - June 5, 2007

Wow! I will need to try this!!

32. debbie - June 6, 2007

It seems like so easy…I’m going to try it out too!!!

33. Annie Q - June 6, 2007

wow! I like salted egg and century egg! Thanks for sharing, seems like quite easy, will try out and if u got century egg “recipe” dont forget to share with us too ya…;)

34. FireHorse - June 6, 2007

This is definitely worth trying. Thanks for sharing.

35. Bengbeng - June 6, 2007

Cool, i am going to try this when i go home..first hance i get 🙂 Thx for visiting my blog .

36. shoppingmum - June 6, 2007

Oh! Just like that! Sounds easy, I will let my MIL know about this…

37. huisia - June 7, 2007

Good…i want to make mine soon..i like to eat salted egg.
btw, just wanna inform you i have bought the milkmaid tea..hehe..thanks for your info.

38. beckysmum - June 7, 2007

Thanks for your sharing… I will try this! Loong bought 3 salted eggs last week, soooo taste-less… The most no-salt-taste’s salted eggs I had every tried!

39. laundryamah - June 7, 2007

wah must try la…for century egg got to put horse urine i heard…maybe can substitute with Zara’s urine?? hahaha…sorry just kidding…

40. Cheryl - June 19, 2007

wow, it certainly sounds easy enough to make. I must try it myself… I am a big fan of salted egg 😀

41. Our Weekend - Short Takes « All About Zara and Zaria - July 23, 2007

[…] Sunday : I bought more duck eggs from the wet market and did another batch of these […]

42. doc bricio - September 30, 2007

do i have to boil the eggs before putting the “salt water” ‘coz you mentioned unwashed so it must be fresh?

43. ren - September 27, 2008

i am here to search the more accurate curing of duck salted eggs, i am starting this small business, its home based . i am looking for those who can help me to have the best curing solutions for salted eggs.

44. DZ - January 22, 2009

Good, easy for my family to try. Thanks.

45. angeline - February 18, 2009

first attempt at making salted eggs.No ducks eggs to be found so am using chicken eggs.Followed your recipe, except I just added sea salt to boiling water instead of boiling water n salt.Will be testing one egg on day 14 and tell you the results

46. Jan - July 20, 2011

A yummy home cooked dish with salted egg – whisk three eggs and add half a bowl of water to 150gm of minced meat. Add diced onions and a teaspoon of soya sauce and drop a salted duck egg in the middle of the bowl and steam for 20 minutes till cooked.Enjoy with a bowl of rice.

47. baby girls names - August 6, 2011

i like a salted egg.. this is my favorite breakfast..

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