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Why I got married to Daddy April 23, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in myself.

This is difficult, hmmm, I myself sometimes question why I got married to Daddy. He’s not a bad guy really, but sometimes we can be so out of sync, I just wonder.. And I guess when you have been together with a person so long, you sometimes forgot what made you come together in the first place. When I got tagged by Whoisbaby and Mott, I have to think real hard.

So what made me tie the knot with him 9 years ago? After much thinking, here are the ten reasons :

1. I was smitten when I first laid eyes on him, it was my first day at work, and my then manager introduced me to him. That friendly smile and firm handshake swap me off my feet. Remember Jerry Maquire? After a lenghty romantic plea by Jerry Maquire, Dorothy Boyd said, “You had me at ‘hello.'”.. it was something like that for me as well.
2. He’s a 6-footer. Makes me look petite standing next to him (good enough reason?). It also gives me a secure feeling.
3. He’s an anglophile, and I’m a bit of an anglophile too. We like almost the same English Pop and movies.
4. He’s good with DIY-ing. He built me an adaptor for my disc man the first month we were together and I was damn impressed (that was then.. it takes more to impress me now).
5. He eats bread every single day for breakfast (even when we’re on vacation and staying in hotels which served good buffet breakfast). I’d heard some where that a person who can eat the same breakfast every day, must be able to stay with the same woman for the rest of his life. 🙂
6. He gives me freedom, allows me to work on my studies or my career – He’s the one who encouraged me to further my studies overseas, when all my other selfish and possesive ex boy friends forced asked me to stay back (and I was stupid enough to listen to them).
7. He’s a practical person. He won’t surprise me with flowers or any of such ‘romantic’ gifts. But he’ll get me bags, shoes, jewelry that I’d picked out myself (no surprises). When I was studying overseas, instead of love letters and cards, he showed me his love by sending me my supplies of Chinese herbs, Chinese mushrooms, Milo etc (boring eh? but I’m in control of what I get. :)).
8. He takes care of himself, eats and drinks well, doesn’t smoke (I’d had my share of smoker ex boy friends). Only indulgence is the occasional beer or wine. He helps me to take care of myself too, watch what I eat, etc.
9. He gives me room to have my own friends, do my own things, go on my own trips.
10. He agreed to live in my dad’s house with my dad (a widower who would live alone in a big house if I moved out) after we got married, even though his parents were not very happy. It was 6 years later that we moved to our own house (my dad now lives with my sis).

Now… I remember why I got married to him. 🙂 Thanks to Mott and Whoisbaby.

Any of you want to be reminded of why you married your spouse? This is a tag to do!
King’s Wife?
Ah Pek?
…Choosing the ones who’d been married for a long long time…


1. Ah Pek - April 24, 2007

what lah wei, another 3 8 meme ah? hehehe…

2. dancing queen - April 24, 2007

No. 5 – So chicken rice everyday is OK also lah? 😀

3. lilian - April 24, 2007


Nay, done long long time liao lor. Reason #5 – LOL, how true! Except mine must eat Chinese rice dishes everyday.

4. huisia - April 24, 2007

tall man really can feel secure meh? maybe baru start relationship can say secure la…after that, just feel like very blocking view la..LOL!

5. Why did I marry her??!! - April 24, 2007

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6. Me - April 24, 2007

any tall man who eats same breakfast everyday out there?? contact me please!! haha

7. Mommy to Chumsy - April 24, 2007

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Zara and Zaria are so adorable 😀 Reason No. 5 is really funny.

8. sue - April 24, 2007

Very well done with indepth explanation! He’s lucky to have you! Wish you blissful marriage forever 😀

9. 1+2mom - April 24, 2007

Haha..izzit true the reason no.5 ?? 1+2dad also can eat the same thing everyday, he always said why i cant stay with the same thing just 2 or 3 times in a week..haha. Really i dunno why he can do that, i must change and have difference meal everyday..if not so boring.

10. Kikare - April 24, 2007

I find this post so touching.
Sometimes we do tend to forget the power of those little things. Together they can be so powerful to form a strong bond between two people.

11. LB - April 24, 2007

A really nice love story, actually, without all the drama!!!

12. kingswife - April 24, 2007

Wei, tai siu suddenly sounds like the perfect man wor…how lah can King match up?

13. Sasha - April 24, 2007

wah love at first sight? hehe Nice. Eat bread EVERYDAY???? He very chiong ching eh? And he is very tall looking at the pics…

14. may - April 24, 2007

all very good practical reasons. I especially liked #2, LOL! way to go, Zara’s Papa!

15. Simple American - April 25, 2007

I like your reasons. He is really 6 foot tall. I never imagined him so tall in your pictures. He’s taller than me.

16. Neo - April 25, 2007

I am tall and I eat chicken rice everyday… any pretty ladies wants to get in touch with me?

17. Angeleyes - April 25, 2007

My PiggyBeng also eats bread everyday until last week when he finally realised that bread made him hungry! (he’s putting one weight so finding reasons and things to blame) So he decided to stop eating bread from that day on! I even questioned him on his unfinished peanut butter this morning as what he’s going to do with it since he don’t wanna eat bread anymore? 😛

18. grace - April 25, 2007

Hello, thanks for drop by my blog. I love to read your blog especially Zara’s speech, very funny. Hahaha….my hubby also eat bread everyday, I dunno why men can do that, maybe this kind of men very ‘cheong cheng’ gua.

19. laundryamah - April 25, 2007

wah 6’tall! good ma…down to earth guy, somemore can DIY…my Apah cannot do any DIY except installing Ikea furniture la…hahaha

20. RIna - April 25, 2007

You sound like a very practical couple. My husband will eat anything for breakfast – how ah like that!!

21. nadia - April 25, 2007

Haha! Good enough reasons! And it was very sweet of him to agree to stay with your dad. 🙂

22. allyfeel - April 25, 2007

He sounds like a very nice man ler.

23. a-moms-diary - April 25, 2007

Thanks for dropping over to my blog…what an honour. Salute zara’s papa for taking bread every day. Mine can’t stand bread or any kind of cakes and pastries. I like reason #10 best…that’s so so sweet of him. It’s little things like this that keeps the fire burning, huh!

24. whoisbaby - April 25, 2007

thanks for doing the tag. i know you can come up with 10 reasons. it is not that difficult. my hubby also very practical one. no flowers, no surprises. i get to choose what i want as gift, by using his credit card. ha ha

25. eve - April 25, 2007

awwwwwww…..so heart warming…taisek lor..hor?…

26. Eileen - April 25, 2007

Hehe…number 7 sounds so like my hubby…practical guy..but i can tell from all the reasons that your hubby is a nice nice guy! 🙂

27. domestic rat - April 25, 2007

Wish I could see your smitten expression when you first saw your man. It must be priceless. Now what does he think of you then? 🙂

28. Ms Fair Face - April 25, 2007

Ooh he seems like a perfect man! You are such a blessed lady and I am sure your hubby is too! And I always believe that a fillial guy cannot go wrong anyway!

29. 2littlefellas' mom - April 26, 2007

this post made me smile. its good to look at the +ve side of things and reminds us here and again the good things in our life. 🙂

30. mott - April 26, 2007

awww…you really put alot of thought into this. I’m so glad!!!! Thanks for also reminding me why I married my man. All the simple things!!!

31. Blogie-talkie aka May - April 27, 2007

lucky women..Lucky couple.. happy marriage.
Really, eat same breakfast everyday shown royalty mer?
I eat no breakfast wor, wonder why he still take the chance?

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