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Co-Sleeping April 19, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in my two girls, parenting.

I find I have more peace with the kids sleeping next to me.

Although Zaria has her cot (away from our bed), I prefer her to sleep with us on our queen size bed. I place her nearer to my side of the bed, and I’ll just squeeze into Zara’s bed and share hers in the night. That way, Daddy sleeps more comfortably, Zara is happy to be able to hug me like a bolster to sleep and I get to check on Zaria in the night.

Every night, I have Zaria on my right, and Zara on my left. Before I go to bed, I look at both of them soundly asleep, and I feel blissful.




1. malaika's mummy - April 19, 2007

I cant co-sleep with my girl. She turns and tosses too much. I will be too worried sleeping with her, afraid she might fall out of the bed.

Actually there was a time, where she almost fall off the bed, just at the edge of the bed when I woke up.

2. chooi peng - April 19, 2007

I love to co-sleep with kw too, although my mum always claim that it was not good as it will develop a bad habit for her!

I just dun wan myself to regret in future when she has grow up and reject to co-sleep with me anymore!

3. shoppingmum - April 20, 2007

Yes, I like co-sleeping too. Last time Justin slept in the floor, but now he wants to sleep with us on the bed. It’s a bit too cramp, but I like the feeling of togetherness.

4. Shoppingmum and Kids - April 20, 2007

[…] read about Zara’s mama’s post of co-sleeping and thought of writing one about mine […]

5. egghead - April 20, 2007

daddy sleep on the floor ah? LOL!

6. Jan - April 20, 2007

that arrangement is GOOD, one on your left and another on your right. And oh, one more thing I like to add…..your master bedroom is HUGEEEEEE……

7. chanelwong - April 20, 2007

Jeriel is already on his room since 2 yrs old (am I cruel?). At night, he usually like to sleep in the living room with all of us. Then PaPa will carry him to his room…

8. mom2ashley - April 20, 2007

co-sleeping with ashley these days is abit difficult for me – she keeps kicking us and i keep waking up in the middle of the night. to top that she keeps tuggng on my hair while sucking her thumb!

9. WMD - April 20, 2007

I like co-sleeping but I don’t do it. I only do it as an occasional treat for the boys. Nowadays the boys will snatch away my precious “nam chem”(bolster) or use my hand as their additional bolster.

10. Eileen - April 20, 2007

I love to co-sleep with Damien too, but not now…cos he’s a ‘kung fu’ fighter…he kicks alot when he’s sleeping…maybe when baby is here, i might co-sleep with baby and him again…

And yes, your bedroom is very biggggg…

11. mott - April 20, 2007

ahhh…it’s nice to co-sleep…

but..I can’t. I find I don’t get enough proper rest with two monkeys. Even in sleep mode…they’re quite a monkey act together!

12. Ms Fair Face - April 20, 2007

co-sleep is so much bonding! But i doubt i’ll let hubby co-sleep with my future baby. he’ll probably squash on her/him!

13. Sasha - April 20, 2007

ah when she gets bigger…susah lor! better train from young. But anyway, you’re the expert in this.

14. sue - April 20, 2007

I’m sandwich-ed between my two babes as well 😛 And I love it that I don’t have to keep getting up to check on them. Funny thing is they tend to sleep better (less waking up looking for mommy) when they sleep with me 🙂 Good sleep for all this way *hehehe*

15. huisia - April 20, 2007

Now i learnt how to cope when the No.2 is coming..just don’t know how to settle my hubby..:smile:

16. domestic rat - April 20, 2007

Hmm… I seem to be quite the weirdo here but I don’t think I would want to co-sleep with my kids. First, hubs and I are tossers and turners, already find the bed too small. Second, it’s to preserve some sort of exclusive time to ourselves. *blush* And third, I suppose I was brought up without co-sleeping.

17. Irene - April 20, 2007

I sleep better co-sleeping too. Zara has the best conversations! So funny

18. babykhong - April 20, 2007

Ehh..I thought Zara has the same bed as Brae….no panel at the top and bottom of the bed meh?

At least Zara can fall asleep on her own bed….4 of us sleep on our king size bed lehhh…

BTW, Zara jie-jie has been tagged!!!

19. Yvonne - April 20, 2007

Same like me… the feeling of having them sleeping soundly and peacefully next to us… simply **mama mia**

20. jazzmint - April 20, 2007

wah so nice..at least zara don’t kick u

21. zara's mama - April 20, 2007

Malaika’s mummy,
What if you place her in the middle? We did that when Zara was smaller. Now that she’s bigger, she just sleeps in her bed with bed guards.

Chooi Peng,
I think it’s not really ‘bad habit’, it’s just they become very ‘clingy’ after that. Yeah, how long can they co sleep right? When they are older, you want to hug them also they’ll ‘him’ you.

Wah.. 4 of you on the bed? Terror.

Daddy doesn’t mind. But we’re not so cruel, he gets his thin strip of ‘land’.

Yes, thank goodness our room is big, or we can’t have this sleeping arrangement.

I think it’s own preference, not cruel.
It gives you more independence though.

Remember, it’s time for you to move her to her bed!

Wah.. the boys will actually take over your ‘property’ huh?
Zara won’t because she only prefer her own things.

Damien will be very happy to get back to bed with you!!
Lucky for us, our bed room is big. 🙂

Your kids are so active even in their sleep? Mine luckily not.

Ms Fair Face,
You’ll be surprised our brain will tell us our precious one is there during our sleep. As long as he’s not on medication that causes drowsiness or took too much drink, he’ll be ‘aware’. Try it next time. 🙂

I know susah lar.. People tell me that too. But never mind, susah for few years only, after that you want to be susah also they don’t want.

I find the same thing too, they tend to sleep better when they are next to me, vice versa. 🙂

Hui Sia,
My hubby slept on the floor for a few weeks after Zaria arrived. When Zaria was big enough to support her head, I let him come back to the bed to sleep. 🙂

Domestic Rat,
I was brought up without co-sleeping too, and before I had my kids, I could never understand why people co-sleep with their kids. 🙂
The kids will turn out to be more independent if you don’t co-sleep. However, for me, I just wanted peace of mind, and it’s easier for me to nurse.

And it’s so easy to feed baby when she wakes up in the night right?

You bought the Ikea one? We didn’t fold it, we make it fully extended, just like a normal single bed.
4 of you together?? How? Kids in the centre?
Aiks, tagged?

Yeah.. mama mia.. better than sex. 🙂

She doesn’t.. she somehow knows how to ‘siam’. 😛

22. ShannonC. - April 21, 2007

U failed to mention, Zaria most probably feel more comfort and cosy too…
hehe… and EVERYONE is happy…

23. Desperate Mummy - April 22, 2007

Hi, I like the same too. I can’t sleep if Brian didn’t sleep next to me as I already used to it wake up midnite to hug him 😀

24. 1+2mom - April 22, 2007

Last time i also sleep between my kids, but later feel 1+2dad so lonely sleep by himself so i sleep between my son n him now.My gals sleep next to their kor kor, so my whole room are full of matress.

25. dragonmummy - April 22, 2007

Just like my sleeping arrangement with my kids. 🙂 We have a single bed placed right next to our queen’s. I slept with JS on the single and moving back and forth to the queen’s to breastfeed baby.

Recently manage to get my boy to sleep with JS on the single bed. Telling the kids that my growing fatter and need to have more space. Finally I get to sleep with hubby again before the baby arrive. 😀

26. MONTESSORIMUM.COM - April 22, 2007

[…] have written before my experienced of co-sleep (here)  with my kids. Recently I read about Zara’s Mummy and Shoppingmum wrote about their experience too and hence I’m writing this again. Though […]

27. 2littlefellas' mom - April 23, 2007

i know what you mean – blissful!.
that’s why I’m still so reluctant to move the kids out of OUR BED!.
when i turn left – i see an angel. when I turn right, i see another angel. so blissful!

28. sesame - April 23, 2007

This is exactly how I felt with Gavin sleeping by my side. The only problem is if I wake up early, he also knows…

29. cutiepie - April 23, 2007

you sure have big bed .. nellie is so ‘lasak’ and i cant afford to have her on our bed .. *thinking of new king size bed*

30. geetha - April 23, 2007

I totally agree with you. I really enjoy sharing our beds with them. To accomodate, we have added another single bed to the king size bed. As long as we can fit, I guess we will let them sleep with us. I just love it when they hold my hand, sleep real close to my face.. the list goes on….

31. An amazing & adventurous journey » Co-sleep - April 23, 2007

[…] reading Zara Mama co-sleep story, i felt like wanna blog about it […]

32. Jazmine - April 24, 2007

Hello, I’ve been reading your blog for sometime and it really motivates me to start a blog for my girl.
I have some questions to ask u since that u r staying in shah alam. Do u know any place by the name of berjaya park ? Near Bukit Rimau interchange ? Pls give ur sincere opinion about that place as I plan to buy a house there. Thanks alot.

ZMM : Jazmine, I don’t know about this place called Berjaya Park. 😦 I have not been in Shah Alam long enough to know the surrounding residential area, so won’t be able to provide you any opinion.

33. Simple American - April 24, 2007

Ahhh… Sleeping little angels.

You know my kids only slept with three days plus vacations. Banished them to their rooms. hehe But I bet it will make you a lot closer to your girls. The security ought to be good.

34. wawa - April 24, 2007

i co-sleep too.
my 1st son is now 3-yo and still sleeping with me.

Sometimes he insists to sleep with DH but i find myself waking up at nite and transfers him to the room. I need him to sleep with me.

I know it won’t be long until he grows up and refuse to sleep with me anymore.

But until then, i’ll enjoy being sandwiched.

35. greenapple - April 24, 2007

i feel your felicity …

the feeling of inner sanctuary … fills my heart when reading this post.

am so happy for you, Zara and Zaria’s mum.

36. fannie - April 24, 2007

I can understand this 🙂 we still hv Ethyl with us most nights 🙂 and I was telling Brian that should we have a second child, I would sleep between the kids! LOL

37. karenyiau - April 25, 2007

I like the arrangement & I really have to think about it after my 2nd one arrives in 2 mths time. Too bad my bedroom is small & cramp, not sure if I can change the queen size bed to a King size one. Worst come to worst, hubby have to sleep on the floor loh….pity him.

38. whoisbaby - April 25, 2007

i totally agree with you about co-sleeping. brandon is still sleeping between us, though the bed is a little tight now. i feel peacefulness with me to be sleeping beside him every night. don’t know when i can let him sleep by his own.

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