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My Other “Daughter” April 9, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in misc, my two girls.

You know I have two beautiful daughters Zara and Zaria. I also have this other “daughter”, she lives in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and her name is Hairegulihan Tuerxuntuohuti. She’s my sponsored child from World Vision Malaysia(世界宣明会).

Our relationship started sometime in 2003. I didn’t have a child and I wanted one. I went to World Vision Malaysia website, and selected to sponsor a girl from Xinjiang. They found me Hairegulihan.  I wrote to her just once, in the very begining, and sent her some little gifts. Some how after that, I got very busy, and stopped writing to her (Yeah yeah, I know, it’s no excuse).

My other 'daugther'

My other ‘daughter’ – Hairegulihan

Called it good karma, I got pregnant in 2004 (after 6years of marriage), and blessed with Zara.

Every year, I get a progress report from World Vision with her photo telling me how she’s doing. There’s this hapiness that I experiance every time I receive her progress report and see the smile on her face. Happy to know that some one far away is benefiting from a small deed I’m doing.
World Vision Progress Report

Hairegulihan’s latest progress report

World Vision Malaysia is trying get 5000 child sponsors this year to celebrate their 10th year anniversary. As a sponsor, your contribution together with others are pooled together to be invested in long-term development programmes that will give your sponsored child, his/her family and community a brighter future.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child? RM50/month.

If you are interested, click on the icon below or check out their website to get more information. You can also choose to do a one time donation to this trusted organisation which will use your fund appropriately to help those needed.

Change a child’s life today! click ->



1. egghead - April 10, 2007

wah… you so long ago already done this 🙂
me thinking to start this year 🙂

2. contended mum - April 10, 2007

so good ya to be able to chip in our bit. 🙂

3. huisia - April 10, 2007

wah..you’re so great!
send her a letter again, i bet she will be very happy..

4. Eileen - April 10, 2007

You’ve got a kind heart…that’s why you’re blessed with 2 lovely girls! 🙂 Yeah, write her another letter, that’ll definitely brightens up her day!

5. Misha's Treasure Trove - April 10, 2007

🙂 you are such a kind lady … hugs hugs!!

6. domestic rat - April 10, 2007

I used to tell the man that we ought to adopt a kid instead of having our own, because I’m scared of being pregnant! 😆

7. LB - April 10, 2007

Hey, I am very interested! Thanks for the link!

8. mott - April 10, 2007

your children r so blessed to have a big hearted mummy!

9. zara's mama - April 10, 2007

Eh.. good.. quick quick, go sign up.

Contented Mum,
Yeah, especially she’s a kid.

Huisia, Eileen,
I plan too.. and want to send her her “sisters'” photos.. but really so busy ler, and you know nowadays go post office so leh-ceh

Misha’s Treasure Trove,
Oh, thanks.

If you find paying in M’sian credit card too troublesome, you can always look for the European link (they must have World Vision in EU too).

Haha.. thanks. It’s just a little something I can do.

10. Yvonne - April 10, 2007

You’re someone with big heart. Zara and Zaria would be proud to have a mummy like you….

Hmm.. if only she can access Internet she can read about your development in this part of the country…The day will come…:P

11. may - April 10, 2007

that is one long name! and she looks sweet. good of you to do this. might pick it up, after I’ve settled in a little more…

12. dancing queen - April 10, 2007

That sounds really interesting. I’ve heard of it before but never got down to doing it. Maybe I should adopt a boy, eigh? 😀

13. Desperate Mummy - April 10, 2007

u are so great Zara and Zaria Mummy can I know how old is she now?

14. greenapple - April 10, 2007

wow she really did write to you huh?

I am glad that we made our visit to World Vision lately too. I look forward to reading the letters from the children that we are sponsoring. I bet that feeling will be so, different.

Thanks for sharing!

15. Giddy Tiger - April 11, 2007

Hey, we have something in common! My hubby and I are also sponsoring a child with World Vision; she’s from Lebanon.
It’s really enlightening to know that we are making a difference in her life.

16. michelle - April 11, 2007

I am also sponsoring an Indian gal from Chennai. Hope to visit her one day.

17. Irene - April 11, 2007

what a wonderful thing to do.

18. nadia - April 11, 2007

Sounds interesting. Checking out the website now. 🙂 Thanks for the info!

19. my2lovelyrays - April 11, 2007

From the smile on her face, you can tell your RM50/per month is well spent. Good for you….I always believed in Kharma too!!!

20. sue - April 11, 2007

Good on you 🙂 Your kids are so lucky to have a kind-hearted mom.

21. chanelwong - April 11, 2007

you are very kind and bless with 2 beautiful princesses…

22. sabrina - April 11, 2007

I’ve sponsored 2 kids (Lebanon and Myanmar) since 2004 which is the year I conceived Keith. I wrote to them during their birthday and send them gift too. Too busy to write to them lar..Will only reply when they write a letter to me.

23. chooi peng - April 11, 2007

U r so kind…
Btw, we can choose the kid we wan to sponsor?

24. Twin - April 12, 2007

You are so nice. 🙂 Good karma pays well.

25. Winn - April 12, 2007

i had wanted to..but never i also duno why..(excuses excuses)

26. Malaika's mummy - April 12, 2007

Thanks for the info. I have always wanted to do this, but never really take action. Will do it this year.

Zara and Zaria are sure lucky to have a big hearted mom like u.

27. a-moms-diary - April 12, 2007

heard about world vision too but never got to exploring sponsoring a child with them. you really have a BIG HEART. i’m sure it’s gratifying to know that the RM50/month is making a difference to someone’s life. god bless you and your family.

28. michelle - April 13, 2007

I tag Zara. 😛

29. Simple American - April 13, 2007

Aww! She has such a sweet smile. Do you think you might every meet her?

30. syn - April 13, 2007

you’re an inspiration indeed, one that walks the talk. she’s a beautiful girl. please update on her when you can together with your little girls. take care!

31. jean - April 13, 2007

It sure does make whatever you do worthwhile. Look at her smile. You are giving another person a new life in things she does. Yes, write to her again, I’m sure she will be very happy and excited receiving your letter.

32. ShannonC. - April 13, 2007

woo hoo… *shake hands*
hehe, I also posted mine in hope more ppl will sponsor to reach the 5000 sponsored kids…
But I not so hardworking to scan lar… 😀

33. jazzmint - April 14, 2007

wah wha…so young already likes the tv hehee…..

hey i got something for her, but forgot to bring yesterday :(. when u going office lemme know eh

34. Yvy - April 20, 2007

Wow…I think that’s very very blessed of u to do so. 🙂 She’s so pretty too….

35. Hijackqueen - April 23, 2007

I believe what you did is a good Karma.

36. chinneeq - April 27, 2007

hi, so sweet of you to do that 🙂

37. Kevin - May 9, 2007

You should write to Hairegulihan more often. When you see the joy on their faces when they received letter, you won’t stop writing. Quick, buy a few postcard and let your 2 lovely girls draw on them and sent to your elder girl.

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