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Ikea’s 10 years Warranty April 7, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in bitching, home.

Daddy is very supportive of Ikea. When we moved in to our new house, we tried to get most of our furniture from Ikea. People had adviced us against getting wardrobe and kitchen cabinet from Ikea, claiming they are not suitable for our weather. Daddy, however, thought the 10 years warranty given were good ‘guarentee’ enough.

So despite the advice, we bought our kitchens (both wet and dry) cabinets from Ikea.  It was the Nexus Oak series that we got, doors were just oak veneer but we paid quite a lot for them.

After just 2 years, the doors started to have stains, a darkish patch started spreading like some kind of disease. Even the plinth (or the skirting) caught the stain.

Daddy started making calls to Ikea. At first, they claimed we need to bring the items back for exchange. Kitchen doors! To uninstall them and bring them in for exchange!! Daddy asked to speak to higher management, his voice was louder with each calls made.

After a few more calls, the Ikea contractor who did the installation were called in to do inspection, followed by Ikea folks, snapping photos here and there. Then, we were told Nexus Oak is no longer available, how about if they replaced the affected doors with aluminium doors (or was it glass?) or Nexus Birch (similar in price to what we paid). We made several trips to Ikea, to see how we can mix and match our doors, i.e. the current Nexus Oak coexisting with a few aluminium doors or Nexus Birch. I just couldn’t see how they will match.

Daddy made more calls, speaking to various people mainly from customer service, voicing his concerns. Eventually, they agreed to replace our doors and plints with whatever material we choose from their available series! We chose solid oak (Ulriksdal Oak) to replace the oak veneer, it’s more expensive, but the closest we can get to our original doors.

We made our decision in the little room in Ikea.
Customer Service : “Blah blah blah…. Solid Oak then?”
Me : “But they look odd, some with grooves (Ulriksdal Oak) and some without (Nexus Oak)”
Customer Service : All your doors will be replaced.”
Me : *pupil widened*“At no cost?”
Customer Service : “Yeah, we bear the cost”
Daddy : (usually a bit slow) “How can they charge us? But yeah man, the doors will be a bit mismatch, some with grooves some without.”
Me : *nudged Daddy” “She said ALL doors lah!”
Daddy : *pupil widened (finally got it)* “ALL the DOORS? At no cost?”
Customer Service : “Yes.”

Few days later, doors and plints were sent over by the delivery guys (at NO COST), then Ikea contractor dropped by to install them (at NO COST), and the old doors and plints were packed and brought back to Ikea (at NO COST).
Ikea kitchen cabinets
We got our kitchen cabinets upgraded a few days later AT NO COST!

Daddy was happily exclaiming, “See, that’s what I call customer service. And that’s why I don’t want to buy my kitchen cabinets from some Ah Chong company. With Ikea’s 10 years warranty, I don’t have to worry if anything goes wrong”

This is true, but not without some noise making though.



1. Me - April 7, 2007

wow! everything at no cost?! I’m a big Ikea fan too but i hate to fix those cabinets/shelves on my own 🙂 Also, i’ve experienced the bad customer service! but after making a big big fuss they finally compensated!!

2. LB - April 7, 2007

HOORAY for IKEA!!!!!! I love them to bits!!!

3. Sasha - April 7, 2007

OI how come mine cannot change.mebbe not the exp wan la.

4. huisia - April 7, 2007

Wah,Ikea really keeps the promise…next time i also wanna to buy cabinet from Ikea ..

5. sesame - April 7, 2007

10 years warranty? Wow, I never knew they provide such terms. Probably for the kitchen cabinets huh? We buy our bookshelves and cupboards from Ikea and they’re okay. So it does look like the Ikea standard in M’sia is quite good (even tho’ got to make some noises) too cos I remember reading that mumsgather had some problems with them before.

6. mott - April 7, 2007

wahhh…Your hub’s NO Nonsense attitude is definitely a reason why u married him yar???

Good lah..he shud be politician..I sure sappot one! 😉

7. Desperate Mummy - April 7, 2007

Wah! 10 yrs warranty? I never heard about tat ler. By the way, your new kitchen cabinets very nice 😉

8. Misha's Treasure Trove - April 7, 2007

i am going to Ikea to buy more furnitures from onwards 🙂

9. Mama Bok - April 7, 2007

Wow..! realy good to hear that Ikea came out right for you folks..! i hate to see .. customer/s not being helped .. after they paid so much for things.

10. Yvonne - April 7, 2007

Certainly not aware Ikea provides such good customer service. Very impressed~~

11. may - April 7, 2007

and I just bought loads of stuff from IKEA today! whee!! granted some of their stuff aren’t all that well made, but they do give good service when it’s warranted.

12. mamaseah - April 8, 2007

wahhh so fortunate! The Dad must have made alot of noise to get that! I lost confidence in Ikea furniture the day when the new chest of drawers I bought lost it’s balance and came crashing down on my little boy…. 😦

13. shoppingmum - April 8, 2007

I’m a big fan of Ikea, but I never know they have such excellent customer service after some “loud voice” 😛
Anyway, as long as everything is upgraded FOC, that’s good enuf. And you blog about them, they will appreciate it.

14. Vien - April 8, 2007

Even with the 10-years warranty, it still shows how bad quality the material they’ve used. Let’s hope your new cabinet doors will last longer.

15. chooi peng - April 8, 2007

The dad seems like very proud as a IKEA fan.
But IKEA so good ah, 1 door damaged got ALL doors replaced for you!

16. mom2ashley - April 8, 2007

well al least they honoured their 10 year warranty. I got my dry kitchen from ikea……it has been only less than a year…so it’s still ok!:)

17. domestic rat - April 8, 2007

Wow! I’m amazed that they are willingly to replace everything at zero cost. Maybe we shld hv opt for Ikea’s stuff than to customise everything.

18. KittyCat - April 8, 2007

I’ve always heard about the woody stuff not being up to standard with our own local wood but the customer service you got is excellent!

So…Daddy is a bit slow too ya? Same here 🙂 🙂 I thought I was the only wife doing the poking and repeating routine

19. michelle - April 8, 2007

I wonder would they do that for me in Penang? Maybe the Ikea has a hunch you will blog about it. 😛

20. Kikare - April 9, 2007

In Sweden, if you break the merchandises in a store by accident, you don’t have to pay for it. The insurance covers it. If the goods are still under warranty, you simply go to return or exchange it. No questions asked, because the insurance covers it.
I suppose Ikea is carrying out this tradition globally. More rights to consumers. Yay!

21. Ms Fair Face - April 9, 2007

I didn’t know IKEA has such policy! Wonder if it applies to sg as well!

But yeah my mom used to complain that IKEA utensils are not durable but I have been using them for more than 2 years and I am satisfied with it and probably for my next home I will consider IKEA again!

22. Winn - April 9, 2007

ok u have actually paid for 10 years so u deserve the customer service and goods to be changed when they are supposed to.

but hor, if i very bad at complaining. think they wil outtalk me and i wont get compensated at no cost just like that. faster get ur hubby give us lectures on negotiation skills! haha

23. Shannon - April 9, 2007

that is COOL… I should think about using Ikea for my new house then… We are still contemplating between those AH CHONG AH KOW or Ikea… hehehe
but but, it’s AFTER all the calls and complains your hub made!! Me dun have such patience ler… hmmm

24. nadia - April 9, 2007

Heh. We bought 85% of our stuff from IKEA. Except the kitchen cabinet. The couldn’t do the kitchen cabinet because of the 45 degrees corner. Oh well.. But they should honour the 10 years warrant without having customers to make noiselah. Penatlah wanna make noise. Ish!

25. sue - April 9, 2007

Very good customer service, specially when they offered to replace ALL without cost. I’m impressed! But my hubs don’t like Ikea stuff, he say they’re cheap quality and and too fragile. Samo have to assemble yourself and if want them to deliver and aseemble, have to charge us according to the amount on the bill (percentage).

26. Eileen - April 9, 2007

Wow..replace at no cost!! We have quite a fair bit of Ikea furniture at home cos hubby is a ‘fan’ of Ikea furniture!

27. syn - April 9, 2007

didn’t know ikea got the 10 years warranty….will keep this in mind if our cabinets ever gets spoiled. wonder if this apply to all their stuff?! coz our tv stand (wood base) has sunken in the middle where the tv is and we’re planning to get rid of this.

28. daddykhong - April 9, 2007

I love Ikea. Decent stuff at decent prices. Our wardrobe from them is a year old and still alright.

29. eastcoastlife - April 9, 2007

Hi zara’s mom!
Thanks for your visit to my blog. I came over to take a look at yours. : )

I like Ikea’s furniture and to think they really kept their word and change the furniture at no cost. That’s customer service.

30. zara's mama - April 9, 2007

I hate fixing those furniture too, but hubby likes it. So, we keep buying more from Ikea.

Aaaah, I know I know.. You like the furniture and the meat balls!

You have to look at what warranty comes with your product. Some 10yrs, some 5yrs, and some only exchangeable if it’s in original packaging.

Hui Sia,
Good luck with your purchase. I do heard many horror stories about how the furniture got mold or get wet after a while, but for us, we just got stains on the doors.

Kitchen cabinets have 10years warranty. Some other product are 5 years.
One of my friends who lives in Singapore told me her Ikea wardrobe caught a bad mold. However, Ikea got it changed at no cost, it’s just the inconvenience some time.

Haha.. I’m a nonsense, so I don’t believe he’s a no nonsense person. Still trying to figure out who to do your Tag. 😦

Desperate Mummy,
Thanks. It’s actually the same as the old one.. The colour and the wood are the same.

Misha’s Treasure Trove,
Buy buy buy.. I hope Ikea will pay me for advertising for them. Haha.

Mama Bok,
I guess that’s a natural feeling for folks in customer service industry. 🙂

They are huge, and they have a reputation to maintain, that’s why they have to have good customer service.

Yeah, I saw the amount of things you bought. You must be a really big fan too.

Yeah, Daddy made lots of calls.
You should report this to them you know about your chest of drawers, you may get something for that, maybe a 1-2-1 exchange. Who knows.

Yeah, I hope they appreciate it, and maybe this can turn into pay per post hor? Haha.

It seems there were lots of complaints for that batch of doors. That’s probably why they discontinued it.

Chooi Peng,
Not 1 door, quite a few, maybe 70% of them got affected.

Yes.. What did you choose? Which door? They are quite nice right the designs available?

Domestic Rat,
Pro and con for customization I guess. My hubby wants that kind of big organization warranty. That’s why we have to go with them.

I guess the wood they have is not meant for hot and humid weather like ours.
Haha.. I think most men are slow. 🙂

You have some problem too with your stuff?
I don’t think they know I’ll blog about them. Maybe I should have use that as a bargaining tool huh?

31. Simple American - April 10, 2007

Way to go. They look quite nice. Hats off to Zara’s Dad. Perseverance pays off.

32. zara's mama - April 10, 2007

I think that policy probably only apply in Sweden. Over here, you break, you pay. It only covers manufacture defects. 😦

I’m also very bad in complaining, but my hubby very clever to escalate complaints, sometimes I’m embarrassed by his persistence also.
If I ask him to teach, sure he’ll very ‘kembang’ one.. better not.

Actually, Ikea’s kitchen cabinets are really nice, but sometimes you may get better quality for similar price from Ah Chong company, except maybe not with a 10year warranty.

Yeah, very penat to call so many times and talk to so many people.

My hubby likes to assemble things, that’s why he likes to buy from Ikea. Yeah, I agree some of their stuff are not very good quality but more expensive than others.

Your hubby and my hubby can be good friends!

You have to check what warranty your cabinets have. Some only come with 5year. Some with 1 year. Kitchen cabinets are definitely 10years.

No mold at the piece leaning against the wall? I heard it’s quite common for this.

Thanks for visiting!
Yeah, they kept their promise, but needs us to remind them about that. 😐

Simple America,
Yeah.. he’s that sort. I would probably have given up and live with the problem.

33. daddykhong - April 10, 2007

No mould anywhere but will take a closer look.

34. chanelwong - April 11, 2007

no bad got new cupboard……I like IKEA but only buy small items to fixed. Didn’t buy the kitchen cupboard because wanted concrete top and build all the up to the ceiling…to maximise space in small apartment..

35. Julian - April 11, 2007

I have been an Ikea fan since I study in Australia. Everything was self assembled and everything was Ikea!

Now that I live in east malaysia, a bit hard to buy ikea, but I would like to buy some ikea for the new house. I heard that Ikea can arrange to send to Port Klang for RM60 per truck load or something, then you arrange your own forwarded and ship it here.

36. Twin - April 12, 2007

yeah that’s why I love shopping in Ikea. 🙂

37. whoisbaby - April 12, 2007

very good customer service indeed. we also bought our kitchen cabinets from ikea. the white stats. they are the cheapest cabinetry around here. others usually uses REAL wood. glad everything work out, … with a free upgrade too!

38. laundryamah - April 13, 2007

hahaha me big fan of Ikea but not that daring to get serious stuff like kitchen cabinets from them! hahahhaa..but then they did honour their warranty, that’s good, no wonder so many pppl including myself keep spending money there la….

39. blackcadillac73 - April 14, 2007

I’m an Ikea fan too but only for the small items. Between buying a kitchen from Ikea and Ah Chong Company, I’d go for the former with its 10-year warranty. It’s just a matter of persistent complaining that you can get them to honour the warranty. Well done!

40. Sweetpea - April 26, 2007

that only goes to show the selective hearing for men doesn’t always work well for them 😛

41. Kitchen design - January 22, 2008

Good work!

42. LilyH - July 1, 2008

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43. Albina-jw - February 15, 2009
44. Shirley Paus - February 17, 2009

How do you get in touch with Ikea for replacing a few kitchen cabinet doors that the finish i peeling off after about 3 years?

45. Expat - August 4, 2011

How interesting! Looks like some Ikea furniture cannot withstand the humidity of Malaysia. I bought a free standing cupboard from them about 5 months ago and discovered mould growing at the back of it.
I first thought the mould could be caused by a damp wall but the wall is dry and the mould is only on the back of the cupboard.
I will call up customer services and see what they can do about it as it is so annoying and I don’t want it to spread to my things.

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