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Delicious Milk April 5, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in breastfeeding, language, my two girls.

You know your milk is delicious when :

1) Your baby drinks it up with no complain
2) Your fussy toddler (with acute sense of taste) waits by the side when baby is drinking the milk from a bottle and excitedly says, “Meimei, you don’t want huh? Cannot finish huh? Faster give jiejie drink then.”
3) Whatever your baby can’t finish (from the bottle), you toddler grabs it and happily empties the bottle, exclaiming, “Yummy” or “So nice” at the end of it
4) Your toddler occasionally cries and asks to be fed from the breast. When you tell her she’s already a big girl, she replies, “I’m only a baby, I want to drink from mummy’s breast.”

And if you want to know, nope, I didn’t let the toddler feed from the breast.



1. fannie - April 5, 2007

for Zara, i guess it’s more of a comfort to nurse at Mommy’s agin 🙂 Ethyl still does the same sometimes tho’ we had stopped breastfeeding for almost 6 mths. Once in a while, she’ll lift my shirt and pretends to be nursing…she’s suckling for comfort, and I don;t stop her 🙂

U are doing good with bfg, Agnes!

2. nadia - April 5, 2007

Hahahaha.. Zara’s so cute!

3. Giddy Tiger - April 5, 2007

If Ethan can talk, I can imagine that would be what he would say 🙂
Of course he doesn’t have to share my milk with anyone YET.

4. miche - April 5, 2007

zara is such a cuite pie…my girls ah…i force my breast to them, they won’t even open their mouth. they will tell me, “mommy’s milk is for baby. i’m a big girl already!”

5. RIna - April 5, 2007

THink Zara is missing her breastfeeding days and wants to rekindle the passion! haha

6. SC - April 5, 2007

zara misses mummy’s breasts 🙂 but I am sure that she wants Mei Mei to “have” it by herself.

7. domestic rat - April 5, 2007

OOps! I hope she doesn’t grab and pull your blouse down!

8. Eileen - April 5, 2007

Wow…i guess it’s really very tasty huh? 🙂 Have you taste it yourself? I heard it’s really sweet! Didn’t taste mine before though…hehe…

And Zara is soooo cute! 🙂

9. Sasha - April 5, 2007

she drinks yr BMILK? Hahahhahahhahahah nevermind u have two to share..left is zara and right is zaria. Not fighting okay?

10. Etcetera~Mummy - April 5, 2007

I hope to learn the successful BF method from you. I do not know how one can cont providing BM after returning to workforce.. the supplu wont reduced??

11. Mamajojo - April 5, 2007

How I wish I have excess storage to supply Jo1 when the time I still bf Jo2. All mother knows, BM is the BEST!!!

12. Ms Fair Face - April 5, 2007

Whatever your baby can’t finish (from the bottle), you toddler grabs it and happily empties the bottle, exclaiming, “Yummy” or “So nice” ….

LOL gonna sound really obscene, but has daddy ever tried it before???

13. Winn - April 5, 2007

ermm i dun remember my mom breast feed me 😛 ( obviously)!!

do u know how human milk taste like? smoother unlikes the powdered milk ar?

14. huisia - April 5, 2007

Haha..Zara still drinking BM arr?? I thought she is formula fed now…
Any supplement to take in order to boost up the milk level?

15. LB - April 5, 2007

I am also curious like Winn.. very sam pat.. How wan, actually?

16. me - April 5, 2007

honestly, how does breast milk taste like? hehe 🙂

17. may - April 5, 2007

does human milk taste anything like cow’s milk? I’m guessing it doesn’t…

18. beckysmum - April 5, 2007

Of course breastmilk is more delicious! Hahaha… Zara very cute lah!

19. mott - April 5, 2007

Your lil Zara is very good. Waste not, want not!

20. dancing queen - April 5, 2007

Psst … according to my hubby BM tastes horrible! 😀

When my girl wants me, instead of kakak, to make milk for her and I ask her why, she’d say Mummy make one taste nicer because Mummy put in love inside! So small also so choosy! 😀

21. passingsights - April 5, 2007

wahahahaha… your Zara is darn cute lah!!!! honestly, when i saw my mum breast feeding my brother, i didnt really understand what was it all about… i remember thinking that the breast milk looks rather thin in texture and wondered if didi drink this will feel full ar??? 😛

22. Giddy Tiger - April 5, 2007

Breastmilk tastes sweet and is definitely tastier than formula 🙂

23. sue - April 5, 2007

Hey… that’s exactly like Msau’s SQ LOL… I guess it’s good la, coz the leftover milk doesn’t go to waste.

24. jazzmint - April 5, 2007

wah wah keng ah!!! at least leftover ebm won’t go to waste

25. contended mum - April 6, 2007

In the first two months, Qi Ning will be waiting to grab the unfinished EBM from Qi Yu but now she doesn’t do that anymore. I usually just mixed the EBM to her formula nowadays when I wan to dispose the extra EBM.

26. michelle - April 6, 2007

Zara still drink from you? No waste and you are delicious. 😛

27. shoppingmum - April 6, 2007

Ha! Tandem nursing maybe. 😛
Too bad, my boy ran away from breastmilk now, he said he’s big boy already.

28. mom2ashley - April 6, 2007

wah wah wah …sounds very yummy until zara also wants to wallop it?! LOL!

29. aceone118 - April 6, 2007

Fuiyoh!!! 1st time here, and I can see got delicious milk ledi!! kekeke

30. Desperate Mummy - April 6, 2007

Hehe.. Zara was so cute ler 😀

31. mott - April 6, 2007

u di-tagged! 😉

32. zara's mama - April 6, 2007

I didn’t nurse her.. although she cried and asked for it. After that, she forgot and didn’t ask for it any more. 🙂

And greedy. 🙂

Giddy Tiger,
Haha.. if he can put his thumb up, he probably would huh?

Zara wouldn’t want to on normal occasions, but sometimes when she’s a bit ‘manja’ she’ll ask for it. More like to test the waters.

Yeah, and remembered how nice the milk used to taste.

Aaah.. if only she’s so considerate.

Domestic Rat,
Nope, she doesn’t now. But when she was younger and still being breast fed, she used to pinch my breasts.

I have tasted it.. It’s quite ok, but very strong ‘protein’ taste.
Hey, the 2nd round, you can taste it. 🙂

No no.. I won’t tandem feed, if she drank it’ll be from the bottle.

If you continue to feed direct when you are with baby, and pump out when you are not, your supply will not reduce. Next baby, you can try, and we’ll all be behind you supporting you.

I don’t have excess supply, it’s just that Zaria doesn’t want to drink from the bottle, so every time we feed her, there’ll bound to be left over. Luckily Zara is around so that it doesn’t go to waste.

Ms Fair Face,
I made Daddy try it before. He thought it was such a gross idea. I told him if your baby can drink it, why can’t you. So he took a sip (from a cup not from the breast) and said it’s sweetish. That’s his comment.

It’s sweetish because baby has preference for sweet taste, and it’s smoother. Formula has very strong ‘metal’ taste because of the amount of iron they try to put in. Breast milk doesn’t have that ‘fake’ taste.

She’s on formula now, but since I have left over from every feed, just give it to her, so that I don’t waste.
Boost milk level? Drink lots of soup (papaya or shark bones or shark meat), and if you are lazy, drink the milk maid tea.

Smooth and nice loh.. Like the ‘si mud lai cha’ (stocking tea) serve in those Hong Kong cafe. 😛

See reply to LB and Winn.. SEDAP!

Yeah.. more delicious and nutritious compared to formula definitely.

Yeah! Good Bandaraya for breast milk.

Dancing Queen,
How come your hubby knows how it taste like and you don’t?
Aiyo.. your girls so sweet.

Your mum had your brother when you were quite old? Yeah, it’s runnier than formula, but yummy.

Giddy Tiger,
Yes yes! That’s what I think, but it has a very strong protein scene, did you realize?

Haha.. SQ went 1 step further (or rather MSAU), she got tandem fed!

Yours? Faythe takes the left over or not?

Contented Mum,
Yeah, I do that now too, so that can save some money on formula as well as don’t let the EBM go to waste.

No, she doesn’t drink from me, because I won’t allow it.

No no.. no tandem nursing. Eh, you didn’t mix it with formula to ‘con’ him?

Yup yup.

Haha.. welcome to the breastfeeding mum’s blog.

Desperate Mummy,

Aiks? What tag what tag? *pretend don’t know and run away*

33. Oscar's Mommy - April 7, 2007

haha… milk… from the breast or bottle will be wallopped habis by oscar… and finished off with a ‘yum, so nice’..

34. Vien - April 7, 2007

Zara is too cute..i can picture her eagerly waiting for her meimei to finish her milk.

35. sesame - April 7, 2007

Zara is so funny! She must really love your breast milk!

36. dancing queen - April 9, 2007

Because he tasted it and I didn’t lor! Hahaha! 😀

37. Simple American - April 10, 2007

So if Zara did that blog post for the five favorite places to eat, you would be number one. hahaha Sorry, I cannot help but be cheeky. Zara always puts a smile on my face.

38. jean - April 10, 2007

It’s so nice to have two, isn’t it. They are just so adorable. And Zara is beginning to be a good daughter to you and good jie jie to her mei mei. Good job, Agnes!

39. zara's mama - April 10, 2007

Oscar’s mummy,
Wah.. Oscar sure won’t waste anything huh?

Yeah.. but these few days, she lost some enthusiasm. Maybe b’cos she’s given quite a lot (since Zaria doesn’t want to take from the bottle, there is more left over), and so she looses interest in it.

See my reply to Vien.. I think less now. 😦

Dancing Queen,
Clever! Get your husband to taste it and you don’t try it yourself.

Simple American,
Hmm.. very cheeky indeed.
She’ll definitely say home, because she gets all her favourite food from home, from breast milk to home made ribena ice lollies.

She’s still learning to be a good jiejie.. and a good daughter!

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