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Short Take – Back to Work April 3, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in bitching, breastfeeding, my two girls, myself.

The kids were still sleeping at 9:45am! Not being awaken. I asked Tuyam, “Kalau mereka tidur sampai 12pm, you biar kan saja lar?” (Malay : If they slept till 12pm, you’ll leave them sleeping?)

My boss commented, Full time mum and you have a part time job eh?” when I had my 1 on 1 with him. Apparently he read this post  “=.=

Zara was so happy to see me home yesterday, she wanted to sit on my lap while I had dinner, and kept stroking my face. I was away from her for 10hours (the last I was away this long, it was when I went for my biz trip in Jul ’06).

Zaria refused to drink milk from the bottle and cried every time the bottle was placed in her mouth. She took less than 4oz while I was at work. She preferred to go hungry, and waited for me. She drank hungrily when I offered her the breast when I got home. =.=”

Work?? Pile high! 3000mails and every thing is urgent!! Well.. almost.
There’s also this new program, which I have little knowledge of and I have to pick it up and run!


1. geetha - April 3, 2007

Aaah, back to work. Take it slow and easy dear.. and you’ll be right on track soon 🙂

2. Vien - April 3, 2007

Wah, your boss reads your blog? Aiseh..that means cannot ma cha ma cha him in your blog. 😆

3. LB - April 3, 2007

Wakakaka, Boss reading Blog means cannot simply hentam anymore!!! Aiseh, no more nudie pics either..

4. shoppingmum and kids - April 3, 2007

Ooh…got to be careful liao, your boss reads your blog! 🙂 But never read about you complaining about him lah… 😛

Well, Zaria will take the bottle eventually….

5. eve - April 3, 2007

poor Zaria…already anticipated this problem right?..takes time to adjust la..aiyoyo..i kenot let Boss see my blog ..i hentam him like there is no tomolo one…Nanti kena fired..(yay , no nid to work)

6. michelle - April 3, 2007

Wow, your boss reads your blog. *salute* Does he approve of the statement?

7. Mamajojo - April 3, 2007

Next time just blog if u want job promotion or increment. Not bad

8. Julian - April 3, 2007

Oh my, I was wondering all this while how come in the RSS feed nothing is updated, just realized today you have moved blog and I remembered reading about this before but never got to rewind back and think about the blog move… LOL!

9. Eileen - April 3, 2007

Your boss reads your blog..cool! 🙂

Your girls must have missed you dearly…tough huh but no worries things will fall in nicely as time goes by!

Take things slowly! 🙂

10. KittyCat - April 3, 2007

Poor Zaria! Tough isn’t it going back to work? I want to post something on FTWMs soon 😛

11. domestic rat - April 3, 2007

Wow… your boss reads your blog! Did you offer to share with him your blog address or did he find out by chance????

12. sue - April 3, 2007

Welcome back to the daily grind… And yeah, me also still wondering how to make Izac take the bottle AND formula milk (=.=)”

13. huisia - April 3, 2007

Oh, your boss reads your blog??!! Wah, next time can’t simply write something lo…

Kasihan Zaria..she must has missed your breasts so much..:) Hope tomorrow is another new day for you..

14. Zara's Mama - April 3, 2007

Thank you. I hope so too..

Haha.. actually he’s quite nice, so there’s nothing to ma cha him.

Still can hentam.. Hey, even if he didn’t read, I won’t post nudie pix ok.. oh well, maybe the occasional ‘provocative’ photos of the kids. 😛

Yeah, he’s nice, there’s really nothing to complain about him.
Zaria was taking the bottle, but then don’t know why just before I went back to work, she decided she didn’t like it.

So your ‘boss’ doesn’t know about your blog? What if he discovered?

Haha, I think he approve the statement. He’s a good sport.

Yah, next time I should HINT BIG BIG.

Aiks.. luckily now you realized. 😛

I’m going to work from home a bit, so that they won’t miss me so much and Zaria will not miss so much of her milk intake. 😛

I’ll watch out for your FTWM post.. It’s hard isn’t it? But I think just being a mom is hard, working or not.

Domestic Rat,
He used to be a friend before he got promoted to be my boss. The url was given to him by me. 🙂

Your Izac so big boy already still the same? Oh boy, so my problem may prolong then.

No lar, he’s a good sport, so I can still simply write things.
Yeah, I home ‘ming tian hui gen hao’ also.

15. jazzmint - April 3, 2007

aiks!!! should have check mail every week…

16. mom2ashley - April 4, 2007

3000 mails??? 1000 mails a month! must feel crappy coming back to work!

17. chanelwong - April 4, 2007

so fast time flies…take time to adjust…no worries Zaria will be ok later..
you are blessed with nice boss

18. Jan (My lovely Rays) - April 4, 2007

wah pengz, your boss reads your blog ah….so you have to be careful not to bitch about him.

wow, will take you awhile to clear your huge backlog lor, in the mean time, stay chill…..

19. Giddy Tiger - April 4, 2007

no fun la, boss reading your blog 😛
have to implement password-protected posts in your blog soon…

20. RIna - April 4, 2007

It took me 2 days just to clear emails when I returned to work after my maternity

21. chooi peng - April 4, 2007

Your boss read ur blog and tease u ah!! LOL

Poor Zaria …

22. allyfeel - April 4, 2007

Warao, so cannot bitch abt ur boss ler. kekeke!

Just curious, what bottle did u use to feed Zaria?

23. Sasha - April 4, 2007

aiyoh..start edi….slowly la

24. Ms Fair Face - April 4, 2007

welcome back to the working world 🙂

I cannot imagine if my boss knows about my blog! I will just faint on the spot!! 😛

25. ben - April 4, 2007

dropped by two~~

lu mia anak manyak the adorable~ 😀

u blog abt work piling up so that you boss will read it is it ? kekekeke

26. may - April 4, 2007

aiyoooo… I hope your work eases out as the days pass by. quite hard to restart again, hor? you can do it! add oil! add oil!

27. Kevin - April 4, 2007

Isn’t it great to have a boss who bothered to read your Blog?

28. zara's mama - April 4, 2007

I glanced the titles but not the content.. If I started working during my leave, then what’s the point of taking leave?


I hope Zaria will be ok too, or else she’ll loose those chubby cheeks.

He’s nice, so there’s nothing to bitch about him.
Yup, it’ll take a while for me to clear the back log.

Giddy Tiger,
Yeah if I don’t want him to read, I’ll have to password protect it. 😛

2 days?? That’s fast.

Chooi Peng,
Yeah… poor Zaria.. and boss teased me.

I use Dr Brown.
Zara used to be like that too, but after a while, she just accepted the fact and didn’t mind the bottle occasionally.
You have bottles to recommend me?


Ms Fair Face,
Haha.. unless he used to be your friend.

Thank you.. you mau book satu ka?
Yeah.. how come you know I blogged about my workload so my boss will get the hint? 😛

I hope so too.. but doesn’t seem like it. We need to get some big project rolled out by end of the year, so it’ll be busy all the way.


29. Yvonne - April 4, 2007

10 hours and just 4 oz of milk? That’s very little.. Oh, poor Zaria. Hope she’ll get used to the new schedule soon..

30. laundryamah - April 5, 2007

alamak boss reads your blog?????? ayoooo…must have a private one la…kakakaka..hmm same with my nephew, refuses the bottle as sis in law had a longer confinement time with leave to clear added on so milk is fed with the spoon till now and he’s 15 months ledi!!!!!

31. Desperate Mummy - April 5, 2007

Oh, why ur boss read ur blog? So good u can have long maternity leave and I like they way u list out what u have done to urself n family during ur maternity 🙂

32. sesame - April 5, 2007

I also say. Why you let your boss read your blog? But since you say he’s nice, then it should be okay. Anyway, I think he cares enough to want to read…

33. a-moms-diary - April 5, 2007

Good point about not working during your leave. I wasted too much time on the laptop during my maternity…coz logging in using dial-up from my parents home. You really very “siu sar’ la…

34. Annie Q - April 5, 2007

yuhoo..u start work already..so i can date u for lunch lo? hehehe

35. Simple American - April 10, 2007

Work is so busy ya? I thought of you the other day. I have a printer made by a certain company you know well. Was opening a fresh ink cartridge and noticed it was produced in Malaysia.

36. Twin - April 12, 2007

Always … dreaded the moment going back to work. Wow so many mails to reply. Take how long to clear it all???

37. Jenny Lamaack - March 12, 2012

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