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Whooosh – Maternity Leave Is Over!! March 30, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in breastfeeding, development, my two girls, myself.

How time flies, my 3 months maternity leave came and went, WHOOOOSH…. just like that.

So how did I spend my time at home these 3 months? What have I achieved?

I moved to wordpress, did some blogging, watched a few DVDs, read a couple of books. I looked after the girls (bathed them daily & fed them),  brought them out couple of times in a week, played with them at home, brought them to the park every evening etc.

Books and Movies

Books read and movies watched

Achievements :
~ Toilet trained Zara. She tells us when she wants to poo and pee, and with our help, do it on the toilet bowl. We only let her wear her diaper when we go out (just in case we can’t find a toilet) and in the night for ‘accidents’ (but she wakes me up when she needs to go to the toilet in the middle of the night and never wet her diaper the last 2 months)
~ Almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight, 2Kg more to go
~ Successfully breast fed Zaria exclusively (except the time she was in hospital for jaundice she had to be supplemented since I didn’t have milk stored)
~ Stock up on breast milk : 100oz (close to 3 litres) of frozen milk, almost enough for Zaria’s 5 days feed, just in case I have to go for any business trips.
~ Hired and trained a new maid

KLCC Water Park

Play time – KLCC Water Park


Play time – Kidzsports


Play time – Park


Watched Her Grow

On Monday, it’ll be BACK TO WORK. Bummer!



1. domestic rat - March 30, 2007

3mths and almost back to pre-pregnancy weight???? that’s really fast! You gotta share your secret. 🙂

ZMM : Breastfeeding is the secret. And I’m eating a lot! If I ate less, I’d probably lost all my weight or lost more than what I gained.. But I’m greedy, and I eat loads.

2. egghead - March 30, 2007

you back to work… me go on holidays pulak… LOL!
good luck!

ZMM : Action-nya!

3. Eileen - March 30, 2007

Welcome back to the working life..haha..what a dread right? 😛 now i’m soooo looking forward to my maternity leave!

you’re amazing, within 3 months already almost back to your pre-pregnancy weight!! Usually the last 2Kg is the hardest to shed hor…but never mind, jia you!! 🙂

ZMM : Aw, and Singapore you get 90days now right?
Yeah.. every pregnancy retain 2Kg.. 😦

4. Annie Tan - March 30, 2007

Welcome back to work. Ur company gives 3 months maternity?

ZMM : Oh no.. 60days from company and I took 1 month annual leave (about 20days).

5. syn - March 30, 2007

wow, fast indeed and double wow that you found the time to read and watch movie too! didn’t have the chance in my 2 months maternity leave.

and yes, how did u do it? only 2 kgs to go….i had 6kgs when it was time to go back to work.

anyway, congrats 2 u…coz i feel that you have achieved alot in these 3 months!

ZMM : Breastfeeding, and during confinement, I didn’t really eat much (and also the CL’s cooking wasn’t that great) since I was busy trying to build up my milk supply.
Once Zaria sleep through, I have more time in the night (after 2months) to do some of the things I want to.

6. mamaseah - March 30, 2007

that is quite alot of achievements in just 3 months. You really shed off your weight so fast. That’s great.

Zara is so good, almost fully toilet trained. Dec can go diaperless in the day but when he’s sleeping we’ll still need to let him have his diaper. Good job!

ZMM : I’m sure Dec will soon be diaperless at night too. We still let Zara wear hers in the night, just so that we don’t get accident.

7. sesame - March 30, 2007

Oh…so sad. But still, you did a lot in 3 months. And you started reading fictions too!

ZMM : Yeah.. while breastfeeding or pumping milk, I read.. 😛

8. mom2ashley - March 30, 2007

what happened to tuyam? she went back already? and you got yournew maid already? I am still waiting for my maid to arrive!

ZMM : Tuyam is still around, I need 2 maids to take care of 2 kids so that I can concentrate on my work while I work from home.

9. Jan (My lovely Rays) - March 30, 2007

I say it’s quite a fruitful 3 months, isn’t it…..you did a great job…..esp when it comes to toilet training Zara and lastly, the quality time spent with your girls these 3 months, that’s something money can’t buy!

ZMM : Yes, I think the quality time is the one which is really worth it.

10. chooi peng - March 30, 2007

Zara so keng ah, never wet the diaper at night!
Is the KLCC water park clean ah?

ZMM : the KLCC water park not very clean.. I mean it’s just like a public pool. But if you go on a working day where there are fewer people (which was what I did), then I guess it’s not too bad.

11. Sasha - March 30, 2007

wei 3 months?????? so nice! Make samo babies!

ZMM : Close shop liao.. even if the company decides to implement 6 mths maternity leave policy.

12. fannie - March 30, 2007

time flies and its so fun to look at the pics of what u have done for the period at home!

U have done pretty wellin shedding the extra kilos! Great achievements! 🙂

ZMM : Thanks.. now it’s back to work.. back to reality.

13. LB - March 30, 2007

It’s gonna be such a Blue Monday… *sigh* My bestest Hugs for you… Love the collages, especially that top one, but the rest are just as pleasing!

ZMM : I need that.. the hug!

14. michelle - March 30, 2007

Time flies, how come you get 3 months? I only get 60 days…:(

ZMM : Next baby, take 20days anual leave.. thn you’ll get 3mths all in. :)..

15. sue - March 30, 2007

Eh… everyone envy over your 3 months wor hehehe… I envy also, coz you so fast shrink back into your pre-pregnancy weight 😛

ZMM : But 2 more kg to shed.. and the most difficult.. 😦

16. beckysmum - March 31, 2007

So fast 3 months liao… and so fast Zaria is 3 months old now! So what is ur arrangement for your 2 girls when you go back to work?

ZMM : Maids.. :(, no choice. MIL not interested, my mum not around.

17. Mama Bok - March 31, 2007

Quite an achievement you’ve made in 3 months..! what happened to the old maid..??

ZMM : She’s still around. I just needed another.

18. jazzmint - March 31, 2007

wahh that’s a lot of accomplishment!!!

hehe gotta agree with u fully bf back to pre preg weight vy fast. I shed all of vyktore’s preggy weight by 2nd month LOL

ZMM : Yeah, you did better than me.. I eat way too much, that’s why so hard to shed the other 2Kg. 😦

19. eve - March 31, 2007

adoih….Zaria is the mirror image of her daddy la…

ZMM : Yeah.. even height. 😦

20. huisia - March 31, 2007

Wah, only 2kg to go..woo..sounds like BF really can get back the body shape quickly lo..

Now maternity leave in M’sia is 3 months? Gosh, i thought just 2 months like previously.

May you have wonderful Monday…:)

ZMM : no.. M’sia maternity leave is only 2 months.
Yeah, BF helps to loose weight fast.. so you should BF your baby too.

21. may - March 31, 2007

that’s a lot of good stuff you did for 3 months! I hope it’s not too tough for you going back to work again after that break… all the best on your “first” day back! *hugs*

ZMM : It’s going to be tough for the next few weeks.. loads to do. 😦 Thanks for the hugs, really need it.

22. simple american - April 1, 2007

It cannot be three months already. You sure did a lot.

Good for Zara on the potty training. And Zaria is looking like she is quite curious about her surroundings and blowing through her lips. Hard to tell from a still pic, but still looks as if she is doing that sort of thing.

Best of luck back at work. I know it will be hard, but your bloggers will be here to encourage you.

ZMM : Zaria is actually sucking her lip.. her way of getting rid of boredom and pacifying herself.
Thanks.. yeah.. I need everybody’s encouragement.

23. shoppingmum and kids - April 1, 2007

You lost weight very fast! And there’s lots of EBM stored!

ZMM : You too lost weight fast isn’t it?
Yeah.. I had to stock up on EMB, worried about sudden business trip (which is normally for a week).

24. 1+2mom - April 1, 2007

So fast get back your pre-pregnancy weight, i think bf help alot 🙂 Kids like to go park and swimming, zara look very happy.

ZMM : Yeah.. Zara very happy with me at home.. Zaria still not old enough to appreciate.

25. Blogie-talkie aka May - April 2, 2007

You sure one Supermom………Bravo!
Happy for you.

ZMM : Super mom?? No lar.. those permanant SAHM are super moms!

26. Ms Fair Face - April 2, 2007

my gf slimmed down back to her pre-preg weight after 3 months too and she accredited it to BF. Is that your secret as well? 😛

ZMM : Yes, that’s the secret. Your g.f shed all the weight? For me it’s hard, as I just love to eat. 😦

27. contended mum - April 2, 2007

You achieved a lot in the 3 month that you were home. Hope the first day back at work went well for you.

ZMM : It’s ok on the 1st day.. but there’s so much to do in the next few months. Gosh!

28. mott - April 2, 2007


super mom!!

ZMM : You are super mom, not me.. I’m always so amazed with SAHM!

29. Mamajojo - April 2, 2007

That’s a lot of TASK accomplished in 3 months!!! Great Job

ZMM : Thanks.. more to accomplish (work wise) next few months. 😦

30. allyfeel - April 4, 2007

WOW! You have achieved a great deal. A very fruitful one indeed. Bravo!

31. a-moms-diary - April 5, 2007

Wow! I’m really impressed that you managed to accomplish so much during your maternity leave. I also took 2 weeks extra but didn’t even accomplish 10% of the things I set out to do. Duh!

I’m still carrying that 2kg excess, despite having breastfed exclusively for 16months. Sigh!

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