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Crazy Parents Crazy Trip March 27, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in my two girls, parenting, trips.

I married a man who’s very ‘spontanous’. When we were dating, we would meet up with no plans in mind, and then suddenly he would be heading to Genting Highlands, with me in shorts and a sleeveless top. He has not changed even now that we have kids.

We wanted to take the kids for a holiday before I started work. So, on Saturday 1am, still surfing on the net, wanting to know where we should go for the w/end. Port Dickson? Cameron Highlands? Penang?

On Saturday morning, when the kids are all bathed and dressed up, I still didn’t know if we were going anywhere.
Me : Are we going any where or not?
Daddy: I thought we’re going to Fraser’s Hill?
Me : *Were we?* So? Confirmed?
Daddy said: Let’s pack first, we can always decide later

We packed a few pieces of clothings, and started our journey. The 2 kids, Daddy and I (NO MAID, crazy enough). In the car, we had to stop at the toll gate, still considering where to go.

At 5pm, we were at Fraser’s Hill. I was feeling queezy from the journey up hill, and hastily booked the first hotel that we came across, Shahzan Inn Resort. We realised, with 2 kids now, we actually need bigger room. We got a family room with 1 queen bed and 1 single. The room is basic, and very worn out, with smelly pillow and musky carpet.

There’s really not much Fraser’s Hill can offer to family with young kids. We went out for a walk, and stopped at a play ground for Zara to play. The air was cooling and fresh, but because we had to walk along roads meant for cars (since we have Zaria in a pram), inhaling some exhaust fumes was unavoidable. Kids were good during dinner, and we managed to eat without much problem.

On Sunday, we went to the Paddock in the morning, a place where Zara could ride a horse; and then headed to The Smoke House for a bite. Daddy shared a cheese sandwich with Zara, and I had the famous Dorset Tea (2 scones and a cup of tea). Scones was creamy and nice, but they actually used frozen whipped cream instead of fresh clotted cream. Sigh.

Fraser's Hill - The Paddock

(Clockwise) : Zara at the play ground; Zaria sleeping (most of the time) in the pram; Ocassionally, Zaria wakes up to take in the view; Zara chasing chickens in the Paddock

Fraser's Hill - The Paddock

(Clockwise) : With Zara on the horse; The sisters; Zara playing in the fields (and falling down, staining her t)

Fraser's Hill - The Smokehouse

(Clockwise) : Zara on The Smokehouse swing; The famous Dorset Tea; Zare enjoying the garden in The Smokehouse; Zara being loving

Since there isn’t much else we can do at Fraser’s, we headed down hill after our meal. While driving towards home, Daddy asked if we should stop by Bukit Tinggi. However, it seems Genting Highlands is on the way, instead of Bukit Tinggi.
Me : So Genting Highlands then?
Daddy: Yeah, why not?
Me : Staying over?
Daddy: The kids have enough clothes?
(they did, but I didn’t prepare them for the cold)

So by 6pm on Sunday, we were checking into the newly refurbished Resort Hotel in Genting Highlands.

I don’t know why we never brought Zara to Genting Highlands before, this was really an over due trip. With its theme parks available, Zara really had a wonderful time; and best of all, for the Outdoor Theme Park, she got in for free because she’s still not 90cm tall yet. We tried to go on most of the family rides together, I have Zaria on the carrier, and Daddy handled Zara. It was a lot of fun.

Genting Indoor Theme Park

Genting Indoor Theme Park at night : Fun for Zara

Genting Outdoor Theme Park

Genting Outdoor Theme Park in the day : More fun for Zara, but I didn’t want Zaria to miss out the fun too

The worst bit – for dinner on Sunday, Zaria cried the whole 1hr we were dining. I had to rock her on 1 arm, and tried to scoop slippery kuey-teow (flat rice noodle) into my mounth with the other hand. Luckily Zara was behaving, with Daddy helping her to some chicken wings.

Ok ok, now since we didn’t really get ourselves prepared for the cold weather in Genting Highlands, and Zaria is too young to handle the cold like Zara, I have to improvise. For day, I put on Zaria’s long sleeve overall over her short sleeve romper, and for night, even without the fan on and the window all closed up, it’s still freezing cold in the room, Zaria hands were cold and she wasn’t able to sleep until I dressed her up like this.

Zaria's funny pajamas

On top of her long sleeve overall, she had her socks as gloves, Zara’s socks as added warmth for her feet and my t-shirt became her sleeping bag

What a fun trip it was!

~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~

Answer for previous post :
Top Left and Bottom right Zaria, Top Right and Bottom Left Zara.



1. LB - March 27, 2007

It’s easier to recognise these people now in color!! You having great fun, eh? 🙂 Looked it..

2. egghead - March 27, 2007

LOL! Genting is fun leh! We will be heading there on Monday! again! 🙂

3. Etcetera~Mummy - March 27, 2007

Wowowow… you all sooo adventurous la. I hv to plan and plan and plan then pack and pack and pack before we even roll out the house.

Yeah.. bn to the newly refurbished Resort Hotel.. nice nice.. the thing is if you dont request, they will give you those non-renovated room by default.. :((

4. Shannon - March 27, 2007

WOW! First, *respect*
I cannot… I sure stressed if I have to pack without knowing where we going… *respect respect respect* Adventurous!!!!!!! Who say people with kids don’t have fun yeah? I’ll point them to ur blog if someone says that…. hahaha

And I have to admit, i chuckled looking at Zaria’s photo at night in Genting… farnee lar u… Make her look like bak zhang!!!!!
pst pst, Zara getting prettier and prettier by the day yeah… I like those photos at the smokehouse… SWEET!!!

5. fannie - March 27, 2007

i tink this is COOL!!! How i wish we have more fun places here…:(

6. chooi peng - March 27, 2007

U all so keng, salute!!!
Was thinking to bring kw to genting this weekend since there are the “cup ride” in genting theme park.

7. Mamajojo - March 27, 2007

That’s very brave of you!!! I dare not do that esp travel with kids……some more going to a place w/ lower temp. + Zaria is still a baby!!! Anyway, U MAKE IT!!!! With lots of FUN!!!

8. domestic rat - March 27, 2007

Like you said, sometimes the greatest fun is when the fun comes unplanned!

9. may - March 27, 2007

I absolutely love the photos of your girls in action! I miss riding on kiddy rides in theme parks…

10. simple american - March 27, 2007

Nice to have a little vacation. Too bad you have to go back to work. Though I do miss ya on the IM. (Which is down for me until my new laptop arrives I hope next week)

Wow! You mister keeps things exciting. Hope the girls do not catch a cold though. You seem to have improvised quite well though.

11. Ivy - March 27, 2007

u ahh as usual display how gung ho u are. with 2 kids in tow you all can still run everywhere. really must give it to the both of you.

I notice that our littel zara is getting more and more photogenic!

12. sesame - March 27, 2007

Wa, both of you very gungho. You’re equally spontaneous to accomodate to daddy’s request. But it sure sounds fun!

13. mom2ashley - March 27, 2007

we havent even brought ashley to genting before 😦 glad you all had fun!

14. zara's mama - March 27, 2007

Hm.. I think you still need to get that pair of reading glass.

Forgot you Genting kaki, should have asked you got promo or not.

If I’m the one who planned for the trip, I’ll do all the planning, and get the best deal from the internet.. this round so spontaneous, no cost savings. 😦

People who have kids won’t be so siao like us. 😛
She has to be a ‘bak chang’ or she can’t sleep.

Hey, and I thought Singie land has more fun things to do and more fun places to go to.

Chooi Peng,
Hey, don’t forget to check out the Genting website for cheap deals.

I think after this trip, Daddy will be very hesitant to go for holidays without the maid liao.

Domestic Rat,
It was fun except the ordeal we had with Zaria crying for 1hr.

Next time you come back to M’sia, lets go Genting together.

Simple American,
I’m only going back to work next week. Still have a few more days to vegetate.

Haha.. You can do it too! If you are as insane as us.

Married a chicken, follow a chicken in this case.

Go now, when you only have 1 to handle.. It’ll be fun for her.

15. Sasha - March 27, 2007

u guys are confirmed gila! and very spontanious! i like! hahhaha

16. huisia - March 27, 2007

Oh..really crazy le..but fortunately what your improvised last minutes were good enough for Zaria.

Zara always seems happy on her outing LOL!

p/s: ok, i will let you know when i want to sign up the stemlife.

17. sue - March 27, 2007

Fruitful weekend 🙂 So you’re starting work soon?

18. Mama BoK - March 28, 2007

Well .. at least your hubby is spontaneous with action.. ! mine.. is not spontaneous.. and no action..! each time i asked him.. what’s our plans..?? he would said.. “i have NO plans..” Now.. that’s even worst..!!

19. C. Doodle - March 28, 2007

That day I went to genting, I saw 1 broken down horse on that carousel.
That must’ve been the one you sat on. LOL

20. An amazing & adventurous journey » ‘cup ride’ - March 28, 2007

[…] reading Zara’s mama on their crazy trip, I feel like want to bring kw to Genting too, as I saw Zara is playing with the “cup ride” […]

21. beckysmum - March 28, 2007

Aiyooo… Loong is totally different. He must plan everything well then only will go! Wahh… Very fun to travel liddat! It’s so cute to see Zaria dress like that, you very creative also laaa! 🙂

22. Annie Tan - March 28, 2007

I had a good laugh at the last picture!

23. miche - March 28, 2007

the socks on Zaria’s hand is brilliant!
confirm, I must bring my kids to Genting! 😀

24. chanelwong - March 28, 2007

wow…what an adventure…
my hubby is not soo ‘keng’ like yours…
weekend, we go to shopping mall, sleep sleep…

25. mommy of 2 angels - March 28, 2007

ya i agree super crazy & spontaneous…fun fun fun
i like the way u wrap up zaria…

26. allyfeel - March 28, 2007

Hahaha…it’s so fun reading your spontaneous posting. The creative socks as mittens…wow, u guys are quite flexible too. Bravo!!!

27. Eileen - March 28, 2007

Wow!! I like this! Going somewhere spontaneously is exciting and can be fun as well! 🙂

I hope my hubby is like yours, he takes too long to plan for a trip…taking too much into consideration that it kills the joy sometimes!

Zara is getting prettier each day! 🙂

28. mott - March 28, 2007

i really really TABIK you.

i only now decide to take my lil family on a holiday.


29. Jan (My lovely Rays) - March 28, 2007

pengz…you said Zara sit horse and i scroll down and saw Zara on a rocking horse…..heehee…heng 2nd college saw a real life horse…..woahahah….

I still haven got the courage to bring the kids out of the country yet……*breaking out cold sweat as I type*

30. the silai - March 28, 2007

hey, i was also in genting on sunday! about zaria crying over dinner…were u by any chance the mother who tried rocking her on a carseat? eating at the food court in new world hotel there?

31. syn - March 28, 2007

wow! kudos to both of you… and you 2 deserved a medal as i’ve not heard of this kind of spontaneity from parents with very young kids before. and at the looks of it, it turned out very well… and i love that pic of zaria all nicely clothed up! very resourceful indeed!

32. geetha - March 28, 2007

Wow! You guys really went to two places unplanned.. really good lah! After the first trip, we sure tired off.. and headed back home. You guys did really well..

33. michelle - March 28, 2007

Wow, having 2 children also can travel here and there. When I think of the packing, I will rather stay at home…hehehe. I wish my hubby is so spontaneous.

34. michelle - March 29, 2007

Btw, you been tagged!

35. jazzmint - March 29, 2007

wahh i thought only my hubby is that crazy…looks like urs oso sama gang haha..a guy thing perhaps??

aiks…she got all free rides, that’s nice leh…we had to pay for faythe 😦

36. Irene - March 29, 2007

Props to the daddy for being so adventurous. Life must be a lot of fun. I am the notorious planner of family field trips 🙂 good for daddy.

the girls sure are growing. They’re absolutely beautiful.

37. Angeline - March 29, 2007

haha… this is really a fun trip. i wish i had such spontaneous trip like yours… have not been to a enjoyable trip since er.. i forgot liow … the girls are wonderful….

38. zara's mama - March 29, 2007

A bit a bit like you hor? 😛

Hui Sia,
Poor Zaria had to suffer the cold for few hours before I could think of a way to keep her warm.
Zara always likes to go for holidays and stay in hotel one.

Starting work on Mon.

Mama Bok,
My husband sometimes is like that too, so I have to take things into my own hands, I plan for every thing and tell him the date and time we’re going for a holiday.

You sure it wasn’t broken by the piao mei you brought along your trip?

Actually it’s better to be like Loong like that. Then you get the best deal. With spontaneous trip, you loose out with all the discount you get from planning ahead.

Annie Tan,

Yes, you must, we have waited far too long.

We all like to go out a lot, and he doesn’t like shopping mall although I like it very much. So.. compromise.. We go out but some where other than the mall.

Mommy of 2 angels,
Fun.. but crazy.

Only sometimes. Sometimes I let him do things his way, sometimes I’ll have to have a grip of things.

I like your hubby’s way though. That’s what I’ll do too, plan ahead, get the best deal, then enjoy better savings and know exactly what to pack.
But sometimes I let my hubby has his ways lar.

Why lar?
But some say, it’s never a holiday if you need to look after the kids during the holidays. It’s lots of work, but quite enjoyable. Maybe next time we’ll bring the maid.

How come? You need reading glasses huh? *hee hee*
Out of the country a bit tougher, I don’t think we’ll do that for a while, 1 kid still ok, 2 kids will be tough to handle.

The Silai,
I ate at “Hou Mei” in New World Hotel and I was trying to pacify her in every way I know. Rocked on the car seat, carried her, gave her the breast. Finally it was bringing her out for a walk to a quieter place that pacified her. So was it me you saw?

Actually, I didn’t want to plan and go too far preferring to go to places which we can come back within the day, just in case things don’t work out and we need to come back. Luckily it was ok. 😛

We were already all in the car, tired.. but just moved on. 😛

Now that Zaria is breastfeeding, it’s ok, since I have one less item to pack. And Zara also off diaper, so, packing is not too bad. When you go to places where there are lots to do, I don’t have to bring along toys or books as well for Zara, so really isn’t too bad.

Faythe taller? Indoor had to pay, but outdoor no need.

I only let him have his adventure once a while.. on most occasion, I will ‘control’ it.

So plan for now one.. don’t wait. 😛

39. nadia - March 29, 2007

Haha! I was laughing looking at how you dressed Zaria up at night. But she still is ever so cute! And Zara is looking prettier each day. She’ll break so many hearts when she’s older. =)

40. laundryamah - March 29, 2007

wah what an eventful holiday,,okok..i must bring the kids to Genting now…errrr..when ah???? hey i used to wrap the hands with socks too cos i found the mittens too loose and not warm enuf…kakakakka…

41. a-moms-diary - March 29, 2007

wow salute salute! wished hubby is as spontaneous too. i love reading about your outings with zara and zaria. you have so much fun and i’m sure these will become precious memories when they grow up. mental note to self: must take yiu yiu for outings more often.

42. zara's mama - March 29, 2007

Thanks thanks thanks.. Psst.. when do you want to do a scrapbook for me. 😛

Check out Genting websites for offer lar..

Yes, I hope they will have some memories of these, since they are so young now.

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