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New Found Favourite March 21, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in my two girls, notable, trips.

We used to bring Zara to Lake Gardens on weekends when we have no where to go, to feed the monkeys and also to play at the big play ground. Now, we found another nice place to bring her, Taman Tasik Titiwangsa.

What’s there besides the recently erected Eye of Malaysia? Zara’s favourite animals -> Horse!

We always go to the stable directly. You get horse carriage riding as well as horse riding there, and it’s cheap.
Horse Carriage : Adult RM1 Kids RM0.50
Horse Riding for kids : RM1 per round (a handler will actually pull the horse)
This is cheaper than going on a kiddie ride in a shopping mall which will normally be about RM2.  

And for Eye of Malaysia, it’s RM15 for adults, and FOC for children below 3. For this, we only went once, and that should be enough.

Here are some of the photos taken during our recent trips there.

Horse Riding 1st round

She just loves horses! She prefers the horse riding to the horse carriage though.

Eye Of M'sia

Eye of Malaysia close up

In Eye of M'sia

Zara enjoyng herself in the Eye of Malaysia

Around the Titiwangsa Park

We brought Zaria there the 2nd time we went, but she only spent the entire time sleeping, in the baby carrier. Zara running around the park after horse riding.



1. LB - March 21, 2007

Love the last two pics of Zara… Looked good on the horse as well.. Buying one soon for the stable?

2. huisia - March 21, 2007

Zara so brave le..
Outdoor activities always seem better than indoor, at least can have some freshy air.

3. simple american - March 21, 2007

Yippie Kai Yay little cowgirl. She looks so cute on the horse. Born to the saddle meh? Nice way to spend the afternoon with the family huh?

4. mom2ashley - March 21, 2007

i’ve not gone to tasik titiwangsa before though….must check it out one day!

5. may - March 21, 2007

Zara’s one lucky girl. I’m 3 times her age, and still haven’t been on a horse yet! ooooh… such a pretty lil’ thing, she… *sayangz cheeks*

6. mott - March 21, 2007

such a cute lil cowgrrrrRRRL!!!!!!!!!!!

U guys r good!!!! Going out with 2 lil ones!!!! And still happy!!!


7. Ms Fair Face - March 21, 2007

Zara is soo pretty and photogenic! Those eyes can melt anyone’s heart! The kids must have enjoyed themselves alot.

8. Zara's Mama - March 21, 2007

If I have good financial backing (hint hint YOU), maybe I’ll get a horse. 😛

Brave meh? But the horse very small, and lots of kids do it.
Yeah.. out door better, but in M’sia a bit difficult.. so hot!

Simple American,
She now says she wants to grow up to be a farmer, since she wants to care for horses. *slap head*

You ought to, especially now there’s the Eye Of M’sia, another attraction.

You serious? Australia has horses too right? Don’t miss out while you are there.

Err.. the kids are happy, not necessary means the parents too.

Ms Fair Face,
Thanks for.. But then I chose a few shots out of a hundred, picked the best ones.

9. Desperate Mummy - March 21, 2007

Zara big girl already she look so different now. Wah, I think I also need to bring my kids to Eye on M’sia lor 😀

10. michelle - March 21, 2007

Wow your gal very brave, dare to ride the horse and the eye of malaysia.

11. Malaika's mummy - March 21, 2007

Zara sure enjoyed the horse ride. And RM1 for a round is quite cheap.

WIll bring my baby there soon. Thanks.

12. jazzmint - March 21, 2007

wahh..that’s cheap, i must lure my hubby there first LOL…

love the 2 pics of zara, she looks like a cowboy girl 😉

13. Mama BoK - March 21, 2007

We’ll do the horse too..!! Zara so stylo-malo.. on the horse.. 😉

14. C. Doodle - March 21, 2007

Now young time ride horse….next time older ride something else.


15. Ivy - March 22, 2007

the prices are dirt cheap!!! Cheap “horsey” labour you have over your side! and it looks fun.

16. sue - March 22, 2007

Looks like a nice place to visit. Although these days seldom go to thgat part of town 😛

17. egghead - March 22, 2007

must be a pretty nice outing!
minus the toilets 😛

18. Shannon - March 22, 2007

wah, must check it out liao… next time ar, u must gimme ur mobile number… so when i dunno where to go, i must ask u for suggestion… u always have interesting places to bring kiddos….

i like the photos of zara in the jumper… nice ncie… 😀

19. my2lovelyrays - March 22, 2007

Both girls had a great time i see ah…Zara enjoying the horsie rides and Zaria enjoying her nap nap….kekekeke

20. Eileen - March 22, 2007

Yeah, love the last 2 pics of Zara too…very sweet!

She love horse riding huh? ever thought of sending her for those horse riding course? Erm, is there such course huh? Hee.. 😛

21. sasha - March 22, 2007

*laff at c doodle comment* Gila wan…dun layan him jek.

They’re getting prettier each day !!!!!

22. domestic rat - March 22, 2007

The only gripe I have about that place is er… the toilets!!!!!

23. geetha - March 22, 2007

That’s interesting!
Zara is really brave..
Hmm, must really visit those place when I can.. the bosy will surely love it 🙂

24. syn - March 22, 2007

look’s like zara’s been eating well…and she really looks matured for her age and of course, she’s speaking really well too!

thanks for highlighting titiwangsa…been meaning to check that place out but never had the chance yet!

25. babykhong - March 22, 2007

Hmmm…never thought of bringing the kids to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa before. Didn’t know there got horse riding…and so cheap somemore. Must go one day.

26. sesame - March 22, 2007

Looks fun! I don’t even think we can find horse riding here…unless at the clubs…I guess can only get it at M’sia, the nearest, if we want.

27. 2littlefella's mom - March 22, 2007

love the last 2 pix of Zara…look at that pretty face.
this missy is gonna grow up one hot chick 🙂 beware parents!

and Zaria – beautiful chubby cheek and love that double chin.

28. Elyss - March 22, 2007

Hi there, I’m new around here. Hope you don’t mind me dropping by. Was intro by my mom.. Tracy (tracy-elydes.blogspot). Hope to meet many new friends as possible. 🙂

Zara’s eyes are so mesmerizing. She’s such a beauty!

When you’re free do drop by my blog.. http://sweetchamber.blogspot.com/

Hope to hear from you..

29. Jason - March 22, 2007

Love the last picture of Zara. Hehe! Very nice composition.

30. Immomsdaughter - March 23, 2007

Zaria looks so big already. You reminded me this shall be the next venue to bring my kids if I ever bring them to KL for vacation 🙂

31. allyfeel - March 23, 2007

The horse ridding is cheap eh. Not sure if Ivan will like it but no harm trying. 😉 Zara looks so happy n pretty.

32. eve - March 23, 2007

zara has a tinge of u in her now…but zaria..soli ler…still look exactly like her daddy..

33. Irene - March 23, 2007

Love the photos! Zara is beautiful and I love Zaria’s cheeks!

34. simple american - March 24, 2007

Well if you get over to HP Houston, there is horse riding all over.

35. chooi peng - March 25, 2007

The horse riding so cheap!!!
and Zara seems like enjoy herself so much ah..

36. chanelwong - March 27, 2007

Zara look like big girl riding on the horse alone…the price is cheap and worth it…most important she is enjoying herself…

37. An amazing & adventurous journey » Eye on Malaysia - July 16, 2007

[…] made a trip to Taman Titiwangsa over the weekend, but I can found any horse ride which Zara ride before! We didn’t try the ferris wheel, it was so many people waiting at the entrance gate! We have a […]

38. in Mykonos - November 2, 2011

Can’t believe how pretty Zara is! She looks amazing! If you ever visit Mykonos you can take her horseriding at Kalafatis beach, it is an amazing experience 🙂

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